London Fletcher says he’s back with the Redskins

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As expected, the Redskins have worked out a new contract with the leader of their defense.

Redskins fans your captain is back!” linebacker London Fletcher declared on Twitter.

Fletcher, who turns 37 next month, has appeared in every game during 14 NFL seasons.  He has started every game for the Redskins over the last five seasons.

Fletcher entered the league as an undrafted free agent in 1998.  He became a full-time starter the next year, which resulted in the Rams winning Super Bowl XXXIV.

After four years with the Rams, Fletcher spent five seasons with the Bills.

94 responses to “London Fletcher says he’s back with the Redskins

  1. 2nd best move we made this offseason. I, along with many of my fellow skins fans, are going to rest a lot easier tonight. Good to have fletch back and he deserves a statue. HAIL!!!

  2. Was really getting worried glad he wanted to come back and made it happen, and most of all did it professionally as always!! HTTR

  3. Figures. Skins figure they can’t draft a LB so they go with the old man. Watch him last the first couple games then go out with RGLeaf. Underrated? I say overrated.

  4. “appeared in every game during 14 NFL seasons.”

    That is damn impressive.

    Rams defense has just not been the same since he left.

  5. One of the most underated players to play the game. Surprised many teams didn’t go after him. He would give a lot of these young guys a run for their money. Durable and a hell of s leader and this is coming from a eagles fan hate to see you stay in the division , but got to respect the job you do year in and year out . Congradulations London hope they paid you what you were worth you earned it.

  6. knowing the redskins it was a 2 year 50 million dollar deal with 30 million guaranteed, redskins……………FAIL!!!!!

  7. @peytonsneck18..
    For starters f…..u…and for my fellow
    Skins fans wooooooohoooooooo..
    Lets take the east..

  8. with that ridiculous salary cap penalty, how are the redskins going to pay griffin and other draft choices?

  9. some of you haters are so dumb it makes me wonder if you watch any football outside of playing Madden. Redskins can’t draft LB’s? Guess you’ve never heard of Orakpo or Kerrigan. Or Riley for that matter. HAIL!

  10. @peytonsneck18 – maybe you should try ONE MORE comment. Maybe this time you’ll get the attention you so desperately crave. Or you could just go back to not being invited to parties.

    Welcome back, Fletcher! HTTR!!

  11. With so much negativity surrounding the league right now, I wish guys like Fletcher would get more press. Whether one likes the teams he’s played for or not, it simply can’t be argued that Mr. Fletcher is a class act. The ignorance of those above who claim he is overrated is astonishing. The man has lasted fifteen years in the NFL and never missed a game. Playing linebacker. Has a Super Bowl ring as a starter. Oh yea, led the league in tackles at the age of 36. London Fletcher is the antithesis of overrated.

  12. peytonsneck18 says:
    Apr 13, 2012 8:12 PM
    massively garbage…..redskins……….FAIL!!!!

    peytonsneck18 says:
    Apr 13, 2012 8:30 PM
    knowing the redskins it was a 2 year 50 million dollar deal with 30 million guaranteed, redskins……………FAIL!!!!!

     peytonsneck18 says:
    Apr 13, 2012 8:33 PM
    this guy was good in Tecmo Bowl

    Wow it’s amazing your troll comments get dumber and dumber as you go and youve posted 3 times proves you are an A1 loser get a life A$$clown

  13. smart teams dont go after midget , injury proned LB that wont make it past the trade week due to injury, 37??? hahahaha since you guys gave away all yr draft picks, u had no choice but to resign him, redskins……………FAIL!!!!

  14. why dont yal sign gary brackett, same type of player, hes garbage too!!! redskins………FAIL!!!

  15. Go back to your Cowboy forums “peytonsneck18”, you’re making yourself look like an ass. No one with half a brain would be criticizing this move. Players like London Fletcher are the reason I love football.

  16. London Fletcher’s paychecks represent the best money Daniel Snyder ever spent on anything since he bought the Redskins.

    To all the haters, who are disparaging the move, remember this signing when London knocks your precious Tony Romo, Eli Manning or Michael Vick to the turf. And he doesn’t play dirty or require bounty pay to make someone wish they hadn’t suited up that day. All he needs for his motivation is his professional pride.

    Great move!!

  17. chadgoy says: Apr 13, 2012 8:26 PM

    Figures. Skins figure they can’t draft a LB so they go with the old man. Watch him last the first couple games then go out with RGLeaf. Underrated? I say overrated


    I challenge anyone to name a bigger dousche on these boards than this guy and his constant harping on Ryan Leaf. My guess is he was Leafs cell mate in prison and they dated but he’s never got over him.

  18. chadgoy says:
    Apr 13, 2012 8:26 PM
    Figures. Skins figure they can’t draft a LB so they go with the old man. Watch him last the first couple games then go out with RGLeaf. Underrated? I say overrated.

    Ok guys who left the front door open?! I mean come on two A$$clowns in one day?! GEEZ

  19. peytonsneck18 says: Apr 13, 2012 8:12 PM

    massively garbage…..redskins……….FAIL!!!!

    Given the fact that we are talking about London Fletcher, your comment only shows that you know absolutely nothing about pro football.

  20. @peytonsneck18

    You are a complete and total a$$ clown.
    1st-Fletcher has never missed a game and he will last 3 games?
    2nd-The RGLeaf line is one of the most tired, dumb and unoriginal things I have ever heard. Please explain in any way how Griffin and Leaf compare.
    3rd-RG3 will last 3 games with the skins? Name me the last time a skins qb got hurt. They have suffered from poor play, not injuries. Name me the last time they were bottom 10 in sacks allowed. Name me the last time the weren’t top 15 in total rushing yards.

    Why don’t you leave the football for the grown ups and the ones that actually follow the game.

  21. I had a horrible day at work. This news just turned it around for me!

    Best thing the Redskins have done since picking him up in the first place!

  22. peytonsneck18 says: Apr 13, 2012 8:58 PM

    smart teams dont go after midget , injury proned LB that wont make it past the trade week due to injury, 37??? hahahaha since you guys gave away all yr draft picks, u had no choice but to resign him, redskins……………FAIL!!!!

    >>>>>> Has not missed a game since starting the third game of his career (Rams win Super Bowl).

    calzone21411 says: Apr 13, 2012 9:05 PM

    who cares, he sucks.

    >>>>> Led this league in tackles this past season (168 … 10 more than the # 2 tackler).

    Show the love. London Fletcher is the last of a dying breed: role models.

  23. This isn’t a redskins thing. This is a football thing. This guy is the epitome of hard work, and a class player. Extremely underrated, and you know he gives everything to his team whenever he steps on the field.. Congrats redskins fans, this guy is awesome.. People, quit the bashing already… And skins fans, we get it HAIL… Cmon, just enjoy all of football, and stop the shenanigans

  24. chargerzz says:
    Apr 13, 2012 9:24 PM
    Redskins are always trash

    Really? From. Chargers fan? Lemme count your SuperBowl titles(long pause) ummm ZERO! In Norv we trust!! Lmao

  25. CALM DOWN REDSKINS FANS, take the womens dresses off and relax, your team will blow this year dont worry, you guys are bottom dwellers in yr division, you guys are the not loved step children of the rest of the nfc east, go back to your moms basement and finish watching south park

  26. you redskins fans are more annoying than steelers fans, talking about superbowl just cause you are getting RG3, reality check ask the eagles fans how getting a qb of type of caliber gets you? and i would take mike vick 10 out of 10 times before i would take rg3, and im not a cowboys fans, far from it, but u guess have blowed for so long that your getting happy over a 37 year old LB and giving all your picks away for a one year wonder in rg3, your team is pretty sad and heres to rg3……getting carted off the field in week 3!!!

  27. First off, thank God. I’ve been hitting the refresh button on PFT all day, every day since free agency started, literally a month ago, waiting for this announcement.

    On a separate, and possibly even more exciting note, does anyone else feel like this sudden slew of Redskins’ signings mean that the front office knows something we don’t about getting our money back? It isn’t that great because at this point all the signings are the remnants of the free agency bargain bin. It just seems like the only thing that makes sense after 2 1/2 weeks of absolutely no activity, then suddenly five signings in two days. Oh well, so much for seeing the wife and kids, guess I’ll just pop downstairs, give ’em all hugs, then back to the refresh button for that 36 million dollar news.

  28. Skins nation dont let these guys get to you. They are starving for attention that their momma does not give them and are just trying to get a reaction. Dmv, we know whats going with our team and the fans of other teams are starting to take notice now and can only rely on stuff that happened 5 years ago to comment on. hTTR…

  29. failskins4life is your new name, fan1ofskinslosing is your new name, burgandyandpinkfan is your new name, fafaflunkyasatrueteam is your new name!!! anymore redskins fans want some??!!! il smoke u like marion barry pipe

  30. naw but for real, i like fletcher, hes a good guy and a good all around player, but u redskins fans are annoying on here, u are ilrelevant for years now all of a sudden u guys are superbowl contendars cause of rg3, give me a break!! and all this hail stuff, acting like you guys are kings or lords or something, show some class and be humble!!!

  31. peytonsneck18

    what the heck is smoke u like a marion barry pipe?

    were you born yesterday? london has never missed a start n u call him injury prone? n compare him to brackett? hahaha u need to take football 101… get out of ur mas basement and cook ur own 00dles n noddles!!!

  32. Hahaha…Look at all the Redskins cut & pasting. “U talk about our skins and we’ll cut & paste everything u said, just to refresh our minds”. U r officially the joke of the NFL Redskins, with the worst of any owner, any sport. 37 year old LB. And some of you are refreshing PFT every few minutes for London Fletcher? There’s a reason he was still out there, no one else wanted him for nostalgia of past John Elway video games. Everything is in place Redskins, except 1.Who is your #1 receiver? 2.Who is your RB? 3.You call that an offensive line? 4.Shanahan is your coach. 5.DAN SNYDER OWNER!!! HAHA!!! O yea. U guys should be ready to contend for a playoff spot. Hold onto that dream.

  33. RGLEAF!!! (It’s awsum how u Redskin fans react to this statement, I think because it makes you, deep down, realize that RGLeaf is not a sure thing, and maybe, just maybe…he doesn’t work out, in the end setting your team back many, many years.)

  34. peytonsneck18 says: Apr 13, 2012 9:50 PM

    CALM DOWN REDSKINS FANS, take the womens dresses off and relax, your team will blow this year dont worry, you guys are bottom dwellers in yr division, you guys are the not loved step children of the rest of the nfc east, go back to your moms basement and finish watching south park


  35. Peytonsneck

    This article is about London Fletcher. A class act and future HOF’er.

    Speaking of guys who won’t make it through 3 games, you should look at your handle.

    Your probably a Colts fan. A team that with 2 of the greatest QBs of all time STILL doesn’t have as many Super Bowl titles as the Skins. Or your a Broncos fan who have only one period of greatness in their history and that was with the Skins current coach.

    It doesn’t really matter. Every person who knows football knows that the Skins will be a lot better this year. Not saying SuperBowl but a team that is definitely on the way up.

  36. peytonsneck18 says:
    Apr 13, 2012 8:12 PM
    massively garbage…..redskins……….FAIL!!!!
    You are a moron. For two reasons. One Fletcher is a stud. Two for using the word Fail. You probably say epic too.

  37. @peytonsneck18 yes I would love some please give it to me. I would like to give you something to occupy your time. Did you post enough today? get a life bro

  38. I’ve used the majority of my comments on PFT to point out some ill-advised, Redskins hate on this site. The bottom line is that these jokers are probably upset that the Skins resigned Fletcher because it undoubtedly makes us a better team. Peytonsneck is going to post a negative post no matter what the topic, as long as it has to do with the Skins. They could cure cancer and haters will find a way to turn it into a bad thing.

    I say let them hate and let’s hope RG3 and Fletch will bring us back to the promise land.

  39. Chadgay

    It’s old that you and your boyfriend peytonsneck constantly repeat the same thing over and over. We get it…you don’t like the redskins. Grow up. You chuckle after every sentence you write. The redskins have a decent team and have lacked qb play for years. Mabye Griffon fails in the NFL. Who knows. But for you to already say he will be a bust shows how ignorant you are.

  40. “Bad move, Redskins Nation. This will never work. You should reconsider this signing.”

    Your friends
    “Tony” from Arlington, Texas,
    “Michael” from Philadelphia, PA and
    “Eli” from New York, NY

    “P.S. – We do think you guys should keep your kicker. He’s awesome!”

  41. peytonsneck18 is the weirdest human being that’s ever posted on here. He can’t be much older than 15. And if he is than it’s ever sadder. There is no sure thing but i’ll be a Skins fan forever and if it makes you guys feel better, keep hating, i’ll keep repping the B&G. And Hail! Sorry if you’re lame ass team has no culture or cool sayings.

  42. Great signing!

    And PMN18- Go back to the cave with the rest of your mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, under-bitten Colts fans. The ABSOLUTE worst fanbase in all of sports. Together, the worst fan base in sports.

  43. Marion Barry is a former DC mayor, and the redskins fans need to stop living in the past, your last SB was how long ago against the Bills? Win one this decade and talk to me, my team won 41 and came up short a few years later, but Irsay is the winiest owner since the early 90’s that’s why I used the tecmo bowl reference, your team hasn’t won a SB since, and what’s up with the Hail? Stuff, you guys sound like morons

  44. I get that he is old, but he lead the league in regular season tackles last year. His character traits include leadership, loyalty, and humility. Pay the man and when he can’t play anymore keep him in the organization with a coaching job.

  45. Congrats redskin fans, you continue to be the laughing stock of the NFL for thinking a near middle aged man should be a starting middle line backer in the NFL!

  46. @peytonsneck

    haha the Colts!? If anything that team showed me how ONE man controlled that entire team. terrible…as soon as ONE player left that team looked like a$$.. way to go..I hope ONE man can get you another champion ship…#oneinabillion

  47. To all the haters, what is your issue with Fletcher…the 12 straight 100 tackle seasons? the 224 consecutive games played? The fact that he was an un-drafted free agent from JOHN CARROL? Dude is a beast, always has been. The Bills should have never let him leave Buffalo. Can’t wait for the day I see him go into the Hall.

  48. The Cowboys have won one playoff game the last 15 years, we’ve won at least two, yet we’re the biggest laughing stock, funny. It’s hard to win with out a good QB, yet that’s about to change and that’s why all you weird, jealous chumps are all pissed. LOL. HTTR. RGIII T.D. in yo’ face.

  49. it sure is easy to rile up u skins fans, keep it classy skins fans and we will see you guys in this years superbowl with rg3 as the qb and shanarat as the coach, we dont need a nnoying saying for my team, we just win on the football field and you guys overpaid the other WR, and nice giving haynes-worthless 100 milion, keep it classy and keep on winning, redsking…….Bail!!!!

  50. @peytonsneck
    You need to use spell check first and foremost. You are the dumbest, and most ignorant poster on this site. Fletcher hasn’t missed a game
    how long? Have you check how many super bowl rings the shmolts have compared to the SKINS???? Your name doesn’t even fit the city. Once your team starts sucking again they will move to LA because noone will care about them after Manning is gone. Indiana is a terrible place to have an NFL team and fans like you will prove that. DC will have a team forever. EAT IT!

  51. @peytonsneck18, @calzone21411, @chargerzz, and the other Redskins haters… Let me give you the run down on the Skins, this season, and the whole deal… For one, as an unbiased party, I can appreciate some of the “FAIL!!” jokes, and so forth… But just so you understand the whole, “Hail!!” thing, and “HTTR!!” thing, it’s from the Redskins fight song and that’s entrenched in their tradition, it’s not at all an arrogant statement to “bow down,” etc. So, you shouldn’t think of it like that.. You can think of it more like an annoying cheer, like when the Jets do their, “J-E-T-S…” thing… Moving on from that, Fletcher is a champion, led the league in tackles last year… He’s still one of the BEST linebackers in the league regardless of his age, and he was a great signing that solidifies their defense, end of story… And regarding all the Redskins optimism, it’s not that they think they’re going to win the Superbowl this year, it’s that they’re excited that they might have their first franchise QB in 20 years!! I think it’s only natural for them to be excited… Now, if they literally say, “we’re going to the Superbowl this year!!” then I would have to assume they’re either joking or drunk… but, they should finally be competitive in this league and they should remain competitive for the next ten years… Sky is the limit when you have a franchise QB… Falcons pre-Vick? Colts pre-Manning? Saints pre-Brees? Skins pre-Rg3? We might be saying that very soon…

  52. London is a great inspiration to all who play and compete at any level of any sport. His traits cross over to all sports- Class, determination, leadership, intelligence, hustle, (from Gladiator) strength and honor. And the best of all- Desire to be the BEST!!!. He would be a welcome addition to the Washington Redskins at any age.

  53. To calzone21411: Fletch is still the best middle linebacker in the NFL, plays like he’s still in his 20’s… stop hating.

  54. @peytonsneck18
    Anyone who is sad,bitter and twisted enough to leave so many pathetic comments on another teams story is just a complete loser. Can’t you find anything else to do with your time,like finding a nice high cliff to jump off. You probably font even know what a cliff is (no its not somebody’s name) you inbred freak.


  55. How is a bunch of fat guys in dresses and wigs, with a pig nose on their face who are dancing around screaming “Hail!” cultured? How is “Hail” or “Hater” (which isn’t even exclusive to your team, you all just say it because your team stinks and you think it’s a conspiracy or something) a cool saying? What does any of that have to do with a Native American or “Redskin”? A room of crackheads could come up with a better “culture” than your team, and I’d trust a crackhead over Dan Snider. It’s gonna be decades before your team is good, cuz ol Snider ain’t so old is he. He has many many good years of ownership ahead of him and for that your team is doomed. FAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!

  56. Oh yea, almost forgot. Your leader, Dan Snider, is perfect for your team. All you lil followers running around screaming “Hail” like it’s going out of style, remember how in 2009 Dan Snider sued unemployed season ticket holders who were trying to back out of their tickets because they could not afford them. Apparently Snider did good for himself there, chalking up roughly $66000 from each unemployed fan (apparently they couldn’t even afford a lawyer) for current and future losses. The rich get richer, and none of you would care if Dan Snider dined on your first born if that meant you got to say “FAIL TO THE REDSKINS”

  57. peytonsneck18 says:
    Apr 13, 2012 9:50 PM
    “CALM DOWN REDSKINS FANS, take the womens dresses off and relax, your team will blow this year dont worry, you guys are bottom dwellers in yr division, you guys are the not loved step children of the rest of the nfc east, go back to your moms basement and finish watching south park”

    HaHa Boysroll you cant fool anybody with this Peytonsneck18 tag. You still smokepole. And the line we all threw at you daily was for you to grow up and get out of your moms basement. Very funny but your cowgirls are gonna choke another one away this year.

  58. Sadskinsfan, just seeing your name, u seem manic depressive, I would be sad too if I was a skins fan, nothing to root for since your SB win against the Chokefest Bills of 4 SB and no wins, but even Gibbs couldn’t revive that dad franchise, keep trying maybe RG3 will help I guys get double digit wins in a few years, don’t say hail, cause usually u have to be good or a superior for someone to yell hail around u, and we all know the redskins is far from that

  59. Hold up, the redskins only have 4a winning seasons since 92???? Get out of here?? For real? Case closed!! And yr chant is Hail? Probably because you guys play like hell or would rather be in hell than be a skins fan! ! Really? ? Only 4 winning seasons since 92, haha please skins fans don’t say anything else, just move on, haha Hail please! !! Get the Hail outta here! !!

  60. @Chadgoy

    HTTR does not stand for Hater you dummy. It stands for “Hail to the Redskins.”

    go troll some other fanbase

  61. hahahahah boysroll is back what a troll. dont get upset skins fans the admin on this site allow them to post because it gets the site hits, which in turn bring in more advertising dollars….dont feed into it they obviously have no clue what they are talkin about

  62. peytonsneck18 says:
    Apr 14, 2012 8:04 AM
    I like stokley and wish him the best for the broncos

    Yeah you wrote that. I don’t know if you are aware but he is 36. The Same age as London Fletcher. He isn’t even close to the player Fletcher is. I would also say if you had a leader on your team like him last year you wouldn’t have gone 1-15 last year. Good luck with your rebuild, thanks for garçon. Also this coaching staff had nothing to do with haynesworth, they got rid of him, yes they had to give him some money but didn’t the colts get nothing out of Peyton last season with that nice contract he had, and they knew they were gonna draft luck. Please, stop writing on this site. You are an idiot. Andrew Luck isn’t a lock to be great, and neither is rg3, but dam is he gonna be fun to watch, and with his character I’d take a chance on that guy every time.

  63. Never said “HTTR” means hater? Where do you skin fans learn to read? I guess from Charlie Sheen, what with all this troll talk.

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