Redskins sign Tanard Jackson


Safety Tanard Jackson was cut by the Buccaneers this week, but he wasn’t out of work for long.

The Redskins announced this morning that they have signed Jackson, and the team posted a picture of Jackson putting pen to paper on his contract.

Jackson is a natural fit in Washington because of his relationship with Raheem Morris, who as the Buccaneers’ head coach was willing to stick with Jackson despite repeated off-field problems. Morris is now the Redskins’ defensive backs coach, so he’ll be working individually with Jackson.

In five seasons with the Buccaneers Jackson started 56 games, but he was twice suspended for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy. In announcing the decision to cut Jackson this week, Bucs G.M. Mark Dominik said the team wasn’t pleased with Jackson’s growth on or off the field.

Jackson missed far too many tackles last season, but he says he’ll be a better tackler once he has fully recovered from a shoulder injury that caused him to struggle last season. The Bucs cited that shoulder injury in saying he was released because of a failed physical, but Jackson says his rehab is going well and he’ll be good to go this year.

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  1. Actually a good signing from the skins. Mr. Speilman, you do realize you need to start at least one safety, right? And you do realize that in order to start one, you need one on the roster, right?

  2. This is a kid who needs a disciplined, structured environment to get his head straight. Following Raheem Morris is not a good idea. He needs to go somewhere with a butt-kicker, not continue being coddled.

  3. I know nothing about this guy, but he is always in trouble, it sounds like. Let’s hope Fred Davis and Silverback don’t host a welcome to DC party for the kid.


  4. Imagine if he and Brandon Meriweather both lived up to expectations how potent the back end of that already potent defense would be.

    Anyways good signing.

  5. As a Bucs fan I don’t like the fact that we cut him, for one, we don’t have any SS or FS worth starting and two, I really thought this kid had potential, in his first two years he would hit hard and I remember being pissed when he had his suspensions cause I knew we needed him out there. As for the he wasnt good at tackling, neither was most of our team. But good luck in Washington TJ even though I hate the Foreskins

  6. Fletcher will clean this guys right up. Besides, he has local family that I am sure would like to see him to succeed and not fail like he did in TB.

    He has incredible upside if he can keep himself together off the field.

  7. Well, I guess the whole “Build through the draft” thing last year was nice, but now we’re back to Redskins football…..

  8. As a Redskins fan, I was encourged with the signing of Raheem Morris, Def Backs Coach. I like his leadership style. Hopefully, the guys the Skins’ have signed for the Def backfield will concentrate on getting the job done and proving everyone that gave up on them wrong.

  9. Morris goes from a head-coach to d-backs coach for one of the worst teams in the league. Sheesh.

  10. he won’t make it through preseason,without another suspension….wish I was wrong though

  11. Good luck with Tampa’s castoffs, Washington. You do know they finished 4-12 last year and had the league’s worst D, right?

    Bruce Allen is a joke – ZERO Pro Bowlers drafted while in Tampa.

    Raheem Morris – ZERO discipline as a coach

    Tanard Jackson – 2nd worst tackler on the NFL’s worst defense.

    Good luck!!!

  12. i like that we are getting quality secondary players before the draft. that makes me think we can get a big red zone receiver in the 3rd round.. marvin mcnutt or tommy streeter anyone?

  13. Hey ‘Skins:

    Can you take EJ Biggers and Myron Lewis while you’re at it?

    They’re Raheem’s boys too. Probably why you’ve never heard of them…

  14. Bets on who finishes with a better record:

    Bucs or Skins?

    I’m taking Bucs.

    Especially with Raheem on Washington’s sidelines.

  15. Some of these DB’s may not be as good as a healthy Laron Landry, but when was the last time Laron was healthy? I know for one thing they’re all better than Reed Doughty. The less Doughty is in the game the better we are. He’s good here and there but definitely not a starter like we had to use him last year due to Landry’s inability to stay healthy. And we will build through the draft, as long as we’re not trading picks away the draft is still there. Competition is always good.

  16. Some ppl need to relax. We’re building depth, some of these guys might not make it to the final roster. Fletcher will be signed this weekend so all we need now is OL even though we got lee we need young talent on the line. Brown probably will get injured again in preseason.

  17. redskins fans are delusional, this guy is smokey and cant tackle, then send him to DC the drug capital and i guarantee he will be suspended for the year, and knowing the redskins they over payed for him, always out bidding themselves over washed up has beens, and they think R-me3 will save their saddened team, u guys are as clueless as those men who dress in women dresses in yr stadium, redskins…….FAIL!!!!

  18. Tanard is 1 violation from indefinite suspension, Trent Williams and Fred Davis are 1 violation each from a 1 year suspension… They are all standing on the edge of a cliff together in DC.. At least O.J. Atogwe was a pro bowler, not a pro at smoking bowls..

  19. Part of Tampa Bay’s collapse last year was due to a significant break down in team discipline. I sure hope Morris has learned his lesson and isn’t bringing some of his tainted flock with him. If they sign Talib the concern index will definitely spike.

  20. peytonsneck18 says: Apr 13, 2012 3:23 PM

    redskins fans are delusional, this guy is smokey and cant tackle, then send him to DC the drug capital and i guarantee he will be suspended for the year, and knowing the redskins they over payed for him, always out bidding themselves over washed up has beens, and they think R-me3 will save their saddened team, u guys are as clueless as those men who dress in women dresses in yr stadium, redskins…….FAIL!!!!


    Nice hate comment. By the way, I don’t know where you’re from, but the drug capital is an old bit and outdated. The overpaid comment again, an old bit and outdated. I’m sure you live in the DC area, but your head must be shoved in huge pile sh*t. Let me see, you must be a fan another team (Steelers) that lives in the DC area, because you are the only fans that have hate comments about skins. All I can say is start paying attention to the news about the drug capital thing, and pay attention to the sports about this overpaying thing, because you are clueless. Keep hating, so when this thing is turned around, it will give me great pleasure laugh at you.

  21. cowboyhater, hmmm u have hater in yr name, just cause yr team the deadskins have always been mediocre, and no im not a steelers fan or from DC but i do know the redskins do blow!!! redskins……………….FAIL!!! HTTR aka hater

  22. cowboyhater, u must be a mommas boy, cause you are too sensative, go back to yr moms basement and get ready for yr morning shift at MCD’s

  23. Its interesting how many people love or hate the skins. What is obvious is that the Redskins are a HUGE part of the NFL. Honestly, only two playoff appearances in the last..what 19 years and they are still RELEVANT…Most money made or 2nd..Fan Base is HUGE and SUPPORTIVE despite the record…and always on TV..what team with the record like us ove rthe last years get primetime slots consistently?? Rams, Browns, etc..S#$% there are teams with better records who get no play…So Redskin Fans STAND UP!!! Its been awhile since our efforts as fans may actually get reciprocated on the field. Decent year this year but oh boy….2013/2014 and beyond…will be like 81 -91…WERE BACK!!!! Haters please Hate..spend more time on our news than your own teams…lol thx for the support. HAIL!!

  24. This is absolutely great news for the Washington Redskins. I can’t imagine a single analyst questioning Tanards ability as a football player. He surely had his share of off the field issues to deal with that have impacted his career. However, the upside potential is off the charts. I watched him in a lot of games and he’s good, I mean real damn good. The challenge is for him to stay focused on his career and his family. The Redskins defense is already dominate and Tanard ads the missing piece that puts them on the top. My prediction is that Tanard will be a pro bowl safety and he will stay clean. Best of luck Tanard and we will miss you in Tampa.

  25. I believe TJack will continue to be a good player in fact, Tanard Jackson is from the Washington DC Metropolitian area so hopefully he’ll thrive and not fall back into the bad things he’s use to getting into. The only thing is that the DC area is unlike any other city, big stars come here and party like it’s “nineteen ninety nine” fall back and cant produce as they once did, and TJack being from the area, I sure hope he know’s better.

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