Ronde Barber says Bucs “probably” will take Morris Claiborne

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Earlier today, Rams running back Steven Jackson said he’d “stand on the table” to advocate the selection of receiver Justin Blackmon with the sixth overall pick.  If Blackmon makes it past the Browns at No. 4, there’s a good chance he’ll get past the Bucs at No. 5.

Tampa Bay cornerback Ronde Barber told WQYK-AM on Friday that the Bucs have their eyes on cornerback Morris Claiborne.

“When I was deciding to come back, I had plenty of meetings with Mark [Dominik], and phone conversations with Mark, they told me they were bringing a guy in [cornerback Eric Wright],” Barber said, via  “I was like, ‘That’s good. We need it.’”

When host J.P. Peterson said that the Bucs might draft Claiborne, Barber said, “We probably will.”

Barber explained that he doesn’t know much about Claiborne.  “I haven’t watched any film of him,” Barber said.  “I don’t know how he plays or anything.  He was actually in our [secondary] room.  They did those little unofficial [predraft] visits or whatever.  He’s a good kid.  He looks good.  He looks the part.  Everybody’s high on him.”

The Bucs had better hope the Vikings or the Browns aren’t even higher on Claiborne, or they won’t get a crack at him.

28 responses to “Ronde Barber says Bucs “probably” will take Morris Claiborne

  1. Claiborne is more of a man to man corner. I’m not sure how well he’d fit in that Tampa cover two. Claiborne is the type you put on an opponents best receiver and have him shut down all game.

  2. A blind eye doctor has a pirate in for an exam,the doc says “welcome sir sit down,youll have to excuse me im blind and i cant seem to find your eyes” so the pirate says “argh, their in front of my buccaneers you idiot”

  3. The first half of this draft will be over before it starts…
    1) Colts – Andrew Luck
    2) Redskins – RGIII
    3) Vikings – Matt Kalil
    4) Browns – Trent Richardson
    5) Bucs – Morris Claiborne
    6) Rams – Justin Blackmon
    7) Jags – Floyd or Ingram
    8) Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill

    And it’s almost un-arguable that is how it will go down…

  4. “kingfish4242 says:
    Apr 13, 2012 10:40 PM
    Claiborne is more of a man to man corner. I’m not sure how well he’d fit in that Tampa cover two. Claiborne is the type you put on an opponents best receiver and have him shut down all game.”

    Is that what the new coaching staff uses?

  5. @kingfish4242

    We have an entirely new staff on defense and they will not be running the Tampa 2 this season… Look for a much more man to man physical style….

  6. bdfun400 says: the barbers talk too much. one will end up dating a kardashian–they all like attention
    Wow dude, I guess Ronde is not supposed to answer a question during an interview. It sounds more like he commented mainly in a passing sort of way, not like he sought out someone to tell a tale to. Get a grip

  7. Never thought of the Vikings before, makes sense though considering they play Calvin Johnson twice a season (not implying that single coverage can slow him down).

  8. This is just the opinion of a player, not an organization.

    Still, Barber is usually more careful with his words. This IS NOT TIKI.

    Of course the media jumps on even the smallest hint of things.

  9. Judging by the way he said it, he seemed more like it’s just an assumption of his rather than actually having a deep knowledge. Chances are we DO view him very highly, but I wouldn’t take this too seriously.

  10. @sledgehorn

    The sad thing is you are probably right about all of those picks yet each team will let every second tick off the clock before making their selection.

  11. bdfun400 says:
    Apr 13, 2012 10:48 PM
    the barbers talk too much. one will end up dating a kardashian–they all like attention


    I guess people aren’t allowed to answer questions anymore. I almost forgot how much more exciting players saying, “No comment,” is.

    I talk too much, do you think I could parlay that into dating a Khardashian? Which ones are left anyways? I hope she’s a pertty one!

  12. Isn’t the issue here, is that he’s giving away the teams potential draft strategy? While this may be a smoke screen and Ronde is not part of the war room team, seems like he’s telling the world who was in for a visit and what he did.

    I agree with the earlier comment, if those teams know who they want don’t waste time make the pick, keep the draft moving. As a fan if the colts take more than 5 mins to hand in Luck’s name that will be the start of a frustrating night.

  13. Wish Mo was heading to the Saints vs a NFC South cellar team…all the false hubris from the Falclowns and Bucs is funny….Saints have more talent, Saints win the NFC South…fact…keep hating and stay classy…

  14. Anyone who lives anywhere near Tampa would know that it is ridiculous to say that RONDE Barber talks too much. He has always been quiet and humble in person at all fan events and to the media. Also, dare I say, if anyone ever did deserve to be able to talk about the Buccaneers it would be the one possible hall of Famer left from their Super Bowl win, the first and only corner in the 20/20 and 20/30 and 20/40 club (very close to 30/30) and the guy with arguably he biggest play/int in franchise history.

  15. To the folks here bashing Barber for talking about who the Bucs like for their pick are a bunch of Idiots… Look at every mock draft and you will see that EVERYONE has us taking Clayborne.

  16. well it makes sense if they do draft him, but dont count out the Vikings or even the Browns. the Vikings could get Claiborne, then the Browns get Richardson which would lead you to choose between Kalil and Blackmon, not that it’s an awful thing. both would be great for Tampa. and really i wont count out Kalil in Cleveland either.

    As for Claiborne, the best place for him is Tampa in my book. if he goes there, he will start opposite of Talib, Wright will be in the slot (wish the redskins signed him) and then they could switch Barber to safety.

  17. .

    History shows that taking a DB very early in the first round is a very risky proposition. Of the 32 teams in the league, I think Tampa is the surest bet to trade back.


  18. I love how nonchalant ronde is, like oh yeah that kid who’s suppose to be the best defensive player in this draft? Yeah I heard his name I think. That’s cool. I’m ronde barber.

  19. Is Ronde, who’s near the end of a very good career, auditioning for a TV gig? Never thought of him as a talker, and that seems to be all he’s doing of late. Might be a good TV guy- like his twin without the ego.

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