T.O. says he’ll play this year, but Romo keeps him out of Dallas

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Terrell Owens still wants to play in the NFL this season, and still believes he’s going to. But he says a return to the Cowboys is out of the question because of Tony Romo.

In an interview on the Ben and Skin Show, Owens was asked to give his thoughts about Romo, the quarterback he played with for three seasons in Dallas. At first, Owens declined to answer.

“Oh, my God,” Owens said, after a long pause. “OK, uh, next question.”

When pressed, however, Owens mentioned the time he tearfully defended Romo following a playoff loss in 2008, and he said that he lost respect for Romo because Romo didn’t have his back.

“With that situation, dude, I’ve kind of lost my respect for that situation,” Owens said. “Man, that’s a guy I shed tears for, I went to bat for. Then obviously, ultimately I’m not in Dallas anymore and I know he definitely had a hand in that. So, again, it’s one of those things that you kind of just have to bite your tongue and keep moving on, you know what I mean?”

Owens also reiterated his past complaints about Romo throwing to his good buddy Jason Witten too much and throwing to Owens not enough.

“I just happened to be one of those guys that really voiced my opinion,” Owens said. “I wasn’t the only one who thought that way. There were games that other guys were open. I wasn’t saying that to get the ball thrown to me a lot more times, I was all about winning. . . . I think if you really ask my teammates that they’ll really convey that and they’ll tell you honestly that’s what I’m about.”

Maybe some of Owens’ teammates would say that, but many of Owens’ teammates would say he’s more trouble than he’s worth. But Owens says he’s sure he has built up enough good will around the league that some team will want him this year.

“I know I’ll be somewhere during the course of the season, it’s just a matter of playing this waiting game and staying in shape,” Owens said. “I know I’m capable of playing this year.”

The only question is whether any team is capable of putting up with Owens.

86 responses to “T.O. says he’ll play this year, but Romo keeps him out of Dallas

  1. I’m not gonna say T.O. is right here, but Romo had his best years when he had T.O. to throw to. The decision was made by management to get rid of T.O., though.

  2. You know when the Bengals don’t want you you’re in trouble. They take anyone with some talent left that will play for cheap no matter their past. In any case TO stepped on a lot of people on his way to the top now he”s suffering the consequences. So sad too bad.

  3. He wants to play…but of course it’s someone else’s fault for why he’s not.

  4. TO, I loved you as a player but damn!!!

    You did good after getting asked once, then you just couldn’t help yourself when he asks again?

    Don’t do that while looking for work, at least wait until you find a job…..Geez!!!

  5. One thing I respect about T.O. is that he’s dedicated to football. Breaks leg, trains to come back sooner. Tears ACL, trains to come back to play. Even though he’s easily a candidate for a career buffooning around on reality TV, he’s still primarily focused on football.

    He’s broke, and could make money “entertaining” people, but he still wants to play. That’s respectable given some guys have the chance to play, but would rather be entertainers.

  6. cant believe this clown is still blaming others instead of looking at himself in the mirror. exactly why no one will sign him, nothing has changed with him. GO COWBOYS! Romo is my qb

  7. We already know that Jason Garrett has a problem with T.O.’s. No need to bring another one in.

  8. Owens says “I know I’ll be somewhere during the course of the season……..”. Yeah you will, just wont be on a football team in the NFL.

    Apparently Owens hasnt gotten the memo that NFL teams are shying away from loud mouthed trouble makers these days.

    Owens is the exact reason teams arent going to give guys like him yet another chance to make millions while destroying a team from within. Good Luck with your hopes and pipe dreams, Terrell

  9. T.O. should play QB for his arena team. See how easy it is to play QB getting your ass kicked all game and have receivers complaining about how open they were.

  10. Never liked T.O.. He spends too much time throwing his teammates under buses. Enjoy your mediocrity numbsk!

  11. If you want to get back into the NFL, the best way to do it is by throwing your quarterback under the bus, right? Nice move….

  12. This guy deserves a chance. He wasn’t the old T.O in Buffalo or Cincinnati, but he was decent and doesn’t deserve to be blackballed. #2ndchances

  13. TO Didnt say or do anything negative in buffalo or cincy, and i’d argue dallas. The guy has never gotten in to any legal trouble besides missing child support payments. If guys like holmes and burress who both can find starting jobs, it amazes me that a guy who gives you 100% at practice and game day is ignored.

  14. There aren’t 32 teams with TWO receivers better than T.O. “Diva & Wide Receiver” in the NFL are synonymous the majority of the time. As far as locker room drama it would take an upfront coach to give him a stern warning and if necessary write a “behavioral clause” into his contract however he behaved pretty damn well in both Cinci/Buffalo. The “Oh T.O. comes with drama” is getting pretty damn old…………………….

  15. Bring him to San Fran. T.O. and Moss together would be hilarious. Would be great on the field if you could turn back time.

  16. T.O its over. You had a good run while it lasted. Your 38 and a cancer in the locker room. No one is going to take a chance on you. Settle down and work on repairing your image. Your life in football is 20% of your real life, just remember that.

  17. T.O. still has the talent to make a difference. It is a shame that his rep may cost him a job. Didn’t he behave himself in Buffalo? So who wouldn’t want a HOF talent. If Randy “I play when I want to” Moss can get a gig, then so should T.O.

  18. Whatever good will he thinks he had in the league he just blew up. If I were a GM the only way I would sign him if there were a clause in his contract saying he could not speak to the press. Not even saying ” No Comment. ” He contract would have to have a clause with with serious penalties for speaking to the press for ANY reason!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I might file a restraining order against him just to make sure he isn’t legally allowed anywhere near Lincoln financial field. I doubt the eagles would have any interest in resigning him, But better safe than sorry!

  20. I wish T.O. The best of luck finding work in the NFL. He is a fun player to watch and has great touchdown celebrations.

  21. T.O. at his age is still a lot better then the #1 WR on most teams. He played well in Philly, Cowboys, Bills, and Bengals.

    He’s right about Romo, he tends to focus too much on 1-2 guys. Witten is his security blanket and he sucks when he isn’t out there.

    T.O. needs to get a veteran minimum contract with some incentives. I’d bet he’d make them. On the Bills and Bengals he shut up and played. He’d still do that on any team that takes a chance.

  22. I am a Romo , let me say Cowboy first , Romo Fan second .T.O , Is an idiot , locker room destroyer , and just plain bad for his own good. At the time he made the statement about Romo throwing to Witen too much , he ( T. O. ) was leading the team in catches and TD’s ( go figure ) . He caused havoc in the locker room and cost us that season . NO Thanks T. O

  23. T.O. just doesn’t get it, never will.
    SMDH that he thinks all those receptions Jason Witten caught had to do with favoritism, instead of who had the better hands.

  24. Great idea. You have few, if any, NFL options, and you say you won’t play for Dallas. And I refuse to drive any Aston Martin that isn’t green.

  25. Yes because that “other guy” Roy Williams was always open and it was Romo’s fault for not getting the ball……

    If you could beat press coverage then maybe you would still be here….

  26. This moron has thrown every QB he’s ever played with under the bus except Steve Young and I just can’t remember that far back…he prolly threw him under too!

    Romo threw to Whitten too much, McNabb had no stamina and Garcia was gay..

    This guy leaves collateral damage everywhere he goes.

  27. In the 38 regular season games that they started together, Terrell Owens had 195 catches for 3112 yards, and 32 TDs. That’s an average of 82 catches for 1310 yards and 13.5 TDs in a 16 game season.

    How much MORE did T.O. want Romo to throw the ball to him?

  28. Dallas needs players who can man up when the going gets tough.

    That’s not TO.

    I’m not sure that’s Romo either.

  29. Oh how T.O. loves to point the finger at everyone else. He is not wanted or missed by the NFL.

  30. T.O. definitely deserves a second chance. If he could just learn to shut his mouth he’d be so much better off. It would be nice to see him in the NFL again.

  31. I live in Texas, don’t like the cowboys but Romo did/does pass to Witten way too much. But then again he is a great tight end….but still he forces it to him. Keep in mind Witten went on vacation with Romo and Jessica Simpson.

  32. Just shut up owens. You’ll be broke in two more years and you and the sapp can move in together and blame others for all your problems. Take your medicine boy!

  33. It’s the paragraph where you tell us what other players think that makes reading your “work” nearly unbearable. You don’t speak for any player. Even your opinion of what they might think is of zero consequence. Why can’t you leave that bit out?

  34. TO or Farve. Some people never know when to hang it up and move on. Maybe the Tuna can coach em up on life after football.

  35. EXACTLY the kind of remark that continues to make TO an untouchable. He could probably play another year just like Moss, but Moss isn’t the same level of locker room poison. Nobody is.

  36. There are a lot of receivers in the various indoor leagues who think they have what it takes to be in the NFL. TO has a lot more in common with the indoor league receivers than he does with NFL caliber players. Age and injuries have taken their toll. However, ego and the need to replace a squandered fortune are the big drivers here.

  37. Physically TO is gifted. However, it’s the stuff between the ears that makes him untouchable. TO literally is an 8 year old in a man’s body with the way he acts, takes no responsibility, blames everyone else, is incredibly immature, etc. He should start a reality show with other cancerous athletes whose attitudes keep them out of their leagues such as TO, Randy Moss, Tiki, Jawalrus, Allen Iverson, etc.

  38. Its amazing to me the people who defend this guy. He was a
    locker room cancer on quite a few teams,never hesitating to throw someone under the bus as he is doing once again.anyone thinks he has changed is a fool.TO cares about no one but himself and is as attention starved as a 3yr old.

    For those few who say he was good while with Buffalo or Cincy let me ask you this question. why was he expendable after having decent seasons? Given his track record its not hard to figure it out is it? Surely wasnt because of the money. Eventhough it wasnt brought to the medias attention i would be willing to bet it was becauseit had to all be about TO as always.He is a prima donawho just never gets it.

  39. sean6886 says:
    Apr 13, 2012 3:11 PM
    Just like Moss, always the victim.


    Only difference is Moss is playing, TO can harldy play on the team he partially owns.

  40. I’ll say it again, T.O. is always welcome back in Buffalo. While here he was a stand up guy, good teammate, never spoke bad about a soul on the Bills roster or Coaches and played hard every game.
    The game I will remember most while having Owens play for Buffalo was the Bills vs Colts game in Buffalo… Snow falling faster than the machines could get it off the field, about -15 degree’s, players having trouble standing never less run, fans frozen but on their feet. T.O. flying down the field catching bombs, falling all over but playing his a-s off. The best thing about that game was after the Bills walked away with the win, Owens grabbed a Bills flag on a pole and ran from one end of the field to the other, back and forth waving it everywhere. Knowing it was likely his last game as a Bill, Terrell went from fan to fan thanking them for their support while he was there. It definitely changed my opinion of him and made me really look at all the other “problems” he was said to cause throughout his career. He is not really the bad guy everyone portrayed him to be. He is not the Villain of the story.

  41. T.O. says he’ll play this year, but Romo keeps him out of Dallas

    T.O. will play WHAT this year? Checkers or bid whist?

  42. If Moss had T.O.’s work ethic and love of playing all out in every game, He’d have eclipsed the 20,000 yards catching mark years ago.

  43. T.O. is still probably better then 80% of the WRs in the league he is not a true number 1 anymore but he can still play the game I have no doubt and if Moss can give up and not even try on 2 teams last year and still have a job T.O. should get another chance too look at his numbers in cinni they were still pretty good he is a better receiver then one trick pony Moss is if only he could shut up and Im an Eagles fan

  44. Just because Cincy and Buff have low standards does not make TO a good citizen.

    Like Your Buddy Sapp says…. Your Old and Slow!

  45. The only thing between Terrell Owens and his goals is Terrell Owens…and his goals.


  46. T.O. is T.O.

    I was at the IFL game where he was knocked over the boards. As it was a road game, he came by Limo (not the team bus). He didn’t know the plays (the QB or other players would have to tell him where to line up), got into a shouting mathc with the other team, and (most importantly) he wasn’t able to pull away from minor league Indoor Football League players on his routes.

    Dude, seriously. You are over the hill. Time to learn how to get along with others, so you can move on with your post-football life.

  47. “I wasn’t the only one who thought that way. There were games that other guys were open. I wasn’t saying that to get the ball thrown to me a lot more times, I was all about winning. . . . I think if you really ask my teammates that they’ll really convey that and they’ll tell you honestly that’s what I’m about.”

    What’s so selfish about that???

    It looks like Garrett and Romo were the cancers and not T.O.!!!!

    Look at the Cowboys’ records
    With T.O. (2006-08)

    Without T.O. (2009-2011)

    Not that much better!!!! This what happens when you don’t care enough about winning!!!!

    Also, back in 2008 everyone acted like the Cowboys’ record of 9-7 was 0-16!!!!! Remember the Detroit Lions of that season????

  48. No T.O…. It is your mouth that has kept you of Dallas and every other team in the NFL. We are tired of hearing you whine and cry, blaming everyone else for how your situation turned out. T.O. Can still be an effective player, but is there any QBs who want to play with this guy?

  49. The Browns should sign him. Being a ball hog is no problem. They have nobody else to throw to anyway. Maybe he can even teach Greg Little how to catch a football.

  50. Of course Romo doesn’t want him back. He couldn’t beat out Austin or Dez right now and no way he will play #3

    And he knows Romo won’t say a word, because he’s not like that.

  51. Romo sucks! He’s gonna choke this year too…it’s what he does. Say what u want to me….then watch what happens this season. Hey T.O., come play for my Card’s! At least when u don’t get the ball u won’t feel left out cuz Kolb can’t get Fitz the ball either!!

  52. You know what they say: Every time you point a finger at someone, there are three other fingers pointing right back at YOU.

    Hear that, T.O.?

  53. Yea and Aikman handed off to Emmit too much. Witten has been hands down the most consistent, reliable, and best receiver Romo has had through out his career. Of course he is going to throw to him the most. T.O do you know there is such thing as chemistry between a quarterback and a receiver. You didn’t hear Chiefs receivers complaing that Gonzalez was getting the ball thrown to him too much. O and one more thing. Dont you hold the record for most touchdowns in a single season, top 10 in receptions in a single season, and top 5 in receiving yards in a single season in franchise history? pretty sure you are.

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