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Last year, Jaguars General Manager Gene Smith chose the quarterback he hopes will be the starter for years to come in Blaine Gabbert. This year, Smith needs to surround Gabbert with talent to make the Jaguars a winner — and Smith needs to hope Gabbert looks a lot better in his second season than he did in his first, or else new owner Shad Khan may decide someone else should call the shots on draft day next year.

Defensive end: The good news at this position is that Jeremy Mincey emerged last year as a solid starter, led the team with 8.0 sacks, and then re-signed with a four-year contract in March. The bad news is that Mincey was the only player who could rush the passer in Jacksonville last year: Other than Mincey, no one on the Jaguars managed even four sacks.

So with the seventh overall pick, a pass-rushing defensive end to pair with Mincey would make a lot of sense. Melvin Ingram of South Carolina or Quinton Coples of North Carolina are both possibilities. Whitney Mercilus of Illinois is perhaps the best pure pass rusher in this draft, and although he would seem to be a reach at No. 7, Smith has shown in the past that he’s not afraid to make surprising selections early in the first round.

Wide receiver: Gabbert could really use a better target than the ones he has; last year’s top two wide receivers, Mike Thomas and Jarett Dillard, combined for just 73 catches for 707 yards. If Oklahoma State’s Justin Blackmon falls out of the Top 6, the Jaguars could grab him in the first round. If Blackmon is gone, Notre Dame’s Michael Floyd is also an option. If receiver isn’t where the Jaguars go in the first round, look for them to try to get depth at receiver by spending multiple late-round picks on the position.

Offensive tackle: Protecting Gabbert is an important priority, although it’s going to be tough to upgrade the position in this year’s draft. The one offensive tackle who looks ready to step in and start from Week One, USC’s Matt Kalil, will likely be gone by the time the Jaguars draft. Stanford’s Jonathan Martin could be an option in the second round.

There actually aren’t many positions where the Jaguars don’t need an upgrade, but the big three areas where they need to improve are rushing the passer, protecting Gabbert and getting him some receivers. If Smith improves in all three of those areas in the draft, he’ll be a happy man.

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  1. Team needs: Some shampoo for that mustache. After a hot night spent the way that billionaires spend them, the mustache smells like straight boot!

  2. Team needs for Jax?? A wide receiver they haven’t had one since jimmy smith…..hell they need everything except a running back..However I do believe Blaine gabbert needs a chance and with no weapons, he won’t be given the opportunity to shine

  3. Well, in the event that Mo’ Claiborne is gone when my Bucs pick at 5, maybe, just maybe, Jacksonville would be willing to trade up a couple spots to take him.

    Wishful thinking, I know, but if Claiborne is gone, that is the route that I’d hope they’d at least consider…

  4. their team needs are so easy to see and no they dont need everything except a RB. they have good DTs, a good TE, really good linebackers, good corners, pretty good safeties. their issue is on pass rusher (Kampman cant stay healthy and likely isnt the same) and on WR. i personally think they should go WR because it seems that whenever they draft DE high, he busts, but anyway WR and DE are huge needs. Gabbert needs a go to guy and i believe if they draft Floyd and pair him with Robinson and Thomas and Jones-Drew and Lewis that Gabbert could improve his game.

  5. @celly84

    I can assure you the Jaguars are not going to trade up. Smith has made it clear on more than one occasion that he would seriously consider any offers to trade back. I get the impression that they’re not in love with anyone that high in the first round and are looking to move back, get some additional picks and look for some value later in the first and in the second round.

  6. One thing is for sure, the Jags are gonna be rockin’ the casbah. However, they still have one team need before they can move forward- a head coach. Mularkey’s a dud who quit his last head coaching gig. He should have kept his job as Kevin Costner’s stunt double.

  7. @ Joetoronto:

    Average attendance for Bills home games played in your city since 2008 = 51,506

    Average Attendance for Jacksonville home games (played in their own city) =60,045

  8. The Jags need a WR and a pass rushing DE, if they get that and Blaine gets better, the Jags can be a sleeper team next year.

  9. You guys need to try a little harder with my Jags

    1 who’s playing LG. rackley? Vince is in ATL
    2 who’s being groomed behind Meester?
    3 I can’t believe you forgot to mention L. Robinson
    4 depth at RB
    5 Punter

  10. Who knows what will happen with our 1. I hope we trade out and gather. Mincey was not heralded and worked his way up. Our secondary looks fantastic and will be the real key to a great pass rush. Hope Pot Roast makes it back and Alulu continues to get batter.

  11. A whistle so the coach can get Gabbert to throw quicker and a weird guy with a scar on his face to teach him to overcome his fear (pass rushers).

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