Chiefs give personalized Nike jerseys to all season-ticket accounts

It’s unknown at this point how many fans have purchased or will purchase the new NFL Nike jerseys.  However, one team will be placing a fairly large order.

The Chiefs announced on Saturday that, in recognition of the franchise’s 50th season in Kansas City, every season-ticket account will receive a personalized Chiefs jersey.

“We are very excited to be celebrating 50 years in Kansas City,” owner Clark Hunt said.  “My family and I are extremely grateful to be a part of this great city and we have built so many fond memories here through the years.  When my dad brought this team to Kansas City, he knew there was something special about this place.  For 50 years, the Kansas City community has rallied around the Chiefs, and for that, we want to say thank you for being the best fans in the NFL.”

Orders may be placed here.

There’s one small devil in the details.  The Chiefs are giving one jersey per season-ticket account, not per season ticket.  So if one account has one or two or four or 40 tickets, there’s only one free jersey.  That said, additional jerseys may be purchased at a discount.

The free jersey will be the “premier” level product, the middle ground between the authentic on-field jersey and the low-level “replica” jersey from which the numbers eventually start to wear off after the thing is washed enough times.  For the “premier” jersey, letters and numbers are stitched onto the jerseys, along with a “season ticket holder” patch.

It’s the first of multiple events and promotions in which the Chiefs will engage this seasons to celebrate the Kansas City fans during the franchise’s 50th season in Missouri.  As we understand it, the Chiefs announced the jersey giveaway now because, as of Sunday, fans may pre-order new Nike jerseys, and the Chiefs didn’t want season-ticket holders to buy something that they will be able to get for free and, after the first one, at a discount.

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  1. Thanks Clark and KC Chiefs! Can’t wait to wear my new jersey at home opener. Arrowhead is going to be rockin’ and a sea of red!!!

  2. This is the first and only classy thing Clark Hunt has done since inheriting the team from Mr. Lamar Hunt.

    My suggestion would be to find a few more things to show your appreciation to not only Chiefs fans, but to longtime employees, and the taxpayers of Jackson County.

    You have H U G E shoes to fill, and you have failed miserably thus far Clark. There is still time to show you have the same traits as the irreplaceable legend who founded the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS

  3. A very nice gesture by Chiefs ownership. Class act! Dan Snyder would never do that. He only dreams up ways to take from fans……

  4. Still won’t make a difference. More Raider fans at a Chiefs home game won’t matter how many they give away. And how does giving free jerseys equal a Superbowl? You still need a QB.

  5. If they are able to give away an $80 jersey for a season ticket and still make money, imagine the profit margin they are bilking out of KC fans. And not a dime of it in on-field talent. KEEP BUYING THEM TICKETS, KC FANS!

  6. Nice touch by Mr.Hunt.
    Congrats to the Chiefs on their 50th and
    good luck on the season. ..playoff bound?

  7. @chadgoy

    Yeah, because Carson Palmer has a rich history of winning and taking teams to championships.

    Two games against the Chiefs, he threw 1 TD and 5 INTs. Super Bowl stats right there.

  8. In keeping with the times, Cincinnati Bengals Owner Mike Brown is giving to all Bengal season ticket owners a Kodak Instamatic camera, three rolls of film and a vinyl carrying case.

  9. A nice gesture, but on behalf of all Chiefs season ticket holders, please return the jerseys and put that money into developing a decent QB instead.

    Thank you.

  10. As a 49er season ticket holder, I have to admit I’m
    A little jealous. All we got was a pair of crappy mittens(!) with “49ers” screen printed in white in them.

    But we did go to the NFC Championship game, so it’s all good.

  11. cool! That’s more than the new Packers OWNERS, let alone season ticket holders, got for their 150 bux!

  12. As a season ticket holder of another nfl team, I think this is a great thing. Only wish more teams would do this. Could we possibly see cheaper preseason tickets prices if we’re forced to buy those?

    Good job chiefs… Every other team, step up your game!

  13. Whats wrong with buying a replica Jersey? I have a 7 year old tomlinson replica that I wash inside out and hang dry instead of putting it in the dryer and it looks the same as the day I bought it

  14. Each jersey has a tracking chip implanted so the Pioli Gestapo can keep taps on their biggest fans.

  15. @yelix

    Yeah we’ll include the game where he was two days removed from just getting his playbook lol.. Much rather have Palmer who can actually throw downfield than Checkdown Cassel who sh*ts the bed when it’s crunch time.

  16. Have to laugh at all the Raider trolls. I’m the 1st to admit Cassell isn’t the long term answer in KC, but take a moment & look at how similar his career stats are compared to Palmer’s. That’s especially funny given the fact that Cassell (along w/ Matt Vrabel) cost the Chiefs exactly one 2nd round draft pick…didn’t the Raiders give up two 1st rounders for Palmer? Mike Brown (& the rest of the league) is STILL laughing. At least the Chiefs got far better value for their mediocrity. Rare but classy gesture by Clark Hunt by the way.

  17. Nice gesture.

    But on a side note, and this may get me flamed; anyone else off-put by grown men wearing jerseys? Cool for kids, look nice on women, but a grown man?

  18. raiderapologist says: Apr 14, 2012 6:45 PM

    Good news. You get a jersey. Bad news. It’s autographed by Matt Cassel.
    lol, now THAT’S bad news.

  19. @raiduhdude

    I don’t like Matt Cassel either, but are you seriously going to insinuate that Carson Palmer isn’t terrible in the clutch? What has the guy ever done in the NFL besides put up some decent stats and choke in the playoffs? The Chiefs may not have a high-flying offense, but at least they can force people to punt, unlike Oakland.

  20. @joerymi

    Personally I’ve seen quite a few grown men in Chiefs jerseys that look mighty fine! Much better than the shirtless men seen from time to time at games! LOL

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