Cowboys hope to put pressure on Griffin, Redskins receivers

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The widespread belief that the Redskins will draft quarterback Robert Griffin III has become so widespread that the team’s rivals are planning for it.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones recently discussed the team’s plans for defending against Griffin if/when (when) he joins Mike Vick and Eli Manning as the quarterbacks with whom the Cowboys have to contend twice per year.

The key, Jones said, is to put pressure on the quarterback, and on his receivers.

We think we did that with [cornerback Brandon] Carr,” Jones told the Dallas Morning News.  “He’s a press corner.  I think he fits with what we want to do on defense, which is get in their face and press them up.”

Far more important will be placing pressure on Griffin.  “We obviously have one of the elite pressure players in the league in DeMarcus Ware,” Jones said.  “I think we have to get [Anthony] Spencer more involved in terms of productivity.  Then you look at our defensive linemen.  [Jay] Ratliff and [Jason] Hatcher and those guys, I think we have to get better there but I think we can do that.

“I think the Giants showed with their late season surge when they got healthy in the defensive line they were able to get that pressure on good quarterbacks.  It certainly disrupts.

“A young player like RG3, if we can get pressure on guys like that, I think it effects their accuracy, I think it effects their productivity and I think it will allow us to have success against them.’’

Of course, if the Cowboys can’t catch Griffin, it doesn’t matter how much pressure they put on him.  For now, it appears that Griffin may possess the skills to elude the best athletes the Cowboys can put on the field.  Unless Colts owner Jim Irsay gives everyone a major shock, we’ll find out what Griffin can do against the Cowboys soon enough.

But, really, not soon enough.

59 responses to “Cowboys hope to put pressure on Griffin, Redskins receivers

  1. I think its funny that NFL rookies use to all be prospects and ultimately calculated risks.

    I guess now everyone knows for sure what QB is going to be an All Star. I think RG3 needs to beat out RG3andout in training camp before people start game planning around him.

  2. Don’t worry about RG3, he plays for the breadskins and they have Gar-drop as their number #1 reciever (well over payed him as one) he is no threat neither is RG0, so cowboys team has nothing to worry about RG3 is the next Akili Smith

  3. I’m Glad no one who post above me is the coach of my fav NFL team. Maybe I’m crazy, but I thought it was the coaches, job to prepare for the teams he will be facing throughout the year, especially the teams in his own division…

  4. I’m gonna need my cowboys to get a DE/OLB, prefer the DE to help out, have to get up the middle faster.

  5. Hahaha. Cowgirl fans are already scared of RG3 . Love it. You guys have ni chance of winning anytging with that crap team and horrible QB. He can’t even hild a snap under pressure let alone win in the playoffs

  6. chadgoy says:
    Apr 14, 2012 1:27 PM
    RGLeaf will not even be a speck in the league by this time next year. That big hit is coming. Sooner rather than later.

    I’ve been reading PFT for a long time, and “RGLeaf” is the least creative, pathetic, juvenile, embarrassing pseudonym for a quality, well-mannered, respectful, and highly-skilled college QB I’ve ever heard. Why someone would want this kid to fail is beyond me.

    GOD I HATE THE MADDEN GENERATION. “chadgoy”, go boot up your xbox and leave the football talk to the adults.

  7. The Cowboys have traded so many players that, they will be lucky not to end the 2012 season any worse off than the previous 2011 season. I will be so happy when the Cowboys have a team to be proud of again.

    Right now, it’s all smoke and mirrors w/ with over-rated superstar athlete after another. ENOUGH.

  8. I don’t care how fast he is in a t-shirt and shorts. If he has no where to run, it won’t matter much. I’m not sold on him but am trying to hold off judgement. Let’s see how he does against 11 NFL defenders (Cowboys or otherwise) and not the 1-2 he was facing in college.

  9. The final score between Washington and Dallas is always close. Last year it came down to the last play twice. And that was with REX GROSSMAN under center!

  10. Shouldn’t the crapboys worry about what romo will do under pressure. Besides Jones is delusional if he wants to compare crapboys dl (minus ware) to the giants stud dl.

  11. Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Although I will say this, Dallas did right to release Terrance Newman who to used to be the whipping boy to Santana Moss, and every other receiver he was assigned to in the NFC east for that matter. Good times though, love to see division rivals planning to go at it.

  12. chadgoy and peytonsneck18: Do us all a favor, post a comment based on the article, not the same ridiculous “RGLeaf” comment over and over again. We know you’re jealous about not getting him. Doesn’t change the fact that you’re still a d-bag trying to throw insults behind your computer screen. Instead of racing to comment every PFT article with the same nonsense, why don’t you go get laid or something.

  13. These comments are pathetic. RGIII may be great one day but lets not forget hes a rookie and the redskins arent exactly one player away from the superbowl. Wait and see he will make mistakes early on perhaps by the end of the season he will adjust to the NFL. Lets not make this guy out to be unstoppable before he even sees the field.

    Redskins will go 6-10 maybe 8-8 either way the nfc east might become the powerhouse of the nfc again in a few years.

  14. Those naked bootlegs off of those zone stretch runs are going to be a thing of beauty. If a DE or an OLB are solely responsible to contain RGIII it will not even be a contest. Defenses will have to force a decent Safety to the backside box(as if the Eagles or Cowboys have one to offer); otherwise, it might get ugly all afternoon long.

    As Gruden said about RGIII and the scheme. I’m not so worried about the bootleg runs as much as those long passes off of it.”

    Redskin fan or not it will be fun to watch.

  15. Dallas’ secondary is crap.bobby griffin will tear it apart in his first game and you cant pressure his bootlegs.a few well timed runs and it will be BOMBS AWAY!!

  16. Its so hilarious how you people out there think you know so much more than the people who actually coach and play the game. Makes me laugh how serious you make it. Hahaha. We will see how the skins do soon enough and when rg puts on a show like cam did last year, i expect an apology from each and every one of you.
    PS.. the fg leaf, deadskins, breadskins, to much money for old players, little danny, 4th in the division, blah blah blah is getting so old and you sound like a knobead. httr!

  17. Romo was always under pressure so Jones should have a good idea what that does. Then he goes and signs a guard that could not crack the starting lineup for the Panthers. What a great GM.

  18. As a Cowboy fan, I can say honestly, “we do not have enough pressure players” to contain Vick, RGIII, or Eli….YET. This has to be priority one at the draft. Theyve made some decent upgrades, but none of the FA signings have wowed me. Personally,.. I hope they draft S Mark Barron.,…he can track down a scambling QB

  19. I’ve been a skins fan my whole life, and they haven’t won ish the whole time… i dont know what im going to do with myself if they start making playoff pushes year in and out… cant wait

  20. Yeah..I am so scared. not Shanahan will TCO making RG3 unproductive…like Rex..McNabb..etc…RG3 aint the problem..he is a mature young man but …its The Skinneds. Yikes!That’s the scary part.
    But they just re-signed a 37yr old ilb to keep rg3 on the field…point made…

  21. Skins fans are funny. Remember last year when the team starred 3-0 and all of them were already booking plane tickets to Indy? How’d that work out? And now RG3 hasnt even been drafted yet and they are talking 10-15 years of having an elite QB. What a joke. Nothing personal against RG3, but if you’re a fan of any other team, aren’t you kinda hoping he is a a total failure?t

  22. redskins fans, go put on your granny dress and shut up!! u guys are some of the most annoying fans on here with yr hail rants , get a life, i would come to dc and beat u like mixed race step children in the deep south

  23. peytonsneck18 says:
    Apr 14, 2012 4:23 PM

    rg3 is the next akili smith

    This is an NFC East conversation, AF”See” your unfunny a&& out of here. You’re not witty, you’re not appreciated, you’re over your head. Nobody wants you here because you are intellectually over-matched; which is obvious by your Akili Smith and RGIII comparison.

  24. peytonsneck18 says:
    Apr 14, 2012 4:26 PM
    redskins fans, go put on your granny dress and shut up!! u guys are some of the most annoying fans on here with yr hail rants , get a life, i would come to dc and beat u like mixed race step children in the deep south
    Internet tough guy. Watch out. Please make the trip to DC, we’d love to sing our fight song to your personally when we beat you down. HAIL!!!

  25. Once again peytonsneck showing the world how stupid he is. He forgets that the skins have won more playoff games than the cowgirls have in the last ten years with horrible QB’s. Dallass is the city of losers and that is why he keeps on posting on skins stories.

  26. peytonsneck18 = boysroll

    That should clarify the rash of stupiid comments.

    Hes hiding behind a new moniker. Hes still in mommys basement trying to be tough. Nothing new.

  27. The cowgirls are going to be horrible this year. Ware has been a non-factor for about 3 years now, and losing James only allows teams to double him even more. The girls will stink.

  28. Not a fan of either the cowboys or the redskins. Both teams are in the same boat, neither have a qb that can win an important game. The skins are ahead be default as their soon to be qb hasn’t played in an important (NFL) game. Tony OhNo is the worst starting qb in the division right now. Outsiders point of view

  29. I thought the big kahuna ( Rob Ryan) was defensive coordinator! Mister know-it -all will surely come up with a defense that has evryone running around like idiots that will totally confuse RGIII.

  30. Don’t care what anybody says. Still the best rivalry out there. Been goin on for 40+ years. Up or down for either team its still almost always a good nfl game.

  31. RomosRibs says:
    Apr 14, 2012 3:28 PM
    Yeah..I am so scared. not Shanahan will TCO making RG3 unproductive…like Rex..McNabb..etc…RG3 aint the problem..he is a mature young man but …its The Skinneds. Yikes!That’s the scary part.
    But they just re-signed a 37yr old ilb to keep rg3 on the field…point made…

    Here’s how dumb you are that same 37 yo led the league in tackles last season. Cowgirl fans have to be the dumbest fans around.

  32. @peytonsneck18 that is a very profound statement that skins fans have an 8th grade reading level. I also find it interesting that DC metro area has the largest concentration of residents with masters and PHD degree’s in the nation… Why don’t you go back to your fantasy world of Xbox and do us all a favor.

  33. @peytonsneck18,I thought I told you to go jump off a cliff you inbred retard. Failing that,crawl back to whatever disease ridden sewer you came from (your family misses you).

  34. nobody is scared of RG3, this guy reads defenses like david carr, are u serious!! get out of here redskins fans, u guys are just getting the 2012 version of akili smith but add the aquaman socks, i bet rg3 still sleeps in his superman underoos too, spread offense only playing qb and this is the player that you guys are mortgaging your future on?Luck is 10 times better than rg3 will ever be, you guys are smoking on the same pipe as marion barry, and dc looks like iraq after we bombed it

  35. peytonsneck18 says:
    Apr 14, 2012 4:23 PM
    rg3 is the next akili smith
    And what are you going to say when he’s not? All this talk is nothing until he wins. I’m sure if your predictions were always right, you wouldn’t be posting here….loser. HTTR!

  36. peytonsneck18 says, when RG3 turns out to be a good player, just promise to be a stand-up guy and admit you were wrong. Show some class and dignity and admit you were wrong. We’ll be waiting. Or are you going to invent some other excuse?

  37. When I see someone use “RGLeaf” in their post, I know I’m dealing with someone who is intellectually deficient; maybe a little slow. It means they have QUIT, have nothing of VALUE to add, and are unprepared to match wits. They are unarmed and harmless. They are someone who doesn’t have the football acumen to break down the x’s and o’s of a QB’s ability. Usually it’s a teenager who reverts to cute little nicknames like “RGLeaf” because they hope they will get a chuckle from someone who is equal to them in brain-power. Basically, they are someone who is pathetic, doesn’t belong here, and should be busy preparing for their upcoming WNBA fantasy league draft. You see, RGIII has already accomplished more than Ryan Leaf without even stepping onto an NFL field. He was born a winner; bred from United States Army SNCO’s who instilled discipline and confidence in him. The Redskins are lucky to have him.

  38. Peytonsneck18 still needs a Hug. He’s just a simple Racist!! I’m just saying; what would he say if the Colts chose RG3 and we got Luck!!! He’d Sh$t! A$$clown

  39. if rg3 turns out to be great then i will give him his props, but this is all about u clown a@@ redskins fans on here gloating and throwing that lame hail bs around, like u guys have been beating teams the past 20 years, redskins fans are saying show some class, well u guys show some class, ok we get it, u guys had to go thru rex gross-man, and john beck and whoever sucky qb youve had, only the redskins and steelers fans get on here and act like they are nfl bullies, my colts have the top winning percentage since 98, but we dont get on here and gloat, we went from peyton now to Luck and we have been blessed, but we are also humble, im not this cowboy fan hat u thought i was, i wish rg3 all the Luck as well as Luck and any other team out there,peace!!

  40. and ive never called rg3 rg-leaf, my team didnt pick him and i wouldnt disrespect the young man that way, no way would he be leaf type,

  41. Hahaha, oh guys… So there are two posters here that will remain nameless, because all they want is attention. These two are the same type that post racist remarks on YouTube. I might even say, they are the same type to shoot up their high school. Sad, confused young people with a sense that they are irrelevant. It gets better guys.

    No, we don’t know if rg3 is going to win anything. Yes, redskns have been bad for a long time. I guess we should all move to rural America and grow corn. Sounds awesome. I honestly can’t believe that skins fans, on a cowboys post, are fighting with colts fans. You had a great qb for a while there, may have another soon. The fact that irrelevance is a general concern is surprising considering how important to the world indy is. Isn’t it the host of the g8 summit in 2047. That’s really a big deal

  42. Peystonsneck18 – you are a retard. We are much more educated than you. Washington has more degrees and education than any other city in the United States. Before you talk out of your a$$ do some research.

  43. Tonyromoisterrible wrote: “The cowgirls are going to be horrible this year. Ware has been a non-factor for about 3 years now, and losing James only allows teams to double him even more. The girls will stink.”

    Ware has had 66 sacks alone over the past 4 season, including 19.5 this past season. And since when does a 3-4 MLB keep a double team off of an edge rusher. A 3-4 MLB stunting is usually picked up by a back or a guard, but since Ware is a dominant pass rusher the line will probably be slide protecting towards him, leaving the back side guard and/or center finding Mike. The back will then be responsible for the back side of the slide

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