More and more recognizable names joining concussion lawsuits

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The perpetual stream of concussion lawsuits, with nearly 1,200 former players now part of the effort, has diluted the focus that otherwise would apply to the specific players who are making claims.

And so, with new access to the current master list of all plaintiffs, I decided to go through the list and mention here any player whose name rings a bell.

First, some context.  I’ve been following the NFL closely since 1973, and I bought hundreds of Topps football cards from ’73 through ’78 or so.  Thus, the names that ring a bell for me may not ring a bell for everyone else.  But if I type all 1,200 names:  (1) I’ll have carpal tunnel syndrome; and (2) the recognizable names will get lost in the shuffle.

So here goes.

Chidi Ahanotu, Roc Alexander, Eric Allen, Alfred Anderson, Ottis Anderson, Reidel Anthony, Bob Avellini, Brian Baldinger, John Banaszak, Jerome Barkum, Kevan Barlow, Reggie Barlow, Lem Barney, Steve Bartkowski, Brian Baschnagel, Mike Bass, Aaron Beasley, Don Beebe, Lyle Blackwood, Brian Blades, Brent Boyd, Melvin Bratton, Vaughn Broadnax, John Brodie, Chad Brown, Dan Buenning, Norm Buliach, Jarrod Bunch, Jeff Burris, Ken Burrow, Leroy Butler, Keith Byars, John Cappelletti, Roger Carr, Dale Carter, Scott Case, Chris Chambers, Chatric Darby, Darrin Chiaverini, Raymond Clayborn, Ben Coates, Garry Cobb, Scott Conover, Quentin Coryatt, Terry Cousin, Jimbo Covert, Joe Cribbs, Henri Crockett.

Lional Dalton, Wendell Davis, Joe DeLamielleure, Conrad Dobler, Tony Dorsett, Troy Drayton, Shane Dronett, David Duerson, A.J. Duhe, Mark Duper, Dusty Dvoracek, Kenny Easley, Kalimba Edwards, Bert Emanuel, Kevin Everett, Steve Everitt, Terry Fair, Joe Ferguson, Steve Foley, Barry Foster, John Fourcade, Tim Fox, Rocky Freitas, David Fulcher, Mike Furrey, Oronde Gadsden, Scott Galbraith, Dennis Gentry, Jammi German, Jimmie Giles, Leo Goeas, Kurt Goveia, Randy Gradishar, Mel Gray, Hugh Green, Jacquez Green, Jake Grove, Carl Hairston, Darren Hambrick, Troy Hambrick, Rodney Hampton, Terry Hanratty, Al Harris, Cliff Harris, Kwame Harris, Dale Hellestrae, Wally Hilgenberg, Mike Horan, Joe Horn, Ethan Horton, Ken Huff, Maurice Hurst, Heath Irwin, Harold Jackson,Vestee Jackson, Kendyl Jacox, Jim Jeffcoat, Izel Jenkins, Jim Jodat, Rob Johnson, Hassan Jones, Seth Joyner, Isaiah Kacyvenski, Joe Kapp, Alex Karras, Leroy Kelly, Lincoln Kennedy, Kenny King, Sammy Knight, Paul Krause.

Bruce Laird, Le-Lo Lang, Lamar Lathon, Teddy Lehman, Dorsey Levens, D.D. Lewis, Frank Lewis, Jamal Lewis, Greg Lloyd, Chip Lohmiller, Nicholas Luchey, Bob Lurtsema, Reno Mahe, Tony Mandarich, Todd Marinovich, Leonard Marshall, Rod Martin, Lonnie Marts, Shane Matthews, Fred McCrary, Tim McKyer, Jim McMahon, Fred McNeill, Lance Mehl, Mike Merriweather, Terry Metcalf, Stanley Morgan, Zefross Moss, Edwin Mulitalo, Darrin Nelson, Tommy Nobis, Brent Novoselsky, Ken Oxendine, Mike Pagel, Sirr Parker, Bernard Parrish, Jerome Pathon, Dave Pear, Christian Peter, Scott Player, Jethro Pugh, Jack Squirek, Wali Rainer, Fuad Reviez, Reginald Rucker, Mark Rypien, Sean Salisbury, Fred Smerlas, Jack Snow, Jesse Solomon, Mike Stonebreaker, Daniel Stubbs, Patrick Surtain, Jack Tatum, Lamar Thomas, John Tice, Mick Tinglehoff, Jeremiah Trotter, Kyle Turley, Phil Villapiano, Chris Walsh, Curt Warner, Joe Washington, Charlie Waters, Fred Williamson, Garo Yepremian.

That’s only 184 of 1,186 names. And they come from every decade of the past 50 years, and every position.  Including kickers and punters.

Clearly, the NFL has a problem.

79 responses to “More and more recognizable names joining concussion lawsuits

  1. WR Jammi German was an ex-Falcons draft bust (another one) by Dan Reeves. Not in the league for long. He shouldn’t count.

  2. I have to say…regardless of the damage done, all of these guys knew what dangers there were before they signed on the dotted line.

    All of them played football in college and most in high school as well, as they suing the schools?

    The most I think the NFL should have to do is give lifetime medical to former players. That’s it.

  3. Bet you could make a pretty good team with some of these guys.

    Unfortunately they wouldn’t know which way to run with the ball!!! Hahahaha!

    /Brain damage humor

  4. Anyone else think it’s ironic that Jack Tatum’s name is on there? That guy caused half of the concussions the other guys on list are suing over! And I’m sorry, if I’m on that jury, I’m laughing Tony Mandarich and Todd Marinovich right out of the courtroom. Neither one of them has ever passed a pee test in their lives.

  5. Jack Tatum? Seriously? Wow…how many of the guys are on this list as a direct result of him.

  6. This may be a good idea, but the real answer lies in the nature of how the Agame is played and the concept that all the players earn enought take care of their own medical expenses.

  7. Did Todd Marinovich ever take a hit in the NFL? Good to finally know what Mandrich’s problem was. Some of these seem like a “just in case these guys get some money” thing. Warren Sapp next to jump in?

  8. petedutcher says: Apr 14, 2012 9:26 PM
    The most I think the NFL should have to do is give lifetime medical to former players. That’s it.

    Ask yourself why the NFL does not provide this and then we’ll start to understand a few things about the league office’s true motivations.

  9. Shouldn’t they get a medical waiver to sign like I do whenever my kids play sports. I explain it to them. They know they can get hurt and it can be permanent. They are also 8 and 6

  10. Not that concussions aren’t a problem, but most of the guys on the list are not what you would call “Star” players. Notice that most of the old big name players aren’t on this list……because most made enough money and were smart with it after they retired!!

    To me it looks like a bunch of broke former players trying to take advantage of being rewarded some $$. Mandarich, Marinovich, Chip Lohmiller??? Chip Lohmiller is a kicker!!!! Give me a break.

    Kind of like it’s McDonald’s fault for kids being fat….give me a break.

    They knew the consequences of playing…..enough said.

    Personal Responsibility People!!

  11. Eventually every nfl player will join. Everyone wants their chance at winning the lottery! Strange that all these guys are surprised they might get injured playing professional football!!

  12. Yep, all these guys would not have played in the NFL had they known about all the dangers and lasting effects of concussions and other injuries. Case closed, NFL, pay up.

  13. @vtmem @fatfreddystubs

    Rob Johnson and Greg Lloyd are in bold because there are also current players with the same names (Titans DB and Eagles LB), and it automatically links to their Rotoworld pages.

  14. If the league really wants to prove they are serious about injury prevention, they should require the teams purchase and use the most advanced helmets/pads/guards available and fine players who don’t. They already fine guys for the wrong color shoes. Is shoe color really more important than concussion prevention?

    Besides, that way, they can argue that they were providing and requiring the safest possible equipment and any damage done to players not in compliance with the rules is their own damn fault.

  15. @vtmem and fatfreddystubbs …

    Greg Lloyd, the former Steelers linebacker, is currently a coach with the Eagles. And a player named Rob Johnson is currently with the Titans–although I doubt that’s the Rob Johnson who’s participating in the lawsuit. Names of current NFL personnel appear in bold because they’re linked to Rotoworld. (I clicked on them.)

  16. Wow names are really starting to pile up. To me though, anyone post 80’s shouldn’t even qualify. I knew concussions were serious business playing sports long before even hitting high school. It’s understandable for the guys before the studies and evidence were out there but not these guys that just fizzled out a couple years ago. Then again there whole argument is the league intentionally hid knowledge of the effects… So they couldn’t have hid much before all these studies were done. Not saying some aren’t entitled, just maybe not under the impression that they were simply mislead and like I said anyone in the modern game knows what risks they are taking in hopes of making it big. I don’t see Kurt Warner, Steve Young, Troy Aikman….. guys that actually had their careers pretty much put to rest due to concussions jumping in.

  17. Haven’t really been paying that much attention to these lawsuits, but this list includes players for whom I’ve had much love and respect. It’s time to start giving this some consideration.

  18. Is it weird for Brian Baldinger to sue the NFL when he still works for the league on the Playbook program on NFL Network?

    But I suppose it’s also eyebrow raising for any current players to be named in this lawsuit when they are still engaging in the behavior that allegedly causes the conditions they are suing the league for.

  19. Nevermind. They aren’t current players…just players that have the same names as current players.

    Please feel free to strike my last comment moderator.

    The jury will disregard the counselor’s previous statement…

  20. I don’t know about you, but I’m worried about the sport I love. About three or four months ago I was talking to a co-worker and I said that the NFL may not exist in the next five to 10 years. First he called me a name and then asked me why. I had two words for him – concussions and government!!!!! Some time soon and I mean real soon our most “beloved” congress-person or senator will call for hearings on all the concussions that have been “covered up” or “named in the lawsuits” thinking they “need to do something about this.” Let’s face it, as long as 275 lbs men are running 20 mph and hit other men running at them at 20 mph there are going to be concussions, bones broken and many other physical problems. And the GOVERNMENT will only have one alternative – BAN THE NFL!!! My advise to the NFL from this RUBE- settle with the player as soon as possible and put into place a financial safety net for the guys who put the lives on the line for us every week

  21. Maybe I can join this ever growing list as I know I have been concused more than a few times from banging my head against the wall since that last Fins SB victory in 1974. I better contact the law firm of Dewey Cheatum and Howe to get things going. Garo Yepremian, Fuad Reviez, really? When did they ever get hit? This list is ridiculous.

  22. Other notable names that may have ulterior motives are Sean Salisbury and Jim McMahon. Wasn’t McMahon recently linked to bad real estate deal and sued for a huge amount of money? Salisbury…yeah.

  23. Not being on the list doesn’t mean they were never concussed, but rather they have (not yet) joined in as a plaintiff.

    I still believe better helmets are the best possible solution to reducing concussions. There has to be something can deflect and/or absorb the energy which would usually be absorbed by the helmet, or can dissipate that energy via a deformable shell which can be quickly changed out on the sidelines.

  24. Jack Tatum deserves nothing. His hit on Daryl Stingley in a pre-season was the dirtiest play I’ve ever seen. He paraylzed Stingley who later died from complications. A hit for which Tatum never apologized even when his coach, John Madden was visiting Stingley in the hospital.

    For many, this is forgotten, think it was 1979. Jack Tatum can rot in dementia hell.

  25. There’s no way all these claims are legit.

    Goodell brought this on himself by making such a show out of his supposed concern for the players. Now there’s more talk of concussions than just about anything else.

    The nfl should just bite the bullet and work with the players union to set up a concussion slush fund for former players. Pay everyone off al at once.

    Then for current players you just include language in the contract that says they acknowledge the dangers and the nfl will provide health insurance and they won’t sue for anything in addition.

  26. This is a list of B S ers and gold diggers. Me thinks they smell deep pocket money. Granted, there are some that do have concussion problems, but not anywhere close to 1,200. Why aren’t the colleges being sued? No concussions in college football? This is a list of 1,200 yoyos

  27. Where’s OJ, he has the best case of all!!!
    NFL and Fox should fire Baldinger yesterday. He may hurt himself on the set or in the booth…
    Are these guys also suing their colleges and high schools???

  28. FWIW, I heard Matt Bowen, former S now writer, and he said law firms heavily recruiting former players for these lawsuits. He gets numerous emails daily asking him to join.

  29. “The most I think the NFL should have to do is give lifetime medical to former players. That’s it.”
    Well, yes, most. But what is the least?

  30. Holy defensive backs and linebackers, Batman.

    This is a fascinating list.

    I wonder if Barry Foster will quit on his fellow plaintiffs like he did on his team.

    I wonder if Jack Tatum will be asked to give his share of any settlement to every player he every hit.

    The same for Greg Lloyd.

    Lyle is there but where is Glenn Blackwood?

    Tim McKyer probably received his biggest concussion when Tony Martin blew his doors off in the 1994 AFC Championship game (I feel badly for the guy if he is suffering from the effects of concussions received while playing, but the fact is he earned his spot in NFL lore by letting Martin get behind him that day).

    It is bizarre that many players on this list likely received concussions due to hits from other players on the list.

    This is such a tough topic. On the one hand, these guys theoretically new the immediate risks, but on the other hand they really did not know anything about the long term risks. Stories like Mike Webster, Dave Duerson and Justin Strzelczyk were not there for most of these guys to even begin to understand the potential long term risks of repeated head trauma.

    It is interesting that Steve Young and Troy Aikman are missing from the list. It is hard to think of any more high profile concussion victims than these two. Merrill Hoge is another well-known concussion victim who is missing from the list.

  31. What’s sad is the lawyers are the ones that win. Even if the players get some money the lawyers will get the majority of it.

    Total money grap. Most of these players have nothing left so why not join a class action lawsuit.


  32. Wading more closely through the mass of names is Shane Dronett, a DT who teamed with Travis Hall to form a nice high motor duo on the interior DL. He commit suicide like 2 years ago but whether it was family/financial problems or something else I ain’t sure of.

  33. barrysblog: Worry not about Jack Tatum receiving any money. As for your wish for him to rot in “dementia hell”…..Perhaps, because Mr. Tatum is deceased!!

  34. My feeling is…if the NFL is going to pay Roger Goodell $20 million a year….then these guys deserve to take the league to the woodshed.

  35. Its called assumed risk and every football player understands they are doing so.

    The fact that our legal system has been ruined by attorneys is the only reason someone can knowingly assume a risk and then still file a lawsuit over something like this.

    The end result is going to be a game which no longer resembles the one that everyone loves and is the number one sport in the US today.

    First thing, kill all the lawyers. Then maybe we can have the sport back again instead of the pansified wussy version it is headed to.

    Eventually the league will end up with players wrapped in pillows a foot deep and barely able to move. Causing a bruise or a scratch will be automatic 15 yard penalties with he who caused said awful injury ejected from the game.


  36. Troy Hambrick must have had a ton of concussions his rookie year because that’s all I really remember him playing much.

    And lmfao @ Scott Player being on the list.

    And OF COURSE Kevan Barlow’s name is on that list, he’s an idiot too.

  37. This is the beginning of the end of football as we know it. NHL is next, in Canada more and more parents are not allowing their kids to play anymore due to the high number of concussions. Some are actually comparing it to child abuse.

  38. For many this is a very legitimate cause,while for others, this is one last chance to take a swing at the NFL piñata filled with cash. I’m surprised Warren Sapp hasn’t joined, basing his bankruptcy upon early stages of dementia.

  39. To some degree, this is overblown.

    First, most states have some form of workers compensation immunity, i.e. if an employee is injured on the job through anything but intentional conduct, the employer will not be liable.

    Second, pursuant to the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Wilson v. Garcia, the federal court is obligated to apply the state law statute of limitations where the injury or injuries occurred. As such, a lot of these claims are going to be barred by the applicable statutes of limitations.

    Third, if any of these guys have previously filed or participated in a lawsuit, they may be barred by claim and/or issue preclusion, which is a fancy way of saying you have to bring all your eggs in one basket and don’t get a second bite of the apple.

  40. It’s kind of ironic that names that are associated with shortened careers due to concussions (Merrill hodge, Troy Aikman, Steve Young) seem to be omitted from this list. Does the list of players who were concussed yet took care of themselves financially come later?

  41. “But if I type all 1,200 names: (1) I’ll have carpal tunnel syndrome;”

    Surely you’ve made enough money with this site to purchase some Dragon Speech recognition S/W?

  42. Terry Hanratty????
    Didnt know you could get a concussion from sitting on the bench for 10 years???

  43. If your life long dream is to become a police officer then you should realize that there is a chance you may get shot.

    If your life long dream is to play in the NFL then you should realize there is a chance you may sustain an injury that affects your quality of life.

    Both are occupational hazards. If you don’t want to risk it, find another job. If you know the risks and decide to continue down this career path then you should not be able to sue your employer.

  44. i have suffered through five concussions between PAYING TO PLAY high school football and college rugby. the effects can be quite legit and i still deal with them three years after my last injury. 10-15 years ago doctors hardly knew a thing about treatment/prevention. we are still in the dark with most cases. look at morneau and all his setbacks accompanied by vague explanations and talk of retirement. why do these former players think that when the medical field knew very little about the seriousness of concussions that the NFL should have. this is now an adaptive management situation and the NFL should bear little responsibility for the past. goodell is trying his hardest to make the game safe. our efforts should be focused on the future. i don’t feel the need to sue my former high school or college for liability purposes. the thought of it is absurd to me. these players need to stop pointing the finger. not every bad situation is someones fault. the world is rough and if these former ‘tough guys’ (Fuad Reviez excluded) don’t understand that, then that is the reason i feel bad for them, not because they are broke looking for handouts. good luck nfl.

  45. I counted a lot of major players in their times on the list. The former players will have the burden of proof to show two things: 1. How concussions and/or neurological damage has affected them; and 2. How the league was aware of that likely damage from concussions and did nothing. By far, that second point is going to be very difficult to show.

  46. Wow!! What a list lol. This is getting ridiculous. I think everyone should always try to blame all their problems on somebody else, that way you don’t have to take responsibility for anything in your life:( What about the players that refused to come out of the game, didn’t reveal their symptoms & continued to play? That was part of football culture at the time. Most instances, players will always want to continue playing & even in today’s climate… the medical staff often has to shut players down against the players’ wishes. At what point do you place blame? What about all the players that lived a hard life style while being in the spotlight, engaging in substance abuse (alcohol or otherwise)? Those behavioral patterns can effect outcome. I don’t know, people all over the world have tough hands dealt, & not everyone wants to find blame. I guess I just don’t know…

  47. I agree with Petedutcher, that the nfl should have lifetime medical for the players, but the players union should share in this burden. The players knew the risks and accepted them. Now, both the NFL and the NFLPA should stand up and help the former players without neither the NFL or the NFLPA would exist.

  48. chillmodedlb says: Apr 14, 2012 11:23 PM
    His OTHER head was his real problem.

  49. Probably works just like those asbestos lawsuits, The only people who get any real Money are the Laywers!

  50. Can I submit my name? I’ve watched some pretty bad football over the years and watched my team lose Super Bowls. Still have a knot form my head from last season.

  51. To save you the trouble, I will type the entire list of players thatbarebfullynaware of the problems football can cause later in life and have decided to retire to be an insurance salesman, janitor, or business manager because of health of safety concerns. The entire listbis as follows:

    No one.

    Sorry, I have no sympathy for the former players that just want a cut of today’s action. The lawyers want the massive numbers because that will help the impression of their case more than the evidence will.

  52. If significant money is involved here, we can kiss the NFL goodbye. This would be the first shot over the bow, and the owners aren’t going to absorb massive liability on top of their other costs. If the owners have to put a sinking fund into place for future liability, it’s going to have to come from the player portion of the take. If they refuse, the industry is over.

  53. The Hambrick brothers? Both felons. One for cocaine selling I believe and the other for holding his GF hostage and raping her multiple times. It would be sad to see either of them collect a dime.

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