Report: “Little chance” Eagles would trade up to No. 4


As Florio suggested early Saturday, Friday night’s Cleveland Plain Dealer report of the Eagles’ alleged interest in trading up to the No. 4 overall pick reeked of pre-draft misinformation spread by a bad Browns team looking to trade down and accumulate more picks.

A Saturday report from CSN Philadelphia agrees.

Citing a high-level Eagles source, CSN Philly’s Reuben Frank reports that the report of Philly’s interest in trading up to the fourth selection was “just another pre-draft rumor,” and there is “little chance” the Eagles would jump 11 spots in the draft’s first round.

Frank’s Eagles source did concede that Philadelphia and Cleveland have “spoken several times,” but that could have just as much to do with Browns G.M. Tom Heckert and Eagles coach Andy Reid’s longstanding relationship as it may with Philly’s intentions to make a costly draft-day maneuver. Heckert and Reid worked together for nine years with the Eagles, before Heckert took the Browns’ General Manager job in 2009.

The Browns and Eagles have done business before. The teams swapped running backs Mike Bell and Jerome Harrison before the 2010 trade deadline, and the Eagles sent linebacker Chris Gocong and cornerback Sheldon Brown to the Browns in exchange for two picks and linebacker Alex Hall two Aprils ago. And although the deal was later rescinded, the sides had an agreement in place last July that would have shipped defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley to Cleveland for a fifth-round pick.

A draft-day trade between Cleveland and Philadelphia would be unsurprising, but it’s more likely to happen in the later rounds.

Per Frank, a trade sending the No. 4 overall pick to Philly is “not going to happen.”

33 responses to “Report: “Little chance” Eagles would trade up to No. 4

  1. There’s not a single player at #4 that this team NEEDS.

    I see a similar situation at #15 for the Birds, and with an affinity for trading draft picks I don’t think Andy will have us picking at 15 either.

  2. I am tired of Cleveland being the Eagles JV team. Stop dealing with the Eagles! The Eagles have proven to know when to get rid of players (except Dawkins & Akers… Neither landed in Cleveland).

  3. If the Browns are having trouble dealing with the pressure of #4, the Seahawks would be willing to trade up from #12. However, since they are doing it just to help Holmgren out for old time sake, they wouldn’t throw in any other picks or $.

  4. No chance! Why waste picks for Tenenhill, way too many intangibles to make that risky pick. This team needs to stop BSing and pick Kueckly! This kid is the real deal!

  5. If Khalil somehow slides to four, this trade becomes more likely. Otherwise, not so much.

  6. I haven’t seen anyone bring this up yet, but it wouldn’t suprise me if the report is true and that the Eagles called the Browns about #4 between the Peters injury and the Bell signing with the hope of getting Kalil.

  7. I kind of feel bad for Ryan Tannehill. Every year there are one or two players that are used as pawns by NFL GM’s during the draft process and this year it is Tannehill. I know everybody will think that I am crazy but I could see this guy sliding to the middle or end of round 1. All of these teams that are supposedly intereted in him are just trying to get Miami and several others to bite and trade up. I might be wrong but I think this guy slides past Miami at number 8.

  8. Why would they move up? They still owe Vick about a bazillion dollars over the next 15 or so years in that brilliant

  9. Andy Reid is always looking for a better QB. If he believes that Tannehill is a franchise QB, you bet he would move up to four switch for 15 and throw in both 2nd rounders. Gives him the luxury of a few years to groom his QB of the future. If this happens it will be on the clock because they would fear some other team jumping up to 3 if they really wanted Tannehill. This rumor was first reported by Tony Grossi , formally beat writer of the Plain Dealer and now a writer for ESPN Cleveland.

  10. I hear that Andy is gonna pimp out jenniferxxx for some extra cap $, and of course it should keep her mouth busy so she can’t make these idiotic redundant posts!

  11. The only way the eagles trade up is if Kalil drops past 4th then they could make a run at him. I respect Andy Ried to much to think he is dumb enough to trade up for Tannehill when Kafka is on the roster.

  12. Eagles will give the browns Kafka for the 4th overall pick in the draft. That’s the way Philly trades. Teams fall for it all the time.

  13. The eagles need to stay where they are so they can draft an underperforming lineman. It’s their way.

  14. Think about it like this: The Eagles need at least one playmaker in every position group within the defense: Tackle(Jenkins), End(Cole), MLB(Ryans), CB(Asomugha):

    Not withstanding depth in all areas always; but, regardless of what has been wasted in previous draft picks, the Eagles need a safety who is respected, feared and stays on the field on 3rd down. The Eagles have no “standouts”in that group. Ditto for an OLB; someone fast and mean, who can move sideline to sideline, stay on the field on 3rd down and cover a TE. They need to limit personel changes and get away from “specialists”.

  15. I can’t see any reason or need for the eagles to move up in the draft,especially to No4 ? If anything,knowing them,they’ll trade down a few places while at the same time screwing some poor unsuspecting team. I’m just glad my Skins are at No2,out of harms way.

  16. The eagles need to draft LB or S. Everyone say Kuechly but the have Ryans now.. Kuechly is a sideline to sideline MLB. I don’t know if he can transition well to outside, havent seen much on his covering ability. I do like Jamar Chaney who will move back outside where he belongs with Ryans there. I’d like to see the Eagles go with Mark Barron at 15, may need to move in front of the Cowboys pending on how the draft goes ahead of them for Barron. But who am I kidding we are talking about Fatty Ried he is going DT regardless what we think.

  17. I don’t think that the Eagles will trade up, that’s not Reid’s style. I can see the Eagles trading down, in fact I’m sure that the Eagles will trade down.

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