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It has already been a busy offseason for the Bills. They signed Mario Williams and Mark Anderson to bolster their pass rush and re-signed wide receiver Stevie Johnson on a long-term deal. The two acquisitions shored up one of the team’s weak spots while keeping Johnson kept wide receiver from being a real trouble spot. If they draft well, it will be a very successful offseason for a team trying to build on a 6-10 season.

Left Tackle: Demetrius Bell is gone, leaving a hole on Ryan Fitzpatrick’s blind side. The Bills could move Erik Pears from the right side, but they’d be in much better shape if they could solidify the position for the long term. Iowa’s Riley Reiff could do that for them at the 10th overall pick and that makes him the ideal need pick for the team on the first day of the draft. If he doesn’t make it, Stanford’s Jonathan Martin could interest them although he appears lower than 10th on most draft boards.

Wide Receiver: Johnson’s back, but the team needs another outside receiver who can win one-on-one battles and make plays down the field. If Rieff isn’t around, Michael Floyd might fit the bill at 10th overall. In a perfect world they would get Rieff and then add a receiver with the ninth pick of the second round. Appalachian State’s Brian Quick, Illinois’ A.J. Jenkins and LSU’s Reuben Randle would all be worth a look.

Cornerback: Terrence McGee, Aaron Williams, Leodis McKelvin and Drayton Florence are all back at corner for the Bills, but they had their problems in coverage last season. The improved pass rush should help them do a better job this season, which is the reason this doesn’t rank above wideout on their list of needs, but there’s still room for a talented body in the mix.

Linebacker: Nick Barnett and Kelvin Sheppard fill two starting spots in the Bills’ 4-3 look quite well and Kirk Morrison will get first shot at the third spot. Adding someone who could push him this year and replace him down the road would be a nice addition to the Bills defense. With five picks between the third and fifth rounds, they could probably grab a couple of promising backers who could help the team on both defense and special teams.

For the first time in a while, the Bills have more spots secure than they have holes to fill. Taking the next step to playoff contention will take filling those needs, especially the left tackle position, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see them be aggressive about getting what they need. Ralph Wilson wants to see a winner, so expect G.M. Buddy Nix to pull the strings he thinks will get him one.

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  1. It amazes me that all thee “analysts” have them taking Rieff. He is definitely the third LT on their first round draft board behind Glenn and Martin and is the lesser pass protector of the 3.

  2. They need a trophy case. Hmm… now what to put in it…

  3. IF there is a tannehill trade up to 3. The draft could look like this
    St Lou-kalil

  4. Maybe this is just one of those things only Bills fans seem to be aware of, but Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey are obsessed with measurables. They want to get big, long, and physical.

    Reiff, who has more of an RT’s body, just doesn’t seem to make sense given their principles of BPA and prototypical size.

    If Floyd is there, I think they pull the trigger.

  5. I would like to see Buffalo snag a GOOD top end WR in the draft to pair up with Stevie Johnson.

    Give QB Ryan Fitzpatrick more options….

  6. In this order: WR, LT, LB then CB. I would love to see the Bills score Floyd and a decent LB in the second. The Tackle position can be addressed in the Third or Fourth round because Chris Hairiston has the position locked. As for CB, there is a few decent backups in the late rounds, the 4 we have can now hold down the fort and focus on turnovers now that we have some decent pass rushers aboard. Go Bills!!!! #BillsMafia

  7. @EJ
    I assume the wr u speak of is Floyd. I like him for the reason that his body type is perfect for those balls Fitz forces into traffic, big body, And his skill set can turn the short armed deep balls from ints into gains. Lavonte David is a nice 2nd round lb, chase minnifield from VA cb should be around 3 or 4. But if a guy like Claiborne were up there w the wr depth in the draft would u mind that pickup? I don’t truly see Floyd as a top ten guy as much as the top of the wr class

  8. I think they like Glenn a lot and may be baiting a trade down to get him and some more picks. If somebody like minn or Cleveland trades out of the top ten a guy like Richardson or Claiborne could be there prompting somebody to make buffalo an offer

  9. Reif will not be drafted by the Bills. If they do select a tackle it will be Cordy Glenn, as Nix employs players who have the ability to interchange on the line.

    You guys left out QB as a need, though I assume the article means first round selection, but if Tannehill is there for some reason then he will be an option.

    Keep in mind what Nix said and what Ralph Wilson has said, paraphrasing, the Bills are looking for a franchise QB. Pointing to Fitz’s newly signed contract makes no difference, and his total meltdown during the second half last season means the Bills remain on this quest.

  10. Good NFL teams win by having talent on both sides of the line. I don’t know how anybody can believe that the Bills are going to go into the season with the current players we have at LT.

    Floyd would be nice at #10, but he doesn’t fill an immediate need and is more of a sexy pick because of the position that he plays.

    1) Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa
    2) Jayron Hosley, CB, Virginia Tech
    3) A.J. Jenkins, WR, Illinois

  11. i dont get what the whole who-ha for floyd is he has no seperation skills what so ever either he will out run you with speed or hope for position on jump balls that will not fly in the pros

  12. Rieff is a not a great pass protector, he’s a good run blocker, but this line was producing the #2 yards from scrimmiage rb in the league. There is no direct correlation between “elite” Lts and championships, all u need is a solid one. Hairston will be more solid this year and Rieff provides no upgrade in the pass game. I’d like to see something else at 10 but if it must be a LT Glenn sour be a better option bigger lover quick feet. Rieff is the consensus among analysts and is a lazy plug-in-need pick. If you follow this team and the guys running it. I’d say Rieff may not even be getting looked at by them.

  13. Bills shouldn’t draft Cordy Glenn expecting him to be their LT. There are serious doubts that he can be a tackle at all, let alone a LT. Riley Reiff has really short arms, so who knows if he could be a LT. The Bills are probably best off taking a position other than tackle at #10 and addressing LT later in the draft. There are some really good prospects in the second and third rounds. James Brown from Troy comes to mind immediately.

  14. If they draft well and stay healthy next season, I think they’ll finish ahead of the Jets.

  15. I hope they trade up to four… They wouldn’t have to give up a ton and would be guarenteed either kalil or blackmon… If not trade back and pick up a tackle later in the first. unless floyd is available at ten then they have to pull the trigger..

  16. @clr24
    Trading up to four would cost them the swap then a second or swap and a 3rd and 4th. There’s a point system to the pick values. It would be in that range. That’s a tough for 1 player when they need more help at the lb and wr position.

  17. @quadassio….lol. you are correct sir. they always find a way to pull off major suckage. i am a bills fan but posess a sense of humor. you need one with this shipwreak of a team.

  18. @danimal1027 yea I agree but if kalil is the real deal and we have a shot at landing an elite lt wouldn’t you say thats worth a 3 & 4… Especially considering we have two 4th and two 5th round picks… And if kalil is gone you grab blackmon or claiborne…

  19. 1. New Head Coach
    2. New GM
    3. New Owner
    4. New City

    If Nix and Gailey’s track record is any indication, they’ll take a running back

  20. Seems like the draft is a toss-up after the first two picks. A few mocks are showing guys like Blackmon or Claiborne slipping to #10. Now I don’t see that happening but I’m really starting to side with the Bills drafting Kuechly. Floyd is the sexy pick but I’m not seeing what others see in him. OL would be nice but they’re returning most of the line from last year which turned out to be one of the best in the league.

  21. The Bills need to target OT Bobby Massie at the top of the second round. I’m not sure he is athletic or quick enough to fit into their zone-blocking scheme, but if he is, he’d be perfect. The dude is very strong, has quick feet and has vines for arms, something Riley Reiff does not have. Other guys they could target for LT are James Brown from Troy and Mitchell Schwartz from California.

  22. #1 forget Floyd…Nix has said you can get a good WR in the 3rd round this year since this draft is deep in WR’s

    #2 Forget OT…same as above said maybe 3rd or 4th round only way Buffalo gets Kalil is if he were to drop which we know won’t happen and Nix doesn’t believe in moving up and giving up draft picks…he also said they are probably not done in free agency so don’t be surprised if he doesn’t wait till after the draft and try and sign McNeil cheap as insurance.

    #3 Nix has said you must draft a CB every year and had said he wanted to bring in 2 CB’s this year so far none so Gilmore or Kirkpatrick make sense. Really spoke highly of Gilmore and to a lesser extent Kirkpatrick Thursday morning on the radio fully expecting Claiborne will be gone by 10.

    #4 a linebacker could be selected as a few of the LB’ers on the roster were more 3-4 backers then 4-3 so Kuechly could be the pick

    Gilmore,Kirkpatrick or Kuechly will be the pick

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