Former Rams center Rich Saul passes at 64

Getty Images

Several days ago, an item in the Orange County Register indicated that former Rams center Rich Saul had entered the final stages of a nine-year battle with leukemia.  According to both the verifired Twitter account of teammate Jack Youngblood and the Twitter page of the Michigan State football program, Saul passed early Sunday at the age of 64.

Saul, an eighth-round pick in 1970, spent 12 seasons with the Rams.  He made it to the Pro Bowl in each of his final six season.

His twin brother, Ron, also spent 12 years in the NFL — also from 1970 to 1981.  Both Sauls, natives of Butler, Pennsylvania, played for the Spartans.

We extend our condolences to Rich Saul’s family, friends, and teammates.