Lee Evans catches on with the Jaguars


Receiver Lee Evans, a former No. 1 wideout in Buffalo who is at least for now best known for failing to make what would have been an AFC title-winning touchdown reception in January, will continue his career in Jacksonville.

Evans will sign with the Jaguars on Monday, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

In Jacksonville, Evans joins a depth chart that includes Laurent Robinson, Mike Thomas, Brian Robiskie, and Taylor Price.

Traded last August to Baltimore for a fourth-round pick, Evans appeared in a career-low nine regular-season games, due to a chronic foot/ankle problem.  The eighth-year veteran finished with 74 yards on four receptions, 33 catches fewer than his previous low-water mark.

Evans nearly matched his regular-season total in two 2011 playoff games, with 69 yards on four catches.

But it was the one that got away that will haunt him as much if not more than Billy Cundiff’s shanks-for-nuttin‘ that would have forced overtime against the Patriots in Foxboro.  If Evans had secured the ball and/or gotten his second foot down more quickly, the Ravens would have faced the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI.

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  1. Evans makes that catch, Flacco is hailed as being clutch for driving them down the field and winning the game.

    Evans drops it, and Steelers fans still won’t shut up about how Flacco is the worst quarterback in the history of professional football, or something.

  2. Hey, the Jags also have Cecil Shorts on the roster. Don’t short Cecil Shorts!

  3. Hope he likes running 5 yard out routes or run blocking for MJD, pretty much sums up the jags offense

  4. As a level headed Ravens fan, I wish him best of luck on a fresh start. I don’t wish anything bad on him, but it’s for the best for him, the team, and fans that he moved on. I’m still not over his drop. Not only for the obvious of preventing the Ravens from going to the SB, but also not taking the opportunity to shut up the Flacco haters.

  5. Im sure he will continue the tradition of underachiving free agent WRs going to Jackson.

  6. i do believe we didn’t do much with the guys the Jaqs are picking up from Buffalo. but i do Poz and Evans just not to build a team around like we tried. BTW, Flacco was the best QB Evans ever played with. too bad he isn’t getting one more season to play healthy there.

  7. Lee won’t block for anyone, he sprints 60 yards downfield on every play. That’s why the Bills got rid of him, he doesn’t come back or help.

  8. I also think Lee just clearly remember just how bad the Jaguars whipped the Ravens on MNF, and thought he’d just go with the winner.

    Remember that play where Baltimore when it was like 4th and 40?

  9. For some reason I am not excited about this pick up. If he has butter fingers it won’t get better as it’s not like he is in early to mid 20’s anymore. Bad move IMO.

  10. Doubling up on the Laurent Robinson signing, cheaply. Both guys have had injury problems, so they need the insurance. Good character vet for a young receiving corps and Qb. Can’t go wrong.

  11. Good luck lee. Here’s hoping you and the ravens can move past that drop and have success again this year.

  12. Say what you will haters. Jags are making moves to get better and compete for the division each week.

    Mincey, Robinson, Ross, Landry, Lowry, Mathis, Henne

    I know they arent flashy, but all solid. We’ve got a playoff D an O-line getting better WR core that’s building and a 22 y/o QB with a big arm.

    We have as good a shot as any team in the division.

  13. maddenisfordorks says:
    Apr 15, 2012 2:48 PM
    I also think Lee just clearly remember just how bad the Jaguars whipped the Ravens on MNF, and thought he’d just go with the winner.

    Remember that play where Baltimore when it was like 4th and 40?

    The Ravens, like everyone else in the country, can not get excited about the Jags.

  14. The bigger question is: Does this mean they will not draft a WR in the first round?

    I hear they covet Melvin Ingram or Q. Coples.

  15. I like the pick up, it took a while but at least we got this done. All you ppl bashing the Jags can bash away, but time will tell ALL & alot of you in here are bandwagon jumpers anyways. Whether he’s a camp body or a legit threat, I’ll take his straight line speed over some big name receivers. Not to mention he will be working with a legendary WR coach in Sullivan. Damn this is looking better & better.
    AT pick 7, the Jags are set for a trade back or an instant starter, Gene is doing a fine job, not to worry Jags fans!!

  16. I’m a Ravens fan and still am not over his drop, but I do hope he can rejuvenate his career in Jacksonville because he can play when he is healthy. I wish him the best of luck.

  17. I think that he should have manned up, signed for whatever the Ravens were willing to give him and made up for what was THE play that kept the Ravens from the Superbowl.

    I do wish him the best of luck because he seems like a good guy, but he left unfinished business here and I think he should have had the cojones to say, I want another chance, let me have it.

  18. Wow, Ravens fans really need to quit singling out Lee Evans as the scapegoat for your AFCCG loss to the patriots- he was only one of several factors that determined the outcome of the game.

    If I remember correctly, your offense had two other great opportunities late in the 4th quarter to take the lead and both were squandered after the interception to Brandon Spikes, and then the throw out of bounds on 4th down.

  19. There was a stretch where Lee Evans was a perinnial sleeper fantasy WR. He’d stack up TDs getting single coverage. Injury must have soured Baltimore on him bad. After all that waiting and paying him, they let him go when he’s finally healthy?

    I like it. I’d like to see Taylor Price develop and see a Evans/Robinson/Price 3-man set with MJD in single back.

    Best O-lineman in the draft, Gene!

  20. John Harbaugh should send that dude gift baskets for the rest of his life. His drop took the spotlight off of the awful clock management that rushed Cundiff on the field.

  21. Everyone wants to assume The Jaguars are the worst there is and so and so on. Yet there are so many teams that have been worse longer and it’s just another WR pick at the tail end of FA before the draft what’s wrong.

  22. “Lee Evans catches on with the Jaguars”
    I see what you did there.

    Best for all concerned that he move on. Players sometimes muff plays, but he would have heard from Balt fans every time he failed to make a catch.

  23. Well this signing will surely bring laurent robinson back to dallas 4 league min.after he’s cut lol

  24. That was no drop. Evans clearly caught the ball but the db stripped it out before he got his 2nd foot down.

    The reason the db was able to get his hand in there is because it was a bad throw. Evans beat his man and flacco could have led hi. For the easy td. But flacco threw it back shoulder and forced Evans to come back for the ball. This gave the db the chance to close ground.

    Flacco just makes a convenient scapegoat. The ravens have NEVER been beaten according to their fans and players. It’s always some bad luck or a bad call or the other team got a lucky break. Ravens.. Undefeated every year.

  25. grantlee11 says: Apr 13, 2012 11:56 AM
    @ Joetoronto:
    Average attendance for Bills home games played in your city since 2008 = 51,506
    Average Attendance for Jacksonville home games (played in their own city) =60,045
    Ask yourself this….

    If the Bucs came there to play the Bears, how many fans would turn out?

    There you go.

  26. joetoronto says:
    Apr 16, 2012 6:46 AM

    Ask yourself this….

    If the Bucs came there to play the Bears, how many fans would turn out?

    There you go.
    Oooooookay. Whatever that means. Ask yourself this….. How is it that fans who calls them Raider Nation have 87 blackouts since moving back to Oakland in 1995? By the way, that’s a rhetorical question.

  27. Lee Evans is a good guy, and was a quality receiver. But I don’t think there’s much left in the tank. But he’s probably better-off with Gabbert throwing him the ball than the likes of Flacco, Trent Edwards, and JP Losman.

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