Mariucci doesn’t rule out coaching Arkansas

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Former 49ers and Lions coach Steve Mariucci, who last coached during the 2005 season and who has become a fixture at NFL Network, says he hasn’t heard from officials at Arkansas regarding the school’s suddenly vacant coaching job.  But he didn’t say he wouldn’t be interested.

“I just had a few phone calls from my son and a few friends asking what’s going on and to be honest I hadn’t heard about it,” Mariucci told Dennis Dodd of regarding a report linking Mariucci to the job.  “It comes as a complete surprise to me.”

Mariucci coached Cal in 1996 before being hired by the 49ers.  He said he could return to coaching at some point.  “It has to be the right situation,” Mariucci said.  “I haven’t ruled it out [coaching again].  I enjoy what I do now.  If something that comes up that makes sense, but I’ve had no contact with Arkansas.” identified Mariucci and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels as potential candidates for the job.

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  1. Those college rumor mill sites are worthless. Highly unlikely that any of this has legs.

  2. I love Mooch, but I’ve heard from insiders who’ve talked about him in the past (particularly in 2008 when back-then colleague Adam Schefter).

    I literally heard that he would only consider a job that is close to home (Northern California).

    I hope he gets the job, but if he leave NFL Network it will lose a guy that seems to be a pretty nice guy!!!

  3. “It has to be the right situation,” Mariucci said. “I haven’t ruled it out [coaching again]. I enjoy what I do now. If something that comes up that makes sense, but I’ve had no contact with Arkansas
    I’m sure he does enjoy what he’s doing right now. If Warren Sapp makes makes $45,000 a month at that network, i can only imagine what somebody with a brain makes.

  4. Why are they considering McDaniels? He single handedly destroyed the broncos. The guy can’t spot talent how many players that he drafted are left? 1 maybe more. They ones he traded had pro bowl years

  5. No way. A lot of reasons but he has shown twice he is not a HC. Started the Niners slide and the job him and Millen did in Detroit speaks for itself.

  6. Always loved Mooch, when he got hired in Detroit I was exstatic, thanks for ruining that Matt millen….I wish him good luck in whatever he does (hopefully stays on tv)

  7. It would be a good move for Mooch and a shame for us fans. He’s one of the few sports “analysts” on television that isn’t always talking out of his Anus. ESPN should send 90% of their crew his way for pointers

  8. i respect mooch & like his takes but, as a 9ER fan i will always remember his final game, having the offense kneel the ball down with 2mins left in the 1st half of a play-off game against tampa bay, im not saying we would have won at all because, it was ugly but WTF!!! he lost the team, fanbase,& eventually his job days after, oh & lets not forget our previous game that was one of the greatest comebacks against the giants the week before he pulled the same SOFT shhhhh!!!!

  9. Mooch would never make it in the sec. He has too much integrity. You have to be at least a partial dirtbag to win in the sec.

    I can’t see mooch oversigning and pulling scholarships of upperclassmen to give to a new prospect. Or accepting a kid’s commitment , offering him a scholarship, letting that kid enroll in school only to show up for classes and get a letter saying they gave his scholarship to a different kid but you’re welcome to pay for school out of your own pocket and walk on. Les miles did that to a kid at lsu.

  10. An Italian boy from Michigan, living on the west coast.

    No way he goes to Arkansas.

  11. Doesn’t this smell like lobbying from a guy whose name wasn’t even considered?

  12. This guy sucks as a head coach, I feel bad for the people of Arkansas if this happens.

  13. I would guess that Mariucci’s contract with NFL Network is up soon and this is a self-planted “rumor” designed to give him some leverage.

  14. jharmon64 says:
    Apr 16, 2012 12:56 AM
    He’s awesome on NFL Network. It would be damaging for them to lose him

    yea ok, & the sun will rise tomorrow if were living or dead, why do people live in denial ?? thumbs down if you feel but, give it a month & you will be forgotten including myself, they will hire some other burnout, & the show goes on!!

  15. .

    “McDaniels single-handedly destroyed the Broncos. ”

    So, Denver had won eight consecutive super bowls and were in line to win the next eight ……then McDaniels shows up.


  16. Mooch is a terrible head coach, he acquired a good team in SF and ran it into the ground. Terrible coach in Detroit, one time , he had to get his hair done for a TV spot, rather than talk with his struggling QB who came to talk with him. He hen sa on his butt, so he could collect the remaining $25 M on his contract.

  17. I like Mooch and have always thought he’d be a better college coach than a pro coach. Good for him if he’s offered the job and takes it. I surely think they need someone with integrity.

  18. I know that he has had zero sucsess to date as a head coach but Josh Mcdaniels would be the perfect college coach. Being a good coach in college is not determined by being a good X’s and O’s guy but rather being able to go into a recruits house and sell your program better than anybody else. In my eyes Mcdaniels fits the mold of a Lane Kiffin or Pete Carroll type. Young, energetic, and could sell ice to an eskimo. Mcdaniels also has a great offensive mind and is very creative.

  19. I doubt McDaniels will take a college job. I’m not a mind reader, so I don’t know exactly what he wants, but if he wants to coach in the NFL again being associated with Tom Brady seems like the best way to be on the short track back. Going through the college ranks takes years (look at Carroll or Lane Kiffin in 5 years).

  20. duanethomas says:
    Apr 16, 2012 12:12 AM
    No way. A lot of reasons but he has shown twice he is not a HC. Started the Niners slide and the job him and Millen did in Detroit speaks for itself.

    you, my friend, are an idiot. marriucci was the last coach to take the 49ers to the playoffs before the great Harbaugh. Niners slide?? if by slide you mean jerry rice hit year 18 and young hit concussion who knows what… the dude made Jeff Garcia look like a stud. Get ’em Marriucci!! youre the man. Go 49ers!!

    ps.. draft Stephen Hill

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