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Pete Carroll is entering his third year as Seahawks coach, and so far has shown an ability to maximize talent. One more strong draft could push Seattle well past Arizona and St. Louis, and into serious contention with San Francisco for the NFC West title.

Linebacker: The Seahawks unearthed promising strong-side ‘backer K.J. Wright in the fourth round of last year’s draft, but they have long-term question marks at the other two positions. Middle man David Hawthorne bolted in free agency, and weak-side starter Leroy Hill’s next off-field transgression could knock him out of the league. Newly signed Barrett Ruud is a short-term fix at best at middle linebacker. The Seahawks could use a difference maker at this position.

Defensive end: Seattle’s only legitimate pass-rushing threat is weak-side end Chris Clemons, who’s entering a contract year at age 31. Left end Red Bryant is immovable in run defense, but rarely plays on passing downs because he brings no pressure. Jason Jones and Brandon Mebane can collapse the pocket from the interior, but an outside rusher would make the Seahawks’ defense much more difficult to game plan against.

Cornerback: Left corner Richard Sherman flashed lockdown cover skills as a rookie, but right corner Brandon Browner was often burned in coverage and led all NFC cornerbacks in penalties. Marcus Trufant is 31 with chronic back issues. Roy Lewis would be strictly a special teamer on a good team. Walter Thurmond III recently suffered a setback recovering from a broken tibia and is headed for the PUP list. Carroll loves big, physical press corners and could draft one as early as the 12th overall pick. South Carolina’s Stephon Gilmore and Alabama’s Dre Kirkpatrick both fit the mold.

Running back: The Seahawks utilize their quarterbacks as game managers, leaning on the run to move the chains. They won’t use a high pick on a back after locking up Marshawn Lynch with a $31 million extension, but have room for a complementary runner. Leon Washington has been largely unimpressive in the role and is best suited as a return specialist. With a physical running style, Lynch won’t finish his new deal if he keeps getting 280-plus carries per year.

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  1. I like this.. first time I’ve read anyone in recent months mention the need at corner and how Dre Kirkpatrick fits the Pete Carroll prototype. Need a guy like him with Larry Fitzgerald and likely Justin Blackmon in the division. They can always go LB and DE in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

  2. Starting right tackle is Giacomini and starting left guard is Jeanpierrie, and O-line is not one of the top three needs (probably #1 need after recent LB signings.

  3. Lets be real folks, ingram is going to jacksonville and the chiefs won’t pass on decastro. Kuechly is the best option available. Not coples, this gives me headaches to think consider. De irving or curry are good second round additions.

  4. Umm, hello…Did you not read the sentence ‘The Seahawks utilize their quarterbacks as game manager…’

    There’s a reason it’s not on the list.

  5. Brandon Browner did play in the Pro Bowl.
    If that’s their biggest weakness, I’d say they’re in pretty good shape.

  6. Browner went to the ProBowl. In fact 3/4 of the Seahawks secondary went. I do agree with DE and middle LB.

  7. No mention of QB? They have Jackson and a guy that started 2 or 3 games with the Packers stacked offense. I guess at this point you have to see how he does and it’s not like the only QB that they could potentially get , Tannehill, is a sure thing to be better than Flynn.

  8. The Seahawks retained Leroy Hill with a 1yr contract to fill the need at WLB, but will still draft a potential starter in the 3rd-5th rounds. With the 12th pick in the draft, I believe they will draft Luke Kuechly from BC, getting a linebacker with off the chart instinct to start at Mike.

  9. The anemic pass rush puts undue pressure on the corners. The setback suffered by Thurmond is a big blow but I can’t imagine them drafting a corner in the first round. Defensive end, linebacker, and then best available with possibly another offensive lineman for extra depth on the line.

  10. With Okung, Moffit and Carpenter all coming back from injuries and Unger playing well they are very much set for the future on their offensive line. Their Run game should be even better next year with that unit intact. With Baldwin being their best receiver they ought to consider a wideout. it would really help their new QB, Flynn. Whether or not Flynn turns out to be their guy or not shouldn’t change the plan – Build around him so that if he does well they thrive and if he doesnt they are prepared for their next guy. Their Defense seems to be hap-hazardously assembled. They need an elite passrusher and a solid LB that can play either Inside to upgrade on Rudd or OLB as insurance for Hill. Kuechly is best pick here unless you are sold on Ingram or Coples. The other consideration could be corner (very deep draft for them).

  11. idealisticapathetic says:
    Apr 15, 2012 7:12 PM
    I guess wide receivers aren’t important in the NFL.

    Rice, M. Williams, Baldwin, Tate, Obi, Butler, Lockette, Durham.

    Actually I think they have a log jam as is at receiver. Yes a lot of question marks and “potential” but at some point ya gotta start seeing what some of these younger guys can do with regular snaps ala Baldwin instead of adding more bodies. Bigger needs elsewhere like MLB, DE.

  12. The need at CB is more of a depth need since there are 2 starters whom are more than capable. LB is the biggest issue, obviously Ruud is quick-fix signing (even more so cause Carroll keeps our team very young). I trust Pete and John to manufacture a pass rush with some guys from RDs 2-5 so definitely Kuechly at 11, unless they see someone who fits their scheme very well in the later rounds.

  13. Actually their defense was okay. They do need pass rush. And a linebacker.
    Offense is more of an issue.
    I think WR is a need. Rice is injured all the time. Who’s the number two?
    Baldwin for the slot, but at least one WR for a starter.

  14. Pete and John have alread proven they can pull the rabbit out of the hat in later rounds, and in fact with undrafted free agents. If they don’t trade down for more picks in the first round. I see them picking up the best available player for thier needs alla Decastro, Kuechly, coples and Upshaw.

  15. Tell me the Seahawks, and their fans, wouldn’t love to grab LaMichael James to pair with Lynch… but he’s more like a 2nd (early) or 3rd (late) round pick… They’re set at QB and OL, and the secondary and DLine is good, so I would think they would want to grab either a stud WR (like Floyd or Wright), or a stud pass rusher (like Upshaw or Coples) with the 1st rounder…

  16. Trade your first round pick to Detroit for Avril. You have the cap room to sign him to a long term contract.

  17. John and Pete have been doing a stellar job after flushing out alot of turds the last couple years. They are rebuilding the Hawks the way is should be done.

    A RELENTLESS pass rusher, continue building depth on the O-line, another RB to spell the Beast once in a while and another top flight WR would go a long way to take the Division back.

  18. no way pete carroll picks a white defensive guy with the 12th overall pick, they will trade up to like early 2o’s pick up a decent defensive player. The hawks dont value LB’s that much, their front 4 is beast. I see the going with a pass-rusher in the 1st, and a LB in the second.

  19. ****News Flash**** With the 12th Pick the Hawks will….TRADE BACK! All the Speculation on what the 12 will bring. Odds are that the Hawks will be Picking towards the End of the first round with an Additional 2nd Round pick. Which will allow the to address most of their needs..

  20. Kuechly is a serviceable starting middle linebacker but in no way represents a Patrick Willis or Ray Lewis type impact. There are 3 or 4 MLBs in this draft alone that will have the same impact in the NFL Kuechly will have.

  21. Carroll is another Mariucci.

    He’s a college coach that does well when he comes into a team that is rebuilding and needs to draft a bunch of kids. He’s the perfect father figure type that can coach up a bunch of kids and get them to overachieve but then they and the team begins to plateau because he really is just a college coach.

    The Seahawks will never be serious contenders while Carroll is the coach.

  22. I wouldn’t be surprised to see pete grab ss barron and move chancellor to olb and slide kj wright to inside. Hes crazy enough to do it. And kam played position before in college.

  23. Team needs…Pass Rusher, MLB, WR, TE. Look for names like DE Ingram, DE Coples, and MLB Keuchly at 12. After that LB Upshaw, DE Curry, DE Irvin, and WR Randle.

  24. No mention of Byron Maxwell at corner in this story? Very odd, he was considered better than Sherman pre-injury last season, and Sherman was a pro-bowler. I think Maxwell provides the depth that makes corner a non-need for us, at least early on in the draft. Take the highest ranked player regardless of player, we are deep enough where we can do that now.

  25. Thank goodness we have draft gurus john and pete!! If the hopes of the hawks were left up to these comments i believe we would be in trouble 🙂

  26. Seattle may have the best secondary in the league, certainly the most underrated. Add the BC linebacker and a speedy RB like LaMichael, I think this team will surprise many.

  27. Rd 1: Upshaw/Coples if neither is there trade down
    Rd 2: Best LB available
    Rd 3: CHRIS POLK!!!
    Rd 4: Best LB available (again)
    Rd 5: N/A (maybe we can trade to pick 1 up
    Rd 6-7: Best player available
    I’d also like to see a little better depth behind our (best tadem in the league) safeties. But the best part is I don’t doubt that Pete & John can find a few (more) gems in the undrafted free agency period. It’s about time to take OUR division back
    12th man STAND UP!!!

  28. As always it will depend on who’s available, but as a nearly-lifelong ‘Hawks fan (they came into the league when I was 10), I’d vote for:

    1) Ingram (who could play opposite Clemons, then take over at LEO when Clemons, who is 31, leaves the team – Ingram is the kind of guy who looks built for that LEO position).
    2) Coples (with fingers crossed that the whole work ethic thing is way overblown).
    3) Trade down to get Mercilius/Perry/Jones and an extra pick or two.
    4) If Ingram and Coples are gone, and no one wants to trade, then take DeCastro, Keuchly, Gilmore, or whoever they have as highest-rated player available. Carpenter is likely to begin the season on PUP, and DeCastro would be an immediate starter at LG. Likewise, Keuchly would be day-one starter at MLB.

    I really don’t think Ingram or Coples will be there. This is a passing-oriented league, and edge rushers are a premium position. Coples is 6’6″, 285, and could beat double-teams at North Carolina….someone is going to get him in the top 10.

    Seattle has one of the best, if not the best, young secondary in the NFL. They were top five in picks last year. Add some pass rush to the defense, and that secondary could be legendary….think back to Easley, Dave Brown, and the rest of the 1984 crew that had over 30 picks on the year. Yeah, like that.

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