Two years later, Tebow’s Senior Bowl week paying off

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At the 2010 Senior Bowl, Tim Tebow played on the team coached by then-Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano. Two years later, Tebow says that experience is paying off.

Tebow told Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post that he’s been using the playbook Sparano taught the players during Senior Bowl week to get himself ready for the Jets’ offseason work, when he’ll be playing for Sparano, who’s now the Jets’ offensive coordinator, again.

“I kept [Sparano’s] Senior Bowl playbook — I keep everything — and I’ve been going over every page of it,” Tebow said. “I’m sure a lot of it still applies, even though that was a couple of years ago. I’m also excited to see what [Sparano] has new planned for me.”

The NFL’s rules prevent Tebow from getting the Jets’ playbook until tomorrow, when the offseason program begins. So studying the Senior Bowl playbook is the closest Tebow can come to learning the offense now.

Still, studying the plays Sparano gave the college players at the Senior Bowl a couple years ago isn’t the same thing as knowing the plays he’ll have to run with the Jets this year. So when the offseason program does start tomorrow, Tebow says he’ll be the first guy in the building.

“I’m going to be there early — as in ‘crack-of-dawn’ early,” Tebow said. “This is what I’ve been waiting for since the trade happened, and I want to make a good impression.”

50 responses to “Two years later, Tebow’s Senior Bowl week paying off

  1. I’m sure Tebow’s signature “run around then throw the ball into the dirt” play will be the focal point of the offense.

  2. Regardless of what he’s studying, he’s studying. My guess is that the only thing The Sanchise was studying last night was a firm pair of DDs; nothing wrong with that, but when it comes to football, we know who’s going to be ready. TEBOW

  3. My understanding was that his problem in Denver was that he couldn’t read defenses and was an inaccurate passer.

  4. U mean sanchez hasn’t given him what chad gave him?lol this gonna b funny who will be in camp first tebow or sanchez

  5. So one game in a game played two years ago is going to make a difference? As a quarterback in the nfl you have to be able to pass. Tebow has a long way to go in that department no matter how good he knows the play book.

  6. He can study a playbook all he wants it won’t change the fact his accuracy is horrible, his release it to slow, he can’t read defenses and he can’t make progressions.

    At some point he is going to have to accept he is nothing more than a gimmick or he’s going to be gone.

  7. ken0west says:
    Apr 15, 2012 9:44 AM
    I dont see how studying FG formations is helping Tebow. Is he going to be the holder

  8. In other words, tebow is gonna try hard to take the starting job from Sanchez. Tebow is gonna camp out in front if the facility until it opens tommorow so he can be the first one there.

  9. Tebow acts like he’s going to take over the starting role as QB. This year Mark going to prove everyone why he was drafted number 5 3years ago.

  10. Question: who are the only AFC qb’s to beat the Steelers or Pats in the playoffs the past four years?

    1. Tebow (1 win over Big Ben)
    2. Sanchez (1 win over Brady in Boston, plus a win over Peyton in Indy for good measure)
    3. Flacco (1 win over Brady in Boston).

    Jets have two of them. Super Bowl or bust, baby.

  11. People can bad mouth Sanchez all day long, but he is WAAAAYYY better than that bum Tebow…..people are quick to say “Tebow is a winner and took them to the playoffs”……Sanchez took the Jets to 2 AFC Championships (I realize QBs get too much credit and too much blame)…..if Tebow was “so great”, why the hell did he get traded for a 4th & 6th round pick????…..BECAUSE HE SUCKS, that’s why!

  12. He should probably be taking some lessons from back-up Mark Brunell, who was at one time a pretty good scrambling southpaw himself… except he could throw the ball 70 yards with ease

  13. I am so happy the Tebow circus has left Denver! There you go Jersey; you can have him.

  14. @crazybeardedjack

    If Sanchez spent all of last night studying a pair of DD’s, it’s because he’s spent the offseason learning Sparanos playbook from Chad Pennington. Shut up.

  15. So, he’s been studying a book of remarkably simple plays designed to be learned in a week so that a bunch of kids from different schools don’t look completely discombobulated when they play in a game together? Oooh look out Mark Sanchez…

    Let’s be honest here… Is Tim Tebow mildly retarded? Just listen to the way he talks. I’m serious.

  16. I can’t wait for two things:
    1- Tebow to take a wildcat and try to hit the hole like Ricky
    2- tebows 15 minutes to end

  17. @Rexismybff
    Big ben could barely walk, and the team was beat up by injuries when they played denver or the steelers would have blown them out.
    Sanchez is utter garbage and if he wasnt giving rex ryan rimjobs he would have been released already. He is too much of a wuss to pull the trigger on big plays so he does little 5 yard dump offs to Keller. he’s almost as inaccurate as tebow and can’t read coverages. Newsflash, 3 years ago he wasn’t even projected to go top 20, maybe not even first round, your beloved jets made the dumbest move in franchise history. He’s still starting bc they dont want to admit it.

  18. Tebow was awful in that Senior Bowl game. He scambled around in the pocket like a drunken monkey, got sacked, fumbled and didn’t score a TD. Even after he is out of the NFL his supporters will not quiet down, they will blame his lack of success on everything except his lack of talent.

  19. I’m not betting against Tebow in anything. When you start thinking he can’t, he will. I’m sure Sanchez is saying comments about how ready he’ll be, it just hasn’t been as publicized. IMO the Jets are going to punish defenses. BTW Peyton Manning is going down in the first few weeks of the season with a severe neck stinger and numbness down that right arm. He won’t play for a portion of the season. Not a wish, fact. Now I will bet my money on that!

  20. nyjalleffingday says:
    Apr 15, 2012 11:21 AM

    If Sanchez spent all of last night studying a pair of DD’s, it’s because he’s spent the offseason learning Sparanos playbook from Chad Pennington. Shut up.
    Why so angry jets fan? Don’t be pissed that Sanchez got caught up in the bright lights. He has been pre-occupied with busty models, notnstudying the playbook. At least you have a competent backup who…. wait nevermind.

  21. “I’m also excited to see what [Sparano] has new planned for ME.”

    –The most humble, team-first guy in the NFL

  22. @mullman7675

    You copy pasted what I wrote but I have a sneaking suspicion that you didn’t read any of it. If you cared to read anything, you would know that not only has Sanchez been working with Pennington, another QB who had to make the Schottenheimer-to-Sparano transition, all offseason, it is also agreed upon by virtually every writer who has covered the team that Sanchez has the work ethic and study habits of a champion.

    If I am angry at anything, and I assure you I am not, it is at the fact that I have to wade through a metric butt-ton of poorly written articles, irrelevant articles about Tim Tebow, uninformed and unintelligent comments (such as the one you produced yourself) and biased speculation to get my Jets news.

  23. Got to admit, I may not like Tebow (that whole UF/FSU thing(, but I do admire his dedication to actually try to improve. I said, while he was at Florida, if he can learn a pro offense, he’ll be scary as hell. He’s got a LOT of learning to do, but he at least seems to accept that and want to do it. If he weren’t a lefty, it might be easier, he’s got a HUGE hill to climb, as a Florida State fan, I hope he falls flat on his face.

  24. Did he really just admit he used a senior bowl playbook?!! Haha.. He used a watered down playbook that a coach takes bits and pieces of what he normally would use in a real game. Basic formations .. Quick reads and trick plays.. No option routes , not a thing nearly as complicated as a normal NFL playbook. Thanks Jets for keeping us all entertained this off season! A rugby player..and a back up QB who should be a TE…

  25. Tebow Haters – Try to keep an open mind that Tebow did not get any real off-season training going into last seasons training camp. No OTAs, no Mini-camps, no QB tutoring or training. In his rookie year, remember he did not get any snaps with the first teamers in training camp. We know while you all hate anyone who claims to be a Christian and tries to actually live like one, real football fans will keep in mind that Tebow, just as most other QBs drafted two years ago and who got some significant playing time last season (just like Skelton for the Cards) often looked bad with some major flashes of good emerging when helping their team win some games. For instance, in the games Skelton played, his QB rating for the first 3 quarters was low in the 50-60 range, but in the 4th quarters, his QB rating shot up to over 100. After this season, it will be good to see if Tebow, Skelton, and the rest of the QB class from two years ago acutally improve and how much they improve from going through a real off-season training program.

  26. @cuda1234

    “I’m also excited to see what [Sparano] has new planned for ME.”

    –The most humble, team-first guy in the NFL

    Can’t you moronic Dems stop taking things people say out of context while clearly demonstrating your lack of any reading comprehension?

    Of course Tebow is eager to see what ways Sparano has planned for Tebow to CONTRIBUTE to the success of the Jets. Every player wants to contribute and wants to know how he fits in to help his team to win. Hey Num-Nuts, football is the ultimate team game and even its diva-wannabe receivers know that. How come you don’t?

  27. I equate Tim Tebow to similar to the story of Forrest Gump, a good wholesome unorthodoxed hero who does the right thing and people follow him and no one can understand why, but they follow him anyway and the goodness of who he is, just keeps him successful and no one can relate or understand how he keeps doing things that no one thinks he can. Tim Tebow will succeed because the immense quality of his character and work ethic to improve will carry him through. Bet on it!

  28. Tim Tebow will hold a public office someday, he already is a great politician and says all the right things at press conference time, but will he be a Superbowl MVP someday? I don’t know about that, but I believe he will have a successful career in whatever he decides to go into. It is difficult to find anyone with as much heart and passion for their beliefs than Tim Tebow! There will be a movie about his life story someday.

  29. paychrisjohnson28 says: Apr 15, 2012 2:40 PM

    Tim Tebow will hold a public office someday, he already is a great politician and says all the right things at press conference time, ………There will be a movie about his life story someday.

    Wow Nostradamus way to go out on a limb there.
    My prediction……pain.

    Mr. T

    PS I’m not a hater, I support the right of all men in West Hollywood that enjoy a mani/petty and chose not to have sex with women to marry. Even if one of the grooms are named Tim Tebow.

  30. @truths4all
    I didn’t know any and all criticism of Tebow has to be related to someones political leanings?
    I think he appears to be a nice kid.. I only know him from soundbites so that I can’t be qualified to judge..
    But what I can see is he is a subpar NFL QB… who knows he may improve .. But as of know he is not good.. Def not better than Sanchez, and Sanchez sucks ..
    The point I wanted to make is ..TEBOW SUCKS

  31. Memo to all the Tebow fans, he admittedly looks great in his underwear and lays hands on other men while abstaining from sex with women so he must be a good man. No arguments from me. But he isn’t a QB. Can we just agree that a QB’s job is to pass the ball? When Tebow is a better passer than LaDainian Tomlinson we can reopen this discussion. Until then, maybe just as a baseline we could just agree that everyone will have good and bad days and is subject to getting pulled for performance or situational substitution. However when Denver was considering pulling Tebow for passing plays that tells me he isn’t a quarterback.

  32. I hope Tim Tebow proves all you ‘haters’ wrong! Yeah yeah you all say, you aren’t ‘haters’ but you are. There are many quarterbacks who struggled early in their NFL career, look at Drew Bree’s stats early in his career and Quarterbacks can improve accuracy and completion percentage. If that is all you and I did every single day for a career…day in day out as a job…throwing can be improved with strong work ethic and true desire and confidence to succeed. I am willing to gamble Tebow is working extremely hard to improve. And yes, I know and believe you haters won’t stop hating on Tebow. You all must be bunking with Merrill Hoge. Ha ha….. Go Go Tebow!

  33. Tim Tebow is a Heisman Trophy winner and led his college football team to two National championships and he “passed” for 300 yards many times in college. Professional football takes several seasons for most any Quarterback to adjust to that level of play. He will be an OK player, to be great in the NFL which few are…takes consistency, who knows what will happen, but it will be interesting to watch .

    To Vilelabyrinth: To call GOD aka your maker, Tebow’s invisible boyfriend is vile and level of disrespect of anyone who believes in GOD is beyond anything I can put into words. If you are atheist that is your choice, respect others for what they have a right to believe. Judge…. Tebow for what he does on the Football field …good or bad.

  34. If Tim Tebow was black he would already be a starting quarterback in the NFL. I’m so sick of the white man being put down in today’s society!

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