After procedure last week, Schaub remains on track for training camp

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Texans quarterback Matt Schaub was lost for the 2011 season in November with a foot injury.  And as the 2012 offseason program launches in Houston, Schaub revealed that he recently underwent another surgery.

“I had a procedure last week, getting hardware taken out, which is customary for this thing, so just let the incisions heal up and move forward,” Schaub said, via quotes distributed by the team.  “I’m right on schedule because where the hardware removal takes place in this procedure is right where we are and so from here, we just move forward and just keep going.  But we have a lot of time left to get ready and there’s no doubt I will be ready.”

It’s unclear whether Schaub will be able to participate in any portion of the team’s offseason program.

“I mean, sitting here on April 16, it’s hard for me to say when I will be [ready],” Schaub said.  “I mean, after the screws came out this past week, it’s hard for me to tell you a certain date or June or something like that.  All I know is come time for training camp, I’m going to be 100 percent ready to go and that’s all that really matters, in my mind.”

If Schaub can’t participate in the upcoming OTAs, T.J. Yates presumably will get the bulk of the practice reps.  Which will make him better prepared in the event of further injury to Schaub.

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  1. Schaub will miss several games again this year, so I hope Yates is taking this off-season seriously. Yates basically lost the playoff game against B-more single handedly by throwing that duck into triple coverage at the end of the game when the Texans were only down one score despite his horrible play.

    Maybe the Texans should give Vince Young a look? People from Austin and Houston still love him and he’s got experience in the league and can presumably still move pretty well, which is important in that Kubiac offense. Just ask Schaub…

  2. Matt Schaub needs to stay healthy this season or there could very well be a QB controversy. T.J. Yates showed a lot down the stretch and could start for other teams. Doesn’t hurt that Yates got some playoff experience too.

    Anyways, I wish Schaub a speedy recovery, because when he is 100 percent, he has to be considered one of best QBs in the game.

  3. For all the injury risk talk about Manning taking a hit to his neck…

    Schaub’s foot injury is far more perilous to his career if Fat Albert or the likes of him land on his foot again.

  4. I’d think the concern here is less the injury itself causing long-term problems, but instead the inability to get in shape, resulting in nagging injuries like pulled hamstrings during the season.

  5. “The FOOT. We need to affect the QB’s foot. That little sissy Schaub has to decide early if he’s a man, because its a lot tougher to play if we break that foot.

    In any pile on a sack, you step on that foot. TWIST the foot. Affect the foot. We need to know.

    Remember, I always get the first one . . .

    Kill the head and the body will die. Step on the Foot, and it won’t be able to walk”

    Thats what Greg Williams would be saying if he was coaching this year and was playing the Texans. Or something like that.

  6. The best news for Matt is that Fat Albert has not signed to any team that Matt will face.

    On the other hand, Fatso hasn’t signed to ANYBODY.

  7. We need to figure out what we’re going to do about a QB going forward. Yates was awful against Baltimore, and Glass Schaub gets hurt to easily and has no mobility.

  8. “…and with the 58th pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Houston Texans select… Case Keenum – University of Houston”

  9. @sirsupersouthern

    There’s really no response to your post other than it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in a Texans thread.

  10. My mother had multiple foot surgeries and she never came back to 100% of what she once was. I think food surgeries are a lot like back and neck surgeries… highly problematic and in many cases not far from experimental.

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