Asante Samuel: Eagles want a Super Bowl, I’m an important part of it


The Eagles are shopping cornerback Asante Samuel, but that doesn’t have him discouraged. In fact, Samuel showed up today at the opening of the team’s offseason program talking about a goal of winning the Super Bowl, and how he wants to contribute to that.

“I just know the Eagles’ main focus is to win a Super Bowl and I think I’m an important part of that,” Samuel told the team’s website.

Samuel has been on the trade market since last year, when the Eagles acquired cornerbacks Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Samuel has openly mused about where he might wind up, and boasted that he’s still a great cornerback. But he says his first choice is to remain a great cornerback for the Eagles.

“Of course, I love it here. This is my home. I’ve never been to a place I love more than Philadelphia,” Samuel said. “It’s up to management. I want to be here. I’ve always voiced that opinion. It’s up to them.”

So even though the Eagles haven’t hidden the fact that they’d be happy to part ways with Samuel if they can get something of value for him in a trade, Samuel remains a happy camper, and hopes to remain in Philadelphia throughout the upcoming season — and maybe all the way to the Super Bowl.

19 responses to “Asante Samuel: Eagles want a Super Bowl, I’m an important part of it

  1. Right words……If he stays, he did what any good teammate would say. If he is on the block for a trade or signing with another team, he demonstrated a good attitude and may promote such a move.

    Good job Asante.

  2. First off Asante never once said he wanted out in philly.. Can you blame him for being upset when he got word that Andy was openly shopping him around the league??

    & this talk of him not fitting the system is crap.. He had his best years when Jim Johnson was winning games for us.. Juan Castillo HAS NO SYSTEM.

    Flat out, you need 3 good CBs to beat Brady, Brees, Manning, Rodgers,, & 4 good Corners to cover megatron..

    The main issue is we cannot have a $10mil slot CB.. + it is obvious that the eagles are trying to get bigger @ CB to handle all these monsterous wide outs coming into the league..

    If we part with asante for chump change, i will be greatly disappointed.. I’d take him and the 15th pick and move up in the draft just ahead of dallas..

  3. Asante is a good corner but not a great corner anymore. He’s basically playing for a paycheck and not a Superbowl. He got that with New England

  4. Funny… For the last year, he has said screw the Eagles. He said that if the eagles didn’t want a turnover machine, he would happily go where he was wanted.

    Someone’s agent talked to them about not being a moron.

  5. If the Eagles were to make it to the SB, wonder if Mesante is going to let another interception slip through his hands ?

  6. Sadly he was actually the best cover corner on the team last season. He really doesn’t fit what they want to do anymore on defense but he can still cover good WR’s. None of the Eagles corners can tackle so really he fits right in here.

  7. 1. way over-paid $9,400,000
    2. Can’t tackle
    3. Diminished skills
    4. 31 years old
    5. Big salary cap savings getting rid of this guy.

  8. When the Eagles ultimately part ways with him, I can’t wait to hear what he thinks about the Eagles “family” atmosphere.

    No knock on the Eagles — he said it about my Pats as well.

  9. Look at the teams that are rumored to be trade partners. Does any one think the primidona wants go play in any of these cities? This is just a negotiating ploy to get him to renogotiate his contract. He’ll be in Philly and the money that is freed up will go to Lesean. In fact I’d bet this is already happening and explains his change in attitude

  10. and we would be happy to keep him.. the guy is an INT machine.. i mean really, Him and DRC looked sluggish, Asomugha was bad too last yr but that one can be written off as fluke and the slate can be wiped clean becuz of the lockout, now with one yr under their belts and assuming asante stays after all that secondary could become a very imposing one.. i mean really, pick your posion and opposing offense wil be picking to run the ball cuz the eagles arent very good at it.. we do need a saftey in the worst possible way and one more LB would be nice as well

  11. If ASSante wants to stay then he should be telling management he’s willing to renegotiate his contract. That’s what other pro players in the nfl do when they want to really help their team.

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