Brandon Weeden tells NFL teams to think of him as a 22-year-old

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Brandon Weeden, the 28-year-old from Oklahoma State who is expected to be the fourth quarterback taken in this year’s NFL draft, says that when he talks to NFL teams, he tells them that age is just a number.

Asked on the Dan Patrick Show if he thinks he’d be a first-round pick comparable to Texas A&M’s Ryan Tannehill if he were five years younger, Weeden said he thinks he would be.

“I believe so,” Weeden said. “I try to tell teams when we’re going through the interview deal, ‘Treat me like I am 22. Try to go through this process and evaluate me as if I’m a 22-year-old. . . . I don’t believe my age should even affect it. Obviously people are out there saying it should, we’ll find out in ten days and we’ll go from there, but really and truly, 22 or 28 it shouldn’t matter. I don’t think many people play 20 years in the NFL, but if I can play eight or ten years, that’s a pretty good NFL career.”

Still, Weeden knows his age makes him different. He just thinks it makes him different in a good way.

“I’ve already been a pro,” Weeden said. “From a maturity standpoint, I think I’m able to handle more thrown on my plate, quicker than the next guy. When I make the transition to the NFL, being a starting quarterback in the NFL is obviously extremely tough, but I think everything I’ve been through, my age, my maturity, is definitely going to help me make the transition to the next level. There’s a lot more positives than negatives, for sure.”

So Weeden doesn’t want to be viewed as a 22-year-old. With the life experience and maturity of a 28-year-old.

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  1. Surprise top 15 pick I bet…I would draft him at #8 knowing I’m getting 10 good years instead of 5 sub par Mark sanchez type years.age doesn’t matter unless for a qb unless your late 30’s or turning 40

  2. I think Weeden may go higher than he’s being projected right now. It’s not such a strange idea that a team could take an older guy who’s ready to play now instead of a younger guy who may never pan out but could play for 15 years. Talent is talent. Weeden has been through the ringer going from football to baseball back to football, and he was still an immensely successful quarterback at OSU. That says volumes about what a team can expect out of him from a maturity standpoint and his ability to learn. A team that needs competition at quarterback right now should take this guy in the mid to late first round with no regrets. I’m sold on him.

  3. If the Browns can get this guy at #37, I would be very pleased. Hopefully, he has developed some emotional maturity along with those extra years, unlike, say, a Roethlisberger-type, whose idea of “leadership” is grabbing some young thang’s hair in a Georgia bathroom stall.

  4. Eagles drafted a 26 year old guard last year, and there are reports they are willing to draft a QB early in this years draft. Depression is slowly sinking in.

  5. I know it’s not exactly the same, but how old was Kurt Warner when he went from bagging groceries to starting for the Rams ?

  6. Go figure, the 29 year old QB wants his future employers to forget about that and pretend he is 22…lol that’s fuuuuunny.

  7. I also tell people all the time to think of me as a 22 year old instead of a 28 year old.

    And it works! 😉

  8. If the guy is ready to start more quickly than any of the other QBs not named Luck or Griffin, then by all means a QB-needy team should take him…in the second round, not the first. Like he said, 8 to 10 years of productivity is still better than taking a bust at the position.

  9. He has a good point- very few QBs play for 15+ years in the NFL. Think of the very good starting QBs which only started for only 6-10 years, like Matt Hasselbeck in Seattle, and tell me the ‘hawks wouldn’t trade for him again, knowing he wouldn’t be there for 15+ years. If Weeden can be a very good QB for eight years, that’s nothing to scoff at…right Mike Holmgren? 😉

  10. Think of him as a 22 year-old?
    Why… does he still live with his mommy, have trouble counting exact change and can’t find his own home town on a map?

  11. I often tell the women I am “interviewing with” at the local pub to think of me as a 22-year-old college quarterback…

    …instead of as a 46-year-old who takes tires off tractors for $5.75 per hour.

  12. joemammy says:
    Apr 16, 2012 11:10 AM
    If the Browns can get this guy at #37, I would be very pleased. Hopefully, he has developed some emotional maturity along with those extra years, unlike, say, a Roethlisberger-type, whose idea of “leadership” is grabbing some young thang’s hair in a Georgia bathroom stall.


    AFC North fans must be green with envy. They ALWAYS find a way to mention the Steelers in completely unrelated posts. I love it.

  13. Shotgun/spread QB’s have a tough adjustment to the NFL’s under center game.

    Weeden may be good in the OSU scheme, but NFL O-coordinators will have more reservations about his lack of experience in an NFL type offense then his age.

  14. I watched QB camp with him and Gruden. He is pretty good and in my opinion a “sleeper” . He’ll go in the 1st

  15. Umm….and I want NFL GM’s to view me as the best free agent pass rusher since reggie white. We both want them to ignore the facts, I guess.

  16. Did it matter that Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, etc….were a bust by the time they put on a NFL uniform? Top QBs in the draft are 22 years or younger and most turn out to be average at best. This guy could be a steal in the second round. At QB, age doesn’t matter as much as maturity.

  17. He raises a good point when you consider the average playing time for NFL players at different positions. FOr example, there is much talk of taking TR at #4 when RB’s average only 5 years. Also, more guys are playing into their mid to late 30’s so he could have a very productive career. The question is, is he ready to be an NFL QB. I am not arguing to take him at #4 and would be mad if they did, but it is an interesting point and Hekert alluded to earlier as well.

  18. Jeff George has been calling teams for years telling them to think of him as a 28 year old as well.

  19. There were multiple coaches/owners willing to give their left nut for 2 years of Peyton Manning, because winning is the only thing that counts, and yet these same teams/coaches wont draft a QB because he is 28? I would take 6-10 years of him before I would take 6 years of Sanchez, or Tebow, or Leinart, or Gabbert, etc, etc, etc, lol. If the dude can play, he will get a chance

  20. I’m ok with the Browns taking him at #37. I’d be weary at #22 unless they trade down from that spot and get closer to the 2nd round.

    On top of that, you take a guy at this age he has to start DAY #1. If he doesn’t beat out the competition you probably just made a terrible pick and set your franchise back a couple years.

    A definite risk taking this guy, he’s by no means a finished product and has to learn how to learn an NFL offense and read NFL defenses, I just don’t see how he would go higher than late first.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if he fell to mid 2nd round.

  21. As Benjamin said above: Alex Smith, going into his eighth (8th) NFL season, is a year younger than Weeden.

  22. It should about acumen and adjustment with this guy. This is actually one of the perks of the new “win in 2 years or blow up the team” league. If you view his age as maturity and he sounds good in your interviews (i.e. He can pick up your offense) and you’ve studied his game tape (good and bad) then you have to pull the trigget. Cannot see him falling out of the 2nd round though. So where should he go? Cleveland is an obvious choice, I can see Miami as a possibility…. Denver anybody?! Peyton MIGHT have 2 years left…. I don’t think he makes it past this season personally.

  23. turk2875 says:
    Apr 16, 2012 11:12 AM
    Eagles drafted a 26 year old guard last year, and there are reports they are willing to draft a QB early in this years draft. Depression is slowly sinking in.

    Yep, they drafted a 26 year old guard. What will you say if they get 10 good years from him. As for the QB, Michael Vick isn’t going to last forever. But who knows what they are really thinking. Of course, you could save yourself the trouble of finding out an head to the Walt Whitman right now.

  24. I think this guy could be the second or third best QB when looking at this draft 5 years from now. I am a Dolphin fan and would much prefer if they drafted Floyd in the first and Weeden in the second round similar to what the Bengals did last year. Problem is Miami drafted and older QB (John Beck) when he was 26 and it went horribly. This guy has all the tools to be great. Miami’s last QB that was drafted by baseball was number 13. I think they did ok with that guy!

  25. this age thing might be about the dumbest “negative” i’ve ever heard of. he’s a qb. not some rb that’s been bouncing around in some semi-pro league for the last few years.
    if you’re thinking he wont be around for 10-15 years like a 22 year old rookie would be, then draft now for need, ride him for the next 5-6 years, and get someone else in a couple years when you get a chance. why is this hard to figure out?
    if he wins a SB in a few years, will you all say “well at least their qb is gonna be too old to play soon”?

  26. So grab up Weeden at QB, and Tiki Barber and RB. Championship!

    But, seriously, this guy does seem mature and ready to grow in the NFL.

  27. Miami would do well to take him… He could at least compete immediately, where T-Hill will take time to mature and he has very limited QB playing time

  28. If weeden is ready to play right now and can be productive immediately, he can have a good 10 to 12 year career and would make a team competitive

  29. The issue isn’t so much of what the current age is. It’s the fact that he will be 38 sooner than the 22-year old.

  30. Weeden is of course fighting against the career of Chris Weinke. The Panthers invested a 4th rounder in 28-year-old Weinke and got a backup QB for a couple years before getting cut. Weinke’s mediocre NFL career (after his excellent college career) is what Weeden needs to distance himself from in the minds of coaches & scouts. It’s going to be a hard sell.

    4th round sounds about right to me. Maybe a late 3rd rounder if a team is desperate.

  31. I think Wheeden could be a good one. I think he’s got the potential to be more Kurt Warner than Chris Weinke, but it will depend on whether he gets with a team that invests in him as a starter (ie the Bengals with Dalton last year).

  32. I also think he goes higher than expected. At #8 im taking M.Floyd, or M.Ingram, or Q Coples… I would also LOVE to see Coby Fleener slide to the fins in the 2nd round also. Kids a stud!!!

  33. He was a winner in college so he has a leg up on Foles and Osweiler, but he’s 28 (Wenkie) and an ex baseball player (Henson) and from a shotgun system (Couch, Robinson).
    History is not on his side. Any talk of a first round pick seems crazy, second seems risky. Third or fourth sounds like his landing spot.

  34. I am sorry Weeden, but when teams look at possible franchise QB’s they think of 10+ years when the players are around 22 years old! what is going to happen after your rookie contract? Is your body going to hold up as it is already in the 30’s? I know you are probably fresh, but c’mon not many people can escape the age bug!

  35. “As for the QB, Michael Vick isn’t going to last forever. ”

    Some might say that he hasn’t lasted until now.

  36. Roger Staubach was already 27 years old when he finally got to the Cowboys, and look where he ended up…in the Hall…just sayin’

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