Broncos will release Ryan McBean

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Defensive tackle Ryan McBean is going to fight his six-game suspension from the NFL, but the Broncos aren’t waiting around to see how his appeal turns out.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that the team has notified McBean that he will be released on Monday. McBean played 58 percent of the snaps for the Broncos defense last season, more than any other defensive tackle, but the addition of Justin Bannan means that the Broncos have someone to fill his spot.

McBean was one of three Broncos — linebacker D.J. Williams and tight end Virgil Green — suspended by the league last month for violating the drug policy. McBean and Williams are fighting the suspensions, which were resolved by arbitration, by claiming that the arbitrator assigned to the case, NFL executive Harold Henderson, exceeded his authority and wasn’t impartial. They specifically allege that Henderson “ignored fatal issues concerning the collection process, safeguarding of the urine specimens and chain of custody” while also taking too long to announce his ruling.

Once his argument is heard and ruled on, McBean can get to work on resuming his career.

12 responses to “Broncos will release Ryan McBean

  1. It looks like Braun, the doping cheater, has opened a horrible can of worms that effects all major sports.

    Braun was full of $h!t, and so are these guys!

  2. Word round town was this as well as DJ Williams’ release has been expected.

    Not saying I agree with either but it may have something to do with Broncos lack of faith in their appeal.

    Saving a roster spot for 6 weeks may not be in the best interest of the team.

    DJ is a good-solid player but nothing special

  3. Without complete and proper Chain of Custody any specimen is completely invalid. In other words, if you can’t account for where and when the sample was collected, how it was transported and where/how it was stored, how can you be sure who the sample came from or that it wasn’t tampered with? You can’t. I would guess reviewing the Chain of Custody was already SOP for illegal substance appeals, as it should be. And if there was a problem with the Chain of Custody, then the sample should be thrown out and should result in the reversal of any findings for which that sample served as evidence.

  4. Then they need to release Williams and Green also, but we know that won’t happen.

    Typical hypocrite Donkeys.

  5. mrgdawg says:
    Apr 16, 2012 12:14 PM
    What a crybaby. He just needs to admit he was stupid and got caught.

    Why should he? David Ortiz of the Red Sox is still denying that he tested positive for PEDs…way back in 2003.

  6. McBean was drafted by the Steelers and lasted 1 year I think. He has some social problems as well.

  7. “…fatal issues…”?

    Oh yeah, that would be the issue where you lose your paycheck for over a third of the season.

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