Fujita “in New York” as Browns launch offseason program

Getty Images

One of the leaders of the Saints defense during the team’s 2009 Super Bowl run now plays for the Browns.  And as the Browns launched their offseason program for the 2012 season, linebacker Scott Fujita wasn’t present.

During a Monday conference call with the media, coach Pat Shurmur was asked if he has heard anything about Fujita’s status.

“Scott is not here today and I have not heard anything,” Shurmur said.  “My understanding is that he is in New York today, but I don’t know any details.”

Fujita isn’t missing anything significant.  The first two weeks of the program consist of strength, conditioning, and rehab only.  Coaches aren’t even allowed to observe the sessions.

Still, it’s unlikely that Fujita decided on the first day the team is permitted to get together in 2012 to head to Midtown for some shopping, a cupcake or two, and a musical.  If he’s in New York, there’s a decent chance he’s meeting with someone at the league office.  Which often is one of the steps before Commissioner Roger Goodell imposes punishment on players.

UPDATE 3:21 p.m. ET:  Per multiple reports, Fujita, Saints quarterback Drew Brees, other NFLPA Executive Committee members, and NFLPA executive director DeSmith are meeting with the NFL on Monday.