Kolb wishes Whisenhunt had told him of Cardinals’ interest in Peyton

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Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb knows the NFL is a business, and that it’s a business in which you can lose your job if someone who’s better at your job becomes available. So Kolb says he has no hard feelings about the team’s pursuit of Peyton Manning last month.

What Kolb doesn’t feel great about, however, is that he didn’t hear about the Cardinals’ interest directly from head coach Ken Whisenhunt — he learned about it from watching TV and seeing a news update on the bottom of the screen that the Cardinals were making a move for Manning. And Kolb said today at the opening of the team’s offseason work that he told Whisenhunt that.

“I just said, in the future, if you can just communicate with me, I can take it, if this is the route you’re going,” Kolb said, via the Cardinals’ website. “I’d just rather hear it from [Whisenhunt] than the ticker. And he agreed, and that’s how relationships grow.”

If Manning had chosen Arizona, the Cardinals would have cut Kolb. Instead he chose the Broncos, and so Kolb is still there. Kolb says knowing the team nearly gave up on him in favor of Manning might give him a little bit of extra motivation, but he also says he didn’t really need any extra motivation.

“You get fueled by a lot of things,” Kolb added. “It will add a spark, but I am fighting for my job anyway.”

From Kolb’s perspective, fighting for a job with John Skelton is better than losing a job to Manning. So the Cardinals’ pursuit of Manning ended well for Kolb. He just doesn’t like how he found out about it.

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  1. He would have, but he figured you knew, since it was your glaring failure to meet expectations (irrational as those expectations may have been), or even be on the field, that created Whisenhunt’s interest in Peyton anyway.

  2. “fighting for a job with John Skelton…”

    Great era to be a Cardinals fan, am I right?

  3. Here’s a thought Kevin, why don’t you play up to your massive contract and they won’t have to chase other qb’s.

  4. From Kolb’s perspective, fighting for a job with John Skelton is better than losing a job to Manning. So the Cardinals’ pursuit of Manning ended well for Kolb. He just doesn’t like hoe he found out about it.


    Some hoe told him about it? Will the Commissioner suspend Kolb for hanging out with hoes?

    I know you guys do a ton of work fast and it’s amazing there aren’t more typos – but I had to have a little fun with this one.

  5. He doesn’t owe you anything Kevin..geez wake up and realize there are only a few QB’s in the NFL that would not have to be worried about their team having an interest in Manning and sorry to tell ya buddy…your team was not one of those…just try to fight for your place against Skelton that should be your only worry right now.

  6. this guy isnt entitled to any kind of explanation when it comes to the Arizona Cardinals going after free agents.

    know your role, Kolb.

  7. Excuse me Mr. Kolb, but you’ve done absolutely nothing in the NFL for your coach to have to tell you jack s***. Just remember Larry Fitzgerald was wining and dinining Peyton when he was in Arizona, so that should tell you how the best player on the team feels about you.

  8. Its a front office decision that they wanted keep as quiet as possible about it and play it close to the vest. So it was really none of your business kid.

    Do we need to tell you all of our draft choices ahead of time too? And then are you going to leak it to your agent if we like a QB?

  9. Whisenhunt wishes Kolb was a good enough QB to where they didn’t have to pursue Manning. Stop crying and be happy that you are being overpaid to be a QB in the NFL.

  10. He;s got a valid point. The coach needs to be upfront with his players. Treat them like grown men and not sneak around doing things.
    Not many Qb’s can be upset over the idea that they could be replaced by Manning. And it’s pretty clear that that idea is not what bothered him.

  11. Kolb may very well turn out to be a good QB, but geez, the team he’s with goes after possibly a once in a lifetime FA QB like Manning and his feelings are hurt ?? Give me a break…it’s not like he’s Tom Brady or Drew Brees….

  12. I think Kolb could be a top 15 QB in the league. As with all quarterbacks nothing really matters except for who is blocking for you. From there your defense is your next weapon because it gives you more opportunities with the ball. Kolb has only seen solid opportunities when playing with the Eagles and he looked like he had some talent, but needed to learn. I think hes going to play out that 60 million dollar contract.

  13. Kolb here is the correct answer:

    “It does not matter how I heard the news, the coach and the GM have their jobs to do and I respect that. My job as a QB is to work hard everyday and control the things that I can control, so that I am better on Sundays. Whether we pursued Peyton Manning or not, is irrelevant to me, I would have continued to fight and compete, because I believe in myself and my ability to be a successful starter in this league.”

  14. I don’t see the big deal, here. He wasn’t upset that they were interested in Manning. He just wished his coach had a man-to-man convo with him about it. Granted, Wisenhunt doesn’t owe him or any other player such consideration. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with lobbying for a stronger relationship with your coach. Add to that the fact that he talked to his coach about it before he shared it with the media, and that Wisenhunt agreed with him, and I think that was a good move. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a player saying what Kolb said. And I’m not a big fan of Kolb’s. All that said, he needs to now focus on making the Cardinals feel good about trading for him by getting his act together on the field.

  15. Wait until you EARN RESPECT from your peers and coaches before you start whining, the fact that they gave up too much in the trade for you and the fact that they OVER PAID you, does not mean anything as far as RESPECT, EARN it, then open your mouth, until then, shut your hole!!

  16. You didn’t hear Wisenhunt whining to Andy Reid saying “you didn’t tell me he sucked” or Cardinals ownership whining to the Eagles saying “You guys ripped us off, give us our CB back”!!!!

  17. I bet coach wishes you would have told him you are not worth $65 Million…so call it even

  18. If Kolb were a better QB, there would have been no inquiry and no need for notification. If I were Kolb, I would take that very public message to heart, shut up and resolve to up my game in the coming season. Good reasons why the Eagles let him go after “grooming” him for three seasons and then replacing him with Vick after one game.

  19. Whisenhunt would never have treated Kurt Warner the way he did to Kolb. That is the message Kolb needs to keep in mind as he competes for the starting job.

  20. I agree with broadstbully, he’s reacting fine to it. if anything he’s the one whose got a pair and is looking for the other side to man up. you think kolb felt secure knowing that manning was available anyway? there were probably like 20-25 QB’s who felt real insecure about that. this guy is just saying he’d rather hear about his future from his employer before the rest of the world does on ESPN. he could’ve been like the 35,845,307th person in the world to find out that arizona was bringing peyton in for a visit instead of one of the first 15 or so people within the organization. I think that would’ve been fair, because they weren’t definitely going to get him, they were just trying. that means that the odds were that kolb would be back this season.

  21. At least he’s realistic in knowing he’s fighting for his job as it is, and freely admits that.

  22. When Kolb becomes average, he can ask those type of questions, until then go get Skelton his cup of coffee.

  23. BTW, why was nothing reported on Kolb’s personal off-season work to prepare for the official off-season training? Unless of course, Kolb had been doing nothing of significance or consequential to prepare for the upcoming season or gaining mastery of the Cards offense that was worthy of being reported. I guess he stayed home with his wife and gleefully counted that $7 million roster bonus the Cards had to pay him a few weeks ago.

  24. LOL

    More like Whisenhunt wishes he didn’t trade DRC and a 2nd pk and give Klob the Slob $65 million contract.


    Whisenhunt wishes Klob played up to the expectations of his trade and contract, so he didn’t have to contact Peyton Manning.

  25. Kevin – you know what is a great way to build trust between player and coach?
    Call them out to the media after a private discussion. Shut your mouth and earn your contract (leave your hurt feelings off the field).

  26. “Kevin, we wish you would have told us that you were going to suck before we traded for you and gave you a massive contract you don’t deserve.” – ownership, the entire front office, avg the coaching staff

  27. whip out your bank book, look at all those zero’s,get back to practising your craft , and let the GM worry about his job

  28. Anyone who thinks Skelton is better than Kolb needs to watch the games, not the highlights on sportscenter. Skelton played horrible, Cards won those games with Skelton even as he was trying to lose them.

  29. Memo to Kolb you have stole money every year you have been in the NFL. You will resume your role as a back up this year and continue to steal money.

  30. he should be thankful he wasn’t cut, has been a bust for the Eagles and Cardinals, career backup at best

  31. My initial reaction to the headline was that Kolb is acting like a baby, but after reading his full comments, I think he is being very fair about it. Harbaugh gave a heads up to Alex Smith before entering the Manning sweepstakes, and even though he didn’t like it, Smith understood and respected his coach for being forthright with him. That’s a good thing for both the team and the player, in my opinion. I’m not saying the team owes a player an explanation, just that it’s a good thing for both sides to build some trust.

  32. The Cardinals are crapping all over Kolb like the Republicans crap all over the average American. I do t blame him for getting upset.

  33. PSSSST. Hey… Kevin… after what you did (didn’t do) last season, why wouldn’t you expect them to after Payton Manning. Last I looked, your a player, not in management. Sack up due. Be a man.

  34. Well get a better Oline!!! Kolb was a pretty good QB prospect up until he had to play behind that DISASTEROUS OLINE!! That oline turned him into a scared little schoolgirl! And the fact that last summer the entire state of Arizona called Kolb the second comming of Kurt Warner!! And one season later they basically threw him out to the curb for the mere chance at Peyton Manning.. The only mistake was thinking Peyton was DUMB enough to make the same mistake Kolb did.. Peyton realized that if he wanted to have more then 2 seconds per play GO ELSEWHERE!!!!!

  35. I still don’t get this. McNabb has a better winning percentage than Manning in the playoffs. Send Kolb back to Philly, if you don’t want him, and let him split time with Vick. Neither is durable enough for a whole season, but both can win with a good coach.

  36. You guys are forgeting that Kolb came to that team with no camp, no real chance to get on the same page with his offensive players because of the lockout. Last year’s lockout affected just about all the teams with new players in key positions.

    With a full camp and preseason under his belt, I bet Kolb looks a lot better this year.

    And I’m not a Cardinals fan. I’m a Steeler fan.

  37. It’s kind of funny listening to all of this criticism about Kolb now, considering all of the off-season hype surrounding him last year. What a difference 12 months can make, eh?

  38. “Kolb, you ain’t no 61 million $$ QB, we want our money back NOW”


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