Man tries out to be a Broncos cheerleader

Getty Images

In college football, male cheerleaders are as common as marching bands and unethical coaches. But in the NFL, cheerleading has traditionally been women’s work. One man in Denver tried to change that this weekend.

That man, Sacha Heppell, wasn’t trying out to do the traditional male role of holding up the female cheerleaders. He was trying out to do exactly what the female cheerleaders usually do.

“I’m going to try out to be the first male Bronco cheerleader,” Heppel told KSDK.

The Broncos’ cheerleading department said anyone, male or female, is welcome to try out, and the decisions will be based purely on dancing ability. Women at the tryout said they thought it was great to see a man in the mix.

Unfortunately for Heppell, he didn’t make the cut. So, for now anyway, cheerleading in the NFL will remain an all-female activity.