Newest concussion suit cites Saints bounties

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Another day, another concussion lawsuit.

The latest complaint, filed by four former players in Atlanta state court, is the first to mention the Saints’ bounty program, according to the Associated Press.

The plaintiffs are Myron Guyton, Lomas Brown, Jessie Small and Willie Whitehead.  Brown (pictured) played 18 years in the NFL, appearing in 263 regular-season games.

None of the players were targeted by the Saints’ bounty system.  Per the AP, the bounties are mentioned as evidence that the NFL “has long glorified violent hits.”

To that we say, “Duh.”

When Brett Favre or Kurt Warner or Aaron Rodgers or Cam Newton file suit and their complaints mention the bounty system, then it will be significant.

22 responses to “Newest concussion suit cites Saints bounties

  1. Funny how the same people who built the game up are now trying to tear it down with their ridicolous lawsuits at the expense of the fans. Screw them

  2. The players with this suit are going to also prove that no Pop Warner, High School, or College programs have the same “hit hard” type of mentality that you find in the NFL. They also don’t lack trainers, medical facilities, Doctors, and rules protecting the players from injuries, like the NFL.

    While we all can empathize with the players who get injured, longterm in the NFL, why would someone who suffered concussions be due more compensation as compared to someone who had a broken neck, back or developed arthritis from all of the impacts sustained in the NFL?

  3. Lomas Brown is the best he block for the great
    Barry Sanders I see you on TV and think about
    going to the Silver Doom sitting in the end zoom
    and watching the blocking, get to a deference player
    put a hat on him and stay with him because Barry
    would be coming by on his way to the end zone.

  4. Its true, I didn’t know running 20MPH head first into another 250lb. guy running 20MPH was going to hurt my head. Those rich guys should have warned me…….but at least they didn’t make me sign a waiver!

  5. Who didn’t know this is coming?

    I think it is humorous that as the NFLPA are trying to defend the players, other players are trying to sue.

    I also think it is funny that they are trying to sue the NFL. The NFL didn’t do the hitting that they are complaining about.

    And before anyone tries that whole, the NFL was glorifying the hits BS, let’s remember that the players did it just as much as anyone.

    We hear all the stories about how people loved playing for this player or that because they could hit really hard, or how they would be concerned about a certain player as they come across the middle.

    It is ridiculous. I can’t wait for a judge to toss it out.

  6. When I read this article I was so shocked that I fell on the floor and my head bounced off the desk, now I have a concussion. Where do I apply? Do I need a lawyer? Please have the NFL call me, I’ll be home all evening.

  7. You mean to tell me that playing in the NFL is hazardous to one’s health? Color me shocked. Next you are going to tell me that smoking is hazardous to your health as well

  8. I am so loving this as a Saints fan, this is the can of worms y’all wanted exposed, you have your wish NFL. I hope the suits come fast and furious, and hit the NFL hard. Let’s see how the owners like Dictator Goddell now. For the fans out there, stand on your self righteous soap boxes now as these civil law suits grow larger and larger each day.

  9. Wasn’t there an article about how in several years football would no longer be around due to these types of lawsuits? looks like the wheels are in motion.

    I’ve never played football, so i refuse to say this is bs, but this is ridiculous. The sport is what it is because fans love to see someone get destroyed by a legal hit and get back up and do something amazing the next snap. without the hitting, without these monsters flying around at full speed and smashing into one another, would there be any money to file these lawsuits for?

  10. No true football fan should love this.

    At what point do players take culpability for choosing to be employed in a fashion that subjects them to bodily harm?

    Where is the class action suit from all torn ACL/MCL/PCL sufferers? How about any baseball player that had to get Tommy John surgery? Maybe any basketball player that had microfracture surgery?

    Damn this stupid, litigious culture we live in. Take some responsibility for your actions!

  11. rubberinnertube, quit your whining, this is football, not sissy, pansy tag football. You wanna watch games like the Pro Bowl, go for it, nobody wants to pay thousands of dollars each season for season tickets to watch these guys barely touch each other, C’mon man!!!! Take that skirt off for heaven sakes! Jeeeez……..

  12. Well there’s always baseball. As athletes grow bigger, faster, and stronger injury concerns will ultimately dethrone the NFL as the king of american sports. Just my two cents.

  13. The suit also made reference to the class inequalities depicted in the movie “The Hunger Games”, and the racial tensions evidenced by the Trayvon Martin case. To illustrate that the deck was stacked against the former players from the start. Not to overlook Tim Tebow being booed at Yankee Stadium.

  14. I guess I will just enjoy football for the next few years because I certainly won’t watch the crap it turns into in the future. I figure we have about 10 years before we have velcro flags hanging on everyone’s waists.

  15. Personally, I find it hard to feel sorry for the guys that played years ago and are now trying to get compensated for their past injuries. You’ve GOT to know what you’re getting yourself into when you play NFL football! For craps sake, did ANY of these guys put away some money for this kind of thing or even get insurance? Can a lawsuit be retro-active like this? My grandpa died from heart issues that could have easily been prevented had current technology and knowledge been known sooner, I’m gonna sue the AMA! I’m sure the NFL would have taken the proper measures to prevent these head injuries sooner had the long-term rammifications of these injuries been known back then. NOW we know…30yrs ago, not so much. I guess I should try to figure out what it is that’s going to cause me harm in the future (that no one is aware of yet) and gear up for a lawsuit.

  16. and if these guys playing today can’t put away enough of their MILLIONS of $$$ to take care of themselves once they retire…too bad. I can’t wait to hear about the Legendary Peyton Manning having head/neck problems 10-20 years from now. Should I feel sorry for that guy? He just turned 36 and is coming off his Xth neck surgery and still needs to be out there? He may as well get in line for the future rounds of lawsuits.

  17. jason1980,
    you might be the dumbest person to have ever walked this earth. It is without question that you have the reading comprehension and cognitive ability of a still-born kitten.

    I did not explicitly or implicitly state that I wanted NFL football to be watered down in any way. I grew up playing and watching smash-mouth football. That’s the only way I want to see football.

    My post was bemoaning the litigious and irresponsible society we live in. The NFL should be a hard-hitting sport and the players that choose “professional football player” as their life’s vocation should do so with eyes wide open knowing that they could full well get injured; temporarily or even permanently.

    Playing professional sports in general, but especially football and ignoring the fact that you could get injured and those injuries could even affect you after you leave the game would be like me logging on to ProFootballTalk and ignoring the fact that a neanderthal like you will post written excrement whenever your parents let you log on to their computers.

    Take a trip out of your parents’ basement sometime and try reading a book or the newspaper (something besides the sports section).

    You are precisely what is wrong with America. Could you even locate the United States on a globe? I seriously doubt it.

    May God have mercy on your soul.

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