Pete Carroll declares open competition at quarterback

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Last year, when the Seahawks had two quarterbacks who each were making $4 million per year, coach Pete Carroll said upon the signing of newcomer Tarvaris Jackson that he’d be the starter, even though the rules relating to the finalization of the CBA kept Jackson out of practice while Charlie Whitehurst was in charge of the offense.

This year, Carroll isn’t handing anything either to Jackson or Matt Flynn.

“[W]e are always looking to make the quarterback position as competitive as possible. . . .  Tarvaris Jackson was our starter last year and he’s coming in to compete head-to-head for the starting job,” Carroll recently told our pal Joe Rose of WQAM in Miami, via  “It’s my job now to make sure I create a competitive opportunity for both kids to show they can fit in and we’ll go with the best guy and it’s going to make our quarterback position better certainly.”

(On a separate note, why was Carroll doing a radio spot in the city that Flynn spurned?  I may have just answered my own question.)

Given Carroll’s proclamation that he’s “always looking to make the quarterback position as competitive as possible,” it’s odd that he would have handed the job to Jackson last season.  At the time, the thinking was that Carroll wanted to send a clear message to his team that Jackson was in charge.  Perhaps this year Carroll doesn’t need to; Flynn will be earning significantly more than Jackson, making it easier for the locker room to identify the top dog.

Of course, the top dog ultimately could be Ryan Tannehill.

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  1. They way they ran the ball at the end of last season, they’ll just need a QB to manage games the way Alex Smith did for the 49ers. It seems like they have guys who are capable but you never know in the NFL. Should be interesting.

  2. I’m quite excited for the preseason to see who becomes the starter. I doubt Tannehill will still be available, plus Carroll will NOT trade up for him. If he traded up for anyone, it would be Matt Barkley next year.

    I have my first son being born in a couple days. I hope we have a franchise QB when he’s old enough to go to the games!

  3. The only odd thing would have been not naming the 3rd quarterback the starter when the other two are Chuck Whitehurst and an undrated free agent.

  4. Its Flynn. Competition over…and for you to imply Tannehill is foolish. Think before you Ink.

  5. Given Carroll’s proclamation that he’s “always looking to make the quarterback position as competitive as possible,” it’s odd that he would have handed the job to Jackson last season.


    On;y odd if you didn’t see Whitehurst play. Never imagined he was THAT bad

  6. Josh Portis wins the job…..TJack is traded and Flynn is relegated to backup………..Okay, how’s that for speculation?

    I really don’t think that the Hawks will spend a draft pick to get Tannehill or another QB in the first 4 rounds. They need to get DE and CB and LB with the first 3 rounds. They will likely not take a QB this draft.

  7. “it’s odd that he would have handed the job to Jackson last season. ”

    Not odd at all Florio. He gave Jackson the job cuz he had years playing in Bevell’s offense and he was the Seahawks cordinator. I’m not even a Seahawk fan and I knew this. Jackson has proven over years to be mediocre at best in Bevells offense so its no surprise they would declare an open competition considering Flynns upside.

  8. Omg!!!!!! You people amaze me… (hawk fans not included in that comment) we all saw tjack last year? We all know Flynn has an excellent shot at starting job. We all know pete (whether or not any of u think he’s crazy or not) has done a very good job for hawks. And only to this point has improved our team. And the players enjoy playing for him. So all u who know we will dominate this year stand up and be heard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Woah, uh careful Pete, this strikes me as possibly “jerking around” Tarvaris Jackson. Lest we forget your quotes from last season:

    “He has not been in a good situation,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told Silver regarding Jackson, who was installed as the starter even before he was able to practice with the team. “He’s been jerked around. We wanted to put him in a stable situation.”

  10. Funny how all these Flynn zealots emerge when the guy has only 2 starts to his credit. Too small of a sample size. Tarvaris has improved every time he’s gotten a chance to prove himself and deserves to begin the year as the Hawks’ starting QB. He’ll bust his butt to get the job done and I’m pegging him to succeed.

  11. Flynn will be earning significantly more than Jackson, making it easier for the locker room to identify the top dog.

    Sure about that?

    According to this site, Jackson will earn $4m in base + $750k roster bonus in 2012 while Flynn pulls in $2m base + $2m signing bonus.

    If we’re talking money, it’s still a dawgfight.

  12. They might have to go through some growing pains with Flynn. However, this is a very young team now and he will grow with them.

    Dude will flat out win the competition………Mark it.

  13. Florio putting Carroll in a negative light? Never seen that before.
    T Jack is a back up QB put into a starters role. This was simply because he had a history in the new offense being installed in a strike shortened off season. What else could they do? Whitehurst showed he didn’t want the job when Hasselbeck ended up organizing team activities during the Lockout knowing he was gone. T Jack will now go back to what he does well, being a quality back up.

  14. Aw, poor TJack…sounds like he’s being “jerked around” again — by Pete Carroll and the Hawks this time.

    Pot, meet kettle.

  15. If Flynn can’t beat out Tjack then Flynn doesn’t deserve all the hype. Honestly Jackson should be out of the league at the end of the summer. Flynn is going to make him look like an ugly 10 dollar hooker after a long hard night!

  16. It never fails – the last 3 weeks leading up to the draft are ALWAYS more fun than the actual draft itself or the talking heads after it’s all done.

  17. It’s odd ? What is odd about making the best decision for your football team ? I’m not going into the reasons as they are obvious to the football world. Seems to me you have very little knowledge of coach Carroll or you would give him the respect he has earned as both a football coach and a human being. You Sir, are no where near him as either one.

  18. One little tiny, itsey, bitsey correction. Flynn didn’t spurn Miami…the dolt running the show at the Dolphin facility did not want to pay Flynn what the market demanded. Soooo Flynn went where the grass was and is much, much greener. Can anybody blame him?

  19. Tjack with no OTA’s and a new team had his best season lf ever last year. i might add we had no O line in the first of the season so dont tell me its proven he cant get better. if we draft decastro the hawks will have one of the best O lines in the nfl. imagine lynch with an a line like that. if flynn wins out then great but pete us right on. lets see him prove it. tjack is going to be better this year and thats great for a qb competition.

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