Raiders bring back Matt Giordano


As the Raiders prepare to contend twice per year with quarterback Peyton Manning, it make sense that they’re keeping a defensive back who knows a thing or two about facing him.

The Raiders have announced that safety Matt Giordano has been re-signed.

Giordano appeared in 15 games in 2011, his first season with the Raiders.  He spent 2005 through 2008 with the Colts, winning a Super Bowl in 2006.  Giordano played for the Packers in 2009 and the Saints in 2010.  (If he’d flipped those two assignments, he’d have two more rings.)

After starting only six total games in the first six years of his career, Giordano started nine times in 2011.  He had a career-high five interceptions (he had three in his career before that), and he forced a fumble.

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  1. He will do good in our depleted secondary, my Raiders will need one or two more DBs and Safety’s to make a good run at the AFC West Title.

  2. giordano picked off orton in the week 1 game last year at denver right b4 half ended,

    orton killed the drive,

    struggled 2nd half,

    they cheered for teebow

    they got teebow,

    he went to playoffs,

    elway diddnt like him , they got manning,

    and then traded tebow to NYJ,

    all bc giordano picked off orton in the 1st half to stop the denver drive and get janikowski a record FG at 0:00

  3. Good re-signing , great locker room guy, cheap contract guy, a very good special teamer, and can start for you in a pinch and have the capability of making some plays. This move will help solidify our special teams and secondary. I guarentee they will continue to add more competion back there. Remember though Chekwa may also be playing some safety.

  4. Love this move, I thought he really helped the secondary step up last season.

    He made some great plays, and got burned once in a while. But then again, what safety doesn’t?

    They can’t all be Ed Reed.

  5. He’s the depth ReggieMac was talking about in his pre draft press conference. The only reason Giordano got 11 starts last year is because Huff was injured. Branch and Huff are the starters, as they should be.

    That being said the guy is a decent situational player and someone that (like last year) can fill in if needed. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to fill in for 11 games, though. That wouldn’t be a good thing.

  6. Lets review last season:

    Michael Huff a former 7th pick overall (1st round) with only 38 Tackles in 12 games…

    Giordano, in 15 games had 70….also had some big INT’s.

    Huff, did you see what happened to Routt this year?….time to step up…or you are out the door next….

  7. bizieman says:
    Apr 16, 2012 11:09 PM
    He sucks like choakland does. Crummy news. Don’t nobody care about those clowns.
    bizieman is struggling. The RAIDERS are on the rise. If you can’t see that then you havn’t been paying attention.

  8. Really people? Why the hell would he have to start for us when we have tyvon branch and michael huff? Huff isnt going to CB.. We also have Mike Mitchell whos itching to start. Giordono has heart tho..i wouldnt be upset if someone got hurt and he comes in and starts few games but his height hurts him sometimes..still need depth regardless..

  9. bizieman says:
    Apr 16, 2012 11:09 PM
    He sucks like choakland does. Crummy news. Don’t nobody care about those clowns.
    Then don’t read raiders news, you stupidass

    This is a solid move and anyone who bitches otherwise didn’t watch or pay attention last year. My one concern about him is that he did suffer a few concussions last year. I hope it doesn’t fester into a long term issue.

  10. It’s nice of bizieman to take some time away from teaching English lit at Harvard for a beautiful gem like that bomb he just dropped on The Nation.

  11. bizieman says:
    Apr 16, 2012 11:09 PM
    He sucks like choakland does. Crummy news. Don’t nobody care about those clowns.

    5 /65

    That’s right, bizieman. No one cares about the Raiders, that’s why there is a post about this team at least every other day if not more often, because the Raider Nation isn’t really a nation, but a bunch of dispassionate, fair-weather fans who jump ship as soon as our team struggles.

    Oh, wait…

    Anyway, to the actual football fans (sorry, biz. Charger fans do not count.):
    He’s a decent player who had by far his best year with us last year. We’re thin all over the team… gotta do what we can. I realize we’re due for some mockery since we passed up on the HOF safeties waiting to be signed in Free Agency, but hey… give us a break. We’re just lowly old Oakland, where nothing has changed and where crazy people still run the team and only sign track stars.

    But AGAIN: We’re gonna go ahead and play these games this year. I know, I know – the Denver Broncos have already won the Super Bowl. I know. But still, we’ll go ahead and suit up, maybe there will be a miracle and Peyton Manning won’t win a ring again this year, unlike all his other seasons, when he played with much weaker Colts teams. I know.
    I know.

  12. I agree, scrappy player but definitely not a starter! He backs up behind Branch and Huff. Needs to improve his footwork , tackling ability and speed…. To many times I saw him on the ass end of a touchdown! I thought it was a good cut but not a bad resign. I bet he took one for the team contract wise to be a part of something special brewing now under Reggie’s regime! I do like his effort although, and maybe under a new staff, maybe, they can turn him into something more then what he had shown us last year. Just win Baby!!!

  13. Giordano may not be the most talented player out there, but I always got the sense that this kid loves to play football and gives everything he’s got. That’s the kind of player Reggie McKenzie seems to be bringing in. Those are they types of players that make a team successful. Just more reason to feel optimistic about the future.

  14. Gio won’t start, but he’ll be playing center field in passing situations, while Branch and Huff bring the heat off the edges.

  15. well hopefully he learns to get into proper position. i can’t deal w/another year of Giordano flying up from the safety spot on runs plays only to see the RB give one move and take the rock to the house all because Giordano was out of position and doesn’t break down when attempting to tackle….hopefully no more whiffed arm tackles as the runner flies by. One of my least fav moves by Big mac so far

  16. As a Raider fan, this news frightens me. The way Florio writes it, you would think that Manning is scared to line up under center & see Giordano back there.

    It’s more likely that Manning will be the one exploiting their familiarity.

  17. humb0lt says: Apr 17, 2012 12:33 AM

    Another career back up. It seems Reggie McKenzie is building a roster stacked with 2nd & 3rd teamers three deep.

    Since McKenzie already has two starting safeties, it seems he’s building some roster depth. Don’t look now, humb0lt, but your Raider obsession is showing.

  18. it is what it is, and what it is ais a back up…the guy gives it 100%, but unfortunately he takes bad angles time and time again…..I just hope Huff does not get hurt again this year, and we still look at another FS in the draft.

  19. humb0lt says:
    Apr 17, 2012 12:33 AM
    Another career back up. It seems Reggie McKenzie is building a roster stacked with 2nd & 3rd teamers three deep.

    funny how maybe with the exception of Antonio Gates, there is not a charger who would start on the raider team. Quetin Jammer would have a chance to compete, but wouldn’t win a spot……dumbolt will probably say Rivers, but I will give Carson a year in camp….Rivers has proven he can’t win the big games.

  20. humbolt- c’mon buddy, you are cooked. Enough, stop, cease. Your beloved powder blues had 10 years to get something/anything accomplished while the RAIDERS were down and they failed. In fact, the RAIDERS have won more playoff games in the same amount of time. Look it up, the truth may sting a bit though. Stick to your charger posts and hope Smith and Turner still have jobs by Week 8.

  21. when the colts drafted him he was touted as the fastest safety in indy ,faster than bob sanders,heir apparent,now suddenly he sucks?wasnt one of his big highlights tracking down some fast dude his rookie year?and isnt he the one in the super bowl who almost caught devin hester at the end of the opening kickoff return td?hes better than alot of back up safeties.

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