Steelers draft bust Limas Sweed may not be done in the NFL yet

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As a second-round draft pick of the Steelers in 2008, wide receiver Limas Sweed was a major disappointment, catching a grand total of seven passes for 69 yards in 20 games before being released after suffering Achilles and shoulder injuries. He hasn’t played in a regular-season game since late in 2009, but Sweed’s NFL career might not be over yet.

In fact, at least one NFL team thinks Sweed is at least worth a look: Cincinnati, where Sweed had a workout on Friday, according to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

It seems unlikely that Sweed would actually make the Bengals’ roster (or any NFL roster), and even more unlikely that he could ever play well in the NFL. Even when he was healthy, Sweed dropped far too many passes, didn’t make any big plays and generally looked like he had no business on an NFL field.

Then again, Sweed playing well in the NFL this season wouldn’t be any more unlikely than Mike Williams missing two full NFL seasons and then signing with the Seahawks and catching 65 passes for 751 yards, as he did in 2010.

So it’s conceivable that Sweed could have a future in the NFL. For the Bengals, there’s no harm in taking a look at a second-round talent who’s only 27 years old.

35 responses to “Steelers draft bust Limas Sweed may not be done in the NFL yet

  1. At least this shows that every team makes draft mistakes. It’s not just the Cleveland’s and Detroit’s of the world. Even well-run organizations slip every now and then.

  2. I dont know about “desperation,” A pretty successful college WR goes to the NFL and performs absolutely awful. Who knows if he needed to sort some stuff out, or maybe being selected so high from an organization who doesnt normally draft WR’s that high was a big part of the drops. Who knows, low risk/high reward move if they decide to sign.

  3. @joetoronto – what do you do, keep hitting refresh so that you can have the first comment on every thread? the only thing more impressive than your first comment ratio is the fact that you usually manage to be idiotic every time.

  4. @joetoronto

    Yeah the Bengals WORKOUT not sign a player that was DRAFTED by the beloved Steelers and they’re a joke.

    Go back to watching Hockey.

  5. Sweed is a bit of a headcase, but he can still play. The only reason he dropped those passes was because he was continually open behind the defense (one of which was Cincinnati). It’s a mental thing with him.

  6. Vince Young throws one of the most uncatchable balls from a QB I have ever seen. Between the odd delivery angle and the incosistent velocity he is a dropped ball machine.

    Limas Sweed was great in college catching everything everything thrown his way by Young. Poor guy gets to the NFL and sees these perfect throws and doesn’t know what hit him.

    Maybe these two need to come as a package. Like those MLB pitchers that have their own personal ctachers.

  7. I’ll never forget Sweed running uncovered down the sideline (He beat Frank “Pass Interference” Walker)and dropping an easy TD.

  8. @joetoronto

    I’ve said this several times and people are starting to see what I’ve seen for a while now. Your a idiot. Did us as bengals fans take a **** in your favorite ice fishing spot for you to just spout nonsense at EVERY story about the bengals. You know nothing about MY TEAM, you really don’t know much about anything. I think you have a permanent brain freeze going on up there. So do everyone a favor and stop posting comments on something you don’t know anything about.

  9. I’d like to see this kid make something of himself. He’s kept his nose clean, and I can’t fault him for injuries. Good luck Limas!

  10. As a Steelers fan I really wanted this kid to work out and kept rooting for him every year. I think he’s had some issues with depression and I wish him the best as he works through things. Good luck Limas, I hope it works out for you.

  11. Colbert and Company miss on very few as high as the second round of the draft, but this guy was a MAJOR disappointment. That being said, he’s a big target that can run. If he can find it within himself to get a handle on the ball, perhaps he can revive the career that never got started.

    He’s never been in trouble that I know of, so I’ll wish him well.


  12. Has Sweed had any run-ins with the law? If not, why are the Bengals interested?

  13. Joetoronto is 12 years old guys. He doesn’t know the first thing about football. Just ignore him.. by responding to him only makes him feel like he’s a real man.

    He can’t grapple with the fact he’s an immature boy who has no social life whatsoever… so he does this.

    that is all

  14. He mastered running complex routes, but after a couple of drops, got into his head that he couldn’t catch. Mental blocks aren’t as easily overcome as physical injuries–especially not in the unforgiving atmosphere of Heinz Field. I’ve always thought he’d be better off going to a new team and starting fresh.

    Best of luck, Limas. Hope you can turn it around and find the success you were meant to have.

  15. I love that one of the plusses so many guys here are stating about Sweed is that ‘he’s never gotten in trouble’.

    As Chris Rock said… “You ain’t s’pposed to!”

    Why are we praising a guy for not getting arrested as if thats some kind of accomplishment?

  16. He has the talent but the dropped passes has been a mental thing with him. I still think an opportunity and he might be ok. Good luck Limas

  17. @TaiwanMike —

    Yes, everyone fails. It happens in all industries. Who’s got the Mac Cube? a Mac Newton? — How about Google Wave? SearchWiki? or Audio Ads?

    The good companies (and good franchises) move past their mistakes quickly.

  18. bleedgreen says:
    Apr 16, 2012 12:52 PM
    I love that one of the plusses so many guys here are stating about Sweed is that ‘he’s never gotten in trouble’.

    As Chris Rock said… “You ain’t s’pposed to!”

    Why are we praising a guy for not getting arrested as if thats some kind of accomplishment?
    Agreed, but it’s not really meant to be taken as an accomplishment, just a further indicator of being a “low risk”. If he dropped passes AND possessed a criminal record Cincy might not be looking at him.

  19. I have to admit I thought this guy was going to be amazing. I along with the Steelers was sure wrong about him. Im sure hes worth another looksie tho.

  20. The ALL BUST Draft Class of 2008, at reciever featured are Devon Thomas, Malcom Kelly and the now Sweed….congrats! And F**K! Vinnie Cerato!

  21. bengals should sign sweed ,ricky williams and jordan slow azz shipley so they can have an even more overhyped team of has beens convicts and losers lol

  22. Steeler fans stay loyal to Steeler players even when they might go play for a division rival. Good luck, Limas.

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