Steelers hold onto Charlie Batch

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The Steelers brought back one of Ben Roethlisberger’s backups on Monday when they re-signed Charlie Batch to a one-year deal.

The team made the announcement on Monday afternoon. It will be Batch’s 11th year in Pittsburgh, which is the second-longest current tenure of any quarterback with the same team after Tom Brady in New England now that Peyton Manning is in Denver. Incidentally, Batch was the first quarterback taken after Manning and Ryan Leaf in the 1998 Draft.

Batch started one game in 2011 and helped the Steelers to a 27-0 win over the Rams. He has started seven games in his entire run with the Steelers as other backups — some, like Dennis Dixon, with more celebration — have come and gone.

The question now for the Steelers is whether Byron Leftwich will join that parade or if he will return for another year in Steel City. There have been reports that former Steelers offensive coordinator and current Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians would like to bring him to Indianapolis in a mentor role to go along with word that the Steelers would like to bring him back for another season behind Big Ben.

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  1. Charlie is probably more coach than player at this point, and the debacle with Ben’s ankle last year proved we need someone younger that Tomlin will actually put into an important game. But … what can I say? Batch is still one of my favorites, and I glad he’s sticking around another year. Love ya, Charlie 🙂

  2. Charlie is a smart, experienced and effective back-up for Ben on a 1 or 2 game basis. He won’t be sucked in by experienced defensive opponents like an inexperienced younger player might. nd with an experienced team full of playoff caliber players, they can cover for the dropoff from Ben for a game or two.
    Longer term Ben injuries require a younger and more durable backup however.

  3. ednacrabapple says:

    11 years in the NFL. Not all with Pitt

    No. As the article said, he was drafted in 1998 along with Peyton Manning. So this will be his 14th year in the league, his 11th with Pittsburgh.

  4. ednacrabapple

    Batch will be with the Steelers for 11 years if he makes the team this year, he has been in the league since 1998.

  5. A younger version of Batch is exactly what Denver needs for a backup QB. Smart vet who has no ego and can and does step in well when need be.

  6. Deb, he was in Detroit for his first seasons and played well but could not stay healthy; I believe he was there for four years and ended all four on the disabled list.

  7. @gjdodger2 …

    You know it’s funny, I really liked Charlie from the start in Detroit and never anticipated he’d end up spending almost his entire career with my team. And I think of him as a guy who breaks easily because of all his injuries–but 14 years is a longer career than most guys you’d consider durable. Like some have said, he’s the perfect backup. He understands the playbook, knows how to be a team player, and when healthy, gets the job done if called upon. You can’t ask more than that.

  8. Great to see you back for another year, Charlie! You do your hometown proud. Then, next year, you can move right on up to QB coach for us. Nobody better for the job!

  9. I simply don’t understand this; the Steelers proved last year they have no confidence in him starting when Ben is injured and unable to play well, so why keep him around? Why not get rid of him and pick up a backup QB you don’t mind putting under center when necessary? If it’s for his coaching and experience, fine, bring him back as a COACH but free up that roster spot for someone who can PLAY!

  10. steelershaveobnoxiousclasslessfairweatherfans says:

    Glad they kept Charlie for when Ben gets charges pressed against him again….

    Again? Ben has never even been arrested, much less had any charges filed against him.

    But thank you for your obsession with our team. It’s always flattering when people wrap their entire identity around us.

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