The PFT Live mock draft returns

Everyone does a mock draft.  Silva does the official PFT mock drafts.  In order to feel less guilty about abdicating my responsibilities, I do a mock draft for PFT Live.

In order to fully milk this particular cow, we break it up into eight segments, with four picks per part.

Part one arrived today, with the first four selections.

Feel free to watch.  Feel even freer to call me an idiot in the comments.  Or on Twitter.  Or pretty much anywhere else.

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9 responses to “The PFT Live mock draft returns

  1. I don’t think there’s a glimmer of a chance that Jim Irsay is going to do anything but pick Andrew Luck. I think he would be a complete fool if he went in any other direction but Luck. Even the name insinuates success, not that that matters. RG3 is a great athlete and great prospect, but he’s no Andrew Luck. Luck is such a polished player and quick to analyze defenses. Heck, he is a Stanford grad.I’m not trying to insinuate that RG3 isn’t smart, he is. But, Luck is just SPECIAL and I think he would be a better leader. I’m not sure Griffin has great leadership skills. I think that separates the two and Luck isn’t exactly a bad athlete. Griffin didn’t destroy Luck at the combine. Is he a little more athletic, YES. But, not enough to sell me on Griffin over Luck. I’m sure there will be many to disagree. Here’s a question for you: “Do you think that the selection difference among fans and NFL players is influenced by race? Because, it sure seems like it is when you hear the opinions on television.

  2. I have a feeling the Vikings are going to deal their third pick. They can still get a quality tackle if they want and can pick up extra picks to rebuild their team around Christian Ponder if they decide he is their guy. I can see Miami trading up to get Ryan Tannehill, even though I think Tannehill is at best a second round talent at QB. Miami is making a fundamental mistake of drafting for need in the first round rather than best available player.

  3. There should be no chance for anybody to call you an idiot within the first 4 picks. I can’t recall a draft where the first four were as blatantly obvious as this year. I didn’t watch the video at all, and somebody can fill me in, but if the order goes anything but the following for the first four picks, you’re insane…..

    1) Andrew Luck
    2) RG3
    3) Matt Kalil
    4) Trent Richardson

    I’ll even throw in the next few picks for you:

    5) Morris Claiborne
    6) Justin Blackmon

    The Jags pick is the first one where things could get interesting…… Either Melvin Ingram, Michael Floyd or an outside early shot at Coples.

    Until this point the picks are no-brainers.

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