Trent Richardson takes cancer survivor to her prom

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One of the biggest night’s of Alabama running back Trent Richardson’s life will take place next Thursday in New York, but he spent this weekend helping to create one of the best nights of someone else’s life.

Richardson, who is expected to be one of the first players off the board in the first round,  escorted 17-year-old Courtney Alvis to her high school prom on Saturday night after Alvis’ uncle reached out to some of Richardson’s friends at the university. Alvis was diagnosed with leukemia last year and is currently taking chemo maintenance treatments, according to WBRC-TV in Birmingham.

“I did it out of my heart,” Richardson said. “I’m lucky to be here with Courtney.”

Richardson’s mother has also battled cancer, something he said prompted him to accept the invitation. Whatever the reason, it’s a good turn by Richardson to help make the night a special one.

Whichever team winds up with Richardson next week is going to be looking for the same kind of fairy tale.

38 responses to “Trent Richardson takes cancer survivor to her prom

  1. Very nice gesture by Trent…..more athletes should take some time to help out the less fortunate, it wouldn’t kill them to spend an hour or a day with somebody to give them the thrill of a lifetime

  2. Awesome. I don’t really like Alabama but I’ve always liked TR. He plays hard on every down. The Browns will be a getting a huge upgrade from their previous me-first RB.

  3. awesome classy move by trent…everything i’ve seen about him shows him to be a nice guy…hopefully he can stay healthy and have a great nfl career

  4. Very nice. Many NFL players take their Tuesday day off and do great things in their local community. Most of it is not publicized, but many of these guys are grateful to be playing professional sports and love giving back to their community.

  5. Kudos to Richardson. Maybe other so-called stars should learn something from this, leave their ego and sense of self entitlement at the door and do something for their less fortunate fellow neighbor.

  6. Now that was class. Good to see other football players other than Tebow doing positive in the community. Well Done Trent!!

  7. Great story and a class act. I hope Trent Richardson truly thrives in the NFL. Can’t wait to see what he has to offer.

  8. it doesn’t matter if he rushes for 1yard or 99,000 yards, he is truly a great guy in the game of life, & that is more important!! GOOD LUCK TRENT except against my 9ERS!!

  9. AWWW what a sweet kid. He’s a good role model for his own kids to boot (think he has 2?). I love the good stories!

  10. A good heart is one of the many reasons Alabama fans love Trent. Wonderful story. Hope he finds great success in the pros. And best of luck to his date, Courtney, as she completes her chemotherapy.

  11. Classy move Trent. Best of luck on a long NFL career.

    Now, can someone help me to figure out why someone feels compelled to put a thumbs down on every comment? Does that lowlife person have nothing better to do with his time.

    And, @stairwayto7, you are just a pig. Why can’t someone do something nice without someone else having to come and pi$$ on it. I have been through chemo, and it sucks, so for an athlete to do what he did should be applauded, not ridiculed. Get a life!

  12. TR You truly made that young ladies dreams come true! What a classy move indeed. She will have memories of that night for the rest of what will hopefully be a long life. You sir are a true gentleman. I wish you the best of luck in the NFL!

  13. @mrslay1 …

    This post isn’t about Tebow. I’m sure you can find 50 others that are. Give it a rest.

    @stairwayto7 …

    Like nortonfest, I’m also a cancer survivor and wish you could drop your obsessive SEC hatred for five seconds. Really, really inappropriate here.

  14. Trent is a MAN entering the draft….

    Trent is not a little boy entering the draft….

    Real men do things like this. Real men do things like Alex Smith did. Not for publicity, not for fame, or riches. But because they have a heart, and because they are touched or moved by reasons that make them feel this is something they must do because indirectly it affects them. Richardsons mother battled cancer, and to him, this meant alot. Alex Smith did the same thing with joining the search. He hasn’t had a family member lost, but because he lives nearby, he wants to make a difference.

    Trent, and Alex, you guys are making a difference in peoples lives more than what you probably realize by these acts of kindness you have displayed. You guys are real men of the NFL, and the type of guys we want to see in this sport!

  15. I totally agree mrslay1! I’m not sure what Tebow has to do with anything amazing thing TR did for this young lady. You are 100% correct, this is TR’s time to shine for an act he did from the heart, not Tebows give it a rest indeed!

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