Giants’ 2012 schedule leaks early


The Super Bowl champion New York Giants were the first team to have their home opener announced — Wednesday, September 5, against the Cowboys — and now they’re the first team to have their full 2012 schedule reported.

Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger got a copy of the Giants’ full 2012 schedule, which the NFL will officially unveil in an hour and a half.

We already knew that the Giants would be in a nationally televised prime time game in Week One, but it turns out they’ll be in prime time for three of the first four games of the season. They’re also on NFL Network on Thursday night, September 20, against Cam Newton and the Panthers in Week Three, and they’ll play at Philadelphia on NBC on Sunday night, September 30, in Week Four.

Here’s a detail that FOX can’t be happy about: Only one of the Giants’ first five games is on FOX.

Other details: The NFC Championship Game rematch at San Francisco is in Week Six, the playoff rematches against the Packers and Falcons are in Weeks 12 and 15, the Giants get their bye in Week 11, and they wrap up the season Week 17 at home against the Eagles.

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  1. The Steelers are vastly superior to the rest of the league in too many ways to list. The glory is unsurpassed. The bar has been set so incredibly high, and for that, we are sorry.

    This is why after we will our 7th this year we will leave this pathetic league and start our own out of the greatness that is Steel. The foundation will be so strong. The Steelers organization will be divided into eight. Wow. PURE non-Steeler football players deemed Steeler quality will be allowed to fill roster spots. Whoa, we are so gracious.

    Until then, bow. Bow to our unrivaled achievements and watch as a shower in confetti. Watch as we climb the mountains that we placed. While we watch you peasants whimper in your corner, unsuccessful, dreaming of joining the SFL. Maybe in another life.

  2. Once again the league promotes it’s favorite team over all the others. And that’s why a 9 – 7 team is looked at as a tainted super bowl winner. Preferential treatment.

  3. i love how goodell was able to squeeze his favorite new england pats the easiest schedule this year according to last years records, on the heels of his dream superbowl pats vs giants, & his absurd pay raise he cashes in on for a league he took over for that he had not contributed anything but a lock-out & issue some substantial fines

  4. The whole NFC east has a generally tough schedule because of landing the AFC north and NFC south, but the only cupcake for the giants here is Cleveland…Last year was the first time the NFC east had a 9-7 division winner, I wouldn’t be surprised if its the same situation this year.

  5. Giants have the toughest schedule in the NFL. Good luck defending the crown.
    Uh duuuh!!! That’s what happens when you are Super Bowl Champ, Chump!

  6. The Giants’ schedule was leaked? And Jeremy Shockey played for the Giants. C’mon, Sapp. You know you want to call him a snitch again…

  7. jaggedmark says:
    Apr 17, 2012 5:36 PM
    Very tough schedule. Last 4 games will be tough for a playoff run.


    Every game after the bye is going to be tough. The Skins won both match up’s last year with a mediocre QB. Am glad my team doesn’t have this schedule. This will be a tough repeat for the G-Men, but Tom Coughlin and co. always put together a great game plan. If they don’t make the playoff’s they will be close

  8. Another crap schedule where they dump all the Giants hard games in the 2nd half of the year.

    9- Steelers Playoff team
    10- Bengals Playoff Team
    11- Bye
    12- Packers Playoff Team
    13-Redskins Division game
    14-Saints Playoff Team
    15-Falcons Playoff Team
    16-Ravens Playoff Team
    17- Eagles Division Game

    Tell me another team that gets a schedule like this ever. Giants keep getting shafted with the schedule ever year.

  9. cali49er707, you realize that there’s a formula that determines each team’s schedule, right? There is no “preferential treatment” when it comes to choosing a team’s opponents.

  10. Find out who leaked the schedule…..they must be fined, suspended and drawn and quartered.

    Oh wait, it was the Giants and not the Saints, nevermind.

  11. I thought league is supposed to have division games for the last 2 of the season….does not appear to happen…Ravens and Eagles last 2 games for the gmen…think this may be BS….

  12. Tough schedule but so was 2008 and they got off to a great start. Keep Nicks & Cruz away from any clubs in the city and if they must go, give them a holster. We’ve all seen what a 9 mm in sweatpants will do for yourself & your teams chance to repeat, right Plax?

  13. “And that’s why a 9 – 7 team is looked at as a tainted super bowl winner.”

    Really? By who? Name ’em. You & your avatar?

  14. giants schedule is always tough….it was one of, if not the, toughest schedule last year. who cares? if the giants dont get obliterated by injuries next year, like they did this previous season, it wont matter. teams with the giants on thier schedule need to be worried, not the other way around.

  15. I was thinking of heading to the San Fran game week 6 but then I thought to myself, I don’t want to get stabbed by a bunch of criminals. I guess it’s the pub for pints and some of that kush from BC 🙂

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