Kolb struggled to recover from 2011 concussion

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If Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb was surprised by the team’s interest in Peyton Manning, he shouldn’t have been.

First, they were pursuing Peyton Manning, not Tim Tebow.

Second, Kolb hasn’t played well enough to earn guaranteed placement atop the depth chart.

And, third, Kolb’s struggles with concussions necessarily have the team concerned about his durability.

As to the latter point, Kolb disclosed Monday that it took him nearly seven weeks to recover from a concussion that he suffered in December 2011, which caused him to miss the final three games of the season.

“To be honest with you, when I first went home it was still pretty severe,” Kolb said regarding his condition after the regular season ended, via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.  “It kind of worried me because I figured once I got away from the game it would clear up pretty fast.  But it didn’t and I stayed in contact with our guys here.  Within three or four days after that three-week period it was fine.  I was glad to be feeling back to normal.”

But while he’s fine now, the question is whether he’ll be fine after suffering another concussion.  At some point, the Cardinals will need to move on to a quarterback who doesn’t have a history of concussions — and who performs better when able to perform.

At some point, Kolb also should stop talking about his struggles with concussions.  Or he should just go ahead and glue a dartboard to his helmet.

11 responses to “Kolb struggled to recover from 2011 concussion

  1. Proof that he still hasn’t recovered: he still thinks he’s a starting QB in the NFL.

  2. Some guys just never get there, Kolb is not as lowly as Vikings and their fans but kinda reminds you of their depressing identity…like a dirt you can’t wash off…something missing..the cutest of the ugly girls..the most coordinated dork kinda thing…Florio can explain it better

  3. Kolb still doesn’t understand he was struggling before the concussion. He has been given the starting job twice now and he’s still fighting for the starting position………………………………He’s a loser, not a starting qb.

  4. Does he sue the NFL now or wait until he retires like 1200 other players have done ?

  5. Kobb wasn’t great before the concussion. However, the fact that he struggled to recover is not at all surprising. These things can curtail a career, and everybody is different when it comes to recovery times with injuries, especially concussions. Look at a guy like Trent Edwards, who showed a lot of promise, suffered a concussion, and was never the same afterwards.

  6. Kolb is a nice fellow but it seems crazy to me that Whisenhunt would put his ego and career above the lifetime safety of Kolb. Kolb obviously will incur long-time if not lifetime damage from another concussion. BUT, Whisenhunt talked the Bidwills into paying Kolb exorbitant money as the next Kurt Warner — Whisenhunt can’t just cut Kolb, or the Bidwills will know immediately that they have spent good money on a not-Peyton QB and a coach who has only excelled when Kurt Warner was QB.
    Give it up, Whiz, and don’t endanger Kolb’s health just to save your own hide.

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