Schedule sets up for Sanchez to struggle early


Mark Sanchez will head into the regular season as the Jets’ starting quarterback. But the entire NFL world will be watching for any signs that the Jets could turn to Tim Tebow to take Sanchez’s place. And the Jets’ early schedule isn’t great for Sanchez’s chances of getting off to a good start.

After opening the season against the Bills, whose new defensive end Mario Williams could dominate Jets offensive tackle Wayne Hunter and feast on Sanchez, the Jets will face the Steelers, Dolphins, 49ers and Texans. As Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News points out, that means that in Weeks 2-5 the Jets face the No. 1, No. 6, No. 2 and No. 4 scoring defenses from 2011.

If Sanchez gets off to a good start against those defenses, it’s a great sign that he really is developing into the franchise quarterback that the Jets need him to be. An optimist would look at the Jets’ early schedule and say it gives Sanchez a big opportunity to prove himself.

But with a lot of games against good defenses in the early going, it’s easy to envision Sanchez struggling. And if Sanchez struggles, Rex Ryan may decide that it’s Tebow time.

46 responses to “Schedule sets up for Sanchez to struggle early

  1. It will be interesting to see if Sanchez makes it past pre-season what with the Tebow crowd yelling for him to play………

  2. The first 4 games could be against high school teams and Sanchez would still struggle… What i mean is that the dude kinda sucks at the Quarterback position

  3. The Jets are set up for the implosion with the QB situation with Tebow(who will win) and Sanchize.I’m pumped for Thanksgiving at Giants Stadium(MetLife OK haha) ! We’ll be there.

  4. Mark needs to start the season on the right foot, or Rex might close the door on his toes.

  5. outside looking in here but, i think with a good OC & QB coach i think sanchez could become a pro bowler, he went to back to back conference championships & that was partly because of him & not in spite of him, look what 1year of good qb coaching did for alex smith not saying he is pro bowl material but, he sure made big strides, that being said that is a brutal start to a schedule!!

  6. So what’s your point? If ‘the dirty one’ was any good, he’d relish playing against the best. This isn’t the PAC 10 or a scrimmage.

  7. Li’l Marky already is finished, we don’t need any games to prove that. All you need to see are the racks of No. 15 Tebow jersey shirts in shops at Newark International Airport.

  8. What a coincidence that the Jets schedule is much lighter after their bye week! I’m sure that just fell into place on accident.

  9. Sanchez will have a big year this year. Everyone always leave hate comments on here and don’t have a clue about football.mark has improved ever year in many categories but needs to lower his t.o counts. But with that o-line and run game he has no time to work his magic!

  10. Sanchez will struggle week 6 through 16 if he is still in there. Sanchez is overhyped. He won a couple come back games a couple years ago and everyone wants to hand him a gold jacket. 5 years from now people will be saying “Mark San-who?”. Guarantee from me. I was right about Old “whats his name?”.. Remember?

  11. Marky is wearing speedos with men on South Beach,Rex is chasing feet and all you can eat buffets,Cromartie is having more kids to different mamas, NO WORRIES NEW YORK……THE TEBOW COMETH!!!!

  12. I seem to be missing something.Tebow loss (while playing very poorly) 4 of his last 5 games. Why does anyone think that would improve a very dysfunctional team?

  13. In reality, I can’t complain about this year’s schedule – I get to see my one game this year when it’s not freakin’ arse cold outside (Sept 30 – Raiders @ Broncos)

    Yeah, it looks bad for Sanchez starting out this season – a lotta tough teams he has to face. And when he bombs at home early (which I hope he doesn’t) I can now hear the same caterwauling for Tebow like we all heard last fall when Orton heard a Who. And this cannot end well…….

  14. Funny how Sanchez has done more when it actually counts (in the postseason) is treated like Trent Dilfer…yet Ryan, Rivers and Romo–who have continually no-showed in the playoffs–are treated as far better QB’s

  15. I’ve had just about enough of the Jets-hating trolls in this place. Stop worrying about what the Jets do when YOUR TEAM PROBABLY SUCKS.

    For a total out and out implosion, 8-8 isn’t that bad.

  16. I laugh at Sanchez apologists. Sanchez & Tebow actually have alot in common: fair winning percentage including playoffs despite lackluster stats. Sanchez has good reason to be nervous. I can’t ever remember a time when a ‘backup’ QB/gadget player’s jersey was the top seller 2 years in a row for different teams. More fuel for the Tebow Hate Machine.

  17. How about the Jets getting the guy some real weapons to see if he is a real QB or not…ala the Superbowl champion Giants did for Eli the last 4 years… The Jets got 2 holes on the O-line, no difference making game changer at RB, 1 pre-madonna at WR & a solid TE thats hardly ever used… And its Sanchez thats the problem??? —- oh wait Here comes TEBOW to save the day!!!..Que in Mighty Mouse theme song

  18. nghtrder169 says:
    How about the Jets getting the guy some real weapons to see if he is a real QB or not…ala the Superbowl champion Giants did for Eli the last 4 years… The Jets got 2 holes on the O-line, no difference making game changer at RB, 1 pre-madonna at WR & a solid TE thats hardly ever used… And its Sanchez thats the problem??? —- oh wait Here comes TEBOW to save the day!!!..Que in Mighty Mouse theme song
    Um…Tell me again, what were all the awesome weapons that Tebow had in Denver?
    An average 30 year old RB (Willis McGahee)
    A 1st round bust RB (Knowshon Moreno)
    A collection of WR’s & TE’s that were so great… that exactly 2 of them were retained. All the rest were replaced with Peyton Manning’s choices. All the Mighty Mouse music in the world isn’t going to help Sanchez. He was an even bigger reach as a 1st round draft pick than Tebow was. Sanchez started for 1 season @ USC. Tebow had significant playing time @ Florida, won a Heisman (many say should have been 2), & won 2 championships. What was Sanchez’ big time college accomplishment again? You saw what the head to head result was in college & the pros. Nuff said.

  19. Right about then..jets can invite their 1 and only division winners since 1970…and hold a nice intimate reunion in ..Dolphin stadium…then name Joe Namath interim HC

    Happy 44th anniversary jet fans…This is your month!!! Unbeaten in April

  20. This is no doubt going to be entertaining. So nice to be able to watch this circus without any real interest in the outcome (other than the Jets losing, of course). This is truly a clown show.

  21. Yeah put in Tebow and his 5-10 good throws a game with a porous offensive line that won’t allow him enough time for that loop throwing motion. I mean who wouldn’t want 40% completions. Just have the defense stop them 20 out of 22 possessions and you win. Basic formula people. What the jets don’t have a top 5 d? Yikes! Don’t worry…even of you did… You expose that d to the grinder that is Tebow time and they’ll be ground into 20th ranked d anways. Broncos had top 5 d but you put them on the field over and over again…they are only human.

    On a side note, I do find it very entertaining to watch Tebow so….I’m rooting for you buddy!! Lol

  22. This is going to be the same situation as it has always been with Tebow. At the first sign of struggle, the fans will be nagging the Jets organization to put him in and he will be the starting quarterback of the New York Jets by week four or five. Watch.

  23. And by the way jluns275, the reason people always seem to hate on the Jets is Rex Ryan. He seems to copy a lot of what Bill Belichick does and they always seem to sign the players that are simply the most marketable and will fill the most seats(Tebow, Holmes, Burress). It’s no surprise to me that their locker room imploded due to the fact that Rex goes out there and talks smack every week and the players are too shaky to back it up. Maybe if Rex Ryan shut his mouth and put his team to work they would have been able to live up to their full potential this year. But who knows maybe Sanchez can turn it around. Only time will tell. It’s all up to him now to prove his worth.

  24. I love all the hate Sanchez and the Jets get…just means other fans are either jealous or clusless. Sanchez has improved EVERY year since his 1st season as a starting QB. Is he the best QB in the league? NOPE but the kid can play at a high level and he has proven that time and time again.

    The season hasnt even begun yet and people are writing him and the team off. Pure stupidity

  25. Who cares, whats important is who is their third string qb? The one that will be in command of the offense during the superbowl ryan will claim is his in training camp?

    Does he have a name? Have they even signed their best qb yet?

  26. Greg McIlroy is his name, I believe. And in reality he looked pretty darn good in the pre-season games he played in. Truth be told – he’s probably got more talent than Sanchez & Timmah combined, which would be kinda scarey (LOL)

  27. OMG – the story is that SANCHEZ will struggle against good defenses?

    Did nobody watch Tebow play last year? The NFL figured him out after 6 games……this year, Tim will be running in circles and throwing ducks……..

  28. Sanchez will not only struggle early, but he’ll struggle often, you can make book on that.

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