Sunday night continues to be football night

I’ve resisted for more than an hour to celebrate the schedule of Sunday night games on NBC.

I can resist no longer.

Sunday night will once again be football night, with a great slate of NBC games to finish off every Sunday of the regular season, and a couple of other days on the calendar.

It starts Week One, with the Giants hosting the Cowboys to start things off on the evening of September 5.

Four nights later, the Steelers visit the Broncos in Peyton Manning’s first game with an NFL team other than the Colts.

Week Two, the 49ers and coach Jim Harbaugh host the Lions and coach Jim Schwartz.  They need to start practicing their handshake.

Week Three, the Ravens host the Patriots.  Vince Wilfork will be hoping those rules that protect quarterbacks will protect his quarterback from Terrell Suggs.

Week Four, Giants at Eagles.  The Dream Team gets a chance to make a belated statement.

Week Five, Chargers at Saints.  Drew Brees gets another shot at the team that gave up on him in 2005.  And if he throws a touchdown pass in each of the Saints’ first four games, he would break John Unitas’ record of 47 consecutive games with a touchdown pass against the team for which Unitas played after the Colts gave up on him.

Week Six, Packers at Texans.  Potential Super Bowl preview.

Week Seven, Steelers at Bengals.  If this one doesn’t sell out in Cincy, none will.

Week Eight, Saints at Broncos against Game 4 of the World Series.  Maybe Tracy Porter will intercept Drew Brees and return it for the game-clinching touchdown.

Week Nine, Cowboys at Falcons.  America’s Team vs. the Team that Wants to Be America’s Team.

Week 10, Texans at Bears.  Two of the best running backs in the NFL square off, if they’re healthy and if Matt Forte is under contract.

Week 11, Ravens at Steelers.  The first week of flex scheduling likely won’t result in flexing of the schedule.

Week 12 starts on Thursday, with the Patriots visiting the Jets on Thanksgiving night.  Tebow, Brady, Sanchez, and Rex Ryan gnawing on a turkey leg.

Week 12 ends with the Packers visiting the Giants.  Many thought this one could start the season.

Week 13, Eagles at Cowboys.  Hopefully Tony Romo won’t overthrow Miles Austin if the Cowboys have a chance to knock Philly out of the playoffs.

Week 14, Lions at Packers.  Green Bay’s backup quarterback likely won’t be playing this time around.

Week 15, 49ers at Patriots.  Best offense vs. best defense from 2011.

Week 16, Chargers at Jets.  The only game that at first blush cries out, “Flex me, Mick.”  Even if it isn’t, the New York market and a nation settling in the night before the night before Christmas will tune in.

The Sunday night game for Week 17 won’t be determined until Week 17 approaches.  It’ll most likely be a game with clear playoff implications regardless of the outcome of the other games — a playoff play-in game like Cowboys-Giants in 2011 and Rams-Seahawks in 2010.

And it all gets started in fewer than five months.  We’ll keep you occupied until then.

68 responses to “Sunday night continues to be football night

  1. The league is determined to stunt the Steelers’ greatness from reaching an even larger margin. While we understand this tactic, we have come to resent it. We have done well to overcome this adversity winning two SBs under this regime of manipulation. The threat the Steelers impose on the league grows annually, however.

    Nothing can keep the Steelers down. We prepare for wars while at peace, topple nations, and exterminate the populace. We’ve laid the groundwork for this game. We’ve taught lesser mortals what’s right and wrong. We will never tolerate authority over this game that is greater than our own. Rising from the sabotage attempts from the league, the Steeler Nation has decided that we will not ignore it any longer.

    After defeating the league (and the sabotage attempts in place) this one last time to earn Lombardi number seven we will cross our glory to its proper ascended path, the Steeler Football League. This league will arrive with just the Steelers in all its glory. The league will have eight teams to start. The current Steelers will be drafted to these teams equally. Players from the tainted NFL, once deemed pure and worthy, will be allowed to sign with teams via supplemental draft in order to fill roster spots. Coaches and personnel will follow the same procedures.

    There will be an overhaul of the rules that the tainted NFL uses. The idea is to bring back REAL football. Rules that make the run game relevant again. Rules that don’t overprotect the QB. Recent subtle rules will be eliminated as well. Refs will be required to have at least played football on the collegiate level.

    We provide this to the peasants because we are extremely gracious. We will be announcing our new sacrifice shrine sometime mid-august this year. We appreciate your patience. We respect that many fans want the Steelers gone because of our overwhelming dominance. We thank you for your feedback and we see your position. This is clearly the best propostion for all parties. You may all go back to river of tears, while we sail the 7 seas. Whoa.

  2. chaw12thman not sure what you’re looking at but Week 7 is Steelers at Bengals.

    And yeah, that game would sell out even if it was on Sunday at 1p. It’s the only lock Cincinnati has this year and looking at their schedule they should be at least 8-8 again and that will probably still be their only sell out.

    Mike Brown needs to go.

  3. I dislike the Patriots. Borderline hate them actually. But their schedule is such a cupcake they have a legit shot at running the regular season schedule again undefeated. It’s so easy it looks hand picked.

  4. The Sunday night product is the best of the week. What will Faith Hill be wearing this year?

  5. Screw the NFL.. push the teams you want to win.. Screw my BILLS over.. 3 out of our first 9 are on the road really?? The Cowgirls and the Shegals.. Get multiple Prime Time games late in the season when they will be out of contention nice job Roger you grew up 45 minutes from the Ralph and you just keep crapping on your hometown team… And I don’t want to hear this small market crap.. The Bills have more sell outs than75% of the NFL every season !!!

  6. Really looking forward to the Lions against Niners game week 2. Was a great game in Detroit last year that we just barely lost and should be another good one this year

  7. Jets-Chargers is the game you don’t think is worthy of the Sunday night spot?

    Texans-Bears or Dallas-Atlanta is somehow more intriguing?

  8. justwinbaby29 says: Apr 17, 2012 8:26 PM

    No Raiders on NBC again. SMH


    I don’t get my own Bears vs Texans. I barfed in my mouth seeing Eagles vs Cowboys. It sucks that the Cowboys are even televised but they have a very high viewership and money rules.

    The Raiders were 8-8 in a crappy division last year. You Just Gotta Win Baby to get on SNF … or have a huge fan base coast to coast.

  9. The Jets Vs. Pats is only interesting to Jets and Pats fans and the Jets vs. Chargers is interesting to nobody!!!

  10. Does ESPN have some contract with the 49ers/Cardinals to have them as a MNF game every season? I swear it’s three or four seasons in a row now and I continue to shake my head as to why the Cardinals are on prime time.

  11. CBS really got pooch screwed for week 1. Steelers/Broncos is Sunday night, then both games on Monday night are AFC matchups. But overall this season’s slate of Sunday night games looks pretty impressive.

  12. fiadbag says: Apr 17, 2012 8:48 PM

    too bad Florio will make an appearance and ruin everything

    Do not forget about Dungy and his man crush on Manning

  13. Why do the Steelers always play in Denver?

    Since 2004, the Steelers and Broncos have played 7 times, 6 of them have taken place in Denver.

  14. The eagles out of contention when? Please. The eagles win the division and go deep into the playoffs. They have done it EVERY SINGLE SEASON UNDER REID, after missing the playoffs. Some of u may say Reid had only missed the playoffs 3 times in 13 seasons. To that I say, well, thats a HOF caliber stat to go along with his big fat super bowl ring he wears.


  15. Ok, um… Hmm… Saints v Chargers… The Chargers giving up on Brees is a storyline from 6 years ago. Chargers giving up on Sproles is more recent, but even that’s a year old. Other than Meach playing against his old team, not much here. Meach is still loved by us. We wish him well in 15 other games. 🙂

    Saints vs Broncos.. Um… Hmm… Wow, not much here either. Payton v Dad’s old team (done it)… Peyton rematched against the Saints, but not really a rematch (done it)

    Basically, the story is Tracy Porter & Broderick Bunkley v their old teams. (massive yawn)

    Whoever makes the Sun night schedule blows.

  16. No Redskins and no Raiders. An RgIII-Cam Newton shootout would be awesome on Sunday Night.

  17. steelersaresuperiorineveryway6welookdownandlaugh

    6 SB wins……and 2 losses!!!

    SF 49ers 5-0, 1.000

  18. @kgun80
    8 of the Cowboys first 11 games are on the road.

    Maybe it’ll help in December to have all five of their late season games at home.

  19. who cares about the game anymore. it seems the only thing you media outlets care about is what is said before and after a game. or on the sideline. oh man, tom brady was yelling at somebody! lets put 6 cameras on him! oh look at that grin peyton manning has on his face. he isn’t happy!

  20. Considering that there is a possibility of 34 different teams to be scheduled for SNF and the Cowboys hold 3 of those spots, is it fair for the teams who don’t get a slot, such as the Raiders?

    Why, yes it is. America’s Team!

  21. Pretty amazing that Steelers @ Cowboys didn’t end up in prime time. Can’t imagine many match ups capable of tuning in more viewers than that one.

  22. The Jets will be out of it by Week 16 and probably sooner, so expect the NFL to flex their game that week. I wouldn’t mind their game against the Pats getting flexed too, but watching Rex Ryan and the Jets getting humiliated on national TV is must-see TV.

  23. 17 Total Games with 2 games in week 1.

    Interesting breakdown of the 34 team appearances involved:

    17 NFC Appearances
    17 AFC Appearances

    NFC East 7 Appearances
    (Cowboys 3, Giants 2, Eagles 2)

    NFC North 5 Appearances
    (Packers 2, Lions 2, Bears 1)

    NFC South 3 Appearances
    (Saints 2, Falcons 1)

    NFC West 2 Appearances
    (Niners 2)

    AFC North 6 Appearances
    (Steelers 3, Ravens 2, Bengals 1)

    AFC East 5 Appearances
    (Patriots 3, Jets 2)

    AFC West 4 Appearances
    (Broncos 2, Chargers 2)

    AFC South 2 Appearances
    (Texans 2)

    Obviously Cowboys, Steelers and Patriots get 3 games each. All are ratings machines. If the Cowboys ever start winning again they will be on Prime Time every week.

    Two appearances each for Saints, Giants, Eagles, Packers, Lions and Niners in the NFC and Ravens, Jets, Broncos, Chargers and Texans.

  24. Kgun80 Bills will be out of contention after the first five games . There not up there because they haven’t won many games in a while. Eagles might not have a ring ,but have one of the better regular season winning percentages in the league. When was the last time the bills made the playoffs. Stop hating if they win games then you will see them in the last month when the games are flexible. If not start looking for another high draft pick .

  25. raider23mike says:
    Apr 17, 2012 9:14 PM
    NO RAIDERS??? Why, they did better than the Jets

    2 0


    Well, after week 12, when carson palmer comes back to cincy and gets absolutely slaughtered by the defense who knows his every tendency, then the raiders will be forced to have their backup QB play the rest of the season. Palmer is the biggest quitter ever, and I hope they put a hurtin on him. Not injury wise, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he went down crying!

  26. Too much Houston and San Diego IMO. The Chargers have been on a decline the past few years and Houston could take a step back with the losses of Mario and Demaco.

  27. You can argue all you want about the Sunday Night Schedule but this sight just got a lot better because this sure as hell beats talking about the damn lockout, concussion lawsuits, or the Saints troubles.

  28. Been waiting for a rematch with the Niners since last seasons handshake game. Time for the Lions to win a big road game!! Go Leo’s!!!

  29. steelersaresuperiorineveryway6welookdownandlaugh; wow. Just wow. Exactly how delusional are you? Should I be afraid you’ll be able to trace this comment and find me? Good lord, get a grip man! I love the Pats more than my own family but that was insane..

  30. @steelersaresuperiorineveryway6welookdownandlaugh, you’re my favorite troll.

    But seriously, who keeps approving your comments?

  31. No wonder why everyone hates steeler fans, most arrogant fans in the history of sports! via steelersaresuperiorineveryway6welookdownandlaugh… Have to admit funny as hell!

  32. @steelersaresuperiorineveryway6welookdownandlaugh …

    Right. We get it. You’re ridiculing Steelers fans. Wow–like we’ve never had that before 🙄 Why don’t you leave the satire to the real writers on the site–you know, the ones who get paid for it–and just be a regular jackass like the rest of our haters?

  33. The schedulers are still giving the Cowboys a premium number of Sunday night games despite their failure to make the playoffs in the last couple of years. Is Dallas still a top ratings draw?

  34. mkindred1 says:
    Apr 17, 2012 10:00 PM
    Considering that there is a possibility of 34 different teams to be scheduled for SNF and the Cowboys hold 3 of those spots, is it fair for the teams who don’t get a slot, such as the Raiders?

    Why, yes it is. America’s Team!
    sfsaintsfan says:
    Apr 17, 2012 10:03 PM
    17 Total Games with 2 games in week 1.

    Interesting breakdown of the 34 team appearances involved:

    Last I checked there were only 32 teams.

  35. @eaglebranded
    Get real… Vick will play 10 games tops.. Your D is a joke… With more depth and a pass rush.. I’d be willing to guarantee the Bills get more wins than that overpaid group of DBs and WRs you have on your roster.. McCoy is the only quality player on that team. So good luck

  36. @steelersaresuperiorineveryway6welookdownandlaugh

    Listen, Gandalf, unless you actually are a player or staff member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, “You” did not do a damn thing other than buy some merchandise and wave your towel. “You” are a fan and otherwise have nothing to do with the team, the league or anyone else in football that matters. None of them care about “You” except as a potential source of revenue and the thought that “Y0u” are involved in some vast league conspiracy against the Steelers is beyond laughable.

    The league isn’t conspiring against the Steelers for the simple reason that the team is popular and thus has large numbers of fans like “You” spend large quantities of money to make yourselves feel important, which “You” can wear while “You” write fanfiction about being buddies with Roethlisburger and fending off evil Goodell-demons in the mystical fields of battle with your pretend magical powers. The league isn’t conspiring against “You” because “You” are unrelated to the Steelers and the NFL couldn’t care less about “You”.

    But good luck with your “real” football league. “You” will no doubt make Donald Trump proud.

  37. Regarding that Week 17 Sunday Night game that will be decided a week before….don’t believe it. It’s already been decided. Take a look at the teams playing that weekend and tell me that game won’t involve the Giants or possibly the SF-AZ game? They do this every year so that the flex game is an NFC game and usually involves an NFC East team.

    Look at the other divisional matchups. The top teams in each division aren’t matched up against each other. This is a BIG problem with insisting that the last game of the year be divisional games. The options are limited.

    Every division winner from last year plays either the 3rd or 4th place finisher in the division except…surprise…the NFC East and the NFC West. Giants play Philly…1 vs. 2, and SF plays the Cards…1 vs. 2. Tell me why there are no other 1 vs. 2 matchups? Especially since the point of week 17 divisional games was to pair up division rivals that might make a difference in division standings?

  38. I personally don’t get the appeal of Sunday night football. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch it (or at least half of it), but I’ve heard lots of media types exhorting it as the best thing since sliced bread and even referring to it as “the new Monday Night Football”. Wha??? After already watching two games earlier in the day I tend to be a little football fatigued by Sunday night, and in any case I generally can’t stay up for the whole game because I have to go back to work Monday morning. At least with Monday Night Football, it’s the only game on all day and the ONE thing that can make having to go back to work bearable (gives you something to look forward to to get you through that Monday workday).

    Still… GO STEELERS!

  39. Week 15, 49ers at Patriots. Best offense vs. best defense from 2011.

    You mean the 4th ranked Defense against the 2nd best Offense, right?

    Don’t worry, I’ll do your work for you.

  40. Really? You dimwits can’t read steelersaresuperiorineveryway6welookdownandlaugh and tell he’s ragging on Steelers’ fans?

    He’s making an even bigger fool of you guys than I thought.

  41. At least Sunday Night is evenly divided between AFC and NFC. Thursday and Monday games both lean to more NFC teams playing than AFC. I’ve been watching this trend for years. I can’t remember the last time that the overall number of prime time games favored the AFC.

    There IS an NFC bias AND an east coast bias.

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