49ers OK with Randy Moss missing workouts


Randy Moss isn’t participating in voluntary workouts this week, and that’s just fine with the 49ers.

San Francisco General Manager Trent Baalke said he never expected Moss to be there, and he has no doubt that Moss will be ready when he needs to be ready.

Randy’s not in and that was something discussed with Randy when we made the arrangement and signed him,” Baalke said today. “That is not unexpected by any stretch.”

Baalke said Moss will get to San Francisco “long before” mandatory work begins, and that Moss knows how to get himself in shape and ready to compete.

“He’s a first, in all likelihood, a first-ballot Hall of Famer,” Baalke said. “To reach that level you have to have something in you to play at that level for so long. . . . He’s one of the best competitiors at his postion and maybe all positions throughout his career.”

And what Moss has done in the past is enough to have the 49ers convinced he’ll be good to go when the time comes.

65 responses to “49ers OK with Randy Moss missing workouts

  1. The days of Moss just showing up at the last minute and lighting things up are long past.

  2. Man, they’re going to be hard to stop this year. Vernon Davis, Moss, Crabtree, Manningham, Frank Gore. That’s going to be hard to cover for any defense. Their defense is still solid, so I don’t see how they’re not Super Bowl contenders

    Imagine if Peyton signed with them in the off-season how even more dangerous they’d be

  3. It’s exhausting to see all these jokers call the Niners “one hit wonders”

    Did you watch that defense. Last season was only the beginning. Get used to it.

  4. “San Francisco General Manager Trent Baalke said he never expected Moss to be there”


    Trent — let me help you with a little list of other things you should NOT expect Randy to do this season:

    1. Block
    2. Run the full route even on plays when the ball’s not coming to him (selling the route)
    3. Stop his Bentley before running over police officers
    4. Get you one game further than you got last year

  5. Wouldnt want him there forming a bond with his new teammates or anything.

    In all seriousness he probably gets made fun of by the young guys because he cant lift any weights. The young wide receivers these days have been weight training for years by the time they get to the NFL.

    Randys arms are tiny compared to most wideouts who have to earn a job through special teams with blocking and tackling.

  6. non story, it clearly states voluntary workouts, this happens with guys all around the league, some guys prefer and have earned the right to get their off season workouts on their own, nice try to spin it PFT

  7. Everyone just relax………….he’s just spending some time with the team caterer to be sure they’re on the same page.

  8. what amazes me is the uproar that follows when a player doesn’t attend VOLUNTARY workouts. Why not call them MANDATORY if its such a big deal.

    If its VOLUNTARY, it shouldn’t even be news. I took the trash out today. It was voluntary.

  9. I.thought moss and T.O both should’ve got another chance because how good they could be nd they both have been humbled nd Moss knows its his last chance and nobody really wanted to take a chance on him. U think this guy would be the first guy in camp or ota s but not happening. Same old moss. He should be in there trying to fit in with this team and be apart of everything they do instead of thinking he’s special. He talked about how he really wants to play and he Sry for this and that and he’s already raising questions. He’s been out of football for awhile , he needs to be there.

  10. Moss could have been the greatest receiver ever. Too bad he doesn’t have any work ethic. Thus, Jerry Rice is by far the best. The records prove it.

  11. Going to be interesting this season watching the 49′ers turn into one hit wonders.

    One hit wonders? Really? The only “hits” going on here are you on the bong! Get over it….Niners are back!! Let the hating begin!

  12. abr173rd says:
    Apr 18, 2012 3:53 PM
    Going to be interesting this season watching the 49′ers turn into one hit wonders.

    stuff like this only confirms the fact that were in your dome & not even mini camps or pre-season has started!!!LMAO talk your smack now while you can HATERS!!!

  13. also; abr173rd, you are stupid.

    The Niners have a pretty dominant defense, great head coach and quality players coming into their own.

    Not to mention a weak division where they get to play the Rams, Cardinals and Seahawks twice each year. The Niners will be division winners and will flirt with a first round bye again.

    No fluke. No foolin.

  14. Still a headcase. You would think being out of football would’ve humbled this Ahole. Wasn’t a factor for the Pats at the end, Vikes or Titans. Even when he was good, I wouldn’t want him in my locker room. The 49ers made a deal with the devil here.

  15. fthrvic says:
    Apr 18, 2012 3:55 PM

    And so it begins….

    That’s exactly what I had planned to write, lol.

  16. @abr173rd says:
    Apr 18, 2012 3:53 PM
    Going to be interesting this season watching the 49′ers turn into one hit wonders.

    sort of like you. maybe you are no hit wonder.

  17. are they also ok with him taking plays off when he’s not the target, moping when he dosen’t get enough touches, and stirring up trouble in the locker room? This guy could get a church choir chucking knuckles amongst themselves!

  18. robert831 says:Apr 18, 2012 3:57 PM

    Moss is going to be the steal of the offseason, and help push the 49ers to the Super Bowel.

    “Super Bowel” sounds about right.

    Regression to the mean. Learn it, live it, believe it.

  19. I would’ve thought he’d be there the 1st day the doors opened. However, I don’t think its a big deal.

    What IS disturbing is the level of 9er-focused hate. Slow your roll fellas….. I will say the the guy that made the caterer reference made me spit out my soda! Well done Sir!

  20. Maybe he just wants to spend the time with his daughter who will be a freshman at Florida in the fall (on a basketball scholarship).

    In any case, there was no guaranteed money in his deal so if he shows up out of shape or can’t perform in training camp, they can cut him without any salary cap ramifications. Not a bad deal for the 49ers if he does show up ready to go.

  21. Man, you all act like Moss has a guaranteed contract. He performs, he stays. He regresses to old Moss, he gets the boot! No risk, high reward. That is the difference.

  22. A few years ago, this’d be a non-story. But after wearing out his welcome with three teams in a single season, you’d have expected a bit more of an effort to fit in with his latest team.

    When he announced he wanted to come back, he essentially said he’d be willing to do anything. Now, it’s clear that “anything” didn’t include voluntary workouts. How much other stuff won’t he be willing to do?

  23. bathroombenlovemachine says:
    Apr 18, 2012 3:56 PM
    Randy Moss and Vernon Davis are in a San Francisco bath house making love to each other’s prison love tunnel while listening to Old School Wu Tang Klan.


    As hot of a fantasy this is for you geek, it has no place here. You are a huge disappointment.

    Slow news day…move along folks…nothing to see here.

  24. Does everyone forget what kind of deal Moss signed? The 49ers can cut him at any point and owe him NOTHING if they find his commitment and/or performance below what they expect, which should serve to motivate Moss this summer. If he wants to make money he has to put out the effort and perform . . . when it counts, not at April voluntary workouts.

  25. You know what? As much as I love our Niners…
    Why does it feel like our team is kinda built like that Lakers team, that signed Payton and Malone to try and win the Championship? We have a whole lotta star power, but is it for show or can they compete?

  26. All you haters really are pathetic. Yeah you come at me now with your weak comments. I’ve got no more time for you. But when his play SHUTS you up AND IT WILL you’d better believe Ill be thinking I told you so.

  27. If you think Niners are one hit wonders…first off cool story bro…second your jealous and likely a lamb, seahag or cards fan. This team is stocked and ready to rock.

  28. The Niners won’t be as successful this season as they were last. Not saying they can’t make it to the big game one year, but this won’t be it.

    They had a great year last year that was aided by an irregular amount of takeaways and low turnovers. That simply does not happen for consecutive years for any team. You can be good, but if you’ve got that big of an advantage in the turnover margin it is a fluke and the chance of repeating that trend again is like winning the lottery.

    Also, even with this large difference in turnovers and takeaways they still weren’t absolutely dominating teams and putting them away early in games. Add that to the fact that now they’ve got a big bullseye on them AND that the 9er team will likely have an over inflated sense of confidence and you’re looking at a letdown season no doubt about it.

    They will be competitive and they may even be good, but as a betting man who has studied trends, this year will not a good year to bet on the 49ers to get to the Superbowl or even return to the NFC Championship game.

  29. “And what Moss has done in the past is enough to have the 49ers convinced he’ll be good to go when the time comes.”

    Like giving up on plays and quitting on his team?

  30. of course 49ers are going to say “no problem” but there is a problem. you can not treat anyone differant no matter who it is on a “team”

  31. @ilovefoolsball

    Yeah, we all read that article. It makes no sense for several reasons:

    1. Many teams have had large turnover disparities in consecutive years; this is nothing new, and it happens all the time.

    2. While there are fumbles and even interceptions that are the result of pure luck, many are also the result of good interior defensive line play, leading on the score board, controlling the clock, and using safeties and linebackers in multiple ways. These are things that based off statistics, not my opinion (which I concede is bias in favor of the 49ers, which is why I seek out statistical arguments.)

    3. Your point about the 49ers not “putting teams away early” is completely meaningless. That was true of Pittsburgh both years they won the Super Bowl. Only a few teams last year “put teams away early” and none of those teams won the Super Bowl.

    4. Your point about over confidence is also completely garage. And you can add the tougher schedule, and “bullseye” arguments to that as well. Again, that’s been true of several teams in the past who have had success. This is purely an opinion based argument that has no bearing in reality other than to be thrown around by weaker minded people.

    5. Your entire argument also assumes that the 49ers will not getting any better in any aspect of the game. You seem to be assuming that they have a good defense, a bad offense, and the reason they went so far is because they got a bunch of lucky turnovers. Even if that is true, to say that will lead to less success this year means that the team must play exactly the same, and simply not get the lucky turnovers. It’s entirely fair to assume that the offense will improve now that the coaching staff will have a complete offseason, the QB will have a year of continuity, and several free agents have been added to the offense, all are statistical upgrades.

    None of what I said should be taken as an assumption that the 49ers will repeat or improve on last year’s success. It’s impossible to know. If I had to assume, I would say they win one less game, and win another playoff game. And there are perfectly valid arguments out there to support the 49ers being very good, and very bad in the coming season.

    My point is that every single argument you gave is ridiculously stupid. I’m sure you’ve convinced you’re self that you’re right, but no one with any grip on reality or basic logic will be swayed by any of your poorly thought up points.

  32. cali49er707 says: Apr 18, 2012 4:10 PM

    “non story, it clearly states voluntary workouts, this happens with guys all around the league, some guys prefer and have earned the right to get their off season workouts on their own, nice try to spin it PFT”


    It is a story because he’s not an elite receiver anymore and needs this time to try to regain a semblance of his former self; the end result of this might be a roster cut for him when he’s shown that he no longer has what it takes to play, especially considering that he doesn’t have a bonus on his contract.

  33. Last year the niners were the blind squirrell who found the nut in the NFL, that wont happen this year. Too many recievers who think there all that and always want the ball, they will self destruct. Ohhhhhh ya and no matter what you niner fans say you still dont have a QB who can get any of them the ball. Last year you all blamed the kickoff return/punt return for ur reason for not winning that game. (yes that was a problem) but if your weak QB coulda put any points on the board that wouldn’t have mattered niner fans should realize that alex smith is not a QB never has been never will be. And he will show u just how bad he is this year…..

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