Calvin Johnson vs. Cam Newton for Madden cover

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The Madden curse, if there is one, will apply to one of two high-profile NFC players this year.

The contrived bracket-style tournament has been whittled down to Lions receiver Calvin Johnson and Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

Packers fans surely are rejoicing, given that quarterback Aaron Rodgers once again has escaped the injuries, struggles, and/or outright goofy behavior that occurs after a player lands on the cover of the most popular (in large part because it’s the only) NFL-licensed console video game.

So is there anything to the Madden curse?  As former Ravens coach Brian Billick told PFT Live last week, “I’m not superstitious, but I don’t want my star player anywhere near that thing.”

Voting continues until next Wednesday.  Panthers fans, vote for Johnson.  Lions fans, vote for Newton.

58 responses to “Calvin Johnson vs. Cam Newton for Madden cover

  1. Gotta be Cam.

    I’ve got Matt Stafford as my fantasy keeper this year, so I can’t risk an injury to Calvin.

  2. I did.

    Me. Lifelong Lions fan. Calvin Johnson Twitter follower.

    So I went to the Madden website…and voted for…Cam Newton.

    Twelve times.

    I believe Brian Billick. I don’t want Calvin to even THINK about that cover.

  3. Really, really hope the curse doesn’t apply this year.

    These are two of the most talented and, more importantly, if we’re being honest, exciting players in the league, and it would be a shame if either got hurt or underperformed.

  4. To be honest I’m a Lions’ fan but i voted for Rodgers on the previous round and I’ll vote for Newton this time, no way i wanna see CJ on the IR this year !!

  5. bearsrulepackdrool says:
    Apr 18, 2012 10:42 AM
    Go Calvin Johnson!! Next victim of the Madden curse.
    Sorry wishful thinker, it’s Calvin that will be victimizing you & everyone else again this year.

  6. My team plays both the Panthers and the Lions this year, so it’s a win/win situation. Really wanted to see Willis get it, though, because we play SF twice.

  7. I’ve been saying it for weeks now – if Newton wins, he’s going to destroy his knee on the first snap of training camp and our whole season will be shot to hell. This is the one curse I’m totally on board with.

  8. klunge says:
    Apr 18, 2012 10:58 AM
    bearsrulepackdrool says:
    Apr 18, 2012 10:42 AM
    Go Calvin Johnson!! Next victim of the Madden curse.
    Sorry wishful thinker, it’s Calvin that will be victimizing you & everyone else again this year.

    He victimized us once. That was on that 73-yard touchdown pass in the first game. Next time we won’t be gift wrapping you a playoff spot.

  9. Curse, shmurse. Curses are excuses made up by red sox fans to explain why their team sucked for 86 years. Go NY! (yankees and giants, that is, not the losers and teboners)

  10. First we have a Brown on last years cover and now it will probably be a Panther. This cover vote thing is terrible. I think EA should go back to picking it.

  11. Oh no…. P.Willis lost… Darn! Hey, I’ll agree (just this once with Billick. I don’t believe in curses…. But why chance it?! 🙂

    Somebody above mentioned that Billick gets quoted an awful lot on PFT. I agree. Uninteresting stat… Billick and I are tied for how many successful QBs we’ve groomed… Unless you count the aforementioned Madden game in which im up on him 1-0! :-p

  12. I wonder if anybody ever keeps tabs on what happens to those people that don’t win the contest to be on the cover.

    I’ll bet one of the top 4 this year have a bad year, cover or not. It’s not easy to have career years every year. The fact that Calvin Johnson and Cam Newton are this close to being voted to the cover means they had career years last year. So, it’s not a curse if neither of them put up the numbers of last year, it’s simple statistics. Most of the people on the list won’t have as good of numbers this year as they did last year.

    I’m a Lions fan and I say, screw the “curse”, go Calvin Johnson.

  13. @greatminnesotasportsmind……

    Your horrible team beat a team helmed by a rookie QB? Please tell us more!… C’mon bro, worry about the possibility of your team moving to LA and not about bragging about one of your teams THREE wins. You don’t have to be quiet, but please ADD to the discussion. Please?

  14. Packer fan here. I never believed in the Madden curse until they put Favre on the cover. He had freaking retired and then came out of retirement and caused the most gut wrenching divorce in pro football history.

    So all that said, I voted for Calvin Johnson over A-Rodg in the last round 🙂

  15. If CJ gets the cover he will still dominate this year. He will put the “curse” to rest. Heck the Lions have been “cursed for so long this may come as a gift.

  16. I think they should consider not putting any current player on the Madden cover.
    The injury curse may not be fact or whatever but it sure happens more often than not.
    How about recently retired all stars or possibly even the last Super Bowl winning head coach.
    Don’t let it be something the players think about. Could always be in there mind…..if your thinkin about gettin hurt your probably gonna get hurt.

  17. There must have been cheeseheads up all night for a whole week voting thousands of times each.

    Let’s go, Detroit!!! Put Cam Newton on the cover.
    Vote early and often.

  18. Btw- packers fans- don’t thank god. Thank justin tuck, jpp, and the rest of the big blue wrecking crew for not snapping rodgers neck when we knocked you out of the playoffs. #gogiants #worldchamps

  19. Madden cover= popularity contest. It should have a Tight End on the cover. Gronkowski or Jimmy Graham or both! It shouldn’t be Newton or Megatron.

  20. I love how you put a Saints pic of Vilma, Harper or any Saint tackling someone in every post you can now because you hate the Saints. I remember that you couldn’t be bothered to talk about them during the last few seasons unless it was some butthurt piece about them beating your Favre-it team.
    You are such an enormous tool.

  21. greatminnesotasportsmind says:
    Apr 18, 2012 11:16 AM
    Cam Newton seems right for the Madden curse.

    One year wonder.

    Even the Vikings beat him last year
    You must not have watched the game. Steve Smith scored the winning TD only to be called for the most non-existent hold in the history of football, and then Mare shanked a 30-yard field goal to give you the 3-point win (and the Panthers are now so confident in Mare that they have signed a CFL kicker to compete with him). It’s not like the Vikes walked into the stadium and dominated anything.

  22. “There is no Madden curse. Brees had a great year when he was on the cover.”

    Um, Drew Brees had an MCL injury during the season. Also, they lost to the worst playoff team ever. Oh yeah, and they cheated.

  23. Cj will win I want to see him on the cover but knowing the curse I’m scared , after the big $ contract I can see the future already , he will be the on it i said it when the voting started .and something will not work out with him this year ,. I hope not !! but I sense it in my third ear that goes up when a sound is made .We need to draft a WR this draft .

  24. I wouldn’t mind seeing Megatron get it for the publicity, but I would rather defer my lions have been cursed long enough!!!! Don’t want to go back…please vote for Cam…lol.

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