Chilo Rachal signs with Bears

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The Bears have professed contentment with their offensive line this offseason, but that didn’t stop them from signing a veteran guard on Wednesday.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports that the Bears have agreed to terms on a one-year contract with free agent guard Chilo Rachal. Rachal was drafted in the second round of the 2008 Draft by the 49ers and he’s spent his entire career with San Francisco until now. Financial terms of the deal aren’t known.

Rachal started 38 of the 55 games he played for the Niners, but lost his starting job at right guard early last season. He had a stronger 2010 season, particularly as a run blocker, and makes for a decent rebound bet by a Bears team that has nothing to lose by bringing him into the mix. Chris Spencer’s hold on the right guard spot should be challenged and Rachal should be able to push him over the summer.

With Rachal on board, the Bears could still look for other options inside during the draft or they may focus on finding a better left tackle than J’Marcus Webb.


37 responses to “Chilo Rachal signs with Bears

  1. Wow, last year, Chris Spencer, this year, Chico Rachal. I guess the Bears can’t sign enough bad former NFC West offensive linemen.

  2. You really learn to appreciate how important the “team” aspect of football is because when Rachal is in the game everything just falls apart. It’s amazing how bad things can go when just one guy can’t do their job at anything close to a satisfactory level. That old saying about needing all 11 guys on the same page to have a good play is absolutely true and Rachal is rarely on the same page.

  3. Thank god he is gone; he was awful! He might win the job in summer, but by week 3 he will be on the bench. He can’t pass block to save his life!

  4. I really don’t expect Chilo Rachal to be anything more than a bench guy at best. If he challenges for the RG spot, I’ll be a bit surprised. That’s likely Lance Louis’ spot, unless Chris Spencer outperforms him. Carimi should be back at RT, which kicks Louis back inside, where he is a much better fit.

  5. Can’t until we play the bears this season. We should be able to get about 5 to 10 sacks on Chilo alone.

  6. Chilo may be able to run block but he is horrible in protection. When a guy languishes on the market and the team that drafted him wont even extend an offer, you know it’s bad. Good riddance.

  7. as a 9ER fan, i truly hope he is one the bears starting offensive line men when the bears & niners meet during the season, and so does the 9ERS defensive line!!

  8. If everything said in response is true, and I’d bet it is, this guy is still far better than Frank Ohmygod.

  9. Honestly, good luck to this guy. I didn’t know much about him, but apparently everybody hates him. Who knows, Tice is a very good O-Line coach, and maybe he can teach this guy how to pass protect. Plus, he’ll have Garza teach him some of the guard position. Hey, if he beats out Chris Williams, Edwin Williams, Lance Louis, and Chris Spencer the dude deserves the job…It wouldn’t be the first time a player leaves one team for another and finds their niche.

  10. “With Rachal on board, the Bears could still look for other options inside during the draft or they may focus on finding a better left tackle than J’Marcus Webb.

    How ’bout repurposing Jamarcus Russell?

  11. I can’t believe this guy got sign.. i for sure thought he was done and no one would give him a job.. all you have to do is the niners games and watch when he was playing and compare it to the times when he was not playing… HUGEEE difference.. this guy is pure garbage.

  12. Lets face it (and this is from a Niner Fan right here in Niner land watching up close with both eyes) Chilo can and does play – when his head is in the game. Don’t get me wrong, he is a definite liability in the pass game even with his head totally in. However, his mind wanders all over from play to play. It is the darndest thing to see, and very painful for the rest of the line and the QB. I do not think you can coach “lack of focus” at least I haven’t seen anyone successful with Rachal. Good luck Bears, you blew it big time listening to your ol’ buddy Singletary’s recommendation.

  13. bearsfan4life says: Apr 18, 2012 12:56 PM

    If everything said in response is true, and I’d bet it is, this guy is still far better than Frank Ohmygod.


    Believe it or not, Rachal is actually worse.

    Did Cutler knock up someone’s daughter in the front office? They hate the poor guy.

  14. And thus Chilo Rachal is now officially halfway through his P-F-T life cycle.

    Mediocre offensive lineman get named on this site basically 4 times: When they sign out of college, when they become free agents, when they are cut for the last time, and when they retire.

    It’s all downhill from here, Chilo my friend.

  15. Good luck Jay Cutler, better watch that gap between the center and right tackle. Thats where the pressure is going to come from most of the time.
    Well, I loosely called it pressure. I really meant the bone shaking hits, since there wont be anyone pass blocking there.

  16. pencilmonkeymagic – Spencer was actually … pretty decent-solid. Better than I expected at RG, particularly since there was some thought that he would be challenging for the C spot, which never happened.

    I still think, as I noted above, the chances are slim that Rachal is more than a bench guy. As I noted above, Lance Louis should kick back inside to guard. 2nd, this is a 1 year deal. 3rd, the Bears interior OL options aren’t bad. Not great, but Rachal isn’t replacing Garza at C, the Bears really liked Edwin Williams last year, Chris Williams is back, and there’s Louis/Spencer.

    There’s a fairly decent chance that he might not make the final roster. I guess there are some scenarios where some of the interior guys are moved around (would it stun me if Spencer challenged Garza for the C job, not really, and Edwin Williams plays some C as well. Also, there’s some rumors/speculation that Chris Williams may move back to tackle), but again, I think this is just bringing in a guy for a look.

  17. 49ers RBs running through Rachal’s gap averaged 2.8 ypc.

    Didnt get much better with Snyder as they got 3.3 ypc from his gap.

    Iupati on the other hand RBs rushed for 7.7 ypc in his gap.

  18. Good luck to Bears fans if your starting RG goes down and Chilo has to play. That guy is the worst offensive lineman I’ve ever seen. Some people say he’s good in the run game, but I thought he was terrible there too. And his pass blocking is absolutely HORRENDOUS. Honestly, he’s a waste of a roster spot and I wouldn’t even put him on the practice squad if he somehow had eligibility.

  19. A lot of rookie fans posting on here so let me enlighten them. At this late stage of free agency NO TEAM is signing starters.

    With that being said great signing by the Bears on a veteran player.

  20. Bears fans: You just got a guy that Singletary drafted in the 2nd round out of USC. He showed great promise. The Bears are a run first team so maybe Chilo will be okay in your scheme. He is a “good guy” in the locker room too.

    Niner fans: maybe this move will allow the Bears to pass on an OG in the first round and drop DeCastro and Glenn further down for Baalke to snag via a trade up.

    Chilo needed a new start. Good luck to him and his family.

  21. “In 250 snaps last year he gave up 2 QB sacks, 1 QB hit, and 3 QB pressures.”

    This is according to PFF. Sounds like he’s not too horrible at pass protection.

  22. WOW!! You all make it sound like this guy doesn’t even belong on an NFL practice squad & then >> beefbus << shows up with some actual stats & it looks like the guy is actually a pretty consistent blocker.. I haven't watched any film on him yet but if he is a horrible pass blocker then I would venture to guess that he's being looked at for GoalLine or Jumbo packages as an extra tackle on the strong side. On the other hand, if BeefBus' stats are a more accurate depiction of Chilo's skills then he's likely here to push these guards in the first unit and try to make the team as a backup who can play multiple positions along the front five..

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