Donovan McNabb: “I would vote for myself for the Hall of Fame”


Donovan McNabb’s career may be over, as he hasn’t drawn any interest from any teams since the Vikings released him late last year. If his career is over, McNabb believes he belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s class of 2017.

McNabb said on the online interview show Barfly that he thinks there’s no question that he should be in the Hall of Fame.

“Absolutely,” McNabb said. “See, one thing that people don’t realize — I never played the game to make it to the Hall of Fame. I played the game because I love it. I played the game to win. I’m a competitor. When I step out on the field, I feel like I’m the best player on the field. Even these last two years, when people may look at it and say, ‘Oh, he’s done, or whatever.’ I’m 34, 35 years old but still, I played at the pinnacle, I played at the highest level of my career. I played there. And I would vote for myself for the Hall of Fame.”

McNabb said he thinks the reason a lot of people don’t view him as a Hall of Famer is that he doesn’t have a Super Bowl ring, and he said that’s an unfair standard to use in judging quarterbacks.

“Peyton never won the big game until he won the Super Bowl finally. Dan Marino never won the big game. But does that mean his career is a failure? No. Not at all,” McNabb said. “When you sit and look at the numbers — and that’s what it is when it comes to the Hall of Fame — my numbers are better than Jim Kelly, better than Troy Aikman, better than a lot of guys in the Hall of Fame, but the one thing they do have is a Super Bowl.”

In the middle of his career, McNabb had some very good seasons, and he did look like a future Hall of Famer. But McNabb never took the next step from good quarterback to great quarterback, and his failures in Washington and Minnesota make it extremely unlikely that the Hall of Fame selection committee will ever look back at his accomplishments and decide he’s worthy of a bust in Canton. McNabb would vote for himself, but the people who actually have a vote won’t.

238 responses to “Donovan McNabb: “I would vote for myself for the Hall of Fame”

  1. So now we know where the only vote came from.

    Hell, while we are at it, Im voting myself in as well.

  2. Well at least he can count on ONE vote. Wait, you have to be nominated first, right? You wont have to worry about counting ’til you puke. it will never happen

  3. Donovan, please shut up, the fans in Philly do not like you. And they were your hometown fans.

    You are not even worthy of wearing a Hall of Fame’s players jock.

  4. On the bright side, if last year was the pinnacle it won’t be a steep descent to anonymity.

    Don’t expect any votes from Minnesota.

  5. You know he’d miss the damn slot when he tried to put his ballot in it anyway. So sure! Have your vote big guy.

  6. He will get some consideration because he deserves it. If you looked at his numbers without looking at the name attached, he certainly would be in the conversation. The HOF is completely subjective. How is Chris Carter not in the hall? McNabb has little chance in a beauty contest, which is what the hall has become.

  7. Donovan oughta add his name to the concussion suit, he sounds like he’s had a few of them. Everytime I see his name in an article I laugh because his comments just get more absurd by the day. He’s a joke on and off the field now, and I place the over/under of comments here at 250.

  8. His point about Marino is valid, but…

    “Peyton never won the big game until he won the Super Bowl finally.”

    What the hell does that mean? No one ever did anything until they did it finally. John Riggins never scored the go-ahead TD in a Super Bowl until he scored the go-ahead TD in a Super Bowl. JaMarcus Russell wasn’t a bust until he was drafted and became a bust…

    And this guy wants to get into broadcasting?

  9. ummmmm…..Jim Kelly won a Super Bowl? It must have gone into overtime and I missed it because I thought the game was over.

  10. At least he didn’t say he was the best QB in the League…..or…..did he? Crazy Talk, but that is what makes him and others like Flacco very good competitors at this elite level.

    I vote no Hall of Fame induction. Sorry Donovan.

  11. I’m in no way a McNabb fan. However, his numbers are almost identical to Jim Kelly’s and he had no problem getting in………just sayin’

  12. I kind of liked the guy when he played for the Eagles, but now he is just starting to get really annoying with everything he has to say.

  13. McNabb must not understand it’s not really fair for him to compare himself to QBs from a different (albeit close) generation.

    Jim Kelly’s career QB Rating+ is 111. Meaning 11% better than his peers.
    McNabb has only 3 times had a season of better than 111 and one of exactly 111.

    A Hall of Famer has to lead the league in at least one significant category at least once in their career, Don.

  14. For the billionth time, everyone wondered why Eagles fans got tired of him after a few years.

    Now you’re all seeing it. Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine.

    He’s a momma’s boy who never stops crying about everything and anything.

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  16. Of course he would. You know, I used to think of him as a good guy, especially in that whole TO feud. But he has since shown himself to be a lazy out-of-shape delusional narcissistic egomaniac.

  17. If Donovan would just shut his yap and stop whining, it would sure help his cause a little more!!! Good Lord!!!

  18. Donovan, you played the game for the money and for the love of the game.

    There are ties in the NFL when the OT period expires. I assume most hall of famers know that.

    Wristbands have always been a useful and sometimes necessary tool for quarterbacks much better than you ever were.

    There has never been anything about you as a quarterback that would be sufficient enough to get you into the hall of fame.

  19. Well DMac at least you will have one vote….oh never mind, you dont get to vote. Dude just stop you making yourself look like a clown everytime you open that big mouth! The only way you see the HOF is buy a ticket you fool.

  20. I think most of you have forgotten that McNabb consistently took Philly to the playoffs. Just saying.

    But with that said, if he had won a SB, then I would agree with this statement.

  21. BAAAAAAAAHAAAAAA!! I’d vote for me too Donovan, but same as you, I’m not getting in. You’re no HOF’er bruh. Hey I got it, have Ocho Stinko make you a fake HOF jacket then your fantasy will be complete.

  22. In fairness to mcnabb, he has better numbers than more than half of the qbs in HOF.

    Solution: HOF needs 2 tiers – one for players that won a superbowl (or championship before sb) and one for players that did not.

  23. McNabb is a future Joe Theismann. Theismann won a MVP and two Super Bowls while playing under quarterback coaching great Joe Gibbs And eventually writers thought that he was the product of a quarterback system!!!

    Although Andy Reid has not won one he is now considered a quarterback coaching group. With all the quarterback that has succeeded under him McNabb’s chances have now decreased!!!

  24. Donovan, maybe you and your Mom can get in the Campbell’s chunky soup HOF. I’m pulling for ya buddy.

  25. “McNabb said he thinks the reason a lot of people don’t view him as a Hall of Famer is that he doesn’t have a Super Bowl ring, and he said that’s an unfair standard to use in judging quarterbacks.”


    It’s an unfair standard if you are judging a qb who played the Patriots in the Super Bowl, since they admitted to cheating in order to win it.

  26. Of course you think you belong in the HOF Donovan. You’ve surrounded yourself with only people who tell you how great you are and convinced yourself that any who levels criticism at how is out to harm you personally.

    You are delusional and no one around you seems to want to bother to help you out.

    Who’s going to intruduce you at your induction Donovan? Has anyone ever heard of a teammate you’re close to? You’ve burned every NFL bridge you’ve been lucky enough to cross.

    You don’t have the numbers, you don’t have the rings, you don’t belong in the Hall of Fame.

    Please, please, please go away and leave us all alone.

  27. I’m voting the greens keeper for HOF. I doubt McMoron ever repaired his own divots after each game, he throws it in the dirt more than your average little league pitcher…

  28. Until peyton finally won one? Um please do not compare yourself to one of the best ever and he DID win the superbowl. I thought this was a humble guy but he can not stand that nobody wants him.

  29. Giants fan and he does belong in the HOF. He had no business bringing those crappy recievers to 5 NFC championships and 1 Super Bowl! Remember, he got to the Superbowl without TO who was injured. Early in his career he was 80% of their offense which included running and passing. Freddy Mitchell, Todd Pinkston, Kevin Curtis, and Chad Lewis went to the probowl because he didn’t drop as many passes as everyone else. They surrounded him with garbage and finally started drafting talented skill positions and dump him. I still remember all those Giants games where the commentators was saying there was no seperation. I also remember The NFC championship game where the recievers couldn’t get off the line of scrimmage and in some cases on their butts against Carolina. Most Eagle fans do love the guy, some don’t, but when they look back and realize they aren’t making championships anymore they will appreciate him.

  30. This guy is not in touch with reality. He obviously didn’t show a love for the game when he played in Washington and Minnesota. It was very obvious he wasn’t doing his homework. The fact that not one of 32 NFL teams have shown interest in him since he was released from the Vikings speaks volumes.

  31. Another X football player tooting his own horn. To bad he has not spent as much time on learning new play books and acting as if he wants to and can play ine NFL. Mcnabb & CC must have lunch each day and pat themselves on the back and explain why they should be in the HOF.

  32. I’m not even sure he will get into the campbells chunky soup hall of fame none the less the nfl hall of fame

  33. At that steeler tool with the long name..
    Please go away..pft can have a story about shoes and you would write a long winded boring story on how the Steelers are good..god i hope u finish
    In last place..write your smack then..dooche

  34. Hey steelersaresuperiorineveryway6welookdownandlaugh – Tebow ousted your sorry team from the playoffs…for the love of god shut up and go find some girls with Ben the rapist.

    Actually as deluional is Donnie is, maybe you two can hook up?

  35. Boy, it ended badly for this guy, didnt it?

    Take the NFL Network job, try to be a little more graceful and dignified.

    The worst was when his mom walked out on a really bad performance at Soldier Field….

  36. Been an Eagles fan through some pretty lean times and supported the pick when McNabb was drafted, unlike most of the boobirds. Thoroughly enjoyed watching him play and the excitement he brought to Philadelphia. Never did get over the hump of winning the big game as we all know. Wanted him to have some success when he went to Washington because I liked him even though I was tired of his schtick. This free stream of his mouth these past 2 plus years makes me almost embarrassed to have been a fan of his. Just horrible how out of touch with reality he is.

  37. Most players in the HOF don’t have to tell anyone else how great they were. It doesn’t help his case any to mention himself in the same breath with QB’s that have won 3 championships. Aikman wasn’t just along for the ride, he was instrumental. Kelly lost on a wide right and made it to 4 straight superbowls. Donovan didn’t know when to retire or when to shut up.

  38. Hey, Don, the correct way to answer that question would be this:

    “Would I vote for myself for the Hall of Fame? Well, being inducted would be a great honor, but obviously it’s really not up to me to decide. I feel good about what I accomplished during my career, and I think I should just let it go at that. If the Hall voters decide I deserve to be there, then that’s great. If not, that’s fine, too, and I’ll be satisfied that I had a good career and did the best I could for my teams and my teammates.”

    If we all heard you talking like this we’d all have a lot more respect for you.

  39. I’m an Eagles fan who didn’t totally hate #5. That being said, WTF Donny? You threw wormburners, crippling INT’s, and were the most passive aggressive whiner in the history of the league. HOF? Pass.

  40. People used to say he’d make a great commentator when he got done playing. I’m starting to think he might be more annoying than Joe Buck in the booth…

  41. “Peyton never won the big game until he won the Super Bowl finally.”

    Did he really say this? His Yogi Berra speak needs a lot of work. Take Peyton out of the mix McNabb, because he has won it.

  42. I am from Syracuse.
    I have rooted for Donovan his entire playing career NCAAs to NFL.
    As a Vikes fan, I was ecstatic when I heard he’d be a Viking.

    Unfortunately, Donovan did NOT earn Hall of Fame status in my opinion.

    The lean years in Washington and Minnesota sealed his fate. I do believe he should be recognized for his accomplishments in Philly though. If they have a “Ring of Honor” in Philly, I believe he belongs in…but not the NFL Hall of Fame.

    Comparing his 21st century stats to guys playing in the ’80’s and early ’90’s is preposterous. They are apples and oranges Donovan. 🙁

  43. If Andy Reid’s system didnt make almost any qb under center look like a stud then maybe we could look at those stats against Aikman and Kelly. But the truth is Mike Vick is suddenly an adept pocket passer, Jeff Garcia was in high demand after his stint in Philly, and even complete bums like AJ Feeley and Kevin Kolb looked competent in the Eagles system. You deserve a pass for Minnesota b/c of the lockout, but I think its safe to say your true talent level was on full display in DC….and that was NOT HOF worthy

  44. Donovan said to look at his numbers? Ok, he played 13 seasons, he never threw for more than 4,000 yards, he threw over 20 tds a whopping five times, and threw for 30 tds one season.

  45. I’m surprised at the one-sidedness here. McNabb was a hell of a QB for his career. I tend to agree he won’t receive enough votes to be enshrined, especially if he keeps talking, and talking…. and talking, but it’s not as if him getting in would be a shock.

    Peyton was a HOF QB before his title. I’m pretty sure that’s what McNabb was pointing out.

  46. However, McNabb’s claim that he’s a Hall of Famer is all based on entitlement! He’s entitled because too many people in the national media told him that he was better than he truly was!

    I believe this to be so because many members of the national media felt that he was a victim and don’t respect Philly fans!!! The evidence to show that he was entitled: his stays in Washington and Minnesota!!! He wasn’t known to work that hard!!!!

    For a guy wanting as much love and attention as he did it’s a disgrace that he slacked off the way he did in DC & Minnesota!!! For idiots like Mike Wilbon and Bayless to coddle this guy is ridiculous!!!! He stole paychecks and sympathy!!!

    He played the “victim card” and everyone else bought into his crap when ex-Panther Mark Fields overcame cancer!!! I am proud to hate the national media and Donovan is a BIG reason why!!!!

    At least T.O. says he doesn’t care if he doesn’t get in!!!
    I believe T.O. because he at least knows that the media is corrupt!!!!

  47. “Peyton never won the big game until he won the Super Bowl finally”….

    LOL. Thanks professor McNabb.

  48. This guy is far from a hall of famer. You can’t even compare him to Jim Kelly. Kelley made it to four super bowls. Mcnabb got to one and laid eggs in so many big games. He got shut out at home by Tampa. Lost to a Carolina team lead by Delhomme. Puked on the field in multiple big games. Led the NFL in bounce passes like he was playing point guard for Syracuse.

  49. You know, there was nothing wrong with McNabb’s career. Hall of Famer or not he was a very good quarterback for a long time. Now, he’s going to poison his own legacy for as long as someone will put a microphone in front of him. Can’t save a man from himself…

  50. On the All-Time receiving yards list, Lynn Swann is #196. He’s in the HOF.

    So Donovan, is it really all about numbers?

  51. wow….i used to like McNabb quite a bit…not an eagles fan, just a fan of the game…but was a very good quarterback…but oh my god…whats wrong with this guy? he’s gotta be the most diluded person ive ever heard…sorry buddy, you’re not getting in…Donovan Mcnabb is the male version of Samantha Brick…(if you dont know who that is, look her up…read her article of her beauty being a curse…and then look at a picture lol)

  52. I’m a McNabb fan and think the guy gets a bad rap. But this does not help. Dude, you held your mouth shut for most of your playing career, keep doing the same on retirement.

  53. we have a lot in common.

    I think I deserve a 20% raise this year. problem is my bosses, customers, coworkers, don’t agree…

  54. “When you sit and look at the numbers — and that’s what it is when it comes to the Hall of Fame — my numbers are better than Jim Kelly, better than Troy Aikman, better than a lot of guys in the Hall of Fame, but the one thing they do have is a Super Bowl.”

    Dear DMac,

    When did Kelly win a Super Bowl?

  55. Actually, Donovan, by almost no measure are your stats better than Jim Kelly. Kelly outperforms you in “quality” stats like completion percentage, and in aggregate stats like yards and TDs despite playing TWO FEWER seasons than you. Plus, there’s the other biggie — he made the Super Bowl 4 straight times, and would have a ring but for the worst kick in NFL history.

    So no, you do not rank up there with Jim Kelly.

    McNabb career stats:

    Seasons: 13
    Comp. %: 59.9%
    Yards: 37,276
    Pass TDs: 234
    Rush TDs: 29
    INTs: 117
    Fumbles/Lost: 95/46
    SB appearances: 1

    Jim Kelly career stats:

    Seasons: 11
    Comp. %: 60.1%
    Yards: 35,467
    Pass TDs: 237
    Rush TDs: 7
    INTs: 175
    Fumbles: 48/21
    SB appearances: 4 straight

  56. criteria # 1 qb’s should understand overtime rules…………oops, guess you’re out donny

  57. Donovan belongs in the hall OC very good. If he’d of won that sb his rgument wood b better.

  58. Fat, horribly conditioned, poor knowledge of the rules and unable to comprehend playbooks. Yup sure you belong in the hall of fame.

  59. Low Throw McBlow will make the bounce pass wing of the NFL Hall of Fame with a unanimous vote.

  60. sorry, is he talking about some pansy ass get all excited and throw up on the field hall of fame of which i am unaware?

  61. Did he really compare himself to Peyton Manning and Dan Marino ???


    Ummm, no. McNabb has LESS TD passes than other such noteworthy QB’s as John Hadl, Boomer Esiasion, Dave Krieg, and Vinny Testaverde.

    And they aint getting into the Hall of Fame either, unless they purchase an admission ticket !

    Besides which, if you have to say “I would vote for myself …” that generally means you are the ONLY one that thinks so !

  62. Maybe he thought the US Senate voted for the HOF, and his additional vote may be needed to break any “ties”.

  63. I’m actually surprised McNabb scored more TD’s then run-and-shoot Kelly. Don’t forget that McNabb was a running QB, as well. Top ten in rushing yards for position.

    Statistically, McNabb > Kelly.


    that stuff meaning whatever donovan is smoking must be crazy good if he think hes going to the HOF.

    the sad thing is if he retired after his years as an eagle, he might of had a chance. now, he has a better chance of a reconciliation with the shanahans that going to canton.

  65. Mistersmith 22, compare teams. How many HOF or potential HOF player on the Bills, and then look at the Eagles the only one I would consider is Mcnabb. Mcnabbs #1 Reciever was James thrash and he was a #4 in WASHINGTON! Pinkston &Freddie Mitchell couldn’t make a practice squad. Greg Lewis disappeared, the Eagles never gave him talent to throw to and they dropped a lot of passes. If you Wikipedia Mcnabb and look at his stats and the fact that people were calling his recievers the worst ever in the NFL you might appreciate what he accomplished. I am a Giants fan and realized his recievers were garbage.

  66. The fact that he thinks he is better than he really is, is probably McNabb’s biggest weakness. He was known not to be the hardest worker in the NFL. I thought he was already the best so why put in the time to work on his game.

  67. “but McNabb never took the next step from good quarterback to great quarterback, and his failures in Washington and Minnesota make it extremely unlikely that the Hall of Fame selection committee will ever look back at his accomplishments and decide he’s worthy of a bust in Canton.”

    So he couldn’t lemonade out of the piss that was these two team’s offenses? Notice they got worse after he was benched? No coincidence.

  68. schmokes says: Apr 18, 2012 7:52 PM

    “Mcnabb’s bid for HOF votes will fall just a few yards shy… most of his passes.”

    Yeah 33,000 yards worth of ground balls.

  69. @Pitsburgisandslwaysbetheteamthewholeworldhatesandsmakesfunof

    NICE LIFE!!!

    please remind me, who was the team that had their season ended and got sent packing by Tim Tebow?


  70. wferg1121 says:
    Apr 18, 2012 7:48 PM
    Mistersmith 22, compare teams.


    I’m not the one making the argument; he said his stats were better than Kelly’s, I just put them out there for everyone to see.

  71. “my numbers are better than Jim Kelly, better than Troy Aikman, better than a lot of guys in the Hall of Fame”

    Aikman > McNabb

    Kelly > NcNabb

    “A lot” of the guys in the HOF > NcNabb

  72. I started laughing hysterically when he put himself in the company of Marino, Manning, Aikman, and Kelly. Even Kelly (who’s the least among those 4) made 4 straight superbowls and would have had a ring if not for a lousy kick. Despite all the stats inflation McNabb barely has the same stats as Kelly.
    What’s next, him comparing himself to Montana!

    I can remember all the eagles fans who used to argue about how he’s great a HOF player. Puhleez.

  73. First he doesn’t know the overtime rules. Now he doesn’t know the history. Jim Kelly never won a super bowl you no talent ass.

    And to say people don’t look at you because you don’t have a super bowl ring AND THEN mention Dan Marino? Doesn’t that prove its not that you don’t have a ring, its the fact you weren’t a great QB!

  74. I think he at least deserves consideration. At one point, has was in the top 5 QBs his time. But this is such a “what have you done for me lately league?” that he may have a tough time getting in. His last years don’t help. He did have Philly on the way to another SB against AZ, but the Philly D took care of that. If Kurt Warner goes in, so does Donovan!!

  75. One year in, Michael Vick led the eagles to most points scored in franchise history, and he only played 13 games. you should be voting Andy Reid to the hall, you loser.

  76. donavan no body wants to see you in the HOF. no teams are going to sign you this year.just go away you stole enough. money from the eagle’s and redskins to live a nice job free life. what a joke you were as a NFL QB.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. “McNabb said on the online interview show Barfly that he thinks there’s no question that he should be in the Hall of Fame.”

    Can’t believe there’s all this hoopla over such a simple misunderstanding. Donovan thought he was being asked about the Chunky Soup Hall of Fame.

  78. Hey! There’s that take a three step drop, jump in the air and throw the ball into the ground right in front of the RB coming out of the backfield play. Love that play!

  79. If you are a true Philly fan with a functioning head on your shoulders, than you should be grateful for everything McNabb did for this organization. The Eagles were rolling with guys like Bobby Hoying, Detmer, Doug Pederson…and then Donovan shows up and lifts us out of the cellar of the NFL and into consistent prominence. The guy got booed the second he became an Eagle (because all of our knowledgeable fans wanted Ricky Williams to come toke up in Philly) and this negative sentiment never really seemed to leave him.

    **I know negativity is highly contagious for all of you weak-minded clowns, but try and think for yourselves…and good luck.

  80. pleazenufalready says: Apr 18, 2012 6:11 PM

    I’m in no way a McNabb fan. However, his numbers are almost identical to Jim Kelly’s and he had no problem getting in………just sayin’
    Kelly took his team to four consecutive Super Bowls. Forget the results, he is the only quarterback in history to do that. Also keep in mind that Kelly did not puke in a single one of those Bowls.
    Apr 18, 2012 6:13 PM
    the usual…
    I can’t believe this guy gets thumbs-ups for his posts. Obviously everyone who agreed with him is a die-hard Steeler fan, and you can’t fault anyone for sticking up for their team. But do you understand how bad that makes the entire franchise and fan base look to the rest of the country. Just from a PR point of view, how can you not only let this guy represent your team, but then approve of it?
    brenenostler says: Apr 18, 2012 6:15 PM

    I think most of you have forgotten that McNabb consistently took Philly to the playoffs. Just saying.

    But with that said, if he had won a SB, then I would agree with this statement.
    Yeah, and if he had won twelve Super Bowls then I think everyone would agree with this statement. If JaMarcus Russell had not been a bust and won one or two or three or thirty Super Bowls, then he might be a Hall-of-Famer. The point is he didn’t, and he won’t. There is no room for hypotheticals in discussing a player’s career success, only concrete facts: did he or didn’t he, is he or isn’t he?

  81. I won’t bother to get into the merits of his hall of fame case because that is obvious. My thing with his comments is that even people that actually deserve to be in the Hall of Fame would never tell people that they deserve to be in. If you asked Peyton Manning after his retirement if he deserved to get in(even though its obvious) I am sure he would say something like “It would be a tremendous honor to be included and its not for me to say”. Anyone with half a brain and some class would say that.

  82. Literally gagging and puking in huge games doesn’t get you in.

    Good QB.
    Maybe a good guy.
    His mom sold soup.

    But not HOF.

  83. @nite2al You’re not serious. Took 3 teams to SB, winning 1. How many did McBad win?

    Warner had 93.7 QB rating to McBad’s 85.6
    Warner had a 65.5 pass completion % to McBad’s 59%.
    Warner had 260.8 YDS per game to McBad’s 223.2.


    Enough said: McBad doesn’t deserve to be in HOF.

  84. This is the second time a McNabb statement has resulted in scalding hot coffee coming out of my nose.

  85. “When you sit and look at the numbers — and that’s what it is when it comes to the Hall of Fame — my numbers are better than Jim Kelly, better than Troy Aikman, better than a lot of guys in the Hall of Fame, but the one thing they do have is a Super Bowl.”


    I wonder what kind of voices told him Jim Kelly won a Super Bowl.

    These Undiagnosed Massive Head Injury stories can be depressing.

  86. Wait…. was he talking about the NFL Hall Of Fame?

    My side hurts now.

  87. Of course McNabb thinks he should be in the hall. The first part of his career is deserving. Anything after the iggles will keep him out. He was all class up until he left the iggles, and then he turned into a complete diva who didn’t want to listen to anyone. Whah! Hope you don’t make it.

  88. Is this guy delusional or what? But considering the money he made over the course of his career, you certainly couldn’t call him a failure by any rational standard. Hall of Famer, no…..but successful, yes.
    If he really, really wants to continue playing, they’d probably take him up in the Canadian league.

  89. nite2al your about the only poster here who has an IQ. Donovan will make it into the hall of fame he was a great QB in his day and in the right system with decent O line where your not running for your life he would still have a couple of years left.

  90. McNabb is a delusional retard. No way he’s a hall of famer. This idiot just keeps getting dumber by the day and needs to keep his freaking mouth shut and his fat head off of television.

  91. Dmac was a great player and never got the credit he deserves his numbers don’t lie and the only thing missing is the ring . He is a hof qb i know hate comes easy but from i see dmac and jim Kelly have just about the same stats and yes i know he went 4 sb but he didn’t win any

  92. first off, yes McNabb’s comments aren’t the smartest but really Madden for years said some of the dumbest comments ever. “The team that scores the most has the best chance to win the game”.
    Second, McNabb holds every Eagle record for a QB. Does that mean he’s in automatically no but he does have a chance same with Warner. Both deserve in my opinion possibly down the line.

  93. Florio. Dude. You gotta quit padding your stats like this.

    I mean, just put McNabb in the headline, and you’re good for three hundred comments. I know, I know, it was Barfly who said it first, but really. People oughta let this poor sad deluded man just wander off into the sunset.

    C’mon, man.

  94. Donovon McNabb compared himself to Dan Marino.

    I had to read that sentence three times, because I thought I must be having an acid flashback from the 60s…despite having never done acid in the 60s.

    It was the only logical explanation I can think of…

  95. During the era McNabb played in, everyone would rank him after Favre, Brady, Manning, and Kurt Warner. I’d also put Rothlesberger and Eli ahead of him, and maybe Brees….if he’s at best the 4th best QB of his era, no way should he be in the HOF….but since he is what he is, he may get voted in, it wouldn’t shock me.

  96. So I went to PFR expecting to smear this chump with his precious “numbers” and — WHOA.

    McNabb’s numbers actually do approximate other HOFers thru the first x 13 seasons of their careers, including Favre, Young, Kelly but especially Aikman.

    (all data thru first x 13 seasons *only*)

    Favre: 86.9
    McNabb: 85.6
    Kelly: 84.4
    Aikman: 81.66
    Elway: 77.7

    AV (approximate value) per season
    Elway: 12
    Kelly: 11.8
    Young: 11.5
    McNabb: 10.6
    Aikman: 10.1

    4th Quarter Comebacks
    Kelly: 22
    Favre: 19
    McNabb: 17
    Aikman: 16
    Young: 10

    Game-winning drives
    Favre: 29
    Kelly: 29
    McNabb: 25
    Aikman: 21
    Young: 13

    It’s kinda sad to see McNabb devolve to the guy we see today. But the guy does seem to have a case if HOF access isn’t just a personality contest.

  97. Ever notice how the guy without rings always says it’s all about the numbers while the guy with the rings never say a darn thing?

    How many HOF QB’s actually threw up in the huddle before the drive of their life?

  98. “Peyton never won the big game until he won the Super Bowl finally.”

    That actually made me laugh. Does he ever listen to the words coming out of his mouth?

    Whatever was left of his reputation after his stints in Washington and Minnesota (and it wasn’t much) is now gone because he can’t deal with the fact that his career is over and the football world is moving on without him. It’s sad, actually.

    But really, just stop talking.

  99. this guys a clown! manning never won anything till he finally won the big 1 realllyyyy?? and dan marino is abwt 100 times better than mcnabb

  100. Six Straight Pro Bowl Appearances
    MVP of Super Bowl XXVII
    Three Super Bowl Titles
    Six Division Titles
    Winningest Quarterback of any Decade
    1997 Walter Payton Man of the Year
    4th All-Time NFL Career Completion Percentage (61.5 percent)
    2nd Longest NFL Postseason Completion (94 yards)
    47 Cowboys Passing Records
    Cowboys Record-Holder in Completions, Passing Yards and Touchdown Passes
    First Overall Pick of 1989 NFL Draft
    1988 Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award
    1988 College Quarterback of the Year
    1988 Heisman Trophy Finalist

    Have a look at the 5th line Mcblab

  101. I was going to say something, but it looks like my thoughts on McNabb have been said many times by everyone else. Don’t need to keep beating an old horse.

  102. McNabb never recovered from the criticisms from Owens. He was never the same. Owens split the locker room and it damaged McNabb.

    Too bad. He was a good QB.

  103. McNabb will never be in the Hall of Fame. Never. Neither will Matt Hasselbeck, Carson Palmer, or Tony Romo (unless he wins a Super Bowl).

    McNabb played in a passing offense with a great defense, a great offensive line, outstanding special teams, and a guy named Brian Westbrook. He played on a very good team for at least 7 of his 11 years with the Birds.

    The team took McNabb to 5 NFC Championship games. They lost four of the five games. You can’t compare him to Jim Kelly, who took his team to 4 straight Super Bowls. The Eagles were favored in their last 3 NFC Championship games (2002, 2003, and 2009).

    McNabb’s numbers aren’t impressive at all. He never threw for more than 4,000 yards in his career. He threw more than 23 TD only TWICE in 13 years.

    His completion percentage was low despite the fact that he played in a QB-friendly offense where a good QB would be at 60% or above.

    His passer rating isn’t very good at all, especially when you consider the main reason it isn’t much lower is the result of McNabb throwing a 3 yard pass on third down and 9 on a regular basis. Any Eagles fan can tell you this happened all the time with Donovan. He often took sacks by holding the ball too long.

    He has the second lowest interception percentage in NFL history. Neil O’Donnell is first. It’s not an impressive stat for McNabb.

    The main reason he interception percentage is so low is that he was afraid to take a risk and simply threw the safest possible throw for much of his career. Eagles fans can back me up on that.

    McNabb was unable to anticipate the routs of his receivers like Drew Brees. We’ve all seen Brees throw the ball to a spot before the receiver even makes his break. Brees has an amazing ability to anticipate where his receivers will be as he throws the ball. That’s one reason Brees will be in the Hall of Fame.

    McNabb is the kind of QB who can only throw to what he sees, lacking any ability to anticipate. His accuracy can only be described as poor. His decision making was average. His ability to read defenses was average at best. His wasn’t adept at leading his team to a victory when they were losing in the 4th quarter. He wasn’t even a good leader, let alone a great one.

    McNabb was only voted to the pro bowl twice in his 13 year career. He played in 4 additional pro bowls as an alternate when one of the three QB’s voted in wouldn’t play due to injury of the fact that didn’t care about the pro bowl (Brett Favre).

    He was never named first or second team All-Pro.

    He was never a top 3 QB for even one season. He was arguably a top 5 QB once in 2004.

    This is not a Hall of Fame QB.

    Can anyone honestly say McNabb is in the same class as Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Brett Favre, or Drew Brees. How about Aaron Rodgers? Or even Eli Manning?

    Just go away, Donovan. You’re not relevant and you haven’t been since the Eagles traded you to the Redskins. You remember that year, right? You kept saying that your career would end like John Elway’s career. That was when you talked about how great Mike Shanahan was as a head coach, especially for QB’s like you and Elway.

    That was before he benched you for Rex Grossman. You’re delusional, Donovan.

    Philadelphia fans know you better than anyone. We know the truth about you, my friend.

  104. @sportguy
    Warner had a bunch of scrub years, at least Mcnabbs skillls eroded naturally with age as with many other pretty good QBs. This guy had a very successful career that most QBs would die for, get some perspective!

  105. “eaglesfanxx: Philadelphia fans know you better than anyone. We know the truth about you, my friend.” Thats what I thought until you started bashing your greatest QB in franchise history that brought the worst recieving corps to 5 NFC champs and 1 Superbowl. Defense??? You are forgetting a few of your trips that you guys stunk against the run.
    Also the Superbowl he gets bashed and yet he spent most of that game running for his life from NE. The guy played on a fibula that was broken in 3 different places against Arizona and had 4 TD’s. Get a grip your recievers dropped passes and they sucked for most of his career, yes your back ups had sucess but never to the level Mcnabb did. Vick has all these WR’s and TE in the prime of their carreer and no NFC championship game, and missed the playoff in his first 2 years.. Some Eagles Fans get it, some needs a clue! Everyone was saying it during the prime of his carreer your RECIEVERS SUCKED, and the Eagles wasted his career. I know I watched your games against my Giants.. The Giants did not have great CB’s during Mcnabbs prime, but they looked great against you guys.

  106. During the pre-game chatter of every game in which they played together, the color analyst, Baldy or Moose, said the following: “I spoke to (name), the defensive coordinator of the (team opposing Eagles that day) and he said, “Westbrook is the most potent offensive weapon in the National Football League.” I (the color analyst) said, “you mean, more than Adrian Petersen(or the offensive threat du jour)?” and he replied “Yes”.
    The first defense of McNabb is that he had no one around him. But neither Brady nor Brees nor Roethlesberger or Manning had Westbrook, or anyone near his ability.
    Before Warner replaced the St. Louis starter, no one heard of the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’. Warner made those receivers stars. Leinert didn’t raise the profile of Bolden or Fitzgerald; Warner made them stars. Brady won a Super Bowl with Jabar Gafney, for goodness sake. Drew Brees won the Super Bowl with a 7th-round draft choice from Hosfstra. Eli won with a wide receiver who only attended a handful of practices all year.
    Who did McNabb ever make better? If McNabb had had Marques Colston, he would have turned him into Pinkney, too.
    So with the most potent offensive weapon in the NFL, McNabb could not raise the game of any receiver during his career.
    Leadership is part of the job requirements for QB. On this, McNabb came up as short as his throws. He once claimed after a loss, “I didn’t lose this on my own.” Now, no one thinks that he lost it on his own. But Philadelphia management realized that with their rising young receiving crew, this attitude would be poison,and they shipped him to a _division rival_. Does Shanahan have a HoF vote?

  107. Does McNabb understand the “rules” for the Hall of Fame?

    In order to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame….. you have to be good.

  108. wferg1121 says:
    Apr 19, 2012 8:28 AM

    “Thats what I thought until you started bashing your greatest QB in franchise history that brought the worst recieving corps to 5 NFC champs and 1 Superbowl. Defense??? You are forgetting a few of your trips that you guys stunk against the run……”
    I don’t disagree with anything you wrote. McNabb had bad receivers most of the time. He didn’t have a running game until Westbrook’s 2nd or 3rd year. They were sometimes questionable against the run. Andy Reid was always fat.

    But here’s the thing: None of that matters. None of means he was a student of the game. None of it means he wasn’t the most insecure and oversensitive player most of us have ever seen. None of it means he didn’t suffer a big physical decline after 2005. And most importantly, none of it means he doesn’t act like an ASS CLOWN now.

    And yes…to every non-Eagles fan out there: We told you so. We really, really did.

  109. I loved Donovan. Until 2005.

    Regardless of what anyone thinks, 99.9% of Philadelphia fans did NOT boo him at the draft. 30 idiots from a sports radio show did. They do not represent anyone but 610WIP.

    McNabb had nothing but support from the fans for years. He had more love than any other athlete in Philadelphia. He just refused to acknowledge it because he held a grudge for the booing thing. His mouth made him hard to support at times. His ability to take full blame for something, and then continue to blame everyone else is astounding.

    But now, the rest of the country sees exactly what Philadelphia fans saw for years. An athletic QB that was never accurate at all, wilted under pressure, and has no idea when to keep his mouth shut. Once his athleticism left, he was left an average QB with no accuracy. After 13 years, the guy still cant throw a damn slant route. Its infuriating.

    And hopefully, it is understood now why Philly fans were frustrated between him and Reid.

  110. We’re supposed to take his word for whose stats he feels are close to his when he doesn’t even know the facts about OT? Oh wait, maybe the stats are more important to him than the actual game.
    Great QBs do more with less, he does less with more.

  111. 2 years ago, “Eagles fans are barbaric idiots who know nothing about football and should be grateful that they have a class act like Donovan in their terrible city… Can’t wait til they’re winless for the next decade”… Just because 5 idiots booed him on draft day like 12 years ago, and the media won’t let us forget it.

  112. wferg1121,

    You’re a typical delusional McNabb fan.

    McNabb and all 4 of his fans (including you) always say how terrible his receivers were in Philly.

    McNabb and his fans always blame someone else for his failures. Leaders take responsibility and demand others do the same. McNabb loves to point fingers at his teammates for his weaknesses.

    Did Alex Smith take his team to the NFC Championship game with Michael Crabtree and Delaney Walker as his two starting wr’s? Does he belong in the Hall of Fame?

    Mark Sanchez went to two straight AFC Championship games in his first two seasons in the NFL with poor receivers. Does he belong in the Hall of Fame?

    Joe Flacco has had tremendous success in the playoffs without good WR’s. Should he be in the Hall of Fame?

    It doesn’t matter how good your WR’s are if the QB constantly throws inaccurate passes.

    There are QB’s who put up huge numbers with average or below average receivers. Tom Brady threw 36 TD’s and 4 interceptions in 2010 with two rookie TE’s and Wes Welker.

    Phillip Rivers threw for 4,700 yards and 30 TD’s in 2010 without Vincent Jackson for most of the year. Malcolm Floyd was his best WR.

    Drew Brees had 4,600 passing yards and 33 TD’s in 2010 with one quality receiver in Marques Colston. He also had Robert Meachem, Devry Henderson, and Lance Moore. Should I go on?

    Tom Brady won 3 Super Bowls with David Givens, Deion Branch, Davis Patten, and Troy Brown as his top 4 WR’s. One of those Super Bowl wins (2004 season) was against you hero, Donovan McNabb.

    Did McNabb have better receivers/weapons than Brady in the Super Bowl? McNabb had Owens and Westbrook.

    I guess very good QB’s CAN succeed without great receivers. McNabb wasn’t a very good QB. He doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame.

    You said McNabb was the greatest QB in franchise history. Who was the 2nd best? Ron Jaworski? I rest my case.

    The Eagles have never had a Hall of Fame QB. They’ve never even had a very good QB. It doesn’t matter if you think he’s the best QB in Franchise history as the Eagles have never had a QB who was a Top 5 QB in the NFL.

    wferg1121, you have to present clear, logical arguments to have a debate with me. You rambled in your last post and failed to explain why McNabb belongs in the Hall of Fame.

  113. Two of McNabb’s former teammates, Ike Reese and Hugh Douglas, have adamantly said that McNabb doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame.

    It’s very unusual for NFL players to say that one of their former teammates doesn’t belong in Canton.

    They usually say how great their former teammate was and he deserves a bust in Canton.

    McNabb’s teammates don’t even think he’s earned a place in the Hall of Fame.

    End of story.

  114. I was on my way to lay down till i saw this article, is he serious! Mc Nabb is a joke! and he’s making himself look more worse every time he opens his mouth! I got news for you, you weren’t that good. Yes you won some games, but thats it! your not even in the top half of Retired QB’s, so why not just go away!

  115. First of all I would to start off by stating that I was born in Philadelphia and raised to be an Eagles fan. I have lived through the highs and also through the lows. And yeah we Eagles fans haven’t felt the joy of an Eagles parade down Broad street YET, but I have for all 28 years of my life never wavered in my pride to be a die-hard Eagles fan!

    I’d also like to say that I agreed with Andy Reid’s second overall selection for Donovan McNabb in 1999. I mean it was him or Ricky Williams and hindsight now being 20\20 its obvious McNabb was by far the better choice.

    And ever since 1999 I backed number five as long as he wore that five in midnight green. Once he was traded I backed number seven, Michael Vick.

    Sure Donovan did some great things while in Philly, four division titles, five NFC championship game appearances and one Super bowl berth.

    But he’s comparing himself to Marino and Peyton. Who won with any coach they played under. McNabb thus far has only won under Reid.

    And you know something, Mike Vick wasn’t the mega superstar QB he’s been lately especially during the 2010 season. I mean Vick always had some supernatural abilities but Not until under Andy Reid’s watchful eye did his true QB skills come to play.

    Now, I’m not saying he deserves it YET, but if anyone deserves to be inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame it’s Andy Reid!

    Without a doubt he is taken for granted in this city and anytime our birds lose a game the majority of us call for his firing.

    But since he became head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles he was the reason for all the success from the day he was hired until now. And I hate to say it but for nearly eleven years the only thing that has held Andy Reid back from achieving the NFL’s holy grail just happens to be Donovan McNabb’s skillset or lack-thereof .

    The throws into the mud or to receivers ankles, the indecisive decisions and what appears to be at sometimes the work of a choke artist.

  116. @wferg1121:

    You said the Eagles had a terrible run defense in a few of the five years they reached the NFC Championship game with McNabb at QB.

    Name those years.

    You don’t even know the facts about the Eagles. The one year they had a terrible run defense was the 2006 season. You remember that year, right?

    That was the year McNabb got hurt and Jeff Garcia went 4-1 as the starting QB to lead the Eagles to the playoffs. Garcia torched your Giants in one of those five games with what you describe as terrible WR’s.

    The played your Giants again in the wildcard game. The Eagles won that game. They won with those lousy WR’s you love to blame for McNabb’s poor play.

    The Eagles then went to New Orleans to play the Saints. Final score: Saints 27 Eagles 24.

    I know much more about the Eagles than you. Please don’t tell me the Eagles were terrible against the run when the truth is the Eagles had one of the top defenses in the NFL for years and were one of the top defenses practically every year with McNabb in terms of average points allowed per game.

    The defense, a great offensive line, good coaching, and Brian Westbrook carried the Eagles to 5 NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl.

  117. eaglesfanxx says: Yes I like Mcnabb, however never liked the Eagles. The difference between Mcnabbs receivers and everyone else that you listed is simple, they could and have gotten a job somewhere else… Mcnabbs recievers didn’t or were very short lived (Greg Lewis, Thrash, and Curtis).. You watched the most recent 08 Championship game.. The final play Kevin Curtis, the ball hit him in the hands on 4th down, and CB should have been called for pass interference, point was thats a first down… Superbowl he had pressure all game long he finished 30/51 with 3td and 3 ints, and Westbrook only had 44 yards on 15 carries.. Just to remind you how bad your line was doing…
    Carolina game his recievers couldn’t get off the line of scrimmage. I still remember Troy showing Pinkston on his rear in that game stating on the line.
    In terms of Hugh and Ike, for the longest time most of the players thought Mcnabb was in the Eagles pocket and as a result they had to go play somewhere else. Although it was just the Eagles and their over 30 idea.. Maybe they felt that Mcnabb should have went to bat for them.

    I always felt from watching your games, that Reid wasn’t running to keep your offense honest, and that put pressure on Mcnabb to be on target all the time. Alex Smith, Mark Sanchez, and Flacco had dominant running games and coach willing to use them. They also had Dominant defenses. The WR ‘s were not total garbage, your still talking Braylon Edwards, Crabtree, Keller, Ginn, Heap. Bree’s recievers are one of the top 5 reciever groups in the NFL.. Mcnabb had Owens happy in 04 and all of a sudden he has a career year. The Eagles defense overall statistically were good, but they had flaws like stinking against the run. I think during his Mcnabbs tenure he won the most games behind Peyton & Brady.

    Mcnabb played in Philadelphia for 11 years 8 years in the playoffs 5 NFC championship games and 1 superbowl appearance. His rookie year he came in when the season was already over. Prior to TO he accounted for 75-80% of the Eagles total offense whether its rushing or passing. Lets put it this way, all those playoffs you guys went to, 09 was the first time the Eagles were one and done with Mcnabb at QB… Mike Vick 2010 one and done, 2011 no playoffs due to injury.

  118. @wferg1121,

    Your last message proves how little you know about the Eagles from 2001-2011. I’m not going to waste my time destroying each argument you tried to make in your last post.

    You failed to explain why McNabb belongs in the Hall of Fame.

    Your memory of how McNabb played in the playoffs is poor.

    I could waste 30 minutes pointing out why everything you said in your previous post is incorrect. I’ll focus on this notion that the Eagles failure to run the ball more hurt McNabb and that you can win without good WR’s. You just don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to the Eagles and McNabb.

    You failed to address a large number of the points I made in previous posts.

    Do the Packers run the ball often to keep defenses honest? I guess they don’t need a good running game with a great QB. Aren’t the Saints a passing offense? It seems to be working out well for them and Drew Brees.

    Here’s the truth about the importance of a strong running game and how often the Eagles run the ball: The Eagles don’t run the ball less than every team in the NFL. In fact, their run-pass ratio is practically identical to every other passing offense in the NFL.

    It’s a passing league. Name the last NFL that won a Super Bowl with a top 5 RB. The Broncos with Terrell Davis? That was 14 years ago. Teams are throwing the ball more often and relying less on their running game.

    New England and the Giants made the Super Bowl this year. Are they running offenses or passing offenses? They’re both powerful in the passing game and relatively average at best in the running game.

    Did Detroit have a running game in 2011? No. Yet Matthew Stafford threw for 41 TD’s and 5,400 yards. Yet, according to you, a good QB needs a running game. You’re wrong again.

    Brady didn’t have a good running game in 2011. Eli Manning didn’t have a good running game in 2011. Aaron Rodgers didn’t even have an average running game in 2011. The Packers threw the ball roughly 60% of the time, yet he was extremely effective. He threw for 45 TD’s and 4,600 yards.

    The 49ers had lousy WR’s in 2011. That’s why they signed Manningham and Moss. The 49ers went to the NFC Championship game. Braylon Edwards and Ted Ginn were both hurt and didn’t play in the playoffs. Neither one is a good WR.

    How did Tom Brady win three Super Bowls with WR’s Deion Branch, Troy Brown, David Patten, and David Givens? You can’t answer that question because it totally destroys your entire argument that you need good or great wr’s to win a Super Bowl.

    I would be wasting my time talking with you in the future. You’re not making any good arguments and your knowledge about the NFL is limited.

    I could continue to explain why each of your comments is incorrect. I won’t waste any more of my time. I’ve heard the same arguments you’re making for years from McNabb fans.

    You’re not explaining why McNabb belongs in the Hall of Fame!!! You’re simply blaming his teammates for his failures in the playoffs. It’s right out of the Donovan McNabb playbook: blame everyone else for my poor play.

  119. As an Eagle fan the following is what “McRib” has a better shot at getting than the NFL Hall of Fame:

    Lifetime supply of Chunky Soup

    Weight watchers for cardiovascular-ly challenged QB’s

    McRib sandwiches while supplies last

    Autographed football he threw up on and threw to Todd Pinkston in Jacksonville, which of course Pinkston refused to catch (thanks a lot alligator arms)

    New book titled “Dirt Nap: Just Throw the Damn Ball
    Into the Ground!”

  120. Final thoughts:

    McNabb played in a passer-friendly offense with a great defense, a great offensive line, outstanding special teams, and a guy named Brian Westbrook. He played on a very good team for at least 8 of his 11 years with the Eagles.

    The team took McNabb to 5 NFC Championship games. They lost four of the five games.

    Donovan McNabb is not a Hall of Fame QB.

    You would have to put guys like Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, and Carson Palmer in Canton if McNabb was ever voted into the Hall of Fame.

    Hall of Fame means greatness. It means you’re one of the best players to ever play in the NFL.

    Gale Sayers, Joe Montana, Deion Sanders, Walter Payton, Deacon Jones, Jerry Rice, Mel Blount, Lawrence Taylor, Reggie White, Bruce Smith, and Mean Joe Greene.

    Future Hall of Fame QB’s: Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers. Let’s not forget Eli Manning with two Super Bowls and better numbers than McNabb.

    Roethlisberger is a more likely candidate for the Hall of Fame than McNabb. Big Ben has 2 Super Bowl titles and 3 total appearances in 8 seasons. He comes up big in the 4th quarter, unlike McNabb.

    Phillip Rivers is also much more likely to end up in the Hall of Fame than McNabb. Rivers has thrown for over 4,000 yards for 5 straight years, 3 years of 30 or more TD passes, 5 years of 27 or more TD passes, a 63.5% career completion percentage, a passer rating over 100 for 4 straight seasons, and a 95.5 passer career passer rating.

    McNabb should be judged by comparing his overall performance with his peers who played in his era (2000-2011). He’s not in the same category as the 7 QB’s I listed above, especially the first four All-Pro’s.

  121. Eagles defense against the run ranking and rushing ypg.
    2000 #20 114.4ypg 20
    2001 #18 114.8ypg 29
    2002 #9 103.8ypg 27
    2003 #22 129.4ypg 14
    2004 #16 118.9 ypg 24
    2005 #21 117.7 ypg
    2006 #26 136.4ypg 27

    The Eagles were pretty good with avg pts allowed, teams were spending more time running the ball down your throats. Your defenses were so great yet they give up 20, 29, 27, 14, 24, 27, 32, and 34 points in all your playoff losses. Jeff Garcia? Didn’t he bomb in Cleveland and Detroit? Do you think honestly that Garcia could have brought the Eagles 8 playoffs and 5 NFC championships and 1 Superbowl in 11 years? Garcia only won 1 playoff game in San Fran with TO and won his second in 06 with the Eagles.
    2005 Mike Mcmahon 1-5 as the starter
    2007 AJ Feeley started 2 games lost them both Eagles missed playoffs and finished 8-8.. You keep pretending that Mcnabb was the problem.

  122. Did I say anything about Garcia other than 2006? No. You’re just making things up now.

    You’re using Mike McMahon and AJ Feely as proof that McNabb was a great QB? I won’t even respond to that garbage. I never mentioned either player.

    Are you saying the run defense is why the Eagles lost 4 of 5 NFC Championship games and the Super Bowl against New England?

    How did McNabb play in those 4 NFC Championship games defeats and in the Super Bowl?

    You failed to mention where the Eagles ranked in passing defense from 2001-2009, where they ranked in total yards allowed defensively from 2001-2009, and where they ranked in average points allowed per game from 2001-2009.

    Listen, I have facts supporting my arguments. You have pathetic excuses, you make up weird arguments like implying I said a word about Garcia outside of the 2006 season, and you blame everyone but McNabb for losing 4 out of 5 NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl.

    Wait, are you related to McNabb? Are you one of his fans from Philly? You seem suspiciously interested in a QB who played for a team that you’re supposed to dislike. You claim to be a NY Giants fan.

    You have to counter my comments made in this post and earlier posts for me to respond to you again. You’re not very good at articulating your thoughts and your arguments are feeble, irrelevant, and inaccurate.

    You still have yet to explain why McNabb belongs in the Hall of Fame!!!

    You’ve spent at least 85% of your comments on blaming others for McNabb’s flaws and failures.

    Why does he belong in the Hall of Fame? Why is he a great QB?

  123. The man is absolutely a hall of famer. After all, most people would agree he’s the best quarterback in Eagles history, right? By that very point, he can’t not get in, since they’ve had several hall of fame quarterbacks in their 80 years of history.

    The knock on him about the whole “big game” thing: His Super Bowl performance was actually very good (3 touchdowns, only Kurt Warner had more yards in a game); individually he did enough to win the ’08 NFC title game, won the ’04 title game, was injured in the ’03 game and played the ’02 game still recovering from the broken leg. He played well enough to win in the ’01 title game too. You can’t knock the guy for the often very weak offenses around him. He won what, nine playoff games? Call it ten for the year they creamed Dallas 44-6 in week seventeen to get in.

    The one year he had an elite wide receiver they were an untouchable duo. The man threw four touchdown passes in a comeback victory on a broken leg. He took over games with his legs early in his career. He carried that offense totally by himself in ’00 and ’01. He had 100 yard rushing games, and was a great passer. Holds every significant Eagle passing record. Was at times the least intercepted passer of all time (by percentage, which, obviously, fluctuates with each pass thrown). Totally changed the face of his franchise, made them relevant and a Super Bowl pick for a decade.

    You can’t use the last one and half seasons against him- thrust onto two new teams, both with horrible offenses and play calling. He actually was on pace for a 4,000 yard season in Washington (finished with 3300). Those seasons individually weren’t abysmal like they’ve been described. He did the most he could as a mid thirties qb on two horrible teams. I personally saw him beat the Eagles, with two long td passes dropped by Fred Davis and iirc maybe Santana Moss, which would have turned that game into a blowout. (Both passes were in their hands, leading them perfectly, not at their feet.) The guy’s been so much better than he’s gotten the rap for, and you can’t count two years at the end of his career on bad teams against his hall of fame case. That would make players better off retiring early.

  124. @waltdawg,

    What an intelligent comment. You obviously can’t make any argument for McNabb going to the hall of Fame.

    Thanks for agreeing with me.

  125. readthisrighteffingnow, excellent points all around! People seem dislike McNabb for no real tangible reason. Yeah, he makes some strange comments every now and then, but too me, he comes off as a very likeable person. It’s a shame how that self-centered T.O. ruined what could have become a great QB-receiver combo. It’s also a shame how someone with such a great career and personality has been depicted in this forum.

    HOFamer? Still not sure…but Dan Fouts is in with no SB appearance and Plunkett has 2 SB wins and he is not enshrined. Oh I forgot, Raiders like he and Cliff Branch don’t get in. Branch has 3 SB wins! However, Biletnikoff got in with 2 SB wins, and strangely enough, defenses feared Branch more than Biletnikoff.

    I know I digressed a bit, but this HOF voting mess really pisses me off!

  126. @readthisrighteffingnow,

    Name all of the Hall of Fame QB’s in the history of the Eagles.

    Where did you learn to write? You’re not articulating your opinions. You ramble while making excuses.

    You make poor, tired arguments for McNabb going to the Hall of Fame.

    Please explain why McNabb deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

    The Eagles haven’t had any All-Pro QB’s in the past 45 years. Not one.

    Definition of an All-Pro: One of the top two players at your position in the NFL.

    Let’s focus on McNabb level of play and compare his stats to the QB’s who played in the NFL in the past 14 years.

    Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees will all be Hall of Fame QB’s. Aaron Rodgers looks like a future Hall of Fame QB.

    McNabb’s not even close to those 4 QB’s.
    Three other current QB’s who are much more qualified to be voted into the Hall of Fame when their careers are complete: Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, and Ben Roethlisberger.

    You said McNabb and the Redskins should have blown the Eagles out if two of his receivers didn’t drop the ball in 2010. You’re completely wrong, my man.

    McNabb completed 8 of 19 passes for 125 yards. He played poorly and then got crushed when the Eagles went to DC on Monday night a few weeks later. How did McNabb play in that Monday night game?

    You said McNabb actually played well in the playoffs. You’re wrong. He played poorly in the playoffs. Tell me his passer rating in the playoffs. He played poorly in his only Super Bowl.

    McNabb threw 3 terrible interceptions against New England in that Super Bowl. He was also too tired to run the two minute offense with more than 7 minutes left in the game and the Eagles down by 10. Can you say vomit?

    He played lousy against Caroline in the 2003 NFC Championship game. He played terribly in the 2002 Championship game against Tampa Bay.

    He had a chance to take the Eagles to the Super Bowl in the 2008 NFC Championship game. He failed to win the game despite playing against the worst passing defense (Arizona) in the NFL. He choked at the end of the game… again!!!

    He comes up small in big games. It’s a fact and the numbers support that claim.

    Guys like Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, and Tony Romo should be in the Hall of Fame if McNabb ends up in Canton.

    Fortunately, McNabb won’t be in the Hall of Fame and neither will Ryan, Flacco, and Romo, based on their careers so far. Ryan and Flacco have plenty of time to prove that they’re great QB’s.

    The rest of your comments aren’t clear. You failed to explain why he belongs in the Hall of Fame. You simply blame his teammates for his lack of success.

    The Eagles took McNabb to 5 NFC Championship game with a great defense, Brian Westbrook, solid special teams, good coaching, and a great offensive line.

    McNabb played for 13 years. He had ONE season where he played like a top 5 QB (2004). You can’t be in the Hall of Fame if you’ve only had one great season in 13 years.

  127. Ya gotta love Donovan McNabb who has become the Chael Sonnen of the NFL with his outlandish statements to be the biggest heel in sports.

  128. The late Steve McNair’s career stats are similar to those of McNabb’s and he played less seasons. McNair isn’t a hall of famer and neither is McNabb.

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