Hearing coming in May on Redskins, Cowboys cap grievance

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Plenty of you have asked in recent days for an update on the status of the grievance filed by the Redskins and Cowboys after the removal of $46 million in total cap space from the two teams by the NFL.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, a hearing will be held in May.

The grievance will be handled by Special Master Stephen Burbank, pursuant to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The league contends that the Cowboys and Redskins violated the “spirit” of the salary cap during the uncapped year of 2010, even though the NFL approved all contracts submitted by the teams containing payments in 2010.  The circumstances suggest that the NFL tried to impose restrictions on spending that didn’t exist in the labor deal, which would constitute collusion in the uncapped year.

The move has prompted a significant outcry from Cowboys and Redskins games, creating an unholy alliance between two arch rivals that could confirm the accuracy of the Mayan calendar.

UPDATE 2:16 p.m. ET:  Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that the hearing will be held on May 10.

56 responses to “Hearing coming in May on Redskins, Cowboys cap grievance

  1. I guess now that Al Davis is dead it falls to Mr. Jerry”Bad Facelift” Jones to assume the role of NFL troublemaker.

    You just know his school report card said “does not play well with others”.

  2. So does that mean that I can file suit against the NFL and their competition committee for violating the “spirit” of the sport as it is trying to turn the league into two-hand touch?

  3. I hope Roger throws the book at them. Of course it’s these two POS owners that allegedly broke the rules. Here come their fans to the rescue!

  4. The league knows this is a shammockery… but, as I’ve said… The damage is already done… They at least kept the Redskins off the big FA catches minus Pierre Garcon … I expect the Redskins will have their cap space back for next season & will just take the hit this season. The Redskins/Cowboys have one thing working in their favor… Roger Goodell isn’t the final say.

  5. I guess when the Redskins and Cowboys win their appeal they will get compensated next year with bucuu draft picks.
    (Meeting with Peyton Manning and not being able to sign him is worth how many draft picks?)

  6. I am actually rooting for Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones. The locusts and rain of frogs can’t be far behind.
    Once again, the NFL did something that Dan Snyder hasn’t been able to do in the last 10 years. It moved the Redskins fan base into his corner.

  7. I have a serious problem with what the other 30 owners have done here. I am rooting for the ‘Boys and ‘Skins in this matter.

    Why isn’t the NFL worried about the “spirit” of the game itself? They might as well hire women to play the game b/c it is being wussified at a rapid rate. Are ppl really “offended” at violence? These are the same ppl who watch Saw and Law & Order yet they are aghast at how hard football players play the game.

    Jack Lambert must throwup every time he watches a game these days.

  8. Even with the extra cap space both teams proved to be irrelevant… Leave these pathetic franchises alone and let them self destruct. Neither would make the playoffs with infinite cap space!

  9. Bears should be lucky they aren’t in there with them for frontloading a huge chunk of Peppers monster deal in the uncapped year.

  10. They violated the spirit of the salary cap during an uncapped.

    Wow – what happened to dealing within the actual rules versus the spirit of the unwritten rules.

    I wonder what would happen if teams followed the unwritten rules and not the written rules now.

  11. The damage has already been done here. The skins and cowboys had to plan FA as though they were getting dinged and can’t go back in time.

    Mike, what do you see being “awarded” to the two teams if they do win?

  12. “The move has prompted a significant outcry from Cowboys and Redskins games, creating an unholy alliance between two arch rivals that could confirm the accuracy of the Mayan calendar.”

    Man aint that the truth. I keep waiting for the sky to fall , the Apocalypse must SURELY be upon us.

    Even if the Redskins and Cowboys have the entire penalty erased and all cap room restored the damage is effectively done. The NFL prevented both teams from reaping the benefits of the Free Agency market this year. Most of the quality is gone and the Redskins certainly were hampered by it losing out on the OL and DB market bigtime and being forced to sign second tier or depth guys like Torrence et al.

  13. The “sprit” of the rule, should have meant, “The NFL should have disapproved the contracts if they were illegal.” Get em Jerry! Get em Danny! The NFLs butt is in a sling and they know it.

  14. If Burbank rules in favor of the NFL, then you’re really going to see some Doomsday. The earth will shake, and Bruce Allen will spontaneously combust!

  15. oranjellojones wrote:

    Even if the Redskins and Cowboys have the entire penalty erased and all cap room restored the damage is effectively done. The NFL prevented both teams from reaping the benefits of the Free Agency market this year
    True, but who says that IF (and it’s a big if) the ruling is overturned in the D/R favor, that the cap space wouldn’t be added to next years ceiling? That is certainly what I would ask for if I were Jerry or Danny, for the exact reasons you listed.

  16. Hearing should have been before the draft, so that the Skins & Cowboys could have been awarded compensatory picks for the damage already done.

  17. Mayan prophecy: Two former enemies (Skins, Pokes) will work together to bring down conspiring twits (Goddell, Mara) and triumph and dance on their broken corpses.

    Sounds like a Mayan prophecy I can get into!

  18. Love the rule breaker comments about jones and snyder. The only rule breakers and cheaters were the NFL owners and GODdell for agreeing to collude oh yeah and d smith who f’ed his players for agreeing to turn a blind eye to collusion for a couple extra million on the cap. I’m 100% positive that the players had more to gain if the prooved collusion by the owners which apparently wouldn’t have been hard to do

  19. as a Skins fan, I demand our cap space to be reinstated and as a result of us not being able to pursue free agents this year, we should be alloted 3 compensatory picks in next years draft.

  20. thehairychestsportsblog says:
    Apr 18, 2012 9:37 AM
    Love the trolls hating. On RG. Name a flaw in his game or character That. Makes him worse then. Luck? Take a min ill wait.

    Ummm…..what are you talking about? Not one single post before yours even MENTIONS RG, much less hates on him.

  21. mf7krime says:
    Apr 18, 2012 9:39 AM
    I hope Roger throws the book at them. Of course it’s these two POS owners that allegedly broke the rules. Here come their fans to the rescue!

    Ok you pos what rules did they break ? Name one.

  22. The Giants faked injuries in games last year (as EVIDENCED by film) which is violation of an ACTUAL rule yet nothing happens. The Skins and Pokes work withing the capless rules and are accused of violating an IMAGINARY rule and get hammered for it.

    How can this NOT get overturned?? Mara’s dumb a$$ needs to lose some draft picks for this BS.

  23. ” Of course it’s these two POS owners that allegedly broke the rules. Here come their fans to the rescue!”

    You have to be the dumbest human on earth to think these two owners “broke the rules” when they violated absolutely nothing in the CBA, while the other 28 owners illegally colluded to keep player wages at a minimum and are now being taken to arbitration as a result.

  24. I would assume this took so long because there is some serious homework being done by the men involved. Finally a date. But like I wrote on a previous article and some of you have already said damage done. I’ll take and overturn though. See if anything we can sign our own players next year and build off of a solid core.

  25. Mike,

    You got the headline exactly right. It’s ALWAYS the Skins first then the Cowboys. Always!!!

  26. Okay, okay..
    In the interests of parity, let the ‘skins off the hook, but STICK IT TO THE COWBOYS!! :mrgreen:

  27. We’re going to win the hearing for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Führer Goodell take some picks away because of bountygate as a result

  28. Lets assume that Dallas and Washington win this one. What stops Roger Goodell from walking up to Jerry Jones and whispering in his ear,”Congratulations scumbag, Dallas will never see another Super Bowl in your lifetime. Oh, and by the way, we may have to raise that scoreboard a few feet so it doesn’t interfere with the games. We have had punters say it interferes with their hoped for trajectory.”

    As for Dan Snyder, he is too arrogant and such a micromanaging fool that the league can just leave him in charge. That will set the Washington franchise in a permanent hole….you know, similar to the one in which they currently reside.

  29. @sc5000

    The Bears don’t play in the same division as Mara’s Giants. So there was no need for him to try and do the Bears like he did the Redskins and Cowboys.

  30. way to funny reading all the dummies. jon mara is the head of the committee–the committee that 29 owners voted to uphold the penalties. what draft picks are goin to be taken away from the giants–so every team in the nfl is goin to have to give away draft picks?? keep being miserable fan bases and the giants will win it all again. thank u

  31. goodell is doing dallas a favor by not letting them embarass themselves and host AGAIN the worst super bowl weekend ever. u guys made jacksonville and detroit look like paradise

  32. First anyone who even sides with the NFL “Cheating” Committee a.k.a. Mara/Goddell and goons is an Idiot and know nothing about the uncapped year/CBA. They decided amongst themselves to screw the Cowboys and Redskins two of their biggest money making machines…

    Nothing wou ld make me happier than to see Mara and Goodell and the rest of the goons get their arses handed to them…something of this magnitude should’ve been heard well before May.

  33. Since when was violating “spirit” illegal? They didn’t break any rules and took advantage of the league’s ignorance. After all, the league APPROVED their actions. If anybody should get the cold shoulder, it’s the nfl itself.

  34. I hope they don’t get even 1 concession; they tried to cheat the other owners and teams. Was it collusion, probably but so what it was to benefit all owners and these 2 teams took advantage thinking there was nothing that could be done. I’m not saying the collusion was right, but it was a all for 1, 1 for all deal and these 2 teams broke the pact thinking they were slick. They don’t deserve 1 penny of cap space back!

  35. NFL approved the large payments on the contracts and then retroactively punished both teams for doing so and failing to collude when there were no written regulations.

    The Boys and Skins will get the money back, though it will likely be prorated evenly over the next 2-3 yrs. Nothing will happen to Giants or anyone else.

    End scene.

  36. they viloated the “spirit of the cap”, even though the owners signed a CBA with the playing that said there is no cap. What about the spirit of the cap floor? where there teams that violated that and what’s their punishment?

    don’t even know what the spirit of the cap means…NFL arguement is typcially lawyer nonsense, that’s why all lawyer’s should be shot.

  37. I’m still confused on why the league is not going after those teams who spent LESS than the cap minimum in that same year. Shouldn’t they get penalized as well?? If the Skins and Cowboys get screwed on this, then those teams who spent less that the league minimum should have to repay that extra money.

  38. Funny how the league listens to player and coach appeals within days yet they push this appeal back by two months. Hmmm after all the free agents are gone and the draft is concluded. I am not a fan of either team but that appears very unfair to me. I hope the NFL loses out on this one.

  39. Is an arbitrator under the same obligations as a judge to uphold the law? I don’t know and am looking for an informed answer. The reason I wonder is this; I don’t believe a judge could rule in favor of a group of owners who were breaking the law. If in the opinion of the judge the owners were acting in collusion and conspired in a manner that violated federal anti-trust laws then he would have to rule against the owners. I don’t believe he could come up with a ruling that said in effect that the Cowboys and Redskins should have acted in an illegal conspiracy. At least that is the way I see it. Florio is a lawyer…..could he address this point.

  40. you know what would be funny? though i hate the cowboys, i’d like to see both teams kick ass this year so they can point at the owners and go “nice try”

  41. The biggest problem I had with this whole thing was the fact that Mara orchestrated this hoax the Goodell enforced it !!! If you look at the facts there were actually 4 teams who spent over the perceived cap in that uncapped year and only the 2 in the nfc east were penalized.The other 2 were the saints and raiders….And the fact that they approved all the contracts then waited 2 years later til the eve of free agency to bring this upon them in uncomprehensible !!!!!!!!!! And the fact that the loss of cap space was sent to the other 30 teams the day before they were informed was even more of a joke and now they are going to wait til free agency and the draft are completely done before they even get a hearing …WHAT A JOKE. THERE WAS NO CAP

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