The PFT Live mock draft, picks No. 5 through 8

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Our obsessive focus on the largely meaningless release of the 2012 schedule caused me to forget about our obsessive focus on the completely meaningless PFT Live mock draft.

Tuesday’s PFT Live featured part two, with picks No. 5 through No. 8.

On Wednesday, we’ll present (abacus engaged) picks No. 9 through No. 12.  So tune in at 12:00 p.m. ET, especially since today’s guests will be Vikings defensive end Jared Allen and FOX’s Jay Glazer.

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8 responses to “The PFT Live mock draft, picks No. 5 through 8

  1. In regards to not being able to get Flynn.. The Fins could have gotten Flynn if they would’ve payed him what he wanted.. The guy who watched him play at the NFL level every single day at practice for his entire career, Joe Philbin, wasn’t sold on him being that much more talented than Matt Moore. And certainly not 7 million/year more talented than Matt Moore. Seriously get over the fact the Fins didn’t get Moore, and about 10 other teams didn’t get Peyton Manning that wanted him.

  2. Exactly DCRYAN82. Their consistent bashing of the Dolphins gets old and shows a lack of research on their part. Nothing wrong with giving facts but the consistent back handed remarks is uncalled for. This site blows, i hate i was lured in by this lame attempt at guessing picks.

  3. dcryan82 you should know by now that the author of this article hates the Miami Dolphins. He trashes them every chance he gets. I cant even say his name on here because if you do your article gets zapped and removed from this website. So much for free speech.
    I agree with you…..Moore is an above average QB and there is no reason for Miami to throw away money or a high pick on a QB that they do not have a strong conviction that they will be elite. I listened to the Bears former head of scouting on the NFL network last night and it was so refreshing. He was brutaly honest in giving his breakdown of players as opposed to all the other draft “gurus” tha are so afraid to speak the truth because they will have agents, universities, and nfl teams cut them out of the loop. He said Ryan Tannehill is a second or third round talent period. Any thought of drafting him in the first round is insane.

  4. Bchapman, been reading some of the same about Tannehill. If i was the Dolphins, i would pick a top DE with the 1st pick and then deal with QB or even WR with the 2nd or 3rd picks.

  5. davefdaniel..I agree. I would love to see a pressure player selected. Coples would be perfect or trade down and get Perry out of USC. Miami can really use extra mid round picks. I would also like them to pick Floyd but given his three alcohol offenses I dont thnk Ireland will take the gamble. I dont live it Florida but I am willing to bet if Ireland does not cave to pressure and select Tannehill the fans will want to hang him.

  6. It would be dumb for Ireland to be pressured into taking Tannehill because of a bunch of sportswriters.

    1. Ireland needs to WIN NOW if he wants to be employed this time next year. Tannehill will not win games in 2012 even if he IS a good QB.

    2. There was a reason Sherman put Tannehill to WR originally. Tannehill was NOT his first choice at QB.

    3. Tannehill has a career 7.0 yards per attempt. Compare that to Luck and Kellen Moore (8.9), RGII (8.7) or the other QBs in this draft. He does not have good deep accuracy, but throws too hard on short routes leading to a lot of drops.

    4. If Miami is really in love with Tannehill, based on Sherman’s input…why would they send everybody and their dog to his pro day? The idea is to misdirect the other teams…there painfully obvious “interest” seems like a smokescreen.

    Personally, I am hoping someone (KC?) takes the bait and moves up for Tannehill…and Blackmon slides. Otherwise, Floyd, Kuehley, Coples…there are a LOT of win-now names that can be cornerstone guys at need posisitions.

  7. Get off the Matt Flynn thing. The guy in Miami who knows more about Flynn than any other single person in the NFL didn’t want him that bad, especially at the price the Seahawks paid him. It was their choice to not sign him.

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