Browns know who they’ll take if they keep fourth pick

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Browns general manager Tom Heckert held his predraft press conference on Thursday and offered a little insight into what the team is thinking a week before the first round picks are made.

Major stress on “a little.” People don’t tend to tip their hand and Heckert’s no exception. Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reports that he did say the Browns knew who they would take with the fourth pick in the draft without, of course, revealing who that player might be. He did share some thoughts about the possibilities.

Of Alabama running back Trent Richardson, Heckart said that the Browns wouldn’t shy away from picking a running back that high and he said that Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon is in the same class as A.J. Green. Blackmon and Richardson were deemed “class, class guys” and Heckert said the Browns hope to get a player like that.

He called reports that quarterback Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M flew up their draft board after a strong workout incorrect, noting that it was just a workout and that he’s “never really” seen a bad one. LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne also drew praise from the Browns general manager and he said going to see USC T Matt Kalil was necessary because he could be there when the Browns are on the clock.

So, basically, they are likely to wind up with one of the players that just about everyone has been projecting them to wind up with since draft talk really got going.

All of that is contingent on the Browns actually making that fourth pick. Heckert didn’t rule out a trade — “If there’s a similar  player, why not? Why wouldn’t you do it?” — and said there are 18 players on their board with first round grades. The Browns also have the 22nd overall pick as a result of last year’s trade with the Falcons involving Julio Jones.

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  1. Absolutely NO trading down this yr or QB at 4 or all hell is going to break loose in this city! Its time for a stud/playmaker/game changer whatever you wanna call him. we need offense,bottom line end of story…this pick HAS to be Kalil,Richardson or Blackmon. If the pick is not Blackmon then 22 has to be a reciever or right side guy if there is apretty good one there if we do not get Kalil….either way our first 3 picks atleast need to be offense and 2 of them need to be a wr and right side guy. these thinigs are a MUST in this draft since Dumbass Heckert did not do anything in free agency once again

  2. Heckert, the pick better be Richardson!, dont get cute this year and trade out of the top ten trying to be a draft genius and overthink this. The Browns need a star for the fan base to get excited about, not a team full of average Joes, who get you an average team. This is the year to get it done, 13 picks, 3 in the top 40, make it happen!!! This draft will make or break the H+H regime and the future of the browns. No pressure though, just do the right thing and draft Richardson if you want butts in the seats at Browns stadium this year. – Best Regards – One of many impatient, frustrated, lifelong browns fans.

  3. Hopefully Heckert trades back to 8th with Fins and we still get Trent Richardson and picks.

  4. If they pick Richardson they’ll be proud of the pick for years to come and he’ll have a fine career.

    If they pick Blackmon they may regret it because I think he’s a little overrated but would still be a solid guy, just not what you want from a Top-5 pick. He’s no AJ Green.

    If they pick Tannehill it’s a typical Browns move and they’ll continue to be the laughing stock of the AFC North.

    Fingers crossed they pick Tannehill

    Who Dey

  5. 1999 Tim Couch
    2000 Courtney Brown
    2001 Gerard Warren
    2002 William Green
    2003 Jeff Faine
    2004 Kellen Winslow II
    2005 Braylon Edwards
    2006 Kamerion Wimbley
    2007 Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn
    2009 Alex Mack
    2010 Joe Haden
    2011 Phil Taylor

    Other than Mack and a couple of Joes, recent history shows that the Browns will waste their #4 pick. I hope not. I’d like to feel compelled to watch them play after the fourth week of the season.

  6. I am praying that Tannehill doesn’t go to Cleveland, not because I like Cleveland, but because I like Tannehill.

  7. I’m not sure any of you understand how good Blackmon might be. He’s not the prototypical “deep threat” we all fall in love with, he’s a master of the break away though. He’s one of the few players I’ve seen that can break away on the slant on a consistent basis. Blackmon had something like 10 straight hundred yard games? He was targeted and still dominated. Personally, I love Michael Floyd as well with his great jumping ability, but those of you saying Blackmon is a poor mans Crabtree or something are completely wrong. He is bigger and faster than Crabtree with a better attitude and work ethic

  8. Putting Blackmon in the same arena as A.J. Green is a little premature… Most 1rst round Wr’s don’t come in and have an immediate impact.. A.J. is an exception..

  9. Draft Trent Richardson at #4 – give him jersey #32, and show him some tape of arguably the greatest RB in NFL history…

  10. 2006 Kamerion Wimbley
    2007 Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn
    2009 Alex Mack
    2010 Joe Haden
    2011 Phil Taylor

    Other than Quinn, these are solid picks with some repeated All Pro credentials.

    Don’t trade out of the first round. They have 13 picks now for Christ sake. I do not believe this team needs to roll over 35% of their roster. The defense is top ten and getting three to four starters out of the 13 picks available to Cleveland is within reason.

    If the Vikings screw up and Kalil is available at 4, take him. Otherwise, Richardson is the pick with the best RT available at 22.

    Give McCoy a shot with some playmakers and protection.

  11. The Browns are getting a little better each year. Their problem is that they have so far to go.I still do not understand how they could have picked Winslow instead of Big Ben.

  12. I don’t normall endorse taking a RB so high in the draft. However, when you have a RB as special as Trent Richardson available to you, you almost have to take him.

  13. pats1995 says:

    “…those of you saying Blackmon is a poor mans Crabtree or something are completely wrong….”

    Completely agree with you. I believe the Browns should take Richardson at #4, but just because I do shouldn’t mean I have to stupidly denigrate another player to make my point.

  14. Let’s hope it’s Richardson and not Tannehill. Better still, let’s hope for Browns fans it’s not a Dontari Poe. The Walrus doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

  15. I think at 4 we take best available and i like t rich myself but im trusting heckert whomever he takes unless its tannehill. These guys watch so much tape and hes done pretty well. Im more interested to see where we go at 22. I wouldnt be surprised if they trade up to the teens and grab another primiere talent. The only downside is it would probably cost us our second round pick so it may not be worth it unless its someone they are really high on

  16. Justin Blackmon is Anquan Boldin 2.0…don’t get me wrong, that would be an immediate upgrade in Cleveland but he’s not a franchise-changing player for the Browns. If Richardson is half as good as Adrian Peterson, who he is continually compared to, then he MUST be the pick at #4. I think the Browns take the best available player at #22 who I’m predicting right now to be Quinton Coples after he falls in the first round.

  17. I think it is safe to say that all of the teams who know for certain who they will pick in round 1 — and have the player available to them when their turn comes — will still wait until the last 30 seconds on the clock to announce their pick.

  18. I think the Browns best choices are TR and Stephen Hill if he is still available at number 22… He is a WO that showed great speed and control… Great hands too. Trading down for someone who is comparibly good is the most stupid thing a GM could say. If I were president Heckert would be fired for disclosing that. There is a reason he is not with the Eagles anymore.

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