Buddy Nix: Bills need tackles, but we might not draft one

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In running through the Bills’ needs in the NFL draft, Alper started with left tackle. Bills General Manager Buddy Nix agrees that that’s the position his team is most in need of upgrading, but he says it won’t necessarily happen in the draft.

Instead, the Bills may turn to last year’s fourth-round pick, Chris Hairston, to protect Ryan Fitzpatrick’s blind side.

We need tackles,” Nix said, via the Buffalo News. “But I’m gonna make this clear. We think Chris Hairston can play left tackle for us and win. He did it. He went in there. Everybody says [Ryan Fitzpatrick] gets the ball out quick, and that’s true. But we run a lot of empty sets. There’s five blockers. If they bring six, he’d better get it out quick or he’s gonna get hit in the mouth. In this offense, he’s gotta get it out quick. Chris Hairston, he may not be the prettiest foot athlete, but he’s got so much length that he can protect the back side. We feel he can do that.”

OK, but if Nix is confident in Hairston’s ability to get the job done, why does he say they need tackles? Nix seems to be preemptively dismissing any draft report card that might ding the Bills for failing to acquire an offensive tackle.

“I don’t care how many draftniks think that’s where we’re going and that’s the best pick for us,” Nix said. “If that’s not the guy we’ve got rated there, we won’t take him.”

The Bills have the 10th pick in the draft, and the draftniks mostly agree that the one left tackle who’s worthy of a Top 10 pick, USC’s Matt Kalil, will be long gone before No. 10, while the other top offensive tackles, including Iowa’s Riley Reiff and Stanford’s Jonathan Martin don’t warrant being selected that high. So Nix will likely find himself waiting until the second or third day of the draft to address that need. If he addresses it at all.

21 responses to “Buddy Nix: Bills need tackles, but we might not draft one

  1. Actually, he said the Bills want to draft at least one, and possibly two tackles to fill up their depth chart. But this is a team that could use a second receiver, a starting corner and a starting linebacker, so if the value is at those spots for their first two or three picks, then they’ll go that direction instead, believing that Hairston can handle the job if needed. But it would be nothing short of stunning to see them come out of a draft where they currently have 10 picks without taking at least one tackle, and Nix says that he plans to take one.

  2. The quote you cite was from the Bills draft luncheon. He said they needed depth at tackle. Instead of listening to the 45 minute press conference, you took a quote completely out of context and ran with it. Nice journalism.

  3. gobills716 says:Apr 19, 2012 8:31 PM

    The quote you cite was from the Bills draft luncheon. He said they needed depth at tackle. Instead of listening to the 45 minute press conference, you took a quote completely out of context and ran with it. Nice journalism.
    Thats what they do here…. Take partial quotes and flip it to get hits.. Also they like to bash guys for using “unnamed sources” and pretty much every story run here comes from a source with no name.. Its journalism at its finest.. no responsibility what so ever

  4. Bills are notorious for reaching for players, especially in the first round. They need to do something or it will be a very long season for Fitzpatrick.

  5. Yeah, because Buddy Nix is so worried about getting dinged on a report card from a bunch of know-nothing “experts” whose sole job is speculation, and whose opinions change week to week, pre-and post-draft. Take his record for what it’s worth; while he’s been GM, the Bills have had solid drafts. He’s a BPA guy, and that’s just the way it is. Get over it.

  6. to dlkeyser & gobills716,
    I suggest you scroll above to the title of this column called”Latest News and Rumors”.


    to suggest any person should sit and listen to a Bills 45 minute press conference is akin to Waterboarding.

  7. I’d say Buddy’s doin pretty good this year…..I’ll trust his judgement. He has said it before; he doesn’t draft based on need. He doesn’t like to overpay or reach for players via the draft.

  8. Steelerhypocrite, let me know how it feels when you fall off that bandwagon this season. You and all your other ignorant fans will hide again until playoff wins start coming. Just remember you got beat by a wildcat quarterback that the bills shredded 3 weeks earlier…..

  9. wow how dare a guy that actually runs a team dis agree with so called experts and writers who know so much they have never worked for a club let alone been in charge of putting a team together for real.

  10. Perhaps they will trade down and still get Reiff, plus added pick in late rounds.

    I think they get him regardless.

  11. Hairston is already signed, and has a years experience under his belt. He’s better than Reiff or Martin IMO, and they also have Sam Long, at 6’6″ 330lbs with arms that reach the floor while standing. There’s also Michael Jasper, The former 500lber, who is down in the mid to lower 300 range now. He’s a spectacular athelete, able to reverse dunk a basketball at 500 lbs. I can’t imagine him at 340 or so. Luke K is the guy IMO, CB in the 2nd. There was a story in the Bflonews this week that said the draft was loaded with Wr’s in the later rounds. I expect the Bills to take a WR, but not until at least the 4th, probably the 5th round. They’re getting Easley back also this year. All is well In Buffalo. P.S. Steelerhypocrite is a jerk. Like Pittsburg is some wonderland that must be seen.

  12. I see a trade with Philadelphia, they move up and get Luke at 10, Buffalo takes Riley at 15 and picks up a three and five.

    The Jets SD or NE might move up for Mark Barron hard to find SS.

    Look for a trade down from Buffalo.

  13. personally i thought hairston did a pretty good job when he played. chan said he struggled when he came back from injury but it was a high ankle sprain and odds are he was never 100%. they do need depth there but i think anyone other than kalil at 10 is a reach when there will be guys like floyd kuechly and gilmore available. at this point i think a lot of bills fans trust buddy and chan. cant wait for the draft

  14. how i love southern guys in charge! lets face it yankees, you want smart football people, go rebel. in nix and gailey we trust. word!

  15. If you listened to a little more of the luncheon you’d also note that the tackle that they spoke highest off was Glenn for Georgia, who could play guard as well while grooming, reiff they seemed low on. I think if they pick at 10 it’s Gilmore or Kirkpatrick, one of two CBs . If they go back it will be Glenn .

  16. Both running backs averaged over 5 ypc. The QB I believe was one of the least sacked in the league if not the least sacked. This with Eric Wood their best lineman missing significant time. They’ve got Johnson and Nelson and nothing else at WR. I’d like to see them draft Kirkpatrick so I don’t have to see McGee, Florence, or McKelvin get torched all year. I think they end up with a corner and a tackle within their top 3 picks.

  17. I pray that they stay at 10 and go with Keuchly. Having the opportunity to select the best player at a position of need can’t be passed up. I see him as a game changer that will fortify the front seven to an elite level. CB is a need but a really strong pass rush allows a team to mask their deficiencies in the secondary. But it’s not like the DBs aren’t a strong group. OL can always be improved but we’re talking about a squad that did very well last year. They have a few guys that are projects but with high upside. If Nix really wants to go OL then go Decastro who is projecting to be one of the best G prospects in a long time. The sexy pick would be Floyd but I believe his value is being inflated in a WR draft class with depth but not a lot of elite guys. Please Nix, go smart with Keuchly or Decastro.

  18. I could see Kuechly but unless they don’t plan on re-signing Levitre taking Decastro would be horrible. He is a safe pick and maybe if they picked in the bottom 3rd of the 1st rd would make more sense. At 10 it’d be awful.

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