Cedric Benson hasn’t met with any teams

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Cedric Benson’s departure from the Bengals in free agency was assumed long became official.

Benson was critical of the offensive direction on several occasions, didn’t hear anything from the Bengals once free agency opened and then had his exit set in stone when Cincinnati signed BenJarvus Green-Ellis as a free agent. Benson might not have expected to be in the Bengals’ plans, but he likely imagined some team would be interested in bringing him onboard for next season.

There haven’t been any bites yet. Benson told Alex Marvez of Sirius XM NFL Radio that he hasn’t met with any teams about signing with them. Benson said he expects to be part of a two-back rotation wherever he goes, although his skill set isn’t a perfect fit for that role. He doesn’t catch passes out of the backfield, which means he needs to be paired with a specific kind of back and can’t play on third downs. Basically, that would leave him the kind of role he played in Cincy and, at 29, there probably won’t be much call for him to be a workhorse even though he’s run for more than 1,000 yards in each of the last three seasons.

It’s the latest sign of the different value placed on running backs in today’s NFL. At his age and with his usage over the last three years, Benson shouldn’t command a top contract but the fact that he’s not even generating interest tells you where people are looking for backfield help.

There should be some nibbles after the draft as teams realize they didn’t do enough to address their running back needs, but Benson’s probably not going to get a chance to be all that picky about his next team.

14 responses to “Cedric Benson hasn’t met with any teams

  1. A Trent Richardson/Cedric Benson Buccaneer backfield would be one of the most feared in the NFL!

    Go Bucs!

  2. Benson was about to cash in with the Bengals about a year ago and then he ruined that by beating the snot out of his roommate. So close, yet so far. Story of Benson’s life.

  3. If not after the draft, he’ll get picked up before camp begins… He’s a jerk, but 1000 yd backs in their prime don’t stay unemployed.

  4. Cedric Benson could be a great fit with the New York Giants. With the departure of Jacobs, the Giants have a need for a real second string. I like Danny Ware and Da’Rel Scott but not quite sure they can handle that workload. I’ve always enjoyed his style of running and believe he would be an asset.

  5. LawFirm is not a “dynamic” player but he’s everything a team could want: steady, reliable, hard working, never fumbles, almost always makes positive yards, a great teammate and will never let you down off the field. In other words, the anti Benson.

  6. Baltimore wants him for the right price. He would be a great replacement for Ricky Williams and a tremendous backup and counterpoint to Ray Rice. Great fit in Baltimore

  7. If Cleveland is dumb enough to pass on Trent Richardson then Benson would make some sense there…

    Adding a power back dynamic to teams like Baltimore and Philly would make sense too.

  8. He’s not a terrible person and he hasn’t definitely cleaned up the way he acts…at least compared to how he use to act. The 1000 yard season can’t be contributed to nothing more than Jay Gruden rushing him so many times. With that he couldn’t even secure the ball. A WR or lineman could have done just as good of a job if not better.

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