Jets still considering bringing Braylon back

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Last year the Jets decided they didn’t have any use for wide receiver Braylon Edwards anymore, letting him leave for San Francisco, where he was a non-factor before getting cut in December. But that doesn’t mean the Jets wouldn’t be open to having Edwards return this year.

In fact, Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum said shortly after the season ended that he would consider bringing Edwards back, and he reiterated that today.

Bob Glauber of Newsday reports that Tannenbaum cited Edwards’ intense practice habits as one of the qualities the team likes about him and added, “I would not rule him out.”

Edwards is undeniably talented, and at age 29 he should still have some good years left in him. He’s currently rehabbing a knee injury but is expected to be healthy in plenty of time for training camp. Tannenbaum said that after the Jets evaluate their post-draft roster, there might be a place for Edwards.

“I don’t expect us to sign anybody before the draft,” Tannenbaum said. “We’ll see where that goes heading into May and June.”

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  1. Unless they draft Floyd, this is a no-brainer. Personally I’d rather draft defense (Barron, Pass-rusher) and bring Braylon back on the cheap. I think he can still be productive opposite Holmes. He’ll provide good run-blocking at the very least.

  2. “I don’t expect us to sign anybody before the draft,” Tannenbaum said. “We’ll see where that goes heading into May and June.”

    dont ever believe a word mike tampon says

  3. I like how PFT writes a “positive” article about “X” player and the picture is of “X” player getting sacked, stripped, form tackled, drunk, etc… or in Braylon’s ex: the DB is intercepting his pass while Braylon face masks him.

    On second thought, it’s probably more of a knock/reminder for Braylon who will be throwing him the ball.

  4. The Jets need a couples counseler in the front office. They haven’t mixed enough amonium nitrate with Holmes, Tebow, and Sanchez. Now they want to get Edwards in there stirring the cauldron. Why not get Ochocinco, T.O. and Randy Moss too? Just give them battleaxes and watch the fun. It might be better than the games. Mr.Ryan….Mr. Ryan… Dr. Phil on line one…..

  5. the jets seem like they are becoming dysfunctional. when you start bringing back players that you thought were not good for team chemistry or for whatever that is not good. holmes, sanchez, tebow, edwards sounds like a recipe for trouble.

  6. I was surprised nobody really else considered signing him. He’s still relatively young and could get him cheap.

  7. The injuries and his initial asking price was what scared the Jets off of Edwards last year. If he was healthy, they might have signed Edwards and let Quitter Holmes walk instead. If Edwards is healthy and they go defense next Thurs and Fri, this is a no brainer for the Jets.

    Jets have gotten too slow on defense and don’t need Floyd.

  8. I was wondering if Don Maynard and George Sauer JR. are available? Hell, how about Vito “Babe” Pirelli at QB, he’d be an improvement on Sanchez.

  9. Are we all talking about the same Braylon Edwards? Last I checked, this Braylon Edwards was Sanchez’s number one deep target who was also a stud run blocker. He just bit the short end of the stick in March 2011 because Holmes was more ‘clutch’ in the 4th quarter.

    So what that he got cut in December 2011 after injuries. And for anybody who knows anything about the Jets, Edwards was an amazing locker room presence in NY. He was really a class act after that minor DUI. Look up Braylon Edwards giving a class of students scholarships to college as part of his own foundation. I guess you missed out on that. He also had a near 1,000 yard season with Mark Sanchez at the helm.

  10. “Jets still considering bringing Braylon back”

    ……just another ‘high character’ Jets player.

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