NFL moves up Raiders-Dolphins Week 2 kickoff

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Speaking of how difficult the process of putting together the schedule is, one change to the 2012 NFL schedule has already been made.

The Raiders and Dolphins announced today that their Week Two game in Miami, which had been scheduled for a 4:15 p.m. Eastern kickoff on Sunday, September 16, has been moved to a 1 p.m. kickoff. Rosh Hashana starts at sundown that evening, and the earlier kickoff will give fans time to get home before sundown.

With a Dolphins home game that day, the NFL is running into two of the issues it often faces with the schedule: Wanting to avoid early-afternoon games under the hot Florida sun in September, while also wanting to avoid conflicts with the Jewish holidays. NFL scheduling czar Howard Katz told the New York Times that when the NFL put the Jets at home on Rosh Hashanah and the start of Yom Kippur in 2009, he got an earful.

I heard from every rabbi — ‘How could you screw that up?’” Katz said.

In this case, the league has decided that avoiding a conflict with Rosh Hashanah is worth forcing fans to sit out in the heat for a few hours.

46 responses to “NFL moves up Raiders-Dolphins Week 2 kickoff

  1. Who the hell is this Rosh guy…??? Anyway, sucks to be the RAIDUHS in that heat…

  2. I wonder if they will give Katz a tip for accomodating them…. Oh wait wrong religion.

  3. How awesome for the Raiders, getting to play in that heat in the black uniforms.

    I really want Rastafarianism to be recognized as a legitimate religion in this country, so that exceptions can be made for their religious practices.

  4. a 10am kickoff westcoast time, a cross country flight, add in 4hrs under the hot,humid,smothering florida heat OUCH!! early in the season on top of it all?? i see a loss week2 raiders fans!!

  5. I am sure most people will not mind. But when a certain movie actor (Gel Mipson?) hears about this he may go nucking futs.
    (Yes I misspelled some words on purpose but I’m sure everyone can figure it out).

  6. Sweet. Monday night opener then travel across the country for an early game.

    WTF? It’s been okay to play on Christmas Day the last couple of years. Last I checked, that’s a religious holiday.

  7. From a fairness stand point should the league be more concerned about Rosh Hashanah or the fact (stats) that West Coast teams that travel to the east cost and play 1 pm games have a big time losing record.

  8. For the second straight year the Raiders are getting screwed.

    Playing a late Monday Night game and an early Sunday East Coast game again.

    The NFL knows that East Coast teams have a distinct advantage in these early start games.

    All you haters out there should understand now why Raider fans feel the NFL has it out for the team.

    Are they gonna not show the last minutes of the game too?

    Even when AL isn’t even here the Raiders still has to fight the NFL just to get a fair shot at being successful. We all know AL screwed the team on how he drafted and the bad contracts but the NFL shouldn’t pile it on.

    The Raiders will be back soon! Reggie and Dennis are gonna resurrect the Madden Raiders and bring fear back to the NFL.

  9. All west coast teams traveling to an east coast team, should be played at a neutral site like Wichita or Omaha. Fairness Doctrine should be enacted.

  10. That’s a tall order, hopefully D. Allen has the boys fired up. A nice test early in the season, we will see if the RAIDERS are ready…

  11. Pretty easy switch to make.

    Let’s face it, the network execs weren’t losing any sleep about this matchup….

  12. What the heck does playing football in the afternoon have to do with Rolf Benirschke?

  13. One more reason to screw a west coast team…total BS. Now the Raiders have five 10am Pacific time games…the NFL really needs to change that crap.

  14. The Rams and Steelers still play late afternoon games on the 16th, and the 49ers play at home that night. Will these games be switched next?

  15. this game should have been scheduled for 1PM in the first place. that goofball stephen ross has requested every offseason for 4PM home games in september because its “too hot” for the fans. if my team is acclimated for playing in 90+ degree weather, i want 1pm home game every week. great home field advantage.

  16. Seems like they could have avoided all of this by either playing in Oakland or having the game later in the year. I love the raiders and it’s not fair that they will be 1-1 headed Into week 3 where they play the steelers. Then they will be 2-1. 1-12 I believe the raiders are on the east coast in their last 13. Last win was in Pittsburgh.

  17. As a Dolphins season ticket holder and true fan, all our early season home games should be at 1:00. That is why it is home field advantage!!!

  18. Really? I saw the schedule and thought ” the league is actually trying to be kind to the Raiders? Al must be dead”.

    Then they move the game up. The league must have watched the tape of last years game and realized that the Fins need the “W” more.

    The league has 9 games played @ 1 pm EST and 4 played @ 4pm? No conflict with the 49ers who play Sunday night.

    So the Raiders are suffering because of something that happened in New York 3 years ago, when the NFL decided that ratings were more important than religon ? But now religon trumps logic\fairness because of a rabbi in NY?

  19. By this logic Seattle should never have to play a 10am game on the east coast on Sunday as the fan base is scheduled to be in church at that time. Give me a break since when does the NFL schedule around religion?

  20. Shameless twits of a league.
    Raiders get screwed again. Nice job with the east coast bias for the 100,000th time.

  21. “So what happens if a hurricane is barreling toward Miami that weekend?”

    anytime the Raiders are coming to town, that’s a hurricane.

  22. This is a pretty ridiculous change: flying cross-country after a MNF game to play in at 10am PST in 90 degree south FL heat just to satisfy the viewing pleasures of a small minority. But I guess it’s not surprising when you have someone named Katz deciding the schedule

  23. Have to wonder with one of the smallest religious groups of only about 12 million or so can change a kickoff time of a game, what can the 2 billion or so christians do….ask tebow

  24. Funny how every one of the Raiders east coast games are at 10am Pacific…but yet the frickin’ Patriots get 2 home games at 4:15.

    Yeah…no east coast bias at all. Go figure.

  25. Seriously, I’m a Raiderfan.. and I usually don’t buy into the conspiracy theories.. about anything really… although I do believe the team has gotten screwed at some critical moments.. but I think that happens to all teams at some point. In any case, with the whole whining about Teams having to play a game on Thursday blah blah blah…. with last year the Raiders opening in the MNF late game on the road, then flying across the country to lose a devastating game to the Bills in the last second, and now, conveniently to use a holiday excuse to move what still would have been a tough game in the heat to a ridiculous one in even worse heat… I mean.. at what point doesn’t the NFL seriously realize fairness… why make a West Coast team that plays at 10:15 PM Eastern on a Monday night EVER play their next game on the East Coast, much less at 1 o’clock Eastern? I mean, you couldn’t swap that game out instead with a less demanding one? Really?

  26. Absurd. It’s bad enough the Raiders have to play on the East coast on a short week (AGAIN!). I thought at least the 4:15 would offset that a little. Another 10am game locally. Miami can’t even sellout their games. Seriously I doubt this even affects more than a 1000 people.

  27. humb0lt says: Apr 19, 2012 7:01 PM

    The Raiders haven’t been able to beat the Dolphins regardless of where or when they play, so why does it matter?

    As always the question is, why do the Raiders matter so much to humb0lt?

  28. Now that the NFL does not have to worry about Al Davis sucking out their life force – they are going to screw the Raiders even harder than before.

    This is further proof. The fifth 10am PST game for the Raiders this year on the East Coast now.

    Why do they always try to screw the Raiders?

    They are always victims it seems.

  29. You know what I really wish for? I hope that humbolt is finally able to talk his mom into getting DirecTv this year so he won’t have to keep watching all those Raider games.

    Tell your mom it’s only $199.95 now humbolt…but they have to drill a hole in the basement wall.

    Good luck buddy!

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