Broncos tried to trade for Samuel

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The Broncos apparently like their cornerbacks on the wrong side of 30.

According to Mike Klis the Denver Post, the team tried to trade for cornerback Asante Samuel, the 31-year-old cover man who has become a luxury the Eagles can no longer afford.

Per Klis, the Broncos made two proposals.  One would have sent a fifth-round or sixth-round draft pick to Philly, and the other would have sent a player.

The Broncos reportedly believe they can no longer make the trade happen.  On March 22, they signed former Saints conerback Tracy Porter (who is merely 25).  Last Friday, they cut veteran starter Andre’ Goodman, who is 33.

The elder statesman and No. 1 corner for the Broncos is Champ Bailey.  He turns 34 in June.

It’s widely believed that Samuel would have to reduce the value of the final two years of his contract in order to make a trade happen, given that he’s due to earn base salaries of $10 million and $11.5 million, respectively, over the next two seasons.  And so he essentially has the ability to veto any trade by saying he won’t cut his pay.

39 responses to “Broncos tried to trade for Samuel

  1. Ha … so funny. The Eagles are just magic when it comes to finding trading chumps. They should bottle it and sell it.

  2. The guy has more picks then anyone in football over the last 4 years and ignorant fans say he isn’t worth a 6th round pick?

  3. The Eagles have the cap space, and the cash. I would much rather have Asante Samuel than a 5th round pick.

  4. I spent so much time from January all the way up until the Tracy Porter signing asking Woody Paige, Mike Klis, and Jeff Legwald the possibilities of a DJ Williams for Asante Samuel trade in their mailbags and to their emails. I was trying to spark something but they never featured my questions about the possibilities of it in their (even though they did feature ALOT of my questions during that time-span) and now the news breaks that the Broncos saw a cornerback tandem of Bailey and Samuel as valuable as I did. I wish it would have happened. Bailey is still a shut down corner (chexk the stats that MATTER most) and Samuels is a ballhawk. They would have definitely made our safties look good 🙁

  5. Fat Andy will be lucky to get a 7th round pick for the no-tackle, no-cover, no hope Samuel.

  6. If they get rid of Samuel who fill his shoes and pose and dance around in the Eagles’ secondary? It’s hard to be irrelevant AND arrogant, not just anyone can be an Eagle.

  7. I wouldn’t give a pro bowler away for a 5th
    Or 6th rd pick either. That s y broncos
    Have been so horrible for years cuz they don’t
    Get players but are cheap. Other than this yr
    Cuz Mr Ed( aka elway) wanted a manning.
    Btw silly Asante has already said he’d redo
    His contract. They just lost a top cb. Over
    A 3rd or 4th rd pick??

  8. It doesn’t seem like they tried very hard. A 3rd most likely would’ve gotten done. Maybe a 4th as they get closer to the draft but the fact is they don’t need to dump Asante to get under the salary cap. Wanting to trade him and needing to trade him are two different things.

    I don’t see Asante reducing his cap hit to facilitate a trade. If he’s going to take less money he’d rather choose the team.

  9. A 5th or 6th round pick for Asante??? He’s worth at least a 3rd… maybe even a 2nd. He’ll continue to be an above average (if not great) CB for another few years.

  10. philvil41 says:

    “Denver is such a JOKE!! What an OVERATED bunch of LOSERS.They will be lucky to finish 3rd in the AFC West.”

    You may be correct about the likely outcome, but what would you expect them to do given that the cupboard is essentially bare?

    Or are you incapable of analyzing, so you just resort to insults?

  11. Sounds like the Broncos didn’t make a good enough offer. 5th or 6th? That’s a lowball offer.

  12. Asante Samuels play , even when factoring in his age warrant a 2nd round pick , but given his salary & the Eagles despertness(word?) to trade him I think a 3rd rounder is fair compensation for one of the best (the stats don’t lie) CB’s in the game today . With our long term commitment to Nnamdi Asomugha & the addition of DRC , Samuel no longer fits into the system that Castillo has to instill , but as a Eagles fan im going to miss watching Asante , what he brings to the field , and the way he challenges Maclin & Jackson every play up @ lehigh… Good luck 22 !!

  13. A 5th or 6th for Samuel is laughable. The dude is worth at least a 4th. Probably more like a 3rd.

  14. Where is thcnote and bozosforall saying what a great move this would be for Donkeyville?

    This is for you guys: MegaHead will lead the Donkeys to an 8-8 record and no playoffs.

  15. The teams smell blood and know The Eagles are between a rock and a hard place.

    Samuel’s salary is a heavy burden and it is money that could be better served signing Lesean to a long term deal.

    No team is willing to offer a 4th or better. If that was the case he would be gone by now.

    All said, The Eagles will to accept a late round choice, release him, or keep him at his current alary. None of which are a good senario for the Birds.

  16. What’s up with all the “Broncos are cheap low-baller” comments?

    This coming from Eagles fans whose team fleeced the Cardinals with garbage Kolb and washington with “HOF” mcnabb.

    Lemme guess eagles fans, the fair offer would have been a player plus two second round picks?

  17. Broncos can’t afford him because they gave all of their money to their qb position.

    It’s being reported now that Philly will take a 5th AND 6th round pick for Samual. That is definitely worth it!

  18. Call the Chiefs! Samuel has already shined for HC/DC Romeo Crennel & GM Scott Pioli years ago for New England.
    Chiefs would have league’s best defensive backfield, hands down.
    Brandon Flowers + Stanford Routt + Eric Berry + Assante Samuel = deep playoff run for the Chiefs.

  19. The Eagles won’t be trading Samuel for the probably worthless draft pick they’ll get for him. They’re trading him to get rid of his salary.

  20. Eagles said they are willing to take a 5 now… they need to dump his cap… lesean is more important now.. nevermind having money to sign draft picks…

    cards wont jump they are broke from signing kolb… nor do i think they will ever trade with the eagles again

    @jacksaysfu… desperation was your word(no insult)

  21. Does anyone read the article? Samuels is owed almost 23 million the next two seasons in Philly and can veto any trade. So why would Samuels, who is almost at the end of his career take a pay cut to play for the Broncos?

  22. Samuel’s legacy will always be the guy that chokes in big games, just like dropping an easy pick in the SB vs the Giants.

  23. 5th round pick for a 2-time Pro Bowl cornerback who’s “only” 31?…hmmm…was that an Elway proposal? Guess he didn’t see the tape on the season-ending Patriots debaucle where his secondary got sliced and diced…John, repeat after me Brady’s stat line, 364 yards passing,
    6 TD’s passing, YPC 14.00…great secondary…
    46-10…and they used the Mercy law and cruised in the 2nd half…plu-LEEZE..

  24. b00rad says: Apr 20, 2012 1:11 PM

    “Does anyone read the article? Samuels is owed almost 23 million the next two seasons in Philly and can veto any trade. So why would Samuels, who is almost at the end of his career take a pay cut to play for the Broncos?”


    He can’t veto every trade; he can only refuse to take a pay cut but that won’t stop a team with cap room to spend.

  25. Idiot Philly fans! Read the article! If the iggles agreed to a 5 th rd pick then that IS what he’s worth. The hang up is the money which nobody wants to pay him He’ll be cut and could end up in Denver anyways. That’s how it works. The Bronx would be stupid to offer more. This ain’t the first time we’ve taken advantage of the eagles front office (Brian Dawkins, joe mays, Broderick Brinkley)

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