Goodell calls meeting with Minnesota leaders “very productive”


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell expressed optimism on Friday after meeting with Minnesota leaders, saying he believes the state legislature will soon pass a bill to finance the construction of a new stadium for the Vikings.

“We think it was a very productive session today,” Goodell said. “We appreciate the governor and the legislative leaders and the business leaders for being here today. I think our presence here is a signal of how important it is to the National Football League that the Minnesota Vikings continue to be here in this community and continue to be successful. We believe after many, many years that the time has come to pass the legislation to move forward. We expect and we hope after today’s meeting that there’s a general commitment to do that in this session and that will ensure the fact that the Vikings will be here for a very long time.”

There has been increasing talk in recent days that the Vikings may move if the state doesn’t pass a bill to finance the construction of a new stadium, and that talk has been characterized in some quarters as a threat to move the team to Los Angeles if the NFL doesn’t get what it wants. Goodell said that’s not the case.

“There were no implied threats or any threats at all,” Goodell said. “What we talked about is the importance of creating a solution here that works for the team and works for the community.”

Still, the message is clear: The NFL expects a stadium bill to be passed soon. If it isn’t, all options are on the table, including moving to a new stadium about 2,000 miles away.

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  1. Get it done! Whether you’re for or against public financing of a stadium, the undeniable fact is that it’s going to happen eventually (this year, next year, or after the Vikings leave and you want to attract a new team) and the cheapest way to do it is to pass it right now!

  2. I hope this thing gets worked out. It would be a real shame if the NFL with multi-billion dollar YEARLY revenue TV contracts couldn’t extort some taxpayer dollars.

    Note to Zygi Wilf: That was a nice touch taking your PRIVATE JET to Los Angeles just to show all those simple minded average joes in Minnesota making $50k a year exactly who’s who and what’s what.

    They don’t need their money …. you do! Touché.

  3. Notice how he met with the folks who are trying to do an “end around” the legally binding requirement that the voters be allowed to vote on this potential expenditure?

    Here’s a hint Don Goodell. Instead of ticking off the locals with your threats, why not stage public forums to meet with the taxpayers whose money it is you want to hijack?

    And can ANYONE tell me why “Let Wilf fund the stadium with his own money and reap the rewards of his convictions” is not an option?

  4. PASS THE BILL!! Don’t do what usually happens: vote the bill down and let the Vikes walk, only to have everyone whining about no more NFL team so in a couple years they scrape together the $ for a stadium and try to lure another team to town.

    There is even an option where a tribe is willing to foot $400 million (more then the state’s share) in exchange for being able to open a new casino. They would also kick in money from this casino to the state and give some more money to boost existing racetrack in Canterbury.

    So if they don’t want to spend public dollars, why not accept free money that not only builds a stadium and puts ppl back to work, but also helps them close the budget deficit? We already have casinos, what’s the big deal to allow one more?

    Get this done now!

  5. Goodell doen’t know the true ignorance of the Minnesota legislature, his meeting will only irritate them and make a stand against another millionaire.

  6. @irishgary
    “And continue to be successful? At What?

    How about being successful at selling out games for 13 straight years, through the thick and thin. Continue to be successful at drawing fans from N & S Dakota Iowa and even Canda to our games.

  7. What’d you guys expect him to say? Very productive could mean anything. Remember, he’s the son of a politician.

  8. clintonportisheadd says:Apr 20, 2012 12:47 PM

    And can ANYONE tell me why “Let Wilf fund the stadium with his own money and reap the rewards of his convictions” is not an option?

    1. Because he doesn’t have to.

    2. Because he doesn’t have the money to pay off a $600 million dollar loan on a football team and a billion dollar loan on a stadium.

    3. He’s putting up 43% of the money for a stadium that will be owned by the public. It’s the third-largest private contribution ever. It isn’t like he isn’t doing anything.

    4. Because the public benefits from having the Vikings. Why shouldn’t the public put up some dough for what they get out of it?

    5. Because some of us live in the real world. This is the way it works, like it or not.

  9. Goodell promised the state leaders an upcoming SuperBowl. Didn’t Indy just make something like $500,000,000.00 off the last SB?

    Goodell: “Give us the stadium, and we will promise a SB!”

    This thing is going to pass!

  10. I’d love for the politicians to ask the commissioner of a corporation worth hundreds of billions of dollars with owners worth multi billion dolars, why can’t they build their own places of work? The jobs created (ushers, parking lots, food stands, etc) are minimal as most of the employment is 1 or 2 days per week over 8 weekends out of the year. The full time employers are largely from out of state (players, coaches, execs).

  11. Goodell:

    “Thank you for meeting with me ladies and gentlemen. I’ve never had such a delicious sauerkraut and Spam hot dish. I’ve not had so much fiber and fat in one meal in a very long time. I’m certain this lunch will be quite productive.

    I think you should reconsider the Indian tribes’ offer to fund a new stadium in exchange for building a new downtown casino. It will cost the citizens nothing. The tribe will borrow the $400M from the Chinese and send around 75% of the profits overseas. The rest will go to the tribe who pays no taxes to you. You can then wash your hands of this divisive issue.”

  12. They should pass a bill capping the public funds to $300 million (state and local combined). And requiring a dome or retractable roof so Minnesota can get the next super bowl. Then the Vikings can decide how to pay for the rest of it.

  13. ninefingers9 says: Goodell promised the state leaders an upcoming SuperBowl. Didn’t Indy just make something like $500,000,000.00 off the last SB?”

    In short . . . no.
    If — and I stress if — a $500M figure has been officially stated, it certainly refers to the “economic effect” of hosting a Super Bowl. Essentially, this means that the stated amount is the total amount of money that changed hands leading up to, during, and after the event. That includes the money spent on advertising, airfare, merchandise, television contracts; in short, it’s a meaningless number.
    What the city DOES make is a tiny fraction — in the form of hotel taxes, restaurant taxes, and the like. Most of these taxes come in at about .5%-.75%. That means that the city collects between 5 and 8 cents for every $10 actually spent in the city.

    Yes, that can still add up to significant money, but you can’t simply ignore the very real costs to the city of hosting the event. The increased cost in Police, Emergency, and Sanitation personnel alone will probably eat up most of that income.

    Will a city lose money on hosting a Super Bowl? Extremely doubtful — but it’s hardly the economic windfall you are making it out to be.

  14. this needs to get passed
    built world class stadium and lets win a few superbowls along the way
    go vikes

  15. Zygi has no where to go. The state of Minnesota knows it.

    Los Angeles can only attain one NFC team. That team will be the Rams.

    Vikings are blocked from moving to Los Angeles.

    Minnesotan’s are not bowing to the Carpet Bagger.

    Give Zygi the Metro Dome with a few adjustments.

    Total cost: 100 bucks.

  16. So when the Vikings finally move to LA, they should change their name to the Lakers and have a united Los Angeles. Change the uniform colors just slightly.

  17. The argument for private funding of a stadium in MN won’t work compared to the more populated and affluent areas on the east and west coast. The Vikes can’t charge the same prices and license fees that the Pats or the Jets/Giants can, and the poulation isn’t large enough or has enough large business revenue to fund the high priced boxes or seats.

    If they tried, there’d be an outcry, probably from the same dopes crying for private financing and/or that the dough should go to the poor and schools, that the Vikes are rich billionaires gouging fans with high ticket prices and license fees.

    Like it or not, the popular and only business model for pro sports markets in this demographic is some form of public funding. If you want a pro team and a decent stadium, that’s the way to do it. If not, move to Iowa.

  18. He basically came to Minny and like any other good salesperson, went for the no. Didn’t get the no and said, “Then grow some gonads and get it done in this calendar year or the last money you see from the NFL is at the gas pumps when we fill up the moving trucks”. Geez, build it and they will come!

  19. I like to Gamble, BUILD it!!! I bet the Packers go 16-0 in 2012 and are one and done again this year! My wife really liked that one.

  20. sjestus says: “So when the Vikings finally move to LA, they should change their name to the Lakers and have a united Los Angeles. Change the uniform colors just slightly.”

    Los Angeles Football Lakers?
    Not bad. Replace the horns on the helmet with a stylized football, get an exemption from the NFL to wear gold at home and purple on the road.
    I think Jerry Buss might want a little piece of the pie, though . . .

  21. NFL In L.A. says: “Los Angeles can only attain one NFC team. That team will be the Rams.”

    Stan? Is that you?

  22. I was listening to Mark & Brian on the way in to work this morning and they had their go to guy on sports talking about the NFL draft. The guy had his opinions, which I thought were incorrect but the funny part of it was they were talking about how boring the draft is on TV because they have fifteen minutes on the clock for every pick. Mark & Brian have this thing about everything is better with monkey’s and they should have a monkey announce the selections. I’ll bet they could get one for less than their paying Goodell.

  23. “We THINK it was a very productive session today,” Goodell said, “thankfully we recorded the session and after we edit out all the “uff das” and the “yea you betchas” hope fully we’ll get a better read on were we’re at.”

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