Ireland has “pretty good feeling” as to the player he wants with No. 8 pick


As the Dolphins prepare to use the eighth overall pick in the draft (or to trade it), the franchise that hasn’t had a franchise quarterback since Dan Marino retired has been linked to quarterback Ryan Tannehill, given that Tannehill’s former college coach is now Miami’s offensive coordinator.

G.M. Jeff Ireland held his annual pre-draft press conference on Thursday, and he understandably said nothing specific about Tannehill, or anyone else.  But Ireland did say that he’s got an idea as to what he’ll do.

According to Brian Briggane of the Palm Beach Post, Ireland said he has “a pretty good feeling at what I want at eight.”

Really, all he needs at No. 8 is eight possible players, in the event that seven of his eight are the first seven off the board.  (He can probably scratch Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin.)

If Tannehill is on the board when the Dolphins pick, there will be the same anticipation that arose in 2007 when the Dolphins didn’t take Brady Quinn with the ninth overall selection, opting instead for Ted Ginn Jr.

Of course, Ireland talking about what he wants with the eighth pick could also be aimed at obscuring an interest in trading up — or in building leverage for a trade down.

We’ll find out in six days what he does.  Until then, Dolphins fans will cling to any whisper of evidence regarding how this will play out.

36 responses to “Ireland has “pretty good feeling” as to the player he wants with No. 8 pick

  1. You blow Ireland! Dolphans don’t have a good feeling and haven’t since you’ve been there! Get lost loser!

    Shoe-la knows all!

  2. Everyone always tries to make these connections, but using the same logic maybe Sherman doesn’t want Tannehill because he didn’t like what he saw.

    Don’t forget Sherman got fired with Tannehill as his quarterback

  3. Ireland has a “pretty good feeling” that he can miss again on a QB for the 5th consecutive year and STILL brown-nose Ross into thinking he’s an asset to the organization.

  4. So I’m watching ESPN last night (I never ends well) and they say the Fins should draft Tannehill and let him sit because he is “developmental”…. Since when do you say its a good idea to draft a project @ 8th overall? I honestly think McShay may have let the stress get to him and is now on drugs. I’m sure Tannehill is a great kid, but the hype is getting outrageous.

  5. If they reach for Tannehill at #8 they can expect to remain sucky for a couple more years until they swing and miss on their next qb. Tannehill is not first round talent and nowhere near ready to play.

  6. You don’t take,sign or force a qb just to have one…have you all not learned??? They have tried other teams cast offs,traded for them also,just to say “we have a qb” drafted them in the 2nd “we have a qb” it doesn’t work to over reach!!! It doesn’t matter whether he picks tannehill or not…he WILL get thrashed for taking the overhyped guy or he WILL get thrashed for what’s the word everyone loves “whiffing” on another (mediocre) qb. Peyton was the only franchise qb this offseason. If they take him I am confident he will develop,if they don’t ( like flynn) he is not the answer. Matt Moore is the most decent thing we have since pennington…don’t discard him just for the heck of it

  7. wannstache says:
    Apr 20, 2012 11:23 AM
    Ireland has a “pretty good feeling” that he can miss again on a QB for the 5th consecutive year and STILL brown-nose Ross into thinking he’s an asset to the organization.

  8. Some people seem to forget Ted Ginn was drafted before Ireland even got to Miami. And Florio didn’t bash Miami with snide remarks this time? First time for everything I guess..

  9. Ireland did not choose Ted Ginn Jr over Brady Quinn. Ireland was not even on the Dolphins at that time. Ireland has drafted Jake Long, Vontae Davis, Jarred Odrick, and Mike Pouncey. Not bad for someone that supposedly knows nothing about football.

  10. agelardi says: Apr 20, 2012 10:57 AM

    Can’t dog Ireland for taking Ginn over Quinn. Ginn has more touchdowns I think.


    Interesting that you would say that, because Ireland wasn’t even there at the time.

  11. Can’t dog Ireland for taking Ginn over Quinn. Ginn has more touchdowns I think.

    But you can dog him for taking culppeper over brees, or jason allen instead of cromartie, or ronnie brown instead of demarcus ware, or vernon carey instead of wilford, or billy milner instead of derrick brooks, or randall hill instead of cortez kennedy.

    Ireland is a bum!

  12. Wouldn’t it be great if the following people ( wannstaste, punish22, joe toronto, beeronthe
    fridge ) got together and raised money for a big old billboard so you can share your negativity for all to see, of course you could all go to the jets and spread your negativity on there blogs.No one wants to read you statements. The Dolphins could care less about your rants. Bill

  13. @beeronthefridge-I think you are dogging the wrong person, Saban picked Culpepper and Brown, Wanstadt picked Carey and Shula picked Milner and Hill. Learn your facts before commenting on dogging. Sounds like you need a dogging.

  14. To bsizemore68:

    Sorry Bill, but we are all entitled to our opinions, even you. If the team had gotten better over Ireland’s tenure, we may be saying something different. Just because YOU don’t care that he’s ruined our team to the point where we can no longer see them on Sunday and Monday Night Football doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t still express our anger.

  15. beeronthefridge says: “Can’t dog Ireland for taking Ginn over Quinn. Ginn has more touchdowns I think.”

    As others have noted, this was a Randy Mueller/Cam Cameron draft pick.

    beeronthefridge says: “But you can dog him for taking culppeper over brees,”

    Nope. But you can dog Nick Saban, who made that decision.

    beeronthefridge says: “or jason allen instead of cromartie,”

    Nope. Once again, a Nick Saban decision.

    beeronthefridge says: “or ronnie brown instead of demarcus ware, ”

    Wrong twice here. Nick Saban drafted Ronnie Brown, and Jeff Ireland DID draft DeMarcus Ware – for the Cowboys.

    beeronthefridge says: “or vernon carey instead of wilford,”

    Rick Spielman/Dave Wannstedt decision.

    beeronthefridge says: “or billy milner instead of derrick brooks,”

    Don Shula decision.

    beeronthefridge says: “or randall hill instead of cortez kennedy.”

    Don Shula decision.

    beeronthefridge says: “Ireland is a bum!”

    Maybe so. But you’ve yet to make a single valid criticism of him here.

  16. personally, i hope they go after Blackmon or Floyd at 8, whoever is there(1 definitely will be) then go after a compliment to Wake in 2nd round like LaVonte David

  17. Hate Ireland all you want but the man is very skilled at drafting. The people that are gone are people he was never really high on in the first place…i.e. Henne, Pat white. He wanted Matt Ryan over Jake long but Parcells didn’t. He is a part of Parcell’s tyranny and is finally able to run the show himself.

    Hopefully we take Brandon Weedon in the second round and take Floyd in the first.

  18. The fins were 1-15 before Ireland got there. Fans were up in arms about Ireland choosing Matt Moore over Kyle Orton despite most fans not really knowing either player. Ireland was right in that case & the fans were wrong. Ireland tried to talk Parcells out of drafting Pat White and was over ruled by Bill. Does Ireland get no credit for a pretty good defense or a pretty decent draft last year, Ireland’s 1st without Parcells? So Ireland gets Reggie Bush, Matt Moore & has a part in getting Long, Bess & Wake and he’s an idiot? I don’t think so. Some of these idiot posters are actually blaming Ireland for picks going as far back as the Shula era!

  19. Long time FINFAN on the left coast. Parcells did have a good model…build from the inside out. We need to go with a big nasty DE with the #8 pick. I think we all agree Moore was pretty good down the stretch. Gerrard…not a sexy pickup…but if you look at his stats he is productive. If that’s all I have at QB going into the season….I’m Ok with that. If not a DE we need to look at WR. The schedule is favorable: 3 road games in the 2nd half & only 1 “cold” game. I see 7-9 or 8-8. Not too bad for where we are as a franchise. If not Ireland is OUT!!!!!!!

  20. Only thing I like about Ryan Tannehill is his athletic ability.(former WR) I want a guy who can move around if need be. Nobody know as of now who will be on the right side of the Phins OL and also LG is not a sure thing either. Only sure bets on this OL is LT and C…that is a same. We need a QB that can escape pressure from an unsolid OL

  21. I didn’t really see a lot of Tannehill’s games. The few I did see were high scoring by both teams. One thing that does stand out is that no other player from Texas A&M is being talked about in this draft, which tells me Tannehill probably had to carry the team on his shoulders all season long.

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