Jaguars like Stephon Gilmore “a ton”

AP’s Peter King released his mock draft on Friday afternoon, and included in it are a number of draft-related nuggets. In King’s prediction of the Jaguars’ pick at No. 7, he states that Jacksonville “likes” South Carolina cornerback  Stephon Gilmore “a ton,” while also noting that corner is a position of need for the Jags.

Gilmore’s draft stock seems to be on fire of late. ESPN’s Todd McShay mentioned on Friday’s edition of SportsCenter that Gilmore is entering next week’s draft with significant “momentum,” seemingly clearly bypassing Alabama’s Dre Kirkpatrick as the second-rated corner in this year’s class.

Gilmore is a long, lean cornerback prospect with pretty good ball skills and a prototypical build. The Jaguars are hoping to trade out of the seventh pick, but Gilmore is a name to keep in mind if they don’t find a trade partner.

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  1. I like this dude too. I don’t really want to see the Eagles take a corner with their first pick, but I’d be kind of pumped if they were able to grab Gilmore.

  2. Has anyone watched tape on this guy? He got beaten alot at SC. Physical skills alot better than the player.

  3. As for the others:Detroit will trade up above the bengals for Kirkpatrick and Claiborne is going third overall to the Vikings. Jenkins will be round 2

  4. Gilmore at no. 7? Wow! Not that any of us here are experts but, having watched this kid a lot, I just don’t see him being that good. A month ago, I thought he was a second round pick. I think, in the weeks leading up to the draft, these GMs and coaches start to convince themselves that certain players are better than what they’ve already seen on tape, the scouting combine or their pro days. It always acares me when a guy shoots up the draft board so quickly. He may be a first round pick, but, to me, he doesn’t belong in the lottery. Maybe I’m wrong. Who knows.

  5. I always look forward to the annual Jaguars reach pick in the first round. It’s almost a draft day tradition at this point.

  6. Can you believe anything you hear about how a team likes or dislikes a particular player six days before the draft?

  7. Jags just throwing all the names out there so SOMEONE will say, “Uh oh, they like our guy, we better trade up with them.”. Odds are about 10-1 they trade back, then maybe trade back a second time.

  8. Ok pft. No ones draft stock “rises and falls” other than in mock drafts. Every article you’ve written states thy everyone’s draft stock is rising. So that means there all still the same just on a higher level right. Please lets the draft happen already.

  9. Jags should trade down and grab Hill and take Jayron Hosley in the 2nd round. Dude has a great skill set and locked Hill down along with the rest of the ACC.

  10. In 2005 the Vikings had the 7th pick (trade with Raiders for R. Moss) and took a South Carolina Wide Receiver whose physical skills had him shooting up the charts in the weeks prior to the draft.
    Troy Williamson, one of the all time worst first round draft picks and definitely part the worst draft ever for the Vikings since they took a DE named Underwood with the 23rd pick. One was a pure headcase and never played the other had hands of stone and had balls bouncing off his face mask.

    Don’t reach Jags, let the draft come to you and take a very safe choice with such a high value pick.

  11. I would love the Eagles to trade the 15th & 51st pick to the jags for their 7th pick & a 5th rounder , and Philly drafts Luke Kuechly at 7 and Gilmore would probably be there at 15 . I know everyone thinks the Eagles want Fletcher Cox but I see it as a smoke screen . Phillys biggest problem on Defense last year was their inability to tackle , so why not go after college footballs leading and most complete tackler ? Demeco Ryans a huge addition in the middle , but both OLB positions could use upgrades and Kuechly also happens to be the best drop back LB in the draft and has the potential to be a force at any of the 3 LB positions ….. Make it happen Roseman !

  12. Here i thought the Jags picked BAP. Oh n/m last year was a need at qb ..took one, year before need at dt, took one.. and so on. This BAP crap is over. Take your pick based on NEED.

  13. Relax all you Jags fans…don’t worry about Gilmore at 7…

    He has a couple major flaws as far as the Jags draft philosophy is concerned…

    1) He is from the SEC and we just don’t do that (unless they are GATOR BUSTS like Derrick Harvey)

    2) We prefer to draft players that noone has ever heard of from conferences that noone has ever heard of to give GM Gene Smith multiple opportunities to prove he is the smartest guy in the room if he ever gets one right….you know – like the weatherman – just say it’s going to rain everyday and sooner or later you will be right one day

    3) Has he passed our wierdo owner’s marriage test yet?

  14. For those who have very little to no clue about the Jags, here are some facts you all should know:
    CB is NOT necessarily a need position for the Jags. ‘Shean Mathis, Derek Cox, Drew Coleman, Will Middleton & newly signed Aaron Ross are plenty. Our Defense was ranked #6 last year, with 31 players on IR. The unit is fine, especially after Ross got signed.
    Moving along, the Jags needs are WR, DE, OT & then CB, in that particular order. Its simple, in order to really know what kind of QB Blaine Gabbert is, you gotta revolve him with a good supporting cast.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jags move back if Blackmon isn’t there, get an extra 2nd or 3rd, & my prediction is 2 of the first 3 picks are WR’s. That would certainly solidify the WR position along with Robinson, Evans, Thomas, & Shorts, plus the 2 rookies. The #7 pick has alot of trade scenarios, I highly doubt Tannehill is selected before the Jags (or whichever team trades) are on the clock.

    **Then again, unlike most GM’s, Gene Smith is the hardest read GM in the entire NFL.

  15. This is a smokescreen to have teams that need a CB to go up and get him. Rule #1: Don’t believe a word from teams the week before the NFL Draft.

  16. Peter King lost all credibility in this mock draft when he had the Browns trading a third round pick (yes a third round pick) to the Pats for the 27th overall pick (yes not the 31st but the 27th overall pick). Giving the Browns not one, not two, but three first round picks. Who did they choose? The 28 year old Brandon Weeden (29 in October).

  17. ponder7vikings says:
    Apr 20, 2012 3:55 PM
    They liked Blaine gabbert to look how that turned out
    By “turned out” you obviously mean his career is over. You are the robot that this site and ESPN caters to. Oh by the way Ponder wasn’t that much better than Gabbert. No need to come back and recite both qb numbers to me, I know them. By the way I’m an FSU fan and want Ponder to succeed, but I have perspective. Try forming your own opinion instead of the opinion of talking heads my friend.

  18. @peytonsneck18

    That’s so cute. Trying to remain a tough guy after your only savior is now gone. Speaking of empty stadium the Jags have NEVER had 30k in the stands like the Colts had in 90’s before Peyton and Irsay was about ready to end the Indy experiment. I remember that, do you? (Rhetorical question)

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