Minnesota Senate revives stadium bill

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The decision of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Steelers owner Art Rooney II to drop everything and head to Minnesota on Friday has had a positive impact on the effort to get a final answer on whether a new stadium will be built for the Vikings.


Vikings director of corporate communications Jeff Anderson says via Twitter that the stadium bill passed in the Senate Local Government Committee by a vote of 8-6.

The measure now moves to the Jobs and Economic Growth Committee.

Previously, the bill had languished before the Senate.  The House version died in a committee on Monday night, sparking the activity that culminated in Friday’s visit from Goodell and Rooney.

The goal of the NFL and the Vikings at this point is to simply push the issue to a full vote of the House and Senate, even if the ultimate outcome is a rejection of the stadium deal that was reached between the Vikings, Governor Mark Dayton, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, and legislative leaders.

63 responses to “Minnesota Senate revives stadium bill

  1. 50 years of history. Respectable. 0 SB rings. WE cringe. 7th ring on the way, people. Be ready for SFL in 2013.

  2. Thats BS, they should pay for their own stadium. Tax payer money should be used to help out this 9 billion dollar entity.

  3. Wait a second, what’s this??? First I have heard of a Vikings stadium issue…Hope it turns out ok.

  4. NFL and Vikings just want to Know where they stand so all can move forward, regardless on what that means…….sounds a lot like what everyone wants with Bounty Gate. Please NFL; give us a decision so all can move forward………

  5. Say what you want, Minnesota is lucky to have the Vikings. We travel upwards of 9 hours to enjoy them.

  6. Pass it and keep the Vikings in Minnesota, it’s the only reason I ever go to the Twin Cities, but if they must move maybe North Dakota can buy them with some oil dough and move them to Fargo. The Dakota Vikings;)

  7. So Goodell comes down from his throne and checks to see if these politicians(excuse me ladies) have a pair. One good cough, yup, their present. Checks the spine, by golly you do have a backbone. Summons his minions with reinforced thoughts of manhold. Then decrees, “On the seventh day, there will be football in Minny. Now make it happen you undeserving peasants”. Grown leaders that have to be lead.

  8. The state is buzzing, ppl are finally taking time out of their 40+ hour work week to let these elected officials really know what we want here. savethevikes.org

  9. jagsfanugh says:
    Apr 20, 2012 8:33 PM
    If is passed then someone got greased. This is nothing more than payoffs to voters of yes as previously was shut down.


    What are you talking about? NONE of these bills have EVER had a floor vote. Only committee votes. That’s what Zygi and the NFL are pushing for and I think it’s fair to see where the lawmakers stand on this – bring the cowards out and make them face the public, who want this thing.

  10. if the vikes do bolt for L.A. what does that do to the divisions? let’s not complicate things. seems like they have a good fanbase that deserves a team. being a fan of a horrible team an knowing how much it sucks I still look forward to every Sunday afternoon! I’m obviously not a Minnesota fan but come on guys let’s get this deal done and move on…

  11. Steelers fan: Nobody cares what the steelers have done except steelers fans! I’m glad you have something to cling too. I’m sure it helps a loser like you to feel like a winner; especially when your mom is nagging at you all day to get a real job and move out.

  12. —-

    steelersaresuperiorineveryway6welookdownandlaugh says:
    Apr 20, 2012 8:34 PM
    50 years of history. Respectable. 0 SB rings. WE cringe. 7th ring on the way, people. Be ready for SFL in 2013.


    I truly think you are one of the dumbest posters on here.

    On another note, this is good news but i’m not celebrating yet

  13. At this point, other than Viking fans, no one cares until it actually gets built and we see an NFL game being played in it. Until then, give us a break with this crap.

  14. A New Name could be the Los Angles Vipers has a nice ring to it and a snake for a mascot could look rea cool on the helmets and you could keep the purple color scheme.

  15. Get this done already, let the Jaguars or some other scrub team move to L.A., the Vikings belong in the NFC North, they’re a great rival, I’d hate to lose all that just to play the Rams twice per year.

  16. Told everybody not to panick it a slow process but it will get done! Now the real question is will it have a roof or not

  17. watch it die in this commitee. ha.. I think they are gonna move. The state dosn’t have the $ to support it. I will think about which team to root for now or root for them from afar. That’s business, ziggy will get what he wants or he sells the team then they move. Paul allen was right ziggy has out more $ into the vikes then the rich polad’s have.

  18. It only passed 8-6 in the Senate, which is far more pro stadium than the House. It kept hope alive, but the odds still appear to be against it.

    Regarding divisions, they can either swap out the Rams to the NFC North and the Vikings to NFC West.


    They could move the Vikings to the NFC West, Rams to AFC South and Indy to NFC North. Indy is 100 miles closer to Chicago than St louis.

  19. Well good that guy in the Viking horns and the title belt will still have something to do come Sunday

  20. I’m a Minnesota implant…Blonde haired, Blue eyed Norwegian gal (love of my life) convinced me to move up here from the South.

    I’m not a Queens fan, dont watch them and have zero interest if they win a game or lose it.

    That said, living up here Ive seen some of the most dedicated and fanatical fans of any NFL team follow and love their somewhat (recently) mediocre franchise. You dont just build a lifelong hate/history with the Packers, Bears and Lions by moving a team into a new location. Although I personally could care less, I truly hope for the sake of history, rivalries, long lived fans and a big FU to the megaopoly that NFL has become that the bonehead politico’s in Minneapolis-St. Paul find a way to make this happen.

    My humble opinion


  21. State gets repaid in full over the life of the stadium.

    The 400 million isn’t going in Zygi’s back pocket, it’s going directly to employee hundreds of construction works, plumbers, etc. And buy materials.

    The facility is used by the Vikings for a dozen or so games at year at most, the rest of the time it’s being used by dozens of other organizations.

    But by golly, we don’t buy Best Buy a store so why should we pay half the cost of a stadium! What a joke.

  22. Hell yeah! As larry the cable guy says: Git er done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Don’t worry guys. It’s just another apex in the emotional roller coaster you’ve guys been riding for the last 10 years. You’ll all be back on the bottom by next week.

  24. this is all a ploy.

    the vikings are threatening moving the team to leverage their position so they can get a nice fat check. i can’t blame them, but Minnesota can’t fall for this BS. if you can’t say no to billionaires who ask for tax payer money, who can you say no to when your next budget deadline approaches and police, fire, teachers,etc are on the chopping block?

    pay for it yourself, vikings. if you want people in MN to contribute, i’m sure some fans would gladly send in some cash/donations to help pay for some of it. go to the giant corporations and float bonds like normal businesses. because those are the only people that should be helping to finance this stadium.

  25. n001363 says:

    Steelers fan: Nobody cares what the steelers have done except steelers fans! I’m glad you have something to cling too. I’m sure it helps a loser like you to feel like a winner; especially when your mom is nagging at you all day to get a real job and move out.

    He’s not a Steelers fan. He’s a guy in his mom’s basement making fun of Steelers fans by posting this obnoxious garbage on everyone else’s threads. A real Steeler’s fan would know we had 40 years of history with 0 playoff wins … which is like the worst record in sports. What a fool.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that you guys get your stadium!

  26. Why are the Jags mentioned in every Minnesota stadium post? Let me guess, because of haters.

    The wishful realignment ‘traditionalist’ scenario with the ‘LA Jags’ supposedly to save the Vikes for being relocated, dream on. I really don’t want the Vikes to move, but it’s the idiotic posters that keep bring up the mandatory ‘It should be Jacksonville that moves’ when every other team gets talked about for relocation, is what make me don’t even care anymore. Talk about the Jags moving til you’re blue in the face, it’s not gonna happen.

  27. Let’s do this noooooow. We’ve waited for a decade for this. About time these legislators grow a backbone. Only ignorant people believe this won’t be a good thing for this state.

  28. Just like goes on in Congress, the aginners refuse to allow anything they oppose to come to a vote. That way they don’t have to actually put their name on the crap they pull.

    Hey! Gutless politicians! Bring it to the floor and vote! For or against. Quit trying to hide what you are doing. Come right out in public and say you are for or against. Your constituents deserve to know where you stand.

  29. Steelersaresuperiorineveryway6welookdownandlaugh:

    Thanks for making all us Steelers fans look like complete douches. In all honesty, you’re probably just a Steeler hater out to ruin our reputation. No one in our fanbase is that douchey. Quit trolling.

    Best of luck to the Vikings in their stadium push. There are too many good rivalries in the NFC North, I would hate to see them go away……

  30. @bearsblow

    MSP still has the Wolves, Wild, Twins and Vikings. You’re dredging up really old news – I can actually see you going way out on a limb.

    anyway, something something Jay Cutler.

  31. I believe that public money should never be used to build a sports stadium/arena. Most of these owners are billionaires and should be able to build such structures themselves!

    Here in MA, the Patriots’ Gillette Stadium was built entirely with private money. The new Boston Garden, home of the Celtics and Bruins, was built entirely with private money. The only state contribution for these arenas was for infrastructure, widening of roads, traffic lights, a new public transportation station etc. Nothing else!!

    That is how I think the stadiums should be built. Taxpayers should not be burdened to subsidize billionaires who want a new sports palace so they can expand their bottom line!

  32. So with THAT out of the way comes the next Senate bills for theaters for movie studios, coffee houses for Starbucks, and big boxes for Walmart. So one of the most profitable industries in America “must” have taxpayers pay for their retail outlets? …as opposed to spending that money on police, fire departments, hospitals and schools, lower taxes?

    Tell the NFL to pounbd salt, let the vikings leave…after all, with the merry go round that the NFL is the vikings will be back around sooner than later.

  33. The stadium will be built. The Vikings team will be also,,,,and can’t wait to smash the crap out of the teams that you anti Viking tools pretend to root for

  34. To everyone saying this was “greased”: votes in legislatures don’t go down 8-6 when things are greased. They go down on party lines.

    To everyone thinking that the legislators are “spineless”, its an election year. If they were raising taxes to fund _____, and you don’t think that’s a good use of taxpayer money, the TEA party factions + conservatives will find primary challengers for them. Should they really give a darn about the Vikings? What about children’s hospitals or new highway construction or Medicaid funding? This stadium is a “cherry on top” issue for a budget.

    The NFL needs a lobbyist. You don’t force a vote just to force it. Legislators don’t react well to that. However, that may be what the NFL wants. They may not be such bad lobbyists after all. Maybe the die has been cast.

  35. If ALL cities would stand up and refuse to build these stadiums for billionaires, they would have nowhere to move, lose their leverage, and build their own damn stadiums. I’d hate to lose the Vikings as much as the next guy, but if we’ve got to be the first of many to refuse hand-outs to a league swimming in riches so be it…

  36. What people tend to forget, is that this is NOT a Vikings stadium – yes, the Vikings will play in it but the rest of the year it will be used by Gopher baseball, the mn high school league for tournaments, roller derby contests, monster truck rallies and numerous private events. The Metrodump is rented out most of the year for events OTHER THAN the Vikings.

  37. Why don’t the opponents of the stadium and the mnleg get this:

    * Out of more than 300 event days per year at the Metrodome, less than 100 feature professional or major college sports. The rest of the event days are used by high schools and colleges, concerts, community activities and other events.

    * The Metrodome hosts boys’ and girls’ high schools from throughout Minnesota for athletic and other events and small college athletic competitions.

    * More than half a million people have come to the Metrodome to see concerts by major performers such as Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Guns N’ Roses, Faith No More, Metallica, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and The Grateful Dead.

    * The Metrodome is the only major facility in Minnesota big enough to host major motorsports events.

    * The Metrodome draws more than 4,000 runners and 30,000 inline skaters per year. Co-ed volleyball and touch football leagues bring in 2,000 people per week to the Metrodome between October and February.

  38. I beleive true Pack fans do not want to see the Vikes move, and i don’t think the NFL wants to move them out of the North either. Lets look at the over all record for the 50 years.

    All-Time Series

    GB: leads 53-48-1 (MIN lead 1-0 in playoffs)

    GB has won the last 4 games, so up to that point there was only 1 game separeting them in the Win – loss colume. The NFL wuld be dumb to allow them to move, and that is why the Love – Hate is so great between the Pack – Vikes fans.

  39. So if it passes both house and senate how do they get around the law or statue that requires a public vote on any sports facility that gets over 10 mil from the government?

  40. So now it goes to committee where they will say we just can’t make up our mind as to how to fund this project and it stalls once again. But, but, but…………….. Mr Wilf we didn’t mean it please come back , please bring the Vikings back we were just kidding ….. really.

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