Panthers’ top scout: Matt Kalil is better than Ryan Kalil

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USC left tackle Matt Kalil is expected to be the third player chosen on Thursday night at the NFL draft, whereas his older brother, Panthers center Ryan Kalil, was the 59th player chosen in the 2007 NFL draft. So it’s not a surprise that someone who evaluates college football players would say Matt is better than Ryan.

But considering that Ryan has made the last three Pro Bowls for the Carolina Panthers and last year signed a six-year, $49 million contract with the team, it is a little surprising that someone within the Panthers organization is saying publicly that Matt is the better Kalil. Yet that’s exactly what Don Gregory, the Panthers’ director of college scouting, did say.

He’s better than his brother,” Gregory told Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “He’s bigger, faster, stronger than his brother. He’s so athletic. He will be a 10-year pro and protect your [expletive] out at left tackle.”

Not everyone, however, is high on Kalil. A day after McGinn quoted an unnamed scout calling Robert Griffin III selfish, McGinn now quotes an unnamed scout questioning Kalil’s character.

“Not one of my faves,” the scout said. “More of it is just his character. He doesn’t have an offensive lineman’s character, especially when you take into account how good his brother is in that way. He’s got a real sense of entitlement.”

Whatever the reasons for an unnamed scout taking a shot at Matt Kalil now, Kalil’s status as a likely third overall pick — and the fact that someone high up in the Panthers organization thinks Kalil is better than his Pro Bowler brother — strongly suggests that that’s a minority opinion.

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  1. I’m pretty bored with unnamed scouts’ opinions on a player’s character a week before the draft. It seems the longer a guy is considered a no-brainer high pick, the more someone feels the need to try to knock him down.

    Just ask yourself one question, Vikings: Could he possibly be more of a character issue than Bryant McKinnie was?

  2. Ryan is a center and Matt is a left tackle. Two different positions.
    That being said, Matt is a far superior athlete to Ryan in terms of size speed and strength. However, I am very happy that Ryan Kalil is Carolina’s center.

  3. @thankheavenfornumberseven
    Or, the longer someone is the consensus best non-quarterback, the more noteworthy the rare signs of dissent. But I’m with you on this one.. Don’t overthink it Spielman.

  4. By nature of the position, if a left tackle is considered a top tier talent and a center is too, the LT always wins. It’s a higher valued position.

  5. Just ask yourself one question, Vikings: Could he possibly be more of a character issue than Bryant McKinnie was?

    That’s unpossible.

  6. At which position? Is Matt a better center then Ryan, or just a better left tackle?

    I don’t know who this unnamed scout is, but it’s really quite stupid to compare two player who play very different positions.

    In terms of the character assassinations that people are getting all up in arms over…. this is part of the process. Teams invest millions of dollars into unproven players, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the first round is a 50/50 proposition.

    Matt Kalil could be a total bust, and it could be because he isn’t as physically capable as his college career would lead us to believe, or it could be because he doesn’t have the right attitude/work ethic. All of this needs to be examined, and I would rather hear an source chime in because he is allowed to remain anonymous, rather then hear nothing at all.

  7. Why is one persons opinion more valued then the other in your story? Why is the Panther’s take on Kalil not as valid as the ‘un-named scout?’

  8. Exactly, why is a ‘reputable’ news source citing unnamed sources to begin with. If someone isn’t willing to give their name then don’t report what they say we’re not talking about national security or people get ‘taken out’ for talking.

  9. A big USC fan here. If you think about it, you have a pro bowl center on one hand, and an untested college left tackle. The NFL center was picked in the second round while his brother will be taken third overall. If you’re Carolina how fortunate are you that Ryan fell that far? He will give Cam Newton a much needed security outlet similar to what Jeff Saturday provided for Peyton Manning.

  10. Who cares what McGinn’s “unnamed source” says. My “unnamed source” says Matt Kalil will be the best left tackle ever to play the game! lol

  11. Y’all are commenting on the wrong story. This source is named – Don Gregory, Panthers dirctor of college scouting. I would love for everyone to fall for the trap and Kalil be there at 9. It will never happen, I know, but what a fun thought to have both Kalils, Hangartner and Gross on our line. We’d score 40 points every week.

    The week before the draft – a time to dream….

  12. Let’s see an unnamed scout criticize both RG3 and Kalil to the same journalist in a matter of days. Does that unnamed scout happen to work for the Cleveland Browns?

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